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Former Supreme Commander of NATO said Daesh/ISIS is an Israeli Project*

Former Supreme Commander of NATO said Daesh aka ISIS is an Israeli Project*

General Wesley Clark, former Supreme Commander of NATO, told CNN that the Islamic Emirate (“Daesh”) had been “created by our friends and allies to defeat Hezbollah.”

General Clark thus clearly put into question the responsibility of Israel.

Since 2001, General Clark has been the spokesman for a group of senior officers opposed to Israeli influence on the foreign policy of the United States, its aggressive imperialist developments and the remodeling of the “Greater Middle East”. He had opposed the deployment of troops in Iraq, and wars against Libya and against Syria.


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Former Egyptian President Mubarak Sentenced to 3 Years Jail Time*

Former Egyptian President Mubarak Sentenced to 3 Years Jail Time*

By Yasmin Kaye


Hosni Mubarak waves to his supporters outside the area where he is hospitalized during his birthday at Maadi military hospital on the outskirts of Cairo May 4, 2015

An Egyptian court sentenced former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak and his two sons to three years in prison and a fine in a retrial of a corruption case on Saturday (9 May).

Mubarak, 87, was sentenced last year after diverting public funds and using the money to upgrade family properties.

His sons, Gamal and Alaa, were given four-year jail terms in the same case, dubbed the “presidential palaces” affair by Egyptian media.

Mubarak appealed the sentence, leading to the retrial.

The former leader and his sons appeared in the caged dock in Cairo on Saturday, wearing suits and sunglasses…

The three family members were charged with embezzling $14m (£9.3m) worth of state funds over the course of a decade. The funds were earmarked for the renovation and maintenance costs of Egypt’s presidential palaces.

It is currently unclear whether the deposed leader’s sentence will include the time he’s already served since the 2011 Egyptian revolution.

A lawyer for Mubarak said the decision, by Judge Hassan Hassanin, could be appealed.

On 4 June, Egypt’s highest court will decide whether to allow an appeal against a lower court’s ruling that dropped murder charges against Mubarak.

Mubarak ruled Egypt for almost 30 years before being ousted from power when mass protests rose against his regime in February 2011 as part of the dubbed Arab Spring.


Mubarak was in jail from April 2011 to August 2013 awaiting trial in various cases, and was then transferred to Maadi military hospital where he remained under house arrest for a further while. His sons spent a longer period in Tora prison.

According to Egyptian law, pre-trial detention is counted as time served towards any possible sentence.

The court also issued the three with a fine of LE125 million and ordered them to return LE21 million to the state.

A statement by the prosecution is expected soon on the status of the three men. Both the defendants and the prosecution can appeal against the verdict.

Mubarak had initially received a three-year prison sentence in the case, and his sons four-year sentences each, but all three appealed the court ruling.

In May 2014, Mubarak, and his sons Alaa were originally convicted of embezzling LE125 million allocated for the upkeep of presidential palaces in order to develop their own private buildings.

In January, Alaa and Gamal Mubarak were released after serving the maximum period of preventative detention awaiting trials.

The two still face charges of corrupt stock exchange dealings in a separate case.

This graft trial has been the only case Mubarak, who was tried on various charges, has received a prison sentence in.

In November, a court threw out a case in which the deposed autocrat was accused of complicity in murdering protesters during the January 2011 protests that led to his downfall. Egypt’s Court of Cassation can still decide to accept or reject an appeal by the general prosecution on 4 June.

In the same month, Mubarak was also cleared in two other cases.

The 87-year-old was cleared from charges of profiteering from his position by accepting presents in the form of villas in the Red Sea resort of Sharm El-Sheikh, as the 10-year statute of limitations had expired.

Graft charges were also dropped in a case in which he was accused of exporting natural gas to Israel at below market prices.


