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Charlie Chaplin’s Final Speech in the Great Dictator*

Charlie Chaplin’s Final Speech in the Great Dictator*

“I’m sorry, but I don’t want to be an emperor. That’s not my business. I don’t want to rule or conquer anyone. I should like to help everyone if possible; Jew, Gentile, black man, white. We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that.

We want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery. We don’t want to hate and despise one another. In this world there is room for everyone, and the good earth is rich and can provide for everyone.

The way of life can be free and beautiful, but we have lost the way. Greed has poisoned men’s souls, has barricaded the world with hate, has goose-stepped us into misery and bloodshed.

We have developed speed, but we have shut ourselves in. Machinery that gives abundance has left us in want.

Our knowledge has made us cynical; our cleverness, hard and unkind. We think too much and feel too little.

More than machinery, we need humanity.

More than cleverness, we need kindness and gentleness.

Without these qualities, life will be violent and all will be lost. The airplane and the radio have brought us closer together. The very nature of these inventions cries out for the goodness in men; cries out for universal brotherhood; for the unity of us all. Even now my voice is reaching millions throughout the world, millions of despairing men, women, and little children, victims of a system that makes men torture and imprison innocent people.

To those who can hear me, I say, do not despair. The misery that is now upon us is but the passing of greed, the bitterness of men who fear the way of human progress. The hate of men will pass, and dictators die, and the power they took from the people will return to the people. And so long as men die, liberty will never perish.

Soldiers! Don’t give yourselves to brutes, men who despise you, enslave you; who regiment your lives, tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel! Who drill you, diet you, treat you like cattle, use you as cannon fodder. Don’t give yourselves to these unnatural men – machine men with machine minds and machine hearts! You are not machines, you are not cattle, you are men! You have the love of humanity in your hearts! You don’t hate! Only the unloved hate; the unloved and the unnatural. Soldiers! Don’t fight for slavery! Fight for liberty! In the seventeenth chapter of St. Luke, it is written that the kingdom of God is within man, not one man nor a group of men, but in all men! In you!

You, the people, have the power, the power to create machines, the power to create happiness! You, the people, have the power to make this life free and beautiful, to make this life a wonderful adventure. Then in the name of democracy, let us use that power. Let us all unite. Let us fight for a new world, a decent world that will give men a chance to work that will give youth a future and old age a security. By the promise of these things, brutes have risen to power. But they lie! They do not fulfil that promise. They never will! Dictators free themselves but they enslave the people.

Now let us fight to fulfil that promise. Let us fight to free the world! To do away with national barriers! To do away with greed, with hate and intolerance! Let us fight for a world of reason, a world where science and progress will lead to all men’s happiness. Soldiers, in the name of democracy, let us all unite!”


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US Immigration Exam Replaces ‘Freedom of Religion’ With ‘Freedom of Worship’*

US Immigration Exam Replaces ‘Freedom of Religion’ With ‘Freedom of Worship’*

The underlying significance of replacing ‘religion’ with ‘worship’ has been missed in this article

The Satanic Temple faced a backlash towards the intent to erect this monument glorifying Satan on the front lawn of the Oklahoma Statehouse.

Horned Hand The sign of recognition between those in the Occult. When pointed at someone it is meant to place a curse. Note the thumb over the fingers and given by the left hand.

Horned God Represents the horned god of witchcraft. Pan or Cernunnos. Note the thumb under the fingers and given by the right hand.

A Republican senator from Oklahoma pressed Department of Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson at a hearing Wednesday about why the U.S. is “misrepresenting” Americans’ First Amendment right to freedom of religion to immigrants who are applying to become U.S. citizens.

“We in the United States actually have freedom of religion, not freedom of worship,” Sen. James Lankford, R-Okla., told Johnson yesterday during a Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing.

Lankford was referring to the department’s decision to include “freedom of worship” instead of “freedom of religion” as a basic American right listed in the civics test that all immigrants must take to become a naturalized U.S. citizen.

of these things, ‘What are two rights of everyone living in the United States, and it listed out six different things: freedom of expression, freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, freedom to petition the government, freedom of worship, the right to bear arms,” Lankford said. “I’d love to see ‘freedom of worship’ switched to ‘freedom of religion.’”

The Daily Signal reached out to U.S. Citizens and Immigration Services inside the Department of Homeland Security for comment on the civics test’s wording and they did not immediately respond.

Sarah Torre, a policy analyst at The Heritage Foundation who focuses on issues related to religious liberty, argued the difference between “freedom of worship” and “freedom of religion” is significant.

“This incorrect view of religious liberty argues that faith should remain a private affair—relegated to personal activities or weekend worship services,” she said.

“Step outside the four walls of a home or house of worship and robust protection of religious freedom ends.”

Lankford, co-chairman of the Congressional Prayer Caucus, said the phrasing has been that way for “over 10 years,” and that he’d “love” for Johnson to take a look at changing it.


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Small Italian Town Playing Havoc with U.S. Military Base*

Small Italian Town Playing Havoc with U.S. Military Base*

By Barbie Latza Nadeau

NISCEMI, Italy — Sicilian pensioner Salvatore Terranova blames America for messing with his pacemaker. Every six months or so, he has to drive across the island to Palermo to get it re-calibrated. His doctors told him that he uses the computer and cell-phone too much, even though he says he doesn’t actually use electronic devices much at all. Terranova says his pacemaker won’t keep its beat because he lives across a dusty road from the U.S. Navy’s Niscemi Naval Radio Transmitter Facility antenna farm and Mobile User Objective System (MUOS) satellite ground station.

“My doctors told me I had to move out to the countryside for my heart,” he told The Daily Beast at a café in the main square here.

“But I’m afraid the country life is going to kill me.”

Terranova, who is the base’s closest neighbour, keeps a constant eye on the facility’s two 495-foot-high antennas and the 40 other smaller sensors that flicker on and off, sending low-frequency radio signals to U.S. and NATO ships in the region. He says the antennas aren’t all on at the same time, and that usually when authorities come to test the area for air quality, fewer of its lights are flickering. But he’s really worried that when a trio of new massive satellite dishes go online, the real trouble will begin. He also says that every few weeks or so, the giant “No MUOS” protest sign hanging on his front gate disappears.

“It’s the Americans who take it,” he says.

“I report their military license plate numbers to the police, but nothing ever happens.”

U.S. base Niscemi, Italy |By Massimo Cristaldi

The antenna farm has been running unchallenged for around 20 years, but activists are focused on blocking the additional three 60-foot-diameter MUOS satellite dishes, which are nearly ready to beam communications to unmanned drones and U.S. soldiers in real time via the Niscemi site as well as ground stations in Australia, Hawaii, and Virginia.  The dishes are set to go live sometime after the last of five Lockheed Martin satellites are launched in November—and only if the United States manages to overturn a stop-work order handed down by local Sicilian authorities in time.

Ever since the Italian government under Silvio Berlusconi signed off on the U.S. Navy’s use of the land six years ago, the No MUOS activists of Niscemi have been doing everything they can to stop work at the site—with an astonishing level of success. Twice, they have won injunctions against the United States. At the moment, work at the site is at a standstill as a court in Palermo weighs the legality of the facility’s existence, based on a challenge stemming from the Region of Sicily’s decision to withdraw its authorization in 2013.

On April 27, a Sicilian court rejected the United States’ appeal to release the sequestered site. There are still legal avenues for the U.S. military to pursue, including another court date July 8, and they could always ask for intervention from the Italian government. Meanwhile, the activists were able to notch one more victory in their David vs. Goliath battle: Two weeks ago, the activists went to the European Commission in Brussels to launch an appeal to stop MUOS at a European level as well.

