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Parents Belittled for Questioning School Curriculum*

Parents Belittled for Questioning School Curriculum*

A Liberty Blitzkrieg reader who is a resident of Naples, Florida recently sent me a note highlighting a video in which he, and several other concerned parents, were reprimanded and treated like little children in a School Board Workshop as a result of them expressing concerns about school curriculum.

In order to give you some background on the issue, see the Letter to the Editor he wrote to the Naples Daily News on 1/28 to say what he was prevented from saying at the 1/20 School Board Workshop. Letter reprinted below:

Patton the Cause

The controversy behind the recent parents’ review of school textbooks lays squarely at the feet of Superintendent Kamela Patton.

Specifically, Collier County School Board Policy 2240 reads, “Furthermore, the Superintendent shall prepare administrative procedures detailing the manner in which students and parents will be adequately informed, each year, regarding their right to inspect instructional materials, and the procedure for completing such an inspection.”

By failing to prepare procedures to implement Board Policy 2240, Patton created the perception the textbook review was a night-time Watergate-style break-in masterminded by conservative political operative and School Board member G. Gordon Lichter.

I examined seventh-grade “Civics in Practiceand it contained numerous factual inaccuracies. For example, on Page 100 it states, “The Constitution can be changed in two ways; formally by Amendment, and informally by Government.” This notion of dictatorship is enhanced by eighth-grade textbook “United States History,” which states on Page 185, “The President issues Executive Orders. These commands have the power of law.”

While some called us book-burning Nazis, Page 274 of “Civics in Practice” states, “Citizens must be alert to propaganda” and glittering generalities is a “type of propaganda which often uses words such as freedom and patriotism.” This world government indoctrination is augmented on Page 425, where a geographical map of North America eliminates the United States, and places our great nation in nine new “cultural nations.”

For pointing this out, one public speaker at the School Board textbook workshop called us “narrow-minded, racist Bible-thumpers.”

Thank you, Superintendent Patton.

The author has assured me that there is absolutely zero racist or religious angle to any of his concerns, and that this is being shamelessly injected into the argument due to an inability to debate the actual concerns.

*As a disclaimer, I am not well versed in the intricacies of this debate, nor have I personally reviewed Collier County school materials. I welcome and encourage open debate in the comment section.

Without further ado, take a look at how contemptuously and dismissively these parents’ concerns are dealt with at the Collier Country School Board Workshop.


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U.K.’s Intelligence Chairman Resigns – part of the battle to stop WW3*

U.K.’s Intelligence Chairman Resigns – part of the battle to stop WW3*

By Adrian Waller

Very Significant —  Sir Malcolm Rifkind resigns as Intelligence Committee Chairman and as a Member of Parliament in the United Kingdom ~ link ~ This is the greatest scandal to hit the UK since the Cash-for-Peerages Scandal that forced PM Tony Blair from office.  I do not know Sir Malcolm but the other former Foreign Secretary that is involved in this scandal, Jack Straw, I have had direct dealings with.  I can tell you that I have little respect for Jack Straw, in specific, and, in general, for most of the British Political Class.

On the surface this is simply a case where a British newspaper caught two famous MPs in a ‘sting’ and secretly filmed them offering influence to a fake Chinese business for large fees.  However, I suspect that there is more going on here.  Jack Straw had already announced that he is retiring, whereas Sir Malcolm was one of the most powerful people in Britain with his chairmanship over the Intelligence oversight committee in the House of Commons, the committee that regulates MI5 and MI6.

Keep in mind that there is a hidden struggle between those people, in positions of power and influence, who rightly wish to avoid World War III and those, who are so demonic, that they are actually are working to bring WWIII about.  I suspect that bringing Sir Malcolm down had something to do with this hidden struggle and that Jack Straw was a convenient target to confuse the real nature of what was/is happening.   Stirling

Jack Straw and Sir Malcolm Rifkind


Dear Karen Lumley MP,

With regard to the idiotic posturing of David Cameron regarding the illegal coup installed regime in Ukraine, the planned looting of that nation’s assets and resources and provoking Russia when we should be engaging in trade and real diplomacy.

Falsely Cameron brands NATO’s moves east in Europe as “Russian Aggression” that in itself is a disgrace.

According to German intelligence some 50,000 people have now lost their lives in this US/UK/NATO/EU driven and provoked conflict. Thousands more have been injured and lost their homes, this appears to fit the ethnic cleansing model, another holocaust in the making.

