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One Man Adds a New Country to Europe*

One Man Adds a New Country to Europe*

A Czech national has proclaimed the establishment of a new country of seven square kilometres on ‘no man’s land’ located at the border of Serbia and Croatia.

A Czech named Vít Jedlicka has declared himself the president of Europe’s youngest country, which he formed on April 13 with the name ‘Liberland,’ and the motto “to live and let live.”

The country is located on the west bank of the Danube river between Croatia and Serbia, on land which has been subject to a decades-long border dispute and therefore, according to Jedlicka, a ‘terra nuillius‘ or no man’s land, before the institution of his state on Monday.

President Jedlicka is in the process of writing the country’s constitution, which, in keeping with the country’s name, “significantly limits the power of politicians so they could not interfere too much in the freedoms of the Liberland nation.”

According to its website, Liberland is currently accepting applications for citizenship from applicants who:

“Have respect for other people and respect the opinions of others, regardless of their race, ethnicity, orientation, or religion, have respect for private ownership, which is untouchable, do not have communist, Nazi or any other extremist past, and were not punished for past criminal offences.”

Prospective citizens must send their application via email, since “in the territory of Liberland there is no physical location for mail delivery yet.”

The country’s founder is no stranger to politics, being a prominent member of a libertarian political party in the Czech Republic, and takes inspiration from the microstates of Monaco, Liechtenstein and Hong Kong. According to Jedlicka, the country’s boundary “was defined so as not to interfere with the territory of Croatia or Serbia,” and makes it the smallest sovereign state in Europe, after the Vatican and Monaco.

The new state has already roused the interest of prospective migrants from neighbouring countries in its forums, who have inquired about life in Liberland, including what the official language will be, and “is there a national anthem?”

“Nobody knows Czech,” explained one from neighbouring Croatia, while another suggested Czech, English and Serbo-Croatian serve as the country’s languages.

“Do we need really an official language? Everyone should be welcome and everyone should try to communicate with the others,” commented a Czech contributor.

Liberland may be Europe’s newest principality, but it is not the first such self-proclaimed country. In 1967 Paddy Roy Bates founded the state of ‘Sealand’ on HM Fort Roughs, a former British military installation in the North Sea. Before his death Bates named his son Michael, who lives in England, as regent of the territory.


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Eight Years on Former Blackwater Guard Gets Life for Iraq Genocide*

Eight Years on Former Blackwater Guard Gets Life for Iraq Genocide*

The former Blackwater guard found guilty of murder for the unprovoked fire-fight that left 14 Iraqis dead in 2007 received a life sentence Monday. U.S. District Judge Royce Lamberth handed down the sentence for Nicholas Slatten, 31, of Spartan, Tenn. Slatten was found guilty in October 2014 of murder after a 2 1/2-month-long trial. Three co-defendants convicted of voluntary manslaughter and firearms violations – Paul Slough, Evan Liberty and Dustin Heard – each got sentences of 30 years and a day.

The Sept. 16, 2007, shooting in Baghdad’s Nisour Square killed 14 Iraqis and wounded 20 more. Prosecutors said the shooting was unprovoked, but the former guards claimed insurgents had attacked their Raven 23 unit. Slatten was found to have fired the first shots.
The sentences reflected the seriousness of the crimes and the large number of victims, Lamberth said, adding that the U.S. government “should be commended for finding and exposing the truth of what happened in Nisur Square,” according to a statement by the Justice Department.

  • Slough, a 35-year-old of Keller, Texas, was found guilty of 13 counts of voluntary manslaughter, 17 counts of attempted manslaughter, and one firearms offense.


  • Liberty, a 32-year-old of Rochester, N.H., was found guilty of eight counts of voluntary manslaughter, 12 counts of attempted manslaughter, and one firearms offense.


  • Heard, a 33-year-old of Maryville, Tenn., was found guilty of six counts of voluntary manslaughter, 11 counts of attempted manslaughter, and one firearms offense.