Residents aren’t only worried about health effects from electromagnetic charges. The Niscemi site is also smack in the middle of the protected Sughereta Nature Reserve, known for its ancient cork oak trees and recognized as a protected site by the EC. The MUOS base sits high above a forest, on a plateau where construction is legal. Just a few feet away, breaking ground for any reason is strictly prohibited. The No MUOS activists claim that the border distinguishing those two areas was moved in 2012.

Around 10,000 people demonstrated on March 30 in Niscemi near Caltanissetta in Sicily against the proposed creation of the M.U.O.S. (Mobile User Objective System), a ultra-high-frequency satellite network to serve the US Navy.

The activists say they are worried about the “consequences of the installation of this system on: human health, the ecosystem of the Sughereta park, the quality of agricultural production, right to mobility and to the development of territory, right to peace and security of our homeland and of its inhabitants.”

Protesting MUOS has become an obsession for the town of 28,000, which, according to a sign at Niscemi’s city limits, is also known as the artichoke capital of Sicily. Before the latest stop-work order, activists frequently cut through military fences and scurried up the giant antennas, forcing the U.S. Navy to halt transmissions. The vocal Mothers Against MUOS lined up children’s toys against the base’s fences and organized shifts to block the road. Other No MUOS groups held protests along the road leading up to the base with such vigour that the U.S. Navy needed hundreds of Italian police in full riot gear to protect the delivery of equipment and personnel during the height of the construction phase.  Since 2009, there has been a sit-in encampment not far from Terranova’s farm, where protesters hold constant vigil on a little piece of land they bought from a local farmer.

Few believe the stop-work order will last. A previous halt was overturned because the permissions that were granted were done so legally. The current injunction means the U.S. Navy cannot conduct the crucial tests to prepare the MUOS ground station for the November launch, though few activists in Niscemi believe tests aren’t being done anyway.

“This has become about so much more than these dishes. It is about whose right it is to decide what happens on this land. It’s not America’s right to use our land for this.”

High Low Frequencies Effect on the bodyGaetano Impoco, one of the most vocal leaders of the activists, points to a February 2010 conversation between former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Ignazio La Russa, Italy’s then-minister of defense, that was exposed by WikiLeaks (PDF) and during which, he says, the pact with the devil was made. According to the diplomatic cable, the United States put pressure on Italy to cut corners.

“On MUOS Niscemi, SecDef requested that La Russa assist in securing final approval for the site, noting that if construction of the antenna did not begin by March, the U.S. might have to look elsewhere in the Mediterranean.”

Impoco and other activists say permissions were then pushed through without adequate tests or consultation with the local community in order to pacify the Americans, whose military-base presence in Italy is substantial and lucrative for the government. There are seven major U.S. bases in the country, not counting Niscemi and other smaller installments.

“The Niscemi people were sold out,” Impaco told The Daily Beast.

By the time anyone realized what was going on, it was far too late.”

No MUOS activist Maurizio Giannetto, who is a radio technician, is a sort of NO MUOS tour guide, leading the way up a rugged off-road trail past Terranova’s farm through wildflowers and cork trees to the U.S. Navy’s perimeter fence closest to the three massive satellite dishes. Along the way, he points out the various surveillance cameras on cherry pickers that can be raised and lowered to get a closer look at who is gawking through the fence.

“Look,” he says.

“There are no above-ground bunkers, they are all buried below ground. What does that tell you about the safety of the site? Even the personnel are afraid of too much exposure to the radio waves.”

When asked about this, Jeff Galvin, a U.S. Embassy press attaché in Rome, told The Daily Beast there are no bunkers, and that there are certainly none hidden underground, though because the site was used by the Germans to launch counterattacks against Allied forces in 1943, no one can be completely sure just what leftovers might be in the area from World War II. In any event, he says the U.S. military is not hiding people from electromagnetic contamination. In fact, he says, the opposite is true.

“MUOS is safe. It does not present a health or environmental threat to the people of Niscemi or to the people hiking around in Sughereta,” Galvin told The Daily Beast.

“We can say that with assurance. We have people working there as well, and we wouldn’t do anything to put them in danger, either.”

Still, Giannetto is concerned. He says the fight against MUOS has exacted a heavy toll on the community.  Six years ago, the groups against MUOS started out with one objective, but now egos and hidden agendas have started to tear the town apart.

“This has become about so much more than these dishes,” he says pointing through the barbed wire fence at the three monstrous saucers backed by hundreds of antenna towers secured by cables.

“It is about whose right it is to decide what happens on this land. It’s not America’s right to use our land for this.”

Like others, he is also concerned that the peaceful town where he was born will be a military target once the MUOS is online, and he, like others, have little doubt that despite their protests, the Americans will prevail.

“If you want to disrupt the United States’s military power, you disturb the telecommunications,” he says.

“We are all in the target area.”

Some of the NO MUOS protesters have a strong desire to de-militarize all of Sicily. Elvira Cusa leads a protest group different from the one Impoco and Giannetto are part of. Speaking to The Daily Beast as she smoked cigarettes outside a MUOS meeting in Niscemi last weekend, Cusa admitted health wasn’t her group’s primary concern.

“The principal reason may be risks to our health, but we also know this base will be an instrument of another kind of death,” she told The Daily Beast.

They won’t just kill us, they will kill others, too from our town with their drones.”

Referring to the collateral death of Italian hostage Giovanni Lo Porto in an unmanned drone attack against al Qaeda in January, she said,

If we allow this to happen, we are all accomplices to killing our brothers.”

One of the activists’ favourite theories is that the reason the MUOS was not installed at the nearby Sigonella base, which houses both the U.S. Navy and Air Force and dozens of other military contingents, is because the electromagnetic activity could cause the missiles to explode, an idea put forth by Marcello D’Amore, a La Sapienza professor of electrical engineering who concluded that anyone living near the Niscemi site was at risk. A further study conducted by AGI-Analytical and American Maxim Systems, which included a risk-assessment model of electromagnetic radiation on weapons systems, ammunition, propellants, and explosives at the existing base in Sicily, came up with similar findings.

“The computer simulation of the model led to an unexpected ‘no’ to the hypothesis of using the base in Sigonella,” the authors said.

The U.S. government disputes that reasoning. Galvin at the U.S. Embassy in Rome says the MUOS was not installed in Sigonella because it offers a “navigational hazard” to the Air Force and Navy aircraft, and not the potential danger to weapons held there.

Galvin points to MUOS ground stations in Australia, Hawaii, and Vermont that have not received the same scrutiny and attention from those local populations. To appease the people of Niscemi, he says the Sicilian site will be the only MUOS ground station to have additional monitoring devices that constantly control the levels of electromagnetic and radio activity. He says that for those concerned about health risks, there is nothing to worry about.

“For the anti-war protesters, though it is a highly visible symbol of something that people and activists can focus on.”


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Man Who Recorded Freddie Gray Video Arrested*

Man Who Recorded Freddie Gray Video Arrested*

By Carlos Millerin

The man who recorded one of two videos showing Baltimore cops dragging a screaming Freddie Gray into the back of a police van was arrested Thursday night, two days after voicing concerns that police were trying to intimidate him by plastering his photo all over the news, saying they wanted to interview him.

Unlike the woman who recorded the other video, Kevin Moore was not afraid to show his face to the cameras, describing to reporters how cops had Gray’s legs pulled up behind his neck as they held him face down on the ground with one cop planting a knee on the back of Gray’s neck.

Once his interview went viral, police put out a notice that they wanted to speak to him to help with their “investigation,” which he understood as an attempt to intimidate him into silence.

After all, he had already spoken to police about what he had seen during the Freddie Gray arrest. And he was aware of what New York City police officers did to Ramsey Orta, the man who recorded NYPD detective Daniel Pantaleo.