Members of the Ukraine regime represent the worst kind of humans chosen for their pliancy to western special interests and penchant for corruption. By way of an example  in an act of bizzare black comedy Washington’s puppet  Mikheil Saakashvili the coke snorting and wholly corrupt former Georgian PM “a wanted man” in Georgia  has recently been appointed as “head of the Advisory International Council of Reforms, the 47-year-old former president will help implement best practises and build global support for the ex-Soviet country.”  This is insanity.

Pouring petrol on the flames by sending so called “non lethal” aid and sending British forces on  a so called “British infantry training mission” are  deliberate acts supporting regime criminality and even more misguided that supporting and training proxy ISIS terrorists in the middle east and the overthrow in Libya. “Non lethal” military aid merely displaces part of the budget enabling more to be spent on lethal weapons.

Even if we eliminate moral issues as DC has none whatsoever and concentrate on military conquest DC is backing a losing horse the Kiev regime is in chaos and losing the war.

Cameron under similar false pretences and rhetoric  of course also tried to get us deeply involved in Syria.

As PM just like Tony Blair DC is a danger to the nation and a criminal he should be relieved of his post forthwith and tried for his crimes all the way back to Pelindabaand those missing cylinders.

PS I am informed that those Toyota pickup trucks with machine guns come to ISIS via Cameron’s most favoured nation Israel.  From the port of Eilat to Aquba in Jordan where British and US forces are helping to train someone or other who may or may not be labelled as terrorists or rebels.

Here is a map to help you get an idea of the geography.



At the root of ISIS black propaganda and source of those faked up headchopper videos is Rita Katz former IDF member who runs Site Intelligence the ISIS worldwide video distributor.

  • British forces head for Ukraine as David Cameron issues warning to Vladimir Putin
  • Prime Minister announces British infantry training mission to Ukraine as he warns of ‘deeply damaging’ consequences if EU fails to stand up to Vladimir Putin on Ukraine


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Sunset Light in the East!*

Sunset Light in the East!*

By Gerard Zwaan

I see well over 150 sunrises and sunsets every year as I commute at those times of the day to my school-year job. I have been watching in the past year in particular to watch for tail/dust sightings, but because I live in the hills, it is often difficult to get a direct line of sight to the sun at the perfect moment.

Since the end of January, I have been observing something I have never seen before. At sunset, I have been looking to the east (I drive home north-east at that time) – AWAY from the sun, and seen some very peculiar events in the sky. Keep in mind these are all opposite from the setting sun. 

January 27, 2015 – seems like either a light source to the east is blocked in the middle, or rays from the setting sun are significantly blocked (not by a mountain or cloud as I could tell). February 9, 2015. This is EAST at sunset – looks like a light source projecting rays up onto the clouds (sorry for blurriness).

Feb. 10, 2015. Same appearance as evening before, but on the flats east of the Black Hills. Easy to see against the cloud layer, again, looks like a light source in the EAST at sunset. I don’t know if these are caused from tail dust, or a phenomenon that I just never noticed before. A quick search on Google shows others are spotting this as well.

YouTube video from Dec 2011. This is exactly what I am seeing in South Dakota.

Another video on, from 6/25/2014.

I would really appreciate gaining an understanding of these rays of light, so I can point it out to others as evidence if it is related to Planet X. [and from another]  12/3/2011. NSW Australia.

Mysterious light source in the east at sunset. [and from another]

Published on Jun 29, 2014.

The Sun had already set. This occurred on 6/25/2014 at 8:34pm. I was driving North. This is a result of Nibiru; the whole northeast was lit up for about 20 minutes. Some of the clouds even looked like cloaked “UFOs.” It was amazing. [and from another]  I tweeted some similar pics looking East at sunset a while back, in Denver CO. 

The light from the Planet X complex is most often noted in the Moon Swirls, which form long tubes funneling light down their length so the intensified light comes out the end like a flashlight. When seen, the light from the end of a Moon Swirl is far more brilliant than any from Planet X itself. Planet X itself is closely shrouded in dust, so sunlight bounces back toward the Sun and Planet X is seen more as a dark fuzz ball. The tail of Planet X is blown from the right, where Planet X rides when seen from the Northern Hemisphere, to the left of the Sun. This can consistently be seen in Alberto’s photos. During the day this is seen as an extra bright sky, the Sun too intense. But after sunset, when Planet X and the Sun have dropped below the horizon, light reflected from the Moon Swirls remains.


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In Their Own Words: Egypt’s Young Revolutionaries Behind Bars*

In Their Own Words: Egypt’s Young Revolutionaries Behind Bars*

By Laura Dean

Four years on, many of the authors of Egypt’s January 2011 revolution — the young, idealistic faces that were splashed across Western television screens following the fall of strongman Hosni Mubarak — are behind bars.