  • Jeremy Ridgeway, yet another co-conspirator, has been awaiting sentencing since pleading guilty to manslaughter back in 2008.


  • Raven 23 had been ordered to evacuate a diplomat from the Izdihar Compound after a bomb exploded nearby, but Commander Jimmy Watson received an order to stand by and not leave the Green Zone upon reaching a checkpoint there.

Watson instead allegedly made a “tactical decision” to move out and secure Nisour Square so that the diplomat would have a safe evacuation route.

 The federal jury in Washington, D.C., heard evidence that the four defendants bragged about killing Iraqis, fired their weapons indiscriminately and threw objects at civilians prior to the incident at Nisour Square. Slatten “made statements that he wanted to kill as many Iraqis as he could as ‘payback for 9/11′” and “repeatedly boasted about the number of Iraqis he shot,” the government alleged. Prosecutors also showed that the former Blackwater guards routinely threw water bottles and other items at unarmed civilians, vehicles, wagons and bicycles, without justification, in an attempt to break automobile windows, injure and harass people, and for sport.

The case faced multiple procedural setbacks, leading many to believe the Blackwater guards would not be held accountable for their crime. U.S. District Judge Ricardo Urbina in Washington, D.C., dismissed the indictment in June 2010 based on prosecutorial misconduct, but the D.C. Circuit reinstated the case in April 2011.

At trial, several Iraqi witnesses testified about witnessing the deaths of their children. The defendants’ colleagues also testified against them. Matthew Murphy, a former Blackwater contractor, said:

“I’ve seen people completely unarmed, people doing nothing wrong, get shot.” He added that the Nisour Square shooting was

“the most horrible, botching thing I’ve ever seen in my life.”


Nicholas Slatten (C) and his lawyer …

Last year, U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen called the verdict “a resounding affirmation of the commitment of the American people to the rule of law, even in times of war.”
At the sentencing hearing, meanwhile, prosecutor Patrick Martin reportedly emphasized how the defendants “repeated false narratives” and “pointed the fingers at others when they themselves are to blame.”

 “These men have refused to accept any responsibility for their crimes,” Martin said, according to an article from Bloomberg.

Blackwater Worldwide changed its name twice after the corporation became intimately associated with public awareness of wartime crimes, and gross mismanagement of Pentagon resources.  It was renamed Xe Services in 2009, and is now known as Academi.


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How I Healed My Failing Liver Naturally*

How I Healed My Failing Liver Naturally*

By Jeff Roberts

This past February, I was thrown off of my health high-horse. What first started as a headache, fever, and body aches, quickly escalated into an excruciating migraine, debilitating muscle stiffness, and an overwhelming sense of nausea. I was hit with what I thought was a nasty case of the seasonal flu, and it sucked. But I powered through, drinking my liquids and following the natural recommended flu-protocol, knowing that it would all be over within a few days.

My prognosis proved wrong, however. Over a week into my sickness I still couldn’t eat, and I was dropping weight like a Jenny Craig story gone right. The only word I could use to describe the feeling in my stomach was “gross.” My usually clear skin had broken out, and my urine and stool were also starting to look “off” to say the least, which caused some serious concern.

Then on day 10, I looked in the mirror and noticed something even more unsettling – I was yellow. My skin was lifeless and my eye-whites had become saturated by yellow stains and red veins. I knew it was jaundice, a symptom commonly associated with an out-of-whack liver, which is never a good sign. But I was curious about the cause, so I gathered the energy to head to the walk-in clinic to see what was up.

After my tests, the clinic told me that they’d only call or email if there was an issue. A day later, I received the email, with bold capitals, “You have Mononucleosis (AKA kissing disease), and your liver enzyme levels are EXTREMELY ABNORMAL. Please come to the clinic immediately!

“Mono!? How would that have even been possible?” I wondered, “I’ve been with the same person for 8 years!” I rarely have even just one drink; super-foods and exercise are an everyday staple for me, so how was my liver so out-of-whack?

Well as it turns out, the mono had conveniently decided to wage war against my liver, and I was losing drastically.