On Tuesday, he posted the following on Facebook:

OK y’all everyone by now know that I spoke up for Freddie and recorded all I could. But I would greatly appreciate if y’all could stop posting pics of me plz it’s very uncomfortable knowing that the law is looking for me!!Thank y’all(Kev)

The law caught up with him Thursday night, handcuffing him and two friends at gunpoint during a traffic stop that involved two police helicopters, one armoured car, a police SUV and plenty of military looking cops with guns.

“It looked like something out of a video game,” he said during a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime Early this morning.

“We asked them why are we being detained. They said it was because we made an illegal turn.”

That illegal turn, according to police, consisted of the driver using a left turn signal to make a right turn, which Moore finds very dubious.

Moore said he did not have identification on him, but when he told them his name, a flash of recognition crossed their faces and they ordered the paddy wagon.

Moore and his two friends were handcuffed and transported to the Western District police station.

But was released two hours later with no explanation and no charges.

However, his two friends, who had driven up to Baltimore from Ferguson to help establish a We Copwatch chapter, were not released.

Moore was never told why, but he believes it was because they were from out-of-town, so they wanted to send a message to scare outsiders away.

“I know-think didn’t like the Missouri tag,” he said.

Moore said he recorded video of the traffic stop, which will be edited by We Copwatch and posted today.

We also interviewed Moore on PINAC Live! Early this morning as you can see in the video below. The video last 20 minutes before his phone heated up and shut off.

The incident began as Moore and his two friends were driving away from a protest demanding justice for Freddie Gray. Moore was in the passenger seat and wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, which is something you see at every protest these days. They drove by some cops in an SUV and Moore made eye contact with one of the cops while wearing the mask.

Making eye contact with cops is apparently considered suspicious in Baltimore as we learned from the Freddie Gray incident, so naturally, the SUV began following the men.

Moore said they were driving southeast on Pennsylvania Avenue from North Avenue, where the protest had taken place, when the cops started following them. They then made a right on Cumberland Street with the cops following. You can make out the scene in the map below.

At some point on Cumberland, the cops turned on their emergency lights, but the men did not stop because it was in a dark area with no witnesses around. And after what Moore witnessed what they did to Gray, he has absolutely no trust in them.

“I told them to keep driving to Bruce Court where my people will be at,” he said.

So they maintained a steady speed of 30 mph for another four blocks before coming to a stop at Bruce Court where there was up to 30 people milling about.

“They had a fucking army on us,” he said.

A national guardsman involved in the stop pointed a shotgun at his pregnant wife, who was among two dozen people standing in the area where they had been pulled over.

“I told him, ‘can’t you see she’s pregnant?’

“He said, ‘she can be pregnant up on the sidewalk.’”

At West District, he was separated from the two Copwatch members, Chad Jackson and Tony White aka Talal Ahmad, and believes they were transported to either Central Booking or Baltimore City Detention Centre. He said the car was impounded and transported to West District where they searched it.

“They said they had probable cause to search it because we did not pull over but we did not pull over because we did not feel safe,” he said.

We wanted to pull over in front of witnesses.”


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George Soros: The Hidden Hand behind Social Unrest*

George Soros: The Hidden Hand behind Social Unrest*

By Brandon Turbeville

While Baltimore burns, the city has proven itself to be yet another staging ground in a long line of scenes involving “violent protests,” riots, and racial violence following an incident concerning police brutality, real or otherwise.

Although the issues that have set off the spark in most of these protests were entirely legitimate, government agencies, foundations, organizations, and NGOs immediately swooped in to divert the protests into racially charged fit throwing and often violent riots.

With a carefully orchestrated network that was capable of organizing large numbers of individuals on a moment’s notice, and a simultaneous media campaign that cleverly showed violence and riots but ignored peaceful or appropriately-directed violent acts, these organizations were able to turn what could and should have been a national movement into a racially-oriented hate-filled display of unrestrained destruction.

With this in mind, one might justifiably ask how these organizations might have such an effective network that operates in concert with a national corporate media apparatus in order to wreck legitimate movements and, out of those movements, create a counter-productive act of mindless fit-throwing?

The answer is the same as it has often been in Europe – the colour revolution apparatus and George Soros.

Indeed, George Soros has been heavily involved in the social unrest and movement-wrecking activity that has taken place all across the United States in recent months. From Florida to Ferguson and now to Baltimore, George Soros’ Foundations have been involved in making sure that not only are American citizens unable to overcome racial divisions with mutual cooperation but that even the racially isolated participants are unable to accomplish anything of substance.

As Kelly Riddell of the Washington Times reported in January, 2015, regarding Soros’ involvement in Ferguson,

There’s a solitary man at the financial centre of the Ferguson protest movement. No, it’s not victim Michael Brown or Officer Darren Wilson. It’s not even the Rev. Al Sharpton, despite his ubiquitous campaign on TV and the streets.

Rather, it’s liberal billionaire George Soros, who has built a business empire that dominates across the ocean in Europe while forging a political machine powered by non-profit foundations that impacts American politics and policy, not unlike what he did with

Mr. Soros spurred the Ferguson protest movement through years of funding and mobilizing groups across the U.S., according to interviews with key players and financial records reviewed by The Washington Times.

In all, Mr. Soros gave at least $33 million in one year to support already-established groups that emboldened the grass-roots, on-the-ground activists in Ferguson, according to the most recent tax filings of his non-profit Open Society Foundations.

The financial tether from Mr. Soros to the activist groups gave rise to a combustible protest movement that transformed a one-day criminal event in Missouri into a 24-hour-a-day national cause celebre.

“Our DNA includes a belief that having people participate in government is indispensable to living in a more just, inclusive, democratic society,” said Kenneth Zimmerman, director of Mr. SorosOpen Society Foundations’ U.S. programs, in an interview with The Washington Times.

“Helping groups combine policy, research [and] data collection with community organizing feels very much the way our society becomes more accountable.”

Indeed, the Open Society Institute has been promoting “democracy” all over the world if, by democracy, one means the overthrow of governments unfriendly to Anglo-American banking interests and installing new and more corrupt leadership in its place.

Riddell continues by writing,

Soros-sponsored organizations helped mobilize protests in Ferguson, building grass-roots coalitions on the ground backed by a nationwide online and social media campaign.

Other Soros-funded groups made it their job to remotely monitor and exploit anything related to the incident that they could portray as a conservative misstep, and to develop academic research and editorials to disseminate to the news media to keep the story alive.

The plethora of organizations involved not only shared Mr. Soros‘ funding, but they also fed off each other, using content and buzzwords developed by one organization on another’s website, referencing each other’s news columns and by creating a social media echo chamber of Facebook “likes” and Twitter hashtags that dominated the mainstream media and personal online newsfeeds.

Buses of activists from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference in Chicago; from the Drug Policy Alliance, Make the Road New York and Equal Justice USA from New York; from Sojourners, the Advancement Project and Center for Community Change in Washington; and networks from the Gamaliel Foundation — all funded in part by Mr. Soros — descended on Ferguson starting in August and later organized protests and gatherings in the city until late last month.

All were aimed at keeping the media’s attention on the city and to widen the scope of the incident to focus on interrelated causes — not just the over-policing and racial discrimination narratives that were highlighted by the news media in August.

“I went to Ferguson in a quest to be in solidarity and stand with the young organizers and affirm their leadership,” said Kassandra Frederique, policy manager at the Drug Policy Alliance, which was founded by Mr. Soros, and which receives $4 million annually from his foundation. She traveled to Ferguson in October.

“We recognized this movement is similar to the work we’re doing at DPA,” said Ms. Frederique.

