Election Leaflet Illustrates the State of British Education*

Election Leaflet Illustrates the State of British Education*

Suzy Howlett, 54, inset, who specialises in teaching foreign-born children English, took councillors Derek Tanswell and Sharon Snook to task over their spelling, punctuation and grammar. The UKIP candidates, from Frome, Somerset, defected to Nigel Farage’s party two weeks ago and hope to be re-elected in May, having left the Lib Dems to improve their chances. Mrs Howlett, a specialist teacher with 32 years experience, told MailOnline she enjoyed a ‘happy two minutes’ correcting their work. She said: ‘I won’t discuss (Ukip) policies, I will just say that the children I work with are a delight, and some of them could teach Mr Tanswell a thing or two about apostrophes’.

Mr Tanswell today said his former party have ‘hacked’ his emails for information to create a slapdash leaflet to scupper their election hopes, and has called in police.

However, a party source has suggested the leaflet is genuine.

He said: ‘They had to rewrite everything and it looks like they didn’t have time to spell check it.’


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