The doctor explained that normal liver enzyme levels range anywhere from 5-50 units per liter of serum, while someone who is ill may have 100 u/liter. My enzyme levels were over 1000. She told me that my liver was basically failing and that I would need further testing done at a hospital.

I was shocked. Never did I think I would be dealing with a failing liver at the pinnacle of my mid-20’s health. A large portion of my writing work is based around diet and health. I offer health advice to the community regularly. Confused I was indeed.

But there I was. Sitting in the emergency room, face mask and all, sticking out like the contagion reservoir I was. There were a few curious stares coming from fellow patients, but most were so wrapped up in their own excruciating physical traumas and ailments, such as a burst appendix and kidney stones, to care about anything other than their name being called by a nurse.

I overheard some of them talking, the ones who had bonded while they’d been waiting. Some had been there over 8 hours, patiently awaiting results and word from the doctor about ultrasounds or blood tests. Things were moving slow, and people weren’t happy about it.

Staring at the faces of the busy nurses, med-school residents, doctors, and various other medical staff, one thing was blatantly apparent – no one looked happy. There was a density that filled the room and hallway – sick people, miserable staff. No available water, and the closest thing I saw for food was a vending machine stocked with pure junk.

I was in shock. There was nothing I could see about the environment that was conducive to healing, and it soon became apparent that everything I had feared and known was true – the state of modern medicine is in shambles.

Here was my dilemma – do I sit and wait for another 3 hours to hear my limited options (of which there weren’t many in my case), i.e., a liver transplant? Or do I say “screw it” to the conventional medical system and take my health into my own hands, like I tell so many others to do in my writing?

Then, in a moment of divine synchronicity, I got the message. While I pondered my decision, scrolling aimlessly through my Facebook newsfeed, a meme with a frighteningly relevant message appeared. “The power to heal is within you.”

That was all I needed. I threw my face mask in the garbage and marched out of the hospital faster than I could say “SEE-YA!”

I told myself it was time to practice what I preach and trust that I had the power to heal my failing liver with the right nutrients.

My Liver-Saving Protocol

Although I felt strong in my decision, going against convention is never easy. Fears of the worst-case scenario would come and go, and I was still very sick, and yellow. At times I wondered, “Am I really just letting myself die slowly?” or “Is this lemon juice and oregano oil really powerful enough to heal me?”

Well, long story short, yes they are powerful enough. And here is exactly what I did.

My liver flush protocol: fresh squeezed green juices, beet and carrot juice, grapefruits and lemons, pure cranberry juice, H2O galore, and a system of herbal supplements.

My liver flush protocol: fresh squeezed green juices, beet and carrot juice, grapefruits and lemons, pure cranberry juice, H2O galore, and a system of herbal supplements.

Clean Water

Drinking lots (at least 4 litres) of water is a no-brainer in any kind of body flush. I used filtered water which always had one or two freshly squeezed lemons in it. The alkaline environment created by consuming clean lemon water would prevent any acid-loving organisms from thriving.

Oil of Oregano

Next was to try to kill off the mono virus that was wreaking havoc on my body. I began taking about 15 drops of oil of oregano (combined with garlic) every day. Oil of oregano is a powerful (and nasty tasting) adversary for any sort of bacterial, fungal, or viral infection. Opt only for oregano oil made from Origanum vulgare and Thymus capitatus, a variety that grows in Spain.

Fresh Squeezed Juices

I became a regular visitor at a nearby raw-food cafe, called Live Organic, where I purchased a variety of different cold-pressed juices. One of my favourites was a concoction of beets, carrots, lemon, ginger, and cayenne, appropriately called liver lover.

Beets and Carrots are rich in glutathione, a protein that helps detoxify the liver. Both are extremely high in plant-flavonoids and beta-carotene. Eating beets and carrots can help stimulate and improve overall liver function. (Source)

The green juices I chose were low in sugar and contained pounds upon pounds of fresh, green vegetable nutrients. Kale, chard, romaine, celery, and spirulina were most commonly used.