“The war on drugs has always been to operationalize, institutionalize and criminalize people of colour. Protecting personal sovereignty is a cornerstone of the work we do and what this movement is all about.”

Colour revolutions is a term used by the media to describe related movements that developed in several societies in the CIS (former USSR) and Balkan states

Ms. Frederique works with Opal Tometi, co-creator of #BlackLivesMatter — a hashtag that was developed after the killing of Trayvon Martin in Florida — and helped promote it on DPA’s news feeds. Ms. Tometi runs the Black Alliance for Just Immigration, a group to which Mr. Soros gave $100,000 in 2011, according to the most recent of his foundation’s tax filings.

“I think #BlackLivesMatter’s success is because of organizing. This was created after Trayvon Martin, and there has been sustained organizing and conversations about police violence since then,” said Ms. Frederique.

“Its explosion into the mainstream recently is because it connects all the dots at a time when everyone was lost for words. ‘Black Lives Matter’ is liberating, unapologetic and leaves no room for confusion.”

It should be noted that The Gamaliel Foundation, which is described as a “net-work of grassroots and interracial organizations,” is not only funded by George Soros, it was the Foundation where President Barack Obama began his career as a “community organizer” in Chicago. Obama’s former pastor, Rev. Jeremiah Wright who drew Conservative ire for a fiery sermon condemning America’s actions (his famous “Goddamn America speech), is a trustee of the Soros-funded Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, an organization that sent representatives to Ferguson early on.

In Ferguson, the use of clergy and ministers became a major part of the social movement as funded by Soros as well. Riddell reveals as much when she writes,

Representatives of Sojourners, a national evangelical Christian organization committed “to faith in action for social justice,” attended the weekend [Gamaliel’s weekend protest event in Ferguson]. The group received $150,000 from Mr. Soros in 2011.

Clergy representatives from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright serves as a trustee, also showed up. Mr. Wright was Mr. Obama’s pastor in Chicago before some of his racially charged sermons, including the phrase “God damn America,” forced Mr. Obama to distance himself. SDPC received $250,000 from Mr. Soros in 2011.

During Gamaliel’s weekend protest event, Sunday was deemed “Hands Up Sabbath,” where clergy were asked to speak out about racial issues, using packets and talking points prepared for them by another religion-based community organizing group, PICO.

PICO is also supported by the Open Society Foundations, according to its website.

The Washington Times article also serves to shed light on a number of other more profile “national” organizations funded by Soros that descended upon Ferguson, now explaining some of the reasons that the protest movement on the ground in MO became such a disgraceful failure. Riddell further demonstrates this by writing,

Representatives of Sojourners, a national evangelical Christian organization committed “to faith in action for social justice,” attended the weekend [Gamaliel’s weekend protest event in Ferguson]. The group received $150,000 from Mr. Soros in 2011.

Clergy representatives from the Samuel Dewitt Proctor Conference, where the Rev. Jeremiah Wright serves as a trustee, also showed up. Mr. Wright was Mr. Obama’s pastor in Chicago before some of his racially charged sermons, including the phrase “God damn America,” forced Mr. Obama to distance himself. SDPC received $250,000 from Mr. Soros in 2011.

During Gamaliel’s weekend protest event, Sunday was deemed “Hands Up Sabbath,” where clergy were asked to speak out about racial issues, using packets and talking points prepared for them by another religion-based community organizing group, PICO.

PICO is also supported by the Open Society Foundations, according to its website.

The Washington Times article also serves to shed light on a number of other more profile “national” organizations funded by Soros that descended upon Ferguson, now explaining some of the reasons that the protest movement on the ground in MO became such a disgraceful failure. Riddell further demonstrates this by writing,

Larry Fellows III, 29, a Missouri native, did find his voice in the chaos of Ferguson with the help of outside assistance backed by Mr. Soros.

Mr. Fellows is co-founder of the Millennial Activists United, a key source of video and stories developed in Ferguson by youth activists used to inspire other groups nationally.

Mr. Fellows explained how he started his organization in an interview with the American Civil Liberties Union (another Soros-backed entity that sent national representatives to Missouri) in November.

“Initially, it would just be that we would show up for protests, and the next day we’d clean up the streets. A lot of the same people were out at the protests and going out to lunch and talking about what was happening. That became a cycle until a lot of us figured out we needed to have a strategy,” Mr. Fellows explained to the ACLU, which posted the interview in its blog.

“Then a lot of organizers from across the country started to come in to help us do the planning and do the strategizing. That helped us start doing it on our own and planning out actions and what our narratives were going to be,” he said.

Soros/NED/CIA internal “color” revolution in China failed

MAU has listed on its website that it has partnered with Gamaliel network churches. They’ve also received training on civil disobedience from the Advancement Project — which was given a $500,000 grant from Mr. Soros in 2013 “to build a fair and just, multi-racial democracy in America through litigation, community organizing support, public policy reform, and strategic communications,” according to the Foundation’s website.

The Advancement Project, based in Washington, also arranged the meeting between community organizers in Ferguson and Mr. Obama last month to brief him on the situation in Ferguson and to set up a task force that examines trust between police and minority communities.

In addition, the Advancement Project has also dedicated some of its staff to lead organizations in Ferguson, like the Don’t Shoot Coalition, another grass-roots group that preaches the same message, links to the same Facebook posts and “likes” the same articles as DPA, ACLU, Hands Up Coalition, OBS, MORE and others.

It should also be noted that the Open Society Institute, one of Soros’ main NGOs, has worked closely with Mayor Rawlings-Blake and Google in making Baltimore one of their “test cities” for smart technology and new fiber cables. Rawlings-Blake has had pleasant things to say about Soros in the past.

While the above information addresses the involvement of #blacklivesmatter groups and similar organizations active on the ground inside Ferguson as a matter of historical precedent, these organizations and similar operations such as the Black Youth Project (funded by Soros) and the Open Society Institute and its subsidiaries have had a sizable presence inside Baltimore in the time leading up to the Freddie Gray protests and continue to do so as we speak.

For instance, Baltimore United Viewfinders has received a sizeable grant from the OSI for the purpose of working with a coalition of community partners and the Maryland Institute College of Art to use digital media to engage East Baltimore youth in peer-to-peer arts and social justice programming. Other organizations and individuals have received grants from the OSI to promote “social justice” and “democracy” through theatre and the arts while others operate on a more charitable basis, providing guidance in healthcare matters and community organizing skills. As one will see from the discussion of the methodology of colour revolutions below as well as the discussion of the preparation that goes into these social phenomena, the structure of “community organizations” and “community influence” is important to the color revolution apparatus. The ability to take advantage of unemployed, under-educated, lonely, and hopeless youth is one of the greatest opportunities that the Soros colour revolution organizations understand and firmly grasp.

The relevance of the Soros connection may seem confusing to many. Certainly, however, no one in their right mind will suggest that a man that has made his fortune bankrupting nations and impoverishing their peoples lies awake at night wringing his hands over concerns for black people in America.

Soros is most well-known for playing a major role in the funding and facilitating of the “Bulldozer Revolution” in Serbia that overthrew Slobodan Milosevic in 2000, Georgia’s “Rose Revolution” of 2003, the 2006 push to move Turkey toward a more Islamist governing structure, and even the Occupy movement in the United States among a great many others – none of which brought anything other than greater misery, impoverishment, and police state mechanisms to bear on the general public. The Occupy movement, being the only exception, still brought nothing to its participants except the opportunity to burn off excess anger and energy along with a few cracked protester skulls. It was otherwise an incredible waste of time.

