Venezuelan President Calls for Workers to Take on Economic Policy*

Venezuelan President Calls for Workers to Take on Economic Policy*

We know who will not like this one iota… it sets a bad example

The president called on Venezuelan workers to participate in shaping economic policies now that they enjoyed new institutions that represent them. 

During a speech concluding  International Workers’ Day celebrations in Caracas on Friday, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro stated that “now was time for workers to lead the economic policy of the country.”

Before the crowd of workers that had marched in the capital to celebrate the day, Maduro affirmed that the Bolivarian Revolution had increased the number of workers unions, councils of workers and federations.

I believe this is a great achievement of the Revolution, to have reinforced the union-channeled demands of the working class,” he said.

May Day Labour march in Venezuela

May Day Labour march in Venezuela

The Venezuelan president will meet with the Presidential Council of the Working Class in one week in order to define the policies that will ensure a victory in the economic war launched by the United States and Venezuela’s right-wing opposition in a bid to destabilize the country’s democratically elected socialist government.

Maduro also announced a 30 percent of payrise of the minimum wage. In Venezuela, during the 16 years of the Bolivarian Revolution, workers’ salaries have been raised 29 times when  including the one announced Friday, compared with nine times during the neoliberal governments of the Fourth Republic which ruled between 1974-1998.


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