Furthermore, I drank freshly squeezed grapefruit juice like it was going out of style, another great source of glutathione. I found lemon, grapefruit, and orange made a delicious combination.

Freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange ,and lemon juice. Delicious scale? 10/10

Freshly squeezed grapefruit, orange ,and lemon juice. Delicious scale? 10/10

Pure Cranberry Juice Cocktail

I also created an organic cranberry juice cocktail that combined pure organic cranberry juice, ginger powder, and fresh squeezed lemon and orange.

This cocktail is loaded with vitamin C, a nutrient that works to thin and decongest bile, allowing the liver to more readily digest fats, as well a glutathione, chelation, and antioxidants.

Spices and Herbal Supplements for the Liver

I purchased an all-natural herbal drink called “Liver Flush” by Omega Alpha. Its main ingredients included milk thistledandelion, burdock root, and wormwood shoot.

Over the past forty years, intensive chemical, pharmacological, and clinical research has confirmed the mechanisms of action and therapeutic value of milk thistle in a wide range of human liver-related and non-liver-related conditions. Silymarin is the active ingredient in milk thistle that supports liver detoxification.

Double blind studies on the effect of milk thistle on toxic liver damage (mostly alcohol-related), chronic liver disease, and disease caused by certain drugs have been reviewed by medical experts. The experts all concluded that milk thistle is an extremely therapeutically useful medicinal plant product that stabilizes the cell membrane and stimulates protein synthesis while accelerating the process of regeneration in damaged liver tissue. These effects are important in the therapeutic efficacy of milk thistle.

Organically sourced herbs are powerful antioxidants which neutralize liver-damaging free radicals.

A Reinforced Perspective On Our Current Health Paradigm

After a one month bout of mono and a liver that had almost failed me, I came out of my experience with a new, or perhaps “reinforced,” perspective on our current health paradigm. I absolutely have a greater compassion for the chronically ill. To think that so many spend their days bed-ridden, drug-induced, and helplessly passed down by the medical system is extremely disheartening.

The current system is killing us slowly, divorcing us from our innate power to heal ourselves, and it is up to each of us to regain this ability and to loosen our dependence on the advice of conventionally-trained physicians.

Thanks to the incredible amount of readily available information online, we are amidst a new era of health-empowerment, in which the old adage “you are what you eat” couldn’t be more relevant.


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Austria No Longer Guarantees Bank Deposits*

Austria No Longer Guarantees Bank Deposits*

Bank deposits in Austria will no longer enjoy state protection and a state guarantee in the event of bank runs and a bank collapse when legislation is enacted in July.

Easy  MoneyThe plan to ensure that the state is no longer responsible for insuring deposits has been readied by the Austrian government in conjunction with the EU two years ago according to Die Presse.

Currently, Austrians have their bank deposits guaranteed to a value of €100,000 – the first half to be provided by the failing bank and the other by the state. From July, however, the state will be removed from the process and a special bank deposit insurance fund is to be set up and paid into by banks to meet potential shortfalls.

The fund will be filled gradually over the next ten years to a value of €1.5 billion. In the the event of a failure of a major bank in the intervening period the legislation will allow the fund to borrow internationally although who will provide such funding and on what terms is not clear, according to Austria’s Die Presse.

However, even when the scheme is fully funded it is clear that €1.5 billion will be woefully inadequate to deal with a bank failure.

€1.5 billion amounts to a mere 0.8% of total deposits in Austria. It is highly unlikely that deposits of any major bank would be adequately covered and in the event of multiple concurrent bank failures it is likely that most savers would be wiped out.

Die Presse gives the example of Bank Corp in Bulgaria. When that bank failed it had €1.8 billion in deposits but there was only €1 billion in the deposit insurance fund.

On a positive note “inheritances, real estate transactions, a dowry or a divorce [will be] be protected for three months, even up to an amount of 500,000 euros,” according to Die Presse (via google translate).