Regardless, the methods being used by the Soros machine in terms of the #blacklivesmatter and other related campaigns across the country are much the same as those used in Europe to usher in greater austerity, police states, and fascism through government-coup and social protest – i.e. a coordinated media campaign to provide the general public with a false perception of events as well as a false narrative, the use of social media and slogans, and the deployment of “swarming adolescents” in the streets.

When media campaigns alone are not enough, there are other methods that are able to be implemented if need be. For instance, a Mother Jones report revealed the fact that in some areas where rioting began, there appears to have been a concerted effort on the part of the authorities to create an environment in which riots would be inevitable. For example, in an instance where it was reported that teens in Baltimore attacked police by throwing rocks, it was never mentioned that police had corralled these teens – who should have been on their way home – off the bus and into an area in between the mall and the high school. According to onlookers, it appeared that both the teens and the police were surprised at the situation – the police surprised at the lack of violence and the teens surprised that they were kept from going home. Eventually, rocks and bottles were reportedly thrown at police and the situation deteriorated from there. Of course, the entire story was never fully reported in the mainstream press. Still, while the rocks and bottles may have started from those in the crowd, others may justifiably wonder if there were not provocateurs already placed simply waiting to cause violence as soon as the tension had reached a boiling point. As it is, it is very likely that protesters and police alike were dupes in a devious game.

Consider also the fact that the Baltimore authorities, despite implementing heavy-handed tactics against high schoolers on their way home, allowed criminals, thieves, and violent thugs to prey upon innocent people, private property, and communities for quite some time without a serious effort to stop them. In fact, Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake even openly admitted that the looters were allowed to riot when she stated that

“We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.” The police were prevented from actually stopping the riots and were kept largely unequipped as well. In other words, the riots were both allowed and encouraged until they had reached a boiling point and the National Guard was called in.

Of course, the colour revolution and destabilization is not merely some communiqué presented to a small group of people that organically takes on a life of its own. There is an entire science behind the application of a movement of destabilization both when it takes place overseas as well as when it takes place domestically. As Pottenger and Frieson of Color Revolutions and Geopolitics write,

Many are the professions that utilize this type of understanding, including (but not limited to) marketing, advertising, public relations, politics and law-making, radio, television, journalism and news, film, music, general business and salesmanship; each of them selling, branding, promoting, entertaining, sloganeering, framing, explaining, creating friends and enemies, arguing likes and dislikes, setting the boundaries of good and evil: in many cases using their talents to circumvent their audiences’ intellect, the real target being emotional, oftentimes even subconscious.

Looking beneath the facade of the colour revolutionary movement we also find a desire-based behavioural structure, in particular one that has been built upon historical lessons offered by social movements and periods of political upheaval.

It then makes sense that the personnel of such operations include perception managers, PR firms, pollsters and opinion-makers in the social media. Through the operational infrastructure, these entities work in close coordination with intelligence agents, local and foreign activists, strategists and tacticians, tax-exempt foundations, governmental agencies, and a host of non- governmental organizations.

Collectively, their job is to make a palace coup (of their sponsorship) seem like a social revolution; to help fill the streets with fearless demonstrators advocating on behalf of a government of their choosing, which then legitimizes the sham governments with the authenticity of popular democracy and revolutionary fervour.

Because the operatives perform much of their craft in the open, their effectiveness is heavily predicated upon their ability to veil the influence backing them, and the long-term intentions guiding their work.

Colour revolutions in the Middle East

Their effectiveness is predicated on their ability to deceive, targeting both local populations and foreign audiences with highly-misleading interpretations of the underlying causes provoking these events.

With this explanation in mind, consider the description provided by Ian Traynor of the Guardian regarding the “revolutions” and “mass movements” which was taking place in Ukraine, Serbia, Belarus, and Georgia in 2004 and the time of the writing of his article. Indeed, Traynor’s depiction of the methodology used by the Foundations, NGOs, and government agencies stirring up dissent and popular revolt is equally illuminating. Traynor writes,

In the centre of Belgrade, there is a dingy office staffed by computer-literate youngsters who call themselves the Centre for Non-violent Resistance. If you want to know how to beat a regime that controls the mass media, the judges, the courts, the security apparatus and the voting stations, the young Belgrade activists are for hire.

They emerged from the anti-Milosevic student movement, Otpor, meaning resistance. The catchy, single-word branding is important. In Georgia last year, the parallel student movement was Khmara. In Belarus, it was Zubr. In Ukraine, it is Pora, meaning high time. Otpor also had a potent, simple slogan that appeared everywhere in Serbia in 2000 – the two words “gotov je”, meaning “he’s finished”, a reference to Milosevic. A logo of a black-and-white clenched fist completed the masterful marketing.

In Ukraine, the equivalent is a ticking clock, also signalling that the Kuchma regime’s days are numbered.

Stickers, spray paint and websites are the young activists’ weapons. Irony and street comedy mocking the regime have been hugely successful in puncturing public fear and enraging the powerful.

These slogans and symbols are the product of mass marketers employed by State Departments and intelligence agencies for the sole purpose of destabilizing and/or overthrowing a democratically elected or unfavourable (to the oligarchy)government.

As Jonathan Mowat wrote,

As in the case of the new communication technologies, the potential effectiveness of angry youth in postmodern coups has long been under study. As far back as 1967, Dr. Fred Emery, then director of the Tavistock Institute, and an expert on the “hypnotic effects” of television, specified that the then new phenomenon of “swarming adolescents” found at rock concerts could be effectively used to bring down the nation-state by the end of the 1990s. This was particularly the case, as Dr. Emery reported in “The next thirty years: concepts, methods and anticipations,” in the group’s “Human Relations,” because the phenomena was associated with “rebellious hysteria.” The British military created the Tavistock Institute as its psychological warfare arm following World War I; it has been the forerunner of such strategic planning ever since. Dr. Emery’s concept saw immediate application in NATO’s use of “swarming adolescents” in toppling French President Charles De Gaulle in 1967


In November 1989, Case Western Reserve in Cleveland, Ohio, under the aegis of that university’s “Program for Social Innovations in Global Management,” began a series of conferences to review progress towards that strategic objective, which was reported on in “Human Relations” in 1991. There, Dr. Howard Perlmutter, a professor of “Social Architecture” at the Wharton School, and a follower of Dr. Emery, stressed that “rock video in Kathmandu,” was an appropriate image of how states with traditional cultures could be destabilized, thereby creating the possibility of a “global civilization.” There are two requirements for such a transformation, he added, “building internationally committed networks of international and locally committed organizations,” and “creating global events” through “the transformation of a local event into one having virtually instantaneous international implications through mass-media.”

Soros’s “Yellow Revolution” government in Maldives was ousted in a counter-coup by the vice president and police

The American people must quickly learn the formula behind colour revolutions, destabilizations, and the agendas of the world oligarchy before it becomes too late for us all. They must learn that simply because “leaders” appear to them, attempt to speak the same language and articulate rage does not mean that these leaders are men of the people.

Protests are necessary. Directed rage may also be necessary. But the wanton destruction of communities belonging to you or your neighbours is not only counterproductive, it produces rage that will be aimed back at you, and justifiably so. The entire country is being played like a fiddle. Baltimore is not an isolated collection of dupes, it is a microcosm. It is time the American people wise up and become street smart before it is too late.


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Asian Bank Threatens the Dollar, so U.S. Threatens China*

Asian Bank Threatens the Dollar, so U.S. Threatens China*

Following a U.S. tantrum that they should be the one’s to set the global economic standard…

By Stephen Lendman

Last Friday, National Security Council senior Asian affairs director Evan Medeiros said John Kerry and Defense Secretary Ashton Carter would meet their Japanese counterparts in New York on Monday.