Egypt's ThawraThe true number of those locked up since the army toppled Muslim Brotherhood President Mohamed Mursi in July 2013 is impossible to tell, but many believe it to be in the tens of thousands.

People from all walks of life now find themselves behind bars: Islamists, students, university professors, journalists, doctors, engineers, company owners, workers, children.

Locked up with them are many of the young voices trying to shape Egypt’s democracy.

One such voice is Ahmed Douma, a prominent activist and blogger who has been jailed under every government Egypt has seen in his lifetime. On Feb. 4, he was sentenced to life in prison along with 229 others and fined over $2 million on charges of rioting, attacking security forces and inciting violence in late 2011.

Prominent blogger Alaa Abdel Fattah was sentenced to five years in jail on Monday, after being held for about seven months in pre-trial detention. Eighteen other activists were sentenced to three years and still others 15 years in absentia.

Yara Sallam, a researcher on transitional justice and recipient of the North African Human Rights Defender Shield, was detained in June 2014 for violating the draconian protest law. She and Sana Seif, daughter of prominent human rights activist Ahmed Seif al-Islam, along with 22 others, are serving two-year sentences despite international calls for their release.

Mahienour el-Massry, a prominent human rights lawyer, was just sentenced to another two years in prison, after being released in November. The list goes on.

Stories of torture in police stations, in prisons, in military detention centers, have much in common with one another. Detainees describe beatings with hands and sticks and belts, electric shocks, deprivation of food, sexual assault.

Detainees at el-Azouli military prison in Ismailia report being held in complete darkness, suspended from doors, having boiling water and oil poured on them during interrogations, electric shocks in the mouth when they beg for water. One wrote that he had even seen wives brought in and suspended from doors to make their husbands confess.

In an essay written March 4, entitled “Autism,” Alaa Abdel Fattah describes how it feels to encounter other inmates who have been tortured when he has not.

“We’ve expected them since the news of their torture was leaked into the papers. We tried to prepare to receive them, but how do you welcome a friend who went through the battle with you but went through his experience alone? Will he be comforted if you tell him that your old jail/his new jail is safe and that his ordeal is over? Will he be angry? Should I feel guilty or grateful?”

He explains that certain detainees are subject to torture while others are not.

“The groups whose torture is prohibited are generally defined by social class, race, possession of a second nationality, party alliance, level of education, age, and other details that can be used to categorize people.”

Some manage to find dark humor in the situation. Mohamed Fawzi, a student in the Faculty of Pharmaceuticals in Mansoura, wrote the following on April 18:

“Shut up you people, we want to sleep. It seems those electric shocks have scorched your brains,” said one of the cellmates to others who were laughing at the time for sleep. “And they wonder where the electricity problems are coming from! It’s only natural. If all electricity is channeled to state security to use on detainees.” The whole cell breaks into laughter. 

Sherif Farag, a lecturer at Alexandria University, describes the moment he was allowed to have a pillow in al-Hadra prison:

“Time must stop, the earth must stop turning, and you must focus your eyes and hearts to this important date in my life here in Hadra prison. At about 2 p.m. today I have become owner of a pillow, where I can lay my head heavy with thought and dreams … “

“We were lucky to have woolen covers before our transfer to the directorate. Here we began to learn that the officer is the source of life: he can give or can take away, tempt or withhold, carrying life or death, depending on his whims. From my pillow and my bed I moved to an ice-cold stone floor, which makes the cold seem more biting and cruel.”

“With time and through the visits we began to have covers, underwear, soap and a sponge. I mentioned only underwear because you don’t need other clothes. In prison you learn to focus on the essentials. With those simple accessories you can make a nice, softer pillow. A trouser leg or a T-shirt stuffed with the other clothes is nice and sufficient. The most important thing is that they be clean or else you will not tolerate the smell of your own sweat. Don’t be disgusted. This is simple and nice if compared to the smell of the toilets.”

“To own a pillow in prison is something akin to a dream.”

Egypt solidarity hunger strike 008

Oxford students join hunger strike in solidarity with Egyptian prisoners

Many describe the friendships and camaraderie they have found behind bars.

“I don’t think he [the president] realizes that a generation is growing and a whole community is bonding and integrating inside detention places, a community whose memory has been engraved with memories that remind us every morning with the real reason why we are on this earth: to fight every injustice,” writes Fawzi.

Novelist Omar Hazek writes of a barrel of garbage a meter from where he sleeps, the stench of which is unbearable. The prisoners devise a way to pay for the barrel to be washed and lined with plastic bags, which are closed at night to mitigate the odor.