It is telling that, as Die Presse reports, the framework for the legislation was agreed in Europe two years ago and the legislative change has to take place by this summer. It was on June 27th, 2013 that Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan made his infamous declaration that “bail-in is now the rule.”

The Die Presse story suggests that the Austrians may have gotten a derogation or an exemption from the new bail-in legislation which was enacted in 2013.  “Bail-in is now the rule” as Irish finance Minister Michael Noonan warned in June 2013. Noonan admitted then that the move to not maintain deposits as sacrosanct was a “revolutionary move.” That it was and yet investors and depositors remain very unaware of the risks of bail-ins both to their own deposits but also to the wider financial system and economy.

At that time average depositors with deposits of less than €100,000 were given no indication that their savings may be at risk even as EU institutions were working on removing state liability for such deposits.

Romania’s Bursa newspaper points out that this is not some monetary experiment being foisted upon some peripheral Eurozone country. Austria is regarded as being part of the EU’s “hard core”.

What unfolds in Austria will likely follow across the EU. It may be that Austria was prompted to enact this legislation first among its European partners precisely because it anticipates major banks failures in the wake of the failure of its “bad bank”, Heta.

Also many Austrian banks have large exposures to Eastern European countries and property markets. Austrian banks are the most exposed to potential losses from tougher sanctions on Russia according to Fitch and the IMF.  Swedish, French and Italian lenders are also vulnerable, the International Monetary Fund also warned.

Deposits in the insolvent banking system are no longer safe. So where is one to place one’s savings.

As Germany’s Deutsche Wirtschafts Nachrichten opines “depositors will have to thoroughly research the situation of the bank they place their savings in”. It adds, “this task is extremely difficult, because of the muddy financial statements and of the complexity of the interdependencies in the banking system”.

While Austria may be the first in enacting this legislation there is no guarantee that savers, particularly in the peripheral nations, will receive any indication that their deposits may be at risk.

Emergency legislation can be drawn up over-night – as was the case when Ireland was “bailed-out” or rather Ireland’s banks were bailed out and Ireland’s tax payers were bailed in. The developing bail-in regimes, means that soon individual and corporate depositors could see their savings and capital ‘bailed in’.

These are important developments. Average savers can no longer rely on the state to protect their deposits. They provide a good reason for depositors to allocate some of their funds to physical gold stored outside of the banking system, in the safest jurisdictions in the world.


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El Salvador Farmers with Record Crop Yields Beat Monsanto’s Monopoly*

El Salvador Farmers with Record Crop Yields Beat Monsanto’s Monopoly*

By Christina Sarich

Farmers from El Salvador make many US biotech farming practices look like the work of a bunch of crazed lunatics. At least in El Salvador they realize the importance of non-GM food and heritage seed saving. After outperforming Monsanto’s biotech seed with record crop yields, they have also now managed a giant defeat of Monsanto by preventing the company from supplying El Salvador with its poison seeds.

Monsanto’s biotech crops have been linked with kidney disease, liver failure, reproductive problems, and more. Most recently, the WHO called glyphosate, the main chemical ingredient in Monsanto’s herbicide Round Up, ‘probably carcinogenic.’

The El Salvador farmer resistance is great news considering the monopoly that Monsanto and other biotech companies have managed to hold over much of the rest of the world. Monsanto will deny having sway over the government, including federal judges in the US – but they actually do. Though they don’t have control everywhere. El Salvador farmers are working with the Minister of Agriculture there to lessen local farmers’ dependency on biotech seeds.

Organic farm, El Salvador

Juan Luna Vides, the director of diversified production for the Mangrove Association, a nongovernmental organization that was created to support a grassroots social movement for environmental conservation in El Salvador, says:

“Remember that Monsanto is together with DuPont, Pioneer, all the large businesses that control the world’s seed market. Unfortunately, many of the governments in Latin America, or perhaps the world, have beneficiary relationships with these companies.”

The Ministry of Agriculture just released a new round of contracts to provide seed to subsistence farmers across the country.