They’d “announce some historic changes to the way US-Japan alliance operates” ahead of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s Washington visit this week.

On Tuesday, Obama hosted him with an official state dinner. Regional security issues will be discussed during his stay.

A Monday released statement recklessly said Washington intends using nuclear and conventional weapons to defend Japan if necessary.

“Central to (its Asia policy) is the ironclad US commitment to the defense of Japan, through the full range of US military capabilities, including nuclear and conventional,” it said.

Japan has no regional enemies. At the same time, its Shino Abe-led government is its most militant since WW II – in a nation constitutionally opposed to war and militarism.

According to a joint US/Japan statement issued Monday:

Japan’s Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida and Defense Minister General Nakatani “welcomed US plans to deploy additional Aegis ships to Yokosuka Naval Base by 2017, as well as the swap-out of the aircraft carrier USS George Washington with the more advanced USS Ronald Reagan later this year.”

On April 6, the Defense Department announced it would locate 60% of America’s fleet to the Pacific/Indian Ocean region – armed with the newest/most state-of-the-art weapons systems.

Washington and Tokyo maintain disputed islands China calls Diaoyu (for Japan Senkaku) “are territories under the administration of Japan and therefore fall within the scope of the commitments under Article 5 of the US-Japan Treaty of Mutual Cooperation and Security.”

Tokyo claimed possession of the disputed islands since 1895 – Beijing since 1783. America occupied them from 1945 – 1972.

Key is what lies offshore – substantial oil and gas deposits for whichever country controls them.

Geopolitics are in play – part of  Washington’s Asia policy to marginalize, contain, isolate and weaken China.

Increasing Japanese militarism combined with America’s rage for war threatens open conflict in a part of the world hostile to foreign invaders.

Apparently Washington learned nothing from its earlier humiliating Southeast Asia defeat.

Confronting China and/or Russia militarily risk far greater potential consequences – potential humanity destroying nuclear war.

Belligerent US and Japanese foreign and defense ministers are in lockstep saying “they oppose any unilateral action that seeks to undermine Japan’s administration of (the disputed) islands” – code language for potentially provoking China belligerently.

It’s part of Washington’s so-called East Asia rebalancing – challenging China through strengthened military, economic, and political ties with Japan, South Korea, India, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore and Vietnam.

Strategy includes undermining Chinese regional influence, isolating it from neighbors, and giving Washington more dominance over territories and waters not its own.

At the same time, US-dominated NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed plans to more than double the Alliance’s Response Force from 13,000 to 30,000 – plus create a new 5,000-strong quick reaction Spearhead Force “to build more stability,” he said.

He lied claiming “a dramatically changed security environment in Europe.” NATO’s only threats are ones it invents.

Humanity’s only real threat is America’s rage for endless wars – together with rogue partners willing to serve its interests over their own – willing to forego peace and stability for permanent conflicts.


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Syria Eliminates Al-Nusra Leadership*

Syria Eliminates Al-Nusra Leadership*

By Gordon Duff

Today, two Qatari and 6 Turkish officers were killed in a commando style raid by an elite Syrian Army Special Forces unit.  These officers were commanding al Nusra units that entered Syria in the past 8 hours from Turkey.  In addition to the Qatari and Turkish officers, two dozen senior al Nusra military and political officers were killed, the core of their command structure.

Stories in the press over the past 24 hours have cited American and Israeli complicity in training and equipping this invading force.  With the intelligence collected after today’s raid, however, there is are broader issues to consider.  First of all, al Nusra is a listed terror organization, an Al Qaeda “franchise” on every prohibited list, American and European, in existence.

Any aid or affiliation by any individual, government or organization, aiding this group, inside Syria or elsewhere is, according to legal opinions and operational guidelines established by the United States and NATO, to be considered guilty of material assistance to terrorism and subject to direct military attack no matter where on earth such an entity or organization might be.

Now we have inexorable proof that the government of Turkey, a NATO power and the government of Qatar, a treaty partner of the United States, are operating inside Syria on behalf of a clearly admitted terrorist organization assumed to be a “clear and present danger” to all nations, not just Syria but the United States as well.


Over the past 24 hours, significant military forces have entered Syria from Turkey.  Here is the hard intelligence we have received from sources inside Syria:

Two columns entered Syria, one commanded by officers of the Qatar national army in uniform, the second by officers of the Turkish Army.  Columns had new vehicles with heavy weapons including:

  • American TOW wire guided missiles/latest configuration
  • Kornet missiles, part of a 2008 purchase not publicly admitted but verifiable

Last night, Syrian time, a Syrian Special Forces unit, working in concert with intelligence and reconnaissance commands with advanced sigint (signals intelligence) combined with thermal and SAR (synthetic aperture radar) imagery located the Turkish-Qatari-al Nusra combined operations center.  An attack was launched.  The following communique from the Syrian Army High Command comments on that action and the exploitation thereafter (translation):

A Great Victory

Our military has surprised the world.  The myth that our army did not even Maldih time reveals a quarter of strength and valour has been written of. The legend of our Army plays a skillful tune.

Today at nine o’clock evening for the first time since the start of the dirty on the ground war the unity of our very own very, very correctly termed Shock and Quiet Liquidation Forces (literal translation) and then exploitation and monitor intelligence professional has scored a significant success.

The implementation of a complex process led by Colonel (Rommel) Antique, who led the attack personally along with 22 men killed or captured 31 leaders of the Al-Nusra Front.

This included two Qatari officers and six Turkish officers.  Military secrecy requires that we not indicate if they were simply killed or captured.

Martyred during the attack was one officer.  The operational commander and all but two of the special unit (martyred) returned safely including Colonel “Rommel.”

May Allah grant us victory.

Recaptured from Al Nusra in the last 24 hours:

  • l shougour bridge
  • four villages in edlib

مفاجآت جيشنا التي ستذهل العالم.
للنشر يااخوتي …………..جوزيف احمد
قلنا ونقول…..
أن جيشنا الأسطورة لم يكشف حتى الساعة ربع مالديه من أوراق القوة والبأس. وأنه يلعب على حافة العالم بمهارة العظام.
اليوم وفي تمام الساعة التاسعة مساء ولأول مرة منذ بدء الحرب القذرة على أرض سوريتنا الغالية.
قامت وحدة من قواتنا الخاصة جدا جدا جدا تسمى (قوات الصدم والتصفية الهادئة) وبعد متابعة ورصد استخباراتي محترف
بتنفيذ عملية معقدة قادها العقيد (رومل)بحرفيته العتيقة مع رجاله ال 22 تم خلالها القضاء قضاء مبرما على 31 قيادي من جبهة النصرة العهرة بينهم ضابطين قطريين وستة ضباط أتراك نتحفظ عن ذكر مصيرهم لأسباب استراتيجية.
استشهد أثناء العملية ضابط فذ وقائد مشهودا له.وجرح عنصران وقد عاد رومل وكامل أبطال العملية سالمين مع شهيدهم والجريحان الأشاوس.
انتظروا مفاجآت جيشنا التي ستذهل العالم.
وماخفي أعظم.
إن ينصرنا العلي الأعلى فمن غالننا
انتهى البيان
جسر الشغور في /27/4/20

 The Video

The video above, in English, Arabic and Hebrew, provides more than ample proof of Israel’s close alliance with Saudi Arabia and other Arab states.  The initial speaker is Professor Asher Susser of Tel Aviv University who describes the context and motivations, including Israel’s need to keep Lebanon as pro-Israel Arab State.

“Israel is now a strange partner with the Sunni Arabs against the Shiites and Iran…”


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NWO Ambassador: Angela Jolie on Syria*

NWO Ambassador: Angela Jolie on Syria*

NWO Ambassador: Angela Jolie on Syria*

When the criminal agenda is failing, and defeat is not in your vocabulary what do you do?

