Bishop Badejo: U.S. won’t fight Boko Haram because of their Eugenics Agenda in Africa*

Bishop Badejo: U.S. won’t fight Boko Haram because of their Eugenics Agenda in Africa*

A Catholic bishop in Nigeria is charging that the US government’s dedication to population control and pro-homosexual “cultural imperialism” in Africa as the reason why Obama’s Administration is dragging its heels in offering military support for the fight against the militant Islamist group Boko Haram.

Bishop Emmanuel Badejo of Oyo told the online Catholic magazine Aleteia that there is “a complicity also in the West in what is happening.”

“I take it all back to the agenda of population control,” he told Aleteia’s Diane Montagna. The bishop’s interview took place as Rome and the Italian government stepped up security measures amidst threats by Islamic militants.

Italy is considered to be a prime target for Islamist militants entering the country in the waves of refugee migrants arriving by boat from Libya. At the same time, reports are growing of ties between Boko Haram and the Syrian-based Islamist group ISIS that has this week also murdered 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya.

The western countries, Bishop Badejo said, are willing to do “anything that can reduce the population.” He said,

“In fact, I think that Africa is suffering greatly from a cultural imperialism that threatens to erode our cultural values.”

“There has been an inordinate alarm about the exploding populations in Africa. And anything that can be done to decrease or limit the growth of the population in Africa is quite welcome.”

And this includes doing nothing to stop the systematic slaughter of civilians that is the modus operandi of Boko Haram.

“The United States actually said it would help Nigeria with Boko Haram only if we modify our laws concerning homosexuality, family planning, and birth control,” a form of political blackmail that Bishop Badejo called “criminal” and opposed to the stated devotion in the West to “freedom.”

A year ago, the US issued a strong condemnation of a law prohibiting homosexual activity passed by the Nigerian Parliament. Both Secretary of State John Kerry and his predecessor, Hillary Clinton, have said that promoting the gay “rights” agenda is a “top priority” for U.S. foreign policymakers. The bishop’s assertion that the lack of response to Boko Haram has come from this policy was backed by Republican Congressman Steve Stockman who said shortly after the Nigerian law was passed that the US had “information” that would help the country retrieve the 200 girls who made world headlines when they were kidnapped by Boko Haram.

“The mistake on our side – the United States’ side – is that we have laws preventing us from sharing that information with the Nigerian military. And one of the reasons is that we don’t like some of the social policy of the Nigerian government,” Stockman said.

Bishop Badejo said that for Africans, “life is sacred,” and that “these are the values we cherish and these are the values we want to keep.” He said that Western civilization today “is sick” in that it can “watch hundreds of people dying in Nigeria every day and look away.”

What the west says “about human dignity and human rights is mere hypocrisy,” he said. “There is a diminishing sense of the respect for the sanctity of life. And all of this is to be imposed on Africa, at whatever cost: we think that it is immoral and that it is unjust.”

For African people, he said, “a child is a treasure, even if that child is going to have to go through some difficulty in growing up. In the West, if a child cannot have the best of life, then it should not live. That’s not the African world view.”

Bishop Badejo blamed decades of political corruption and social neglect, a failure of the Nigerian government to educate and give opportunities to young people, for the rise of Boko Haram. He said the group came to prominence in the north after the deterioration of the native Hausa culture. This “lack of a cultural fibre, the maladministration of the past, the dissolution of the premises of a democratic government,” has led to “millions of young people” being left with no “no promise, no capacity at all,” to improve their lives, leaving them “prepared great ground for Boko Haram,” he said.

Bishop Badejo, who is from the west of Nigeria, said Christians and Muslims there live in peace and mutual cooperation. He said that it seemed unlikely that Boko Haram or other militant Islamist groups would make headway there, or convince young men to kill.

Experts say Boko Haram, an Islamic supremacist organization, has already conquered 20 percent of Nigeria’s territory, as well as parts of neighboring Niger and Chad, for its “caliphate,” won by a systematic campaign of bombing, mass murder, enslavement, and kidnapping. The US State Department describes Boko Haram’s “Caliphate” as the only “strong state” in the area, and notes that the politically weak and heavily corrupt Nigerian government has little power to stop them.

Bishop Badejo lamented the disinterest of the western media in the ongoing Islamist crisis in northern Nigeria, saying, “tens of thousands have been dying in Nigeria from terrorism. A few people — one life is bad enough, that’s true — but a few people die in France and the whole world is up in arms against the terrorists. So why in France and not in Africa? And I have not received any answer from anyone.”

Asked if he knew whether Boko Haram is connected formally with ISIS, the bishop said information is hard to get, but affirmed that Boko Haram militants who have been arrested by Nigerian government forces have been found not to be ethnically Nigerian. It is known, he said, that Boko Haram “has been strengthened by other groups coming from the north of Africa and beyond, like those who fought in Libya and who have been fighting in Syria.”

The bishop spoke to Aleteia in Rome, where both the Italian government and the Vatican’s Swiss Guard, are stepping up security measures in areas thought to be ISIS targets, including St. Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican. Italian military police have increased their presence on the ground in Rome at the news that ISIS militants have threatened to “conquer Rome” before murdering 21 Egyptian Coptic Christians in Libya and have overrun the Libyan town of Sirte, not more than 500 km from Italian soil. more >>>


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