Karim el-Beheiry describes an instance in which officers handcuff a detainee to be beaten by soldiers. The prisoners shout “horeya” — “freedom” — and bang on the walls of the cell until the officers release the prisoner. The next day the officers threatened to shoot tear gas into the cell if such an incident happened again.

Small acts of kindness take on special significance. Hazek’s friend devises, after several attempts, an oil lamp for him so that he can stay up and work on his novel in the quiet of the night. The wick is made from orange peel and matches, and stands in oil collected from the prison food, placed inside a cup made from the bottom of a water bottle. Another detainee makes chess pieces out of soap.

Some even manage to be grateful for the experience.

“I thank God for putting me in this place, maybe it is a chance that God will forgive me for my bad deeds and maybe it was a chance to know the most brave, pure and honest revolutionists and maybe to know the value of my friends,” writes Ahmed Ayman, 20, detained on June 30, 2013.

Others continue to fight for democratic ideas from inside prison.

“I know that despair is treason
but the revolutionary in my country
— even if he’s a sinless prophet —
when he sees the tyrant empowered
by the oppressed’s command
amid the rejoicing of the poor
will lose his faith.”

These are the opening words of a piece entitled “Graffiti for Two” and written jointly from prison by Ahmed Douma, who was just given a life sentence, and Abdel Fattah who will be sentenced on Feb. 23. They collaborated by shouting to one another between cells.

They go on to suggest it is more bearable in some ways to be undergoing the ordeal than to be a loved one outside:

“I was given an inheritance better than that of my two sisters, for they inherited morgues and victims of torture and the embrace of grieving mothers. I’m too scared to even ask about their nightmares.”

Abdel Fattah writes of a renewed commitment to a long-term democratic struggle, drawing on the experiences of older Egyptian rights activists:

“I write of a generation that fought without despair and without hope, that won only small victories and wasn’t shaken by major defeats because they were the natural order of things. A generation whose ambitions were lower than the ambitions of those who came before, but whose dream was larger.”

He explains the goals of the original revolutionary moment:

“Our aim was to emphasize will in a country that aimed to destroy you. Our instinct was to move towards the unknown in a country whose instinct was stasis. We fought for a day, one day that would end without the suffocating certainty that tomorrow would replicate it as all days had been replicated before.”

But ultimately, he accuses the government of targeting the revolutionary generation:

“Everyone knows that the current regime offers nothing to most of the young people of the country, and everyone knows that most of those in jail are young, and that oppression is targeting an entire generation to subjugate it to a regime that understands how separate it is from them and that does not want, and cannot in any case, accommodate or include them.”

For many, despair is never far off and the uncertainty and the indignity at times becomes too much to bear.

Mahmoud Abu Zeid, who goes by “Shawkan,” has been detained for more than 550 days without charge. On Feb. 16, a Cairo court sentenced him to indefinite pretrial detention.

“It is an endless nightmare inside this black hole that I am stuck in. The sunset has become a tiny strip through the iron mesh. …

“Iron is taking over the place here. Heavy iron doors and a dark room like a dungeon. …

“I will share with you the degrading story of the bathroom. It is just a very small part of the same room. Everyone can hear what happens inside so very clearly. We cook, eat, pray and use the bathroom in this same room. We are robbed not just of our freedom, but also our dignity even in the most basic of functions. …

“I simply ask that now that you know of me, please do not turn away. I am a photojournalist, not a criminal. I’m Mahmoud Abou Zeid, Shawkan …. Write to me at your neighborhood Cemetery in Tora prison.”


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US And UK Planes are Air-Dropping Weapons And Supplies to ISIS*

US And UK Planes are Air-Dropping Weapons And Supplies to ISIS*

Iraq’s army has shot down two British planes as they were carrying weapons for the ISIL terrorists in Al-Anbar province, a senior lawmaker disclosed on Monday.

The Iraqi Parliament’s National Security and Defense Committee has access to photos of both planes, which are British, and have crashed while carrying weapons for ISIL,” Head of the committee Hakem al-Zameli said, according to a Monday report of the Arabic-language information center of the Islamic Supreme Council of Iraq.

He said the Iraqi parliament has asked London for explanations in this regard.

The senior Iraqi legislator further unveiled that the government in Baghdad is receiving daily reports from people and security forces in al-Anbar province on numerous flights by the US-led coalition planes that airdrop weapons and supplies for ISIL in terrorist-held areas.

The Iraqi lawmaker further noted the cause of such Western aid to the terrorist group, and explained that the US prefers a chaotic situation in Anbar Province, which is near the cities of Karbala and Baghdad, because it does not want the ISIL crisis to come to an end.