Angelina Jolie made an Honorary Dame by Queen Elizabeth II!

Cameron and Jolie members of the same club!?

One boy is curious about who and what this person in front of him really is

By Jonas E. Alexis

Which method would you take first when removing spider webs from your house: clean the house, or kill the spider that created the problem in the first place?

Any person with an ounce of brain cells knocking together should immediately deduce that killing the spider is indeed the first step. If you clean the house first, you can be sure that the same spider is going to mess things up again, which means you are going back to square one. Put simply, you would have to clean the house for the rest of your natural life if you do not catch that spider and step on it.

Now let us apply this same scenario in the political realm. “Actress Angelina Jolie pleaded with world powers Friday to help the millions of Syrian refugees, sharply criticizing the U.N. Security Council for being paralyzed by its division over Syria’s four-year conflict.”

Jolie said,

“We cannot look at Syria, and the evil that has arisen from the ashes of indecision, and think this is not the lowest point in the world’s inability to protect and defend the innocent.”

“It is sickening to see thousands of refugees drowning on the doorstep of the world’s wealthiest continent,” she said. “No one risks the lives of their children in this way except out of utter desperation.”

The Associated Press reported,

“Jolie, who said she has made 11 visits to Syrian refugees in the region since the crisis began in 2011, called strongly for the political will to act. She said the council’s powers lie unused because its members cannot agree on how to address the conflict.”

So far, so good. Children indeed are precious and we all should be concerned about their well-being. How can a person look at those children and still think that they do not deserve a second chance? What did they do wrong to deserve the brutalization in the region? Obviously Jolie got our attention.

But did Jolie tell us how those children end up being stranded in this useless war? Did she tell us who the instigators are? Did he mention the ideological forces that are pushing the buttons?

The answer is no. She cannot mention those deep issues because that means she would have to quit prostrating before the Dreadful Few in Hollywood. Jolie must know that the key players behind this movement are the Israeli regime and Jewish Neocons in the United States. To cite Jewish Neocon Daniel Pipes once again:

“The West should prevent either side [both Assad and the Syrian rebels/terrorists/jihadists] in the civil war from emerging victorious by helping whichever side is losing, so as to prolong their conflict.’

“This policy recommendation of ‘helping whichever side is losing’ sounds odd, I admit, but it is strategic”

Did you catch that? If Assad is winning, then the U.S. should support the Syrian terrorists; if the terrorists are winning, then the U.S. should support Assad—and this should go on until both entities slaughter each other! If that is not diabolical, what is?

Jolie, of course, does not have the courage to tell us what Pipes means. Even at the time of this writing, the LA Times itself has reported that “Israeli warplanes struck military targets in Syria early Saturday… Meanwhile, the Syrian rebels/terrorists “seized a strategic town Saturday in northwestern Syria, sending government troops fleeing after intense clashes that have seen the opposition take nearly all of a crucial province.”

Will Jolie join us in denouncing people like Pipes and saying that they are marshaling a really wicked plan? If Jolie wants to fight the real spider that is causing the problem, does she mean to tell us that she has never heard of the Neoconservative movement? If she has, why hasn’t she said a word about this?

Are we to believe that Jolie did not know that both the U.S. government and the Israeli regime have supported the Syrian terrorists? Doesn’t she know that the Neoconservatives have also been on the front line saying that we ought to take Assad out of the Zionist game?

Isn’t Jolie well aware that the Neoconservatives and their puppets such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham were and are still coming out of the woodwork and are asking for Assad’s head on a silver platter?

Doesn’t Jolie know that the Neoconservatives/Neo-Bolsheviks want to create a disaster in Iran as well? Does she mean to tell us that she has never seen John’s Bolton’s article in the New York Times, in which he desperately argues that the U.S. needs to bomb Iran? Has she never heard of a group named AIPAC, which is actually a Jewish fifth column in the United States?

If the answer to those questions is no, then Jolie needs to take a sabbatical from Hollywood and at least visit her local library. Even if she wants to be lazy, a quick google search will help as well.

It would be my honour to personally send Jolie Francis Fukuyama’s chilling essay entitled “After Neoconservatism,” in which the flaming Neocon of Stanford (formerly of Johns Hopkins) admits that the Neoconservative movement and Stalinism/Leninism are basically two sides of the same coin. So, if Stalin and Lenin’s mass killing gives Jolie nightmare, then she needs to join us in fighting the Neoconservative movement, which is really Neo-Bolshevism.

In addition, Jolie may have to start reading John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt’s The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, Paul R. Pillars’ Intelligence and U.S. Foreign Policy, and Murray Friedman’s The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and Public Policy. She will quickly discover that, among other things, the war in Iraq was spearheaded by almost exclusively Jewish intellectuals.

Lest we be accused of anti-Semitism or something equally weird, let us bring in again Thomas Friedman of the New York Times, a flaming Jewish Zionist. Friedman bragged that the war in Iraq

was disseminated by a small group of 25 or 30 neoconservatives, almost all of them Jewish, almost all of them intellectuals (a partial list: Richard Perle, Paul Wolfowitz, Douglas Feith, William Kristol, Eliot Abrams, Charles Krauthammer), people who are mutual friends and cultivate one another and are convinced that political ideas are a major driving force of history.”

Perle also bragged that George W. Bush “did not make decisions, in part because the machinery of government that he nominally ran was actually running him.” What Perle fails to mention is that it was Neo-Bolsheviks (of Jewish extraction)—people like himself—who were conning the president into declaring war.

In fact, it was Perle who told the American people that the United States needed to act on its Iraq policy (which was really neoconservative policy) quickly, otherwise “it will open the floodgates to terror against us.”

William Kristol “is believed to exercise considerable influence on the president, Vice President Richard Cheney and Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld; he is also perceived as having been instrumental in getting Washington to launch this all-out campaign against Baghdad…”

Those Neocons, says defense analyst Michael Lofgren, are “kind of like the terminator” and “they just don’t die. You would think they would be so discredited they would be shamed, but they have no shame”

If Jolie does not have the courage to address the real disease but wants to toe-dance around the symptom, then there is no way we can take her seriously at all. Her enterprise is just publicity stunt and show business. In fact, Jolie’s father is none other than actor Jon Voight, a staunch defender of Israel.

You remember what happened last year? When actress Penelope Cruz could no longer stomach Israel’s crimes against the Palestinians and voiced her opinions, Voight was on the front line saying that Cruz was “inciting anti-Semitism.” In 2011, Voight even encouraged Jolie to go to Israel. Jolie’s biographer Andrew Morton writes that with the encouragement of Jewish friends, Voight

“began to explore Judaism more closely, contributing to Jewish charities like Chabad and in time, according to his friend John Boorman, even considering converting to Judaism.”

Voight even told a Jewish script-writer by the name of Stuart Paul that they both have “‘a spiritual contract’ to ‘love, respect, and protect each other’s psyches.’” Morton writes that “The Pauls are a pious, close-knit Jewish family, and Jon found that very appealing.”

Another issue that Jolie would have to explain is that if she really cares about children in Syria and their well-being, why doesn’t she show the same level of concerns in her professional life? What kind of message is Jolie sending those young and precious Syrian children in movies such as Wanted?

The movie Hell’s Kitchen, according to biographer Andrew Morton, is about “dirty story of revenge, drugs, and sleazy sex…”

Another biographer writes,

“After viewing the steamy sex scenes between Jolie and Banderas [in Original Sin], producers decided to cut ten minutes’ worth for fear of their explicit nature putting off potential film-goers.”

Does Jolie really think that she can build with her right hand while her left hand seeks to destroy?

