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African Jews Flood the Streets of Israel Demanding End to Police Brutality*

African Jews Flood the Streets of Israel Demanding End to Police Brutality*

When Netanyahu put into motion the ‘Charlie Hebdo’ false flags from Europe to Latin America then invited Jews from these regions to come ‘home’, this was a replay of How Fear was Instilled to Make Jews Leave for Israel in 1947 towards the establishment and populating of the land they now refer to as Israel. One can be sure that, that call did not include Africans whose Jewish ancestry has been removed from the media picture without even asking the question what makes refugees behave as if they have a right to protest in a country that is quite clearly xenophobic from a people who are under the delusion that they are superior to everyone else…

By M. David

From Oakland to Ferguson, to Beavercreek, to Baltimore and now to Jerusalem, the people are rising up against police brutality and murder. African-Israelis of Ethiopian Jewish descent have taken to the streets after a video of an Israeli police officer beating an Ethiopian Israeli, was leaked on social media.

Literally thousands of protesters, mostly members of Israel’s Ethiopian Jewish community, rallied in the streets of Jerusalem last Thursday, demanding an end to racism and racist, brutal and unchecked police actions in Israel.

While the incident recorded in the video took place last Sunday in the Tel Aviv suburb of Holon, the protests were centered around the entrance to the national Israel Police headquarters in Jerusalem.

The protest began with only a few hundred protesters but it quickly grew into the thousands by the time night hit.

The crowd then marched on the police headquarters, only a short distance from the Prime Minister’s Residence.

The video clearly shows an Israeli cop pushing an Israeli soldier of Ethiopian descent (Israel has mandatory military service). The man being pushed, Demas Fekadeh, hits the ground only seconds before a second officer enters the scene, beating Fekadeh.

See for yourself…

As the evening continued, protesters blocked the intersection between King George St. and Jaffa St.

If the Israel Police are to be believed, the protesters threw stones, bottles and even “fire bombs.” We saw no evidence of that, if anyone has photographs of this, please submit them to

Perhaps this was the police excuse for attacking 10 protesters seven of which needed to be rushed to hospitals for further treatment?

Images by Lior Mizrahi, and Ha’aretz

Ha’Aretz reports that the “Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat arrived at the scene and spoke to the protesters trying to lower the flames.”

He asked: “Do you doubt that the prime minister, ministers, and 120 Knesset members want to embrace the Ethiopian community?”

No one was feeling it. One protester shouted back: “I don’t want a hug. Look at me as you would look at a white person. I don’t need a hugs. That is a patronizing attitude that says that I’m incapable, so let’s give him a hug.”


In Operation Solomon, the Israeli intent behind airlifting the Ethiopian Jews (Falasha) out of Ethiopia was and has been eugenics…

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Israel Fuelling Syrian Crisis with Aid to Al-Qaida Rebels*

Israel Fuelling Syrian Crisis with Aid to Al-Qaida Rebels*

Historically, Israel has denied most claims of direct involvement in the conflict, but army forces admitted to carrying out an attack last weekend on what they describe as a terrorist group approaching the Golan Heights.

Ruth Eglash, a Jerusalem-based reporter for The Washington Post, elaborated on the April 26 airstrikes based on the sparse details available from official sources:

“Arab news media have run stories on airstrikes allegedly carried out by Israel in the past few days against the Hezbollah militia, an Iran proxy, and Syrian army targets.

A statement from the Israeli army on Sunday said its forces had come across ‘a group of armed terrorists who had approached the border with an explosive device intended to be detonated against [Israeli] soldiers.’

Israel said its aircraft responded with strikes, but it did not confirm casualties or identify the group that allegedly attempted the border attack. Israeli media said four men were killed.

Writing for the Jewish Chronicle on Thursday, Anshel Pfeffer claims Israel is exerting extreme and “nuanced” control over media reports of its involvement in the Syrian conflict by denying involvement in most airstrikes while blaming Iran and Hezbollah for continued unrest.

“Without trying to work out the credibility of the various statements, what is clear is that Israel is trying to fine-tune its level of influence in Syria, keeping it somewhere between discreet (sic) deterrence and selective non-involvement,” writes Pfeffer.

According to Pfeffer, Israel seeks to keep Syrian chemical weapons out of Hezbollah’s hands, despite the fact that “even if Hezbollah obtained these capabilities, it is unlikely that they would use them any time soon … It is anxious to avoid another devastating blow against Lebanon.”

Instead of taking credit for airstrikes or ground attacks, Israel blames them on Jabhat al-Nusra (the Nusra Front), an al-Qaida-aligned group fighting in Syria. However, claims of “selective non-involvement” ring false in the face of multiple reports of Israel’s direct support of al-Nusra.

Arab news sources reported in December that Syrian rebels from the group were being treated in Israeli hospitals, and widely circulated video footage shows Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu visiting Syrian militants in the hospital.

The practice of treating wounded Syrian rebels has continued into this year, according to investigative journalist Asa Winstanley.

Winstanley highlights a little noticed Wall Street Journal report:

“We don’t ask who they are, we don’t do any screening,’ the unnamed Israeli military official told the paper of the hospital treatment of al-Qaeda fighters.

‘Once the treatment is done, we take them back to the border [sic – ceasefire line] and they go on their way [in Syria],’ he said.