Monsanto attempts to do business in other markets with other company names, or brands, but the transnational hold is the same. And make no mistake, it is run by Monsanto and the other Big Six.

For example, companies like Pioneer generate commercials for various media outlets in El Salvador marketing their agrochemical products, and exerting great influence over the local farmers of the country.

Many farmers see the importance of keeping their seed supply local, though. small-scale seed producer Santos Cayetan told Truthout:

“We are losing the traditions of local seed, so we are trying to maintain it here. Native seeds don’t have what these other seeds have that come with the chemicals, based in chemicals.”

Cayetan, who is a recipient of corn seed from the government program that uses local, GMO-free seeds and also works to grow native corn, said that the difference between using local seed versus Monsanto’s is quite amazing.

“[Native seeds are] always the same, they always produce, and they’re always there,” he said. “[Native seeds] are drought resistant.”

This and other farmers also comment on the fact that local seed has been adapted to the conditions specific to the region, and Monsanto’s seed has not. The local seed grows well even in dry soil. Farmers can also save and re-use seed without having to worry about patent infringement, as well as having to repurchase seed every season since much of the GM seed Monsanto, Pioneer, and others sell is meant to self-destruct after just one season, otherwise known as suicide seed.

As in many areas of the world, one of Monsanto’s sinister goals is to force farmers to purchase the company’s seeds every year, at highly inflated prices. These seeds also rely on toxic industrial fertilizers and their best-selling herbicide, Round Up.

“[Using only local seed] would be much better [for Salvadoran farmers]; they wouldn’t have to buy seeds every year,” Vides added. “It has to do with generating the conditions to promote food security … you can produce what you consume … produce and consume the same product.”

Cayetan explains that most farmers in El Salvador cannot afford Monsanto seeds – but that is by design.

“If all the producers produced [imported] seed, [local producers] would lose their businesses … this is what [Monsanto] wants.”


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The Producer of “Agent Orange” brings GMO Agriculture to Vietnam*

The Producer of “Agent Orange” brings GMO Agriculture to Vietnam*

The Producer of “Agent Orange” brings GMO Agriculture to Vietnam*

By Chemical Concern

In November last year, Brian Leung, a Southeast Asia-based journalist, observed:

“Vietnam continues to roll out the red carpet for foreign biotech giants, including the infamous Monsanto, to sell the controversial genetically modified (GM) corn varieties in the country. Jeffrey Smith and other critics say that by welcoming Monsanto, Vietnam has been too nice to the main manufacturer of Agent Orange, the toxic defoliant used during the Vietnam War that left a devastating legacy still claiming victims today.”

Just Means, an online publisher of news about corporate social responsibility, sustainability, energy, health, education, technology and innovation, added an update:

Monsanto sees a large potential in Vietnam as a main market for the company, and plans to increase its investments in the country in the future. Juan Ferreira, vice president of Monsanto said that the country has a combination of good soil, good governance, and appetite for investment, which paves the way for the entry of advanced technologies.

No mention of GM by name – but plenty of enabling activity

Ferreira said that with advanced technologies, it is possible to develop agriculture sustainably by using the same or less water and nitrogen and achieve greater yields. The technologies were not named. No reference was made to the Vietnamese government’s 2006 plan (see Leung) to develop GM crops as part of a “major program for the development and application of biotechnology in agriculture and rural development.

In August 2014, it was announced that cultivation of the country’s first GM crops will be underway by 2015 and 30-50% of farmland covered with genetically modified organisms by 2020. The country’s agriculture ministry approved the imports of four corn varieties engineered for food and animal feed processing: MON 89034 and NK 603, products of DeKalb Vietnam (a subsidiary of U.S. multinational Monsanto), and GA 21 and MIR 162 from the Swiss firm Syngenta. The Vietnamese environment ministry has to date issued bio-safety certificates for Monsanto’s MON 89034 and NK 603 corn varieties and Syngenta’s GA 21, meaning farmers can start commercially cultivating the crops. The ministry is considering issuing a similar certificate for the other variety, MR 162.