Moreover, Jolie has directed movies such as In the Land of Blood and Honey, which is similar “to the Jewish story,” meaning the “Holocaust.”

In order to promote the movie, both Jolie and her husband Brad Pitt went to the Holocaust Museum in Washington. During their visit, one interviewer asked her a question about the Israel/Palestine conflict which I thought was quite stunning:

“Do you have any idea about the current situation and maybe some ideas how to solve the conflict?”

Jolie responded,

“Do I? Oh my… (she laughs, nervously) I wish I had the perfect answer for you. I wish I knew how to solve it. If I feel that I could help in any way, if I felt like I could be a part of the solution I’d like to help be a part of the solution, not just visit…”

Jolie was certainly in denial. Israel’s massacre in Gaza last year could be viewed as the definition of tikkum olam, which is another way of saying that the Israeli regime is going to repair the Middle East by wiping out the Palestinians.

The massacre was so brutal that John Kerry had to say that “It’s a hell of a pinpoint operation, a hell of a pinpoint operation.” By just saying that, Daniel Halper of the Weekly Standard wrote that Kerry mocked Israel!

Yet many Jews who suffered during World War II also condemned Israel’s horrible actions in Gaza. Norman Finkelstein has recently written about the massacre in Method and Madness.

When the dust was finally settled, about 2,200 Palestinians lost their lives and 18,000 homes were completely destroyed “or badly damaged.”

“More than 370,000 children have been left shell-shocked by last year’s Israeli attack on Gaza.”

What is equally worse is that 70% of those who happened to be victims “did not take part in the hostilities” in the first place.

The million-dollar question is this: Why didn’t Jolie join those Jewish in condemning Israel? Why is she coming out of the woodwork now and pretending to defend Syrian children? What about the children in Gaza? What about the concentration camps there? Are those children worth at all? Why hasn’t she said a thing about Israel at all?

There are indeed too many blind spots in Jolie’s enterprise. Her movie Unbroken is also about World War II. The final question is this: Will she ask the Dreadful Few in Hollywood to produce a movie about Stalin’s war of extermination? Let us take the Zionist narrative for just a moment. We are told that Hitler slaughtered at least 6 million Jews. But no serious scholar would want to lose his credibility by saying that Hitler was worse than Stalin.

Again, I would like to see a movie about Stalin’s war of extermination. Jolie has to explain to us why we have to have at least one Holocaust movie year single year. If she cannot do that, then all we can say is that her presence at the United Nations only advances her career and compliments the work that she has been doing for the Dreadful Few in Hollywood.

In fact, she had to prostrate before the powers that be when she “found herself having sex on camera…” Even after she began to reach her celebrity status,

“Life was undecidedly unfunny for Angie…After the shoot she experience the typical depression associated with the ending of collegial venture such as making a movie. In Angie’s case, though, it was compounded by her feelings of worthlessness and alienation…contemplating taking her life.

“‘I didn’t want to know if I wanted to live because I just didn’t know what I was living for,’ she later told Rolling Stone. She decided to take sleeping tablets and cut her wrists with one of her knives.

“He didn’t have enough pills, however, and she asked her mother…to mail her more. Then she wrote a note for the hotel’s housekeeping staff asking them to call the police so that no one would have the distress of finding her body…

“At some point, lying on the bed, she came to a conclusion of sorts:

‘You might as well live a lot, really hard, and not give a shit, because you can always walk through that door. So I started to live as if I could die any day.’”

After she was established in Hollywood and bought her own apartment at the age of nineteen, Jolie still

“felt a profound depression afterward, spiralling into a mood of anger, sadness, and hopelessness. As much as she embraced life, burning faster and running harder than her contemporaries, so did she reject life, as she rejected herself. It was almost as if she didn’t really deserve a home of her own.

“Once she got the keys to the apartment, she found herself sitting on the floor sobbing because she had to pick out a carpet colour and didn’t think she would live long enough to see the carpet installed.

“Having a nice home of her own, it turned out, didn’t resolve her inner torment. And now she was truly lost: If a home didn’t provide the feeling of being finally ‘home,’ what would?”

How did she deal with all that depression and worthlessness? She said:

“Some people go shopping. I cut myself. I started having sex and sex didn’t feel like enough and my emotions didn’t feel like enough. My emotions kept wanting to break out.

“I grabbed a knife and cut my boyfriend—and he cut me…We had this exchange of something and we were covered in blood and my heart was racing and it was something dangerous. Life suddenly felt more honest than whatever this ‘sex’ was supposed to be. It felt so primitive and it felt so honest…”

Jolie admitted that she got involved in sadomasochism, which she said was “good for my image.”

What image? Could this also mean Jolie had to get involved in sadomasochism in order to make it in Hollywood? Did she have to sell herself like a whore? We know that Hollywood has a paedophilia problem, but Jolie was volunteering for sadomasochism? If that is the case, then this woman needs to stay away from the Syrian children.

In any event, if Jolie wants her life to have serious meaning and ultimate purpose, perhaps she needs to follow the moral order all the way through. The moral order—which inevitably leads to logic, reason, harmony, and which to us reached its culmination in the life of Christ—is a path that decent people should take. People may not want to reach ultimate Logos, but the moral order is our weapon against unreasonable people.

Another extremely important here is that Jolie needs to remember that the Dreadful Few simply do not care about her. They only care when Jolie is able to bring them huge amount of money at the box office. Movies such as Mr. and Mrs. Smith brought huge cash, so Jolie was revered:

But Jolie has recently been called a “minimally talented spoiled brat” with a “rampaging spoiled ego” from “Crazyland” by Jewish producer Scott Rudin (the same guy who produced Team America). Rudin has more nasty things to say about Jolie:

“She’s a camp event and a celebrity and that’s all, and the last thing anybody needs is to make a giant bomb with her that any fool could see coming.”

Rudin certainly think that he owns Goyim like Jolie:

“Rudin forced an employee to tape the definition of ‘anticipate’ above his desk. Another had to make 300 calls in a row, in one day. Rudin once pitched a fit when brought the wrong sushi. He is known for issuing the following declarations:

“‘Don’t ever f–king think — I hired you from the neck down.’ ‘This is a new level of stupid.’ ‘Why doesn’t everyone just do what I say?’ ‘My silence is high praise.’ ‘Do you think you’ll even vaguely perform your duties as my ­employee?’ ‘You have three things to do: answer the phone, listen to me and die.’”

 If Jolie has a hard time figuring out how the industry works, perhaps she needs to ask rapper DMX. Long before Rudin started humiliating the Goyim, DMX said:

“The industry doesn’t have to do with talent; it’s about playing the game…The industry—money, bitches, hate…The industry is like ‘Wait’! But in the street we’re like, ‘Get them’!

“The industry—if you ain’t got a strong mind—will break you down, [and] it’s a matter of time. The industry vultures with nothing to feast on…The industry plays in the dirt, stays in the dirt—test the wrong one in the industry and you will get hurt.

“The industry wanted, dead or alive, new artists to sell their souls…to survive. The industry don’t give a fuck about you! But the industry couldn’t make a dime without you!”

Perhaps it is time for Jolie to tell “The Industry” good bye. Perhaps it is time for her to become the woman for which she was created. Perhaps it is time for her to take life seriously and stop playing games with the “traditional enemy of the truth.”

But if she wants to stay in “The Industry,” sells her body for money and power, and then tries to make a moral point, then you can be sure that she is deconstructing her own moral point. As E. Michael Jones rightly points out,

“Those who set out to debunk the moral and spiritual order were in the end debunked by their own lives. Since they choose desire over truth, the explication of their desires debunked their entire intellectual system.”


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