Earlier today, another senior Iraqi provincial official lashed out at Western countries and their regional allies for supporting Takfiri terrorists in Iraq, revealing that US and Israeli-made weapons have been discovered from the areas purged of ISIL terrorists.

We have discovered weapons made in the US, European countries and Israel in the areas liberated from ISIL’s control in Al-Baqdadi region,” the Al-Ahad news website quoted Head of Al-Anbar Provincial Council, Khalaf Tarmouz, as saying.

He noted that the weapons made by the European countries and Israel were discovered from the terrorists in the Eastern parts of the city of Ramadi.

Al-Zameli had also disclosed in January that the anti-ISIL coalition’s planes dropped weapons and foodstuffs for ISIL in Salahuddin, Al-Anbar and Diyala provinces.

Al-Zameli underlined that the coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

There are proofs and evidence for the US-led coalition’s military aid to ISIL terrorists through air(-dropped cargoes),” he told FNA in January.

He noted that the members of his committee have already proved that US planes have dropped advanced weaponry, including anti-aircraft weapons, for ISIL, and that it has set up an investigation committee to probe into the matter.

The US drops weapons for ISIL on the excuse of not knowing the whereabouts of ISIL positions, and it is trying to distort the reality with its allegations.”

He noted that the committee had collected the data and the evidence provided by eyewitnesses, including Iraqi army officers and the popular forces, and said,

These documents are given to the investigation committee… and necessary measures will be taken to protect the Iraqi airspace.”

Also in January, another senior Iraqi legislator reiterated that the US-led coalition is the main cause of ISIL’s survival in Iraq.

The international coalition is only an excuse for protecting ISIL and helping the terrorist group with equipment and weapons,” Jome Divan, who is member of the al-Sadr bloc in the Iraqi parliament, said.

He said the coalition’s support for the ISIL is now evident to everyone, and continued, The coalition has not targeted ISIL’s main positions in Iraq.”

In late December, an Iraqi Parliamentary Security and Defense Commission MP disclosed that a US plane supplied the ISIL terrorist organization with arms and ammunition in Salahuddin province.

MP Majid al-Gharawi stated that the available information pointed out that US planes are supplying the ISIL organization, not only in Salahuddin province, but also other provinces, Iraq TradeLink News Agency reported.

He added that the US and the international coalition are “not serious in fighting against the ISIL organization because they have the technological power to determine the presence of ISIL gunmen and destroy them in one month.”

Gharawi added that the US is trying to expand the time of the war against ISIL in order to get guarantees from the Iraqi government to have its bases in Mosul and Anbar provinces.”

The Salahuddin Security Commission also disclosed that unknown planes threw arms and ammunition to the ISIL gunmen southeast of Tikrit city.”

Also in Late December, another senior Iraqi lawmaker raised doubts about the seriousness of the anti-ISIL coalition led by the US, and said that the terrorist group still received aid dropped by unidentified aircraft.

The international coalition is not serious about air-strikes on ISIL terrorists, and is even seeking to take out the popular (voluntary) forces from the battlefield against the Takfiris so that the problem with ISIL remains unsolved in the near future,” Nahlah al-Hababi told FNA.

The ISIL terrorists are still receiving aid from unidentified fighter jets in Iraq and Syria,” she added.

Hababi said that the coalition’s precise air-strikes are launched only in those areas where the Kurdish Pishmarga forces are present, while military strikes in other regions are not so precise.

In late December, the US-led coalition dropped aid to the Takfiri militants in an area north of Baghdad.

Field sources in Iraq told Al-Manar TV that international coalition airplanes dropped aid to terrorist militants in Balad, an area which lies in Salahuddin province, north of Baghdad.

In October, a high-ranking Iranian commander also slammed the US for providing aid supplies to ISIL, adding that US claims that the weapons were mistakenly airdropped to ISIL were untrue.

The US and the so-called anti-ISIL coalition claim that they have launched a campaign against this terrorist and criminal group – while supplying them with weapons, food and medicine in Jalawla region (a town in Diyala Governorate, Iraq). This explicitly displays the falsity of the coalition’s and the US’ claims,” Deputy Chief of Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces, Brigadier General Massoud Jazayeri, said.

The US claimed that it had airdropped weapons and medical aid to Kurdish fighters confronting ISIL in Kobani, near the Turkish border in northern Syria.

The US Defense Department said that it had airdropped 28 bundles of weapons and supplies, but one of them did not make it into the hands of the Kurdish fighters.

Video footage later showed that some of the weapons the US airdropped were taken by ISIL militants.

The Iranian commander insisted that the US had the necessary intelligence about ISIL’s deployment in the region, and that their claims to have mistakenly airdropped weapons to them are as unlikely as they are untrue.


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