Would Vietnam be throwing away its great advantage as a non-GMO producer?

There has been a surge in consumer rejection of GMOs in the U.S., with food companies scrambling to secure non-GMO supplies, according to the New York Times. Last year, China rejected 887,000 tons of U.S. corn because it contained Syngenta’s GM maize MIR 162 – the very same variety that has just been licensed for use in Vietnam. Could these terraced fields in Mu Cang Chai, in the north-eastern region of Vietnam be bull-dozed for agri-business or other forms of mal-development?

GMOs in their current state have nothing to offer the cause of feeding the hungry, alleviating poverty, and creating sustainable agriculture, according to the IAASTD report.

The International Assessment of Agricultural Knowledge, Science and Technology for Development report, an exhaustive analysis of agriculture and sustainability, concludes that the high costs of seeds and chemicals, uncertain yields, and the potential to undermine local food security make biotechnology a poor choice for the developing world.

It is feared that introducing Monsanto’s modified corn and the toxic weed killer Roundup Monsanto plugs for use along with its crops could have tragic consequences, as did their product Agent Orange.


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ISIS: On the Frontline*

ISIS: On the Frontline*

ISIS have taken control of large regions in northern Iraq and have committed atrocities beyond our imagination. To safeguard the sovereignty of Iraq, the leading Shia authority Grand Ayatollah Sistani released a decree encouraging the Iraqi people to join the armed forces and defend their country.  Following the release of the documentary “‘Islamic’ Terrorism?”, Ahlulbayt TV, a Shia broadcast channel, they went to Iraq to find out what is happening on the frontlines on the war on ISIS.


Ahlulbayt Television Network is the first and on exclusively English-language Shia Islamic television channel. The channel was launched with much fanfare on Sky in the UK in August 2009 and two months later on the Galaxy 19 platform covering North America from its London headquarters. A few months into its operations it also expanded to Atlantic Bird 4A (Nilesat) which covers the Middle East and North Africa.

Australian broadcaster IMTV signed an exclusive distribution contract in June 2010, and broadcasting of the channel commenced on the 10th of JULY 2010 on Intelsat 8 12575 MHZ in MPEG2 and FTA covering the ANZ region. However IMTV announced their plans to encrypt the channel and upgrade to H.264 broadcasting mid August. The channel will be included in a package to be announced at a later date.

The nonprofit religious channel, whose name is Arabic for the ‘Holy Household’, referring to the progeny of the Islamic prophet, Muhammad, is staffed by British and American professionals from many different backgrounds. In an interview in 2004 with an online Kuwaiti magazine, Sayed Mahdi al-Modarresi, the channel’s founder had announced plans to launch the channel to “show the true, undistorted nature of Islam and Islamic civilization to the West”.

Ahlulbayt TV frequently features many prominent Shia Muslims scholars and speakers including Sayed Fadhel Milani, Sayed Mahdi Modarresi, Ummulbanin Merali, Sayed Mustafa Qazwini, the late Barrister Murtaza Lakha, Hajji Mohammed al-Hilli, Sayed Mohammad Razavi, Sayed Zafar Abbas, Sheikh Ali Massoumian, Sayed Mohammed Mousawi, Rebecca Masterton, Zahra Al Alawi, Amina Inloes, as well as others, and also broadcast live video feeds from the Holy City of Karbala.

The network’s line-up includes a several live call-in shows featuring guests who are invited to discuss religious and social matters. The channel preaches moderation and has several shows dedicated to women, presented by females from various backgrounds. “Reverts World” is also a weekly show dedicated to highlighting the challenges faced by converts.

In early 2010 the channel launched its on-screen news ticker which frequently condemns “terrorist attacks” and extremist Wahhabi statements. The news ticker is focused more on Islamic cultural news than political matters but also features headlines about Muslim communities in the UK and USA.

In terms of financial backing Ahlulbayt TV relies on viewers’ donations and frequently asks viewers to partner with it “to keep the mission forging ahead” and materialize its stated motto of “bringing the Holy Household into Every Household”


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