An unnamed military official also said there is an ‘understanding’ between Israeli forces and al-Qaeda fighters there and that ‘there is a familiarity of the [al-Qaeda] forces on the ground.”

Winstanley estimates that Israel’s direct aid began two years ago, and goes beyond just medical care to supplying actual weapons. In December, the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force accused Israel of direct collaboration with al-Nusra:

UNDOF observed Israeli contact with armed rebels on the Syrian-controlled side of the ceasefire line on 59 occasions ‘particularly during periods of heavy engagement between the Syrian armed forces and members of the armed opposition’ between March and May.”

Further, the United Nations observers saw “Israeli soldiers ‘handing over two boxes to armed members of the opposition’ from the Israeli-occupied side to the Syrian-controlled side” on one occasion.

And Pfeffer admits that “the remnants of bombs with labels in Hebrew were found on the scene” of rebel-involved conflicts in Syria.

In January, the Telegraph reported that, according to Syria’s President Bashar Assad, the topic has even become a joke in his country.

“’How can you say that al-Qaeda doesn’t have an air force? They have the Israeli air force.’” he said.

WOW WTF Netanyahu Israeli PM visits Hospital treating Al-Qaeda/Syrian rebels in occupied Golan


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Baltimore Charged with Hope, as 6 Killer Cops are Charged with Murder*

Baltimore Charged with Hope, as 6 Killer Cops are Charged with Murder*

After State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that charges were brought against the six police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray, people celebrated in the streets. “It’s not ‘game over,’ it’s ‘game on.’ Now, we can actually start to see things happening.”

By Mary Hansen and Araz Hachadourian

Cheers erupted on the steps of the War Memorial building in Baltimore when State Attorney Marilyn Mosby announced that the six police officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray will have charges brought against them.

Mosby announced the charges after the medical examiner declared Gray’s death a homicide, caused by a spinal cord injury sustained while being transported in a police van without a seat belt. The charges range from second-degree “depraved heart” murder to misconduct in office.

Residents, students, and others from across the country gathered to celebrate on May 1. They cheered as passing cars honked their horns outside of Penn North metro station, blocks from where Gray had lived. Groups of protesters marched to City Hall and rallied there throughout the afternoon and into the evening.

Yet the situation on the streets remained tense on Friday night. Hundreds of police, some called in from other states, as well as members of the National Guard, lined the streets where people gathered. A line of armoured vehicles and police cars blocked the street in front City Hall. When curfew passed at 10:00 p.m., police began arresting protesters who refused to disperse and asked journalists to remain in a roped-off area. According to CBS Baltimore, police arrested 30 people for protest-related incidents and another 15 for violating curfew throughout the city.

That the six police officers will be arrested and charged in connection with Gray’s murder is seen as a victory for protesters. But many in Baltimore are calling for greater systemic changes, particularly on the issue of police accountability.

We spoke with those celebrating in Baltimore. Here is some of what they said.

Lydia Mesekale: “The issue is police accountability and our deaths mattering to people enough that someone will get in trouble for it. It’s not ‘game over,’ it’s ‘game on.’ Now, we can actually start to see things happening.”

Mark Daniels: “I think that the officers being indicted is a fabulous thing, and something long overdue in regards to other cases that we’ve seen nationally.”

Mia Henson: “With a situation like this, where we did get national attention, this should be the start of other things coming into place. Because once everything is done and over with, there’s still going to be drug activity. It’s still going to be black-on-black crime. It’s still going to be law enforcement versus the low-income people.”

Todd Burns: “We’re going to get justice. This is one big celebration.”

Diane Connelly-Duggan (center): “It’s a possibility for everyone. It’s like a Rosa Parks moment. That began a whole possibility forward from here, and that’s what this moment is.”

Frances Graham: “I’m out here for my son, my daughter, my nieces and nephews. I’m out here for the family of Freddie Gray and for all those who have died at the hands of law enforcement.”

Danny Marrow: “I think that the state’s attorney did their job. [But] things will change only if the police get with the community and explain to them things like probable cause and showing ID.”

Ebony Evans: “It will be known that we will not continue to tolerate police brutality. There are not many [officers] who have ever been charged and sentenced. So, this is just the first step.”

Mary Marston (left): “In an ideal world Freddie Gray would be alive. But at least in this case cops have been held accountable, which we haven’t seen. I think that’s a step in the right direction in accountability for cops to actually protect who they’re sworn to protect.”

Jordan Britton (left): “I felt like we’re moving in the right direction, particularly in Baltimore, with our justice system. I hope there’s actually a conviction.”

Brandy Youngson (right): “It’s a great first step. We need to make sure we get justice in this case.”

Tamika Torrence (mother of the girls pictured above): “It’s awesome that they charged them. It’s justice. Not just for Freddie Gray, but for all [killed by police]. It’s finally something that needed to be done.”

“I asked my daughter what she thought we were down here for, and she said to blow up cars. And I said not today. We want to see the good of everybody coming together. It’s just coming out good; we haven’t seen this in a long time. It makes me want to cry. We can come together as a community. It’s a peaceful day.”


…and as with Ferguson, the system will fight back…so when they say the fight is on whether the cops are found guilty or not, only America as a whole can rise to a better day by facing its many daemons.

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