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Two U.S. Citizens on a Peace Boat to Yemen*

2 U.S. Citizens on a Peace Boat to Yemen*

An airport official looks at the wreckage of a military transport aircraft destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes, at the Sanaa International airport, in Yemen, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. A Saudi-led coalition continues to bomb Shiite rebels also known as Houthis and allied forces across the country. The airstrikes campaign, which began on March 26, and the ground fighting have killed hundreds and displaced at least 300,000 Yemenis. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

An airport official looks at the wreckage of a military transport aircraft destroyed by Saudi-led airstrikes, at the Sanaa International airport, in Yemen, Tuesday, May 5, 2015. A Saudi-led coalition continues to bomb Shiite rebels also known as Houthis and allied forces across the country. The airstrikes campaign, which began on March 26, and the ground fighting have killed hundreds and displaced at least 300,000 Yemenis. (AP Photo/Hani Mohammed)

By Code Pink

Robert Naiman, Policy Director of Just Foreign Policy of Urbana, Illinois and art director of CODEPINK for Peace Tighe Barry of Washington, DC are in Iran to be passengers on a ship sponsored by the Iranian Red Crescent Society that will sail into the Persian Gulf to protest the attacks by Saudi Arabia on the civilian population of Yemen.

The ship will not approach Yemeni waters but stay in the Persian Gulf.

Naiman and Barry are currently in Tehran. They are both available for interview by Skype and can be reached through

Naiman and Barry were on the CODEPINK delegation to Yemen in June, 2013 to talk with families of victims of U.S. assassin drone strikes and with families of Yemenis held in Guantanamo prison who had been cleared for release by the U.S. government but who are still imprisoned.

Both were delegates on the CODEPINK trip to Pakistan in 2012 to talk with families of victims of US drone strikes in Pakistan.

Before leaving on the trip to Iran, Barry said,

“I am horrified at the brutality of the Saudi airstrikes on the civilian population of Yemen.”

Naiman commented,

“As a backer of the Saudi attacks on Yemen, the US bears direct responsibility for the Yemeni civilian deaths from Saudi bombing. More bombing isn’t going to solve Yemen’s problems. Yemen needs a ceasefire and a negotiated political solution to end the war.“

A coalition led by Saudi Arabia has bombed Yemen for six weeks. At least 646 civilians have been killed and 1,300 others injured since the coalition airstrikes began in late March, the United Nations said on May 4, adding that the violence has caused “severe destruction of civilian infrastructure.”


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Chicago to Pay Reparations to those Police Tortured Decades Ago*

Chicago to Pay Reparations to those Police Tortured Decades Ago*

Photo by M. Spencer Green/ AP

Photo by M. Spencer Green/ AP

By Arijeta Lajka

Chicago approved an unprecedented deal on Wednesday to compensate victims that were tortured while in police custody between the 1970s and 1980s under a former police commander.

Along with a formal apology, the Chicago City Council unanimously agreed to award a total of $5.5 million to living survivors with abuse claims, up to $100,000 per person. Survivors and their family members may also receive counseling and free college tuition in city schools. More than 100 people experienced torture, many were African-Americans from the poverty-stricken South Side.

Under former Chicago police commander Jon Burge’s regime, suspects in his custody experienced electric shocks, burns, and mock executions, along with other violent treatments. Mayor Rahm Emanuel said that the decision would “bring this dark chapter of Chicago’s history to a close,” highlighting that Burge’s actions are a disgrace.

“To the victims, to the families, to the entire city: This is another step, but an essential step in righting a wrong—removing a stain on the reputation of this great city,” Emanuel said.

Between 1972 and 1991, in an attempt to draw out confessions, Burge ran a group of detectives known as the “Midnight Crew,” which tortured as many as 120 African-American men. Suspects reported that one of Burge’s torture tactics involved a “black box” that was used during questioning. The box had a crank and two wires on each side, which was used to shock the suspects.

In 1982, convicted cop killer Andrew Wilson claimed he was tortured while in the custody of Burge and his officers. Wilson said that he was repeatedly beaten by several officers and that they put a plastic bag over his head. In addition he was shocked by electrical devices and burned on the radiator. According to the report, Burge took out a device and attached clamps to Wilson’s ear and cranked, which

“caused Wilson to grind his teeth, scream, and rub the clamps off,” the report states. Then Burge took out another device that resembled a curling iron. Burge rubbed the device along Wilson’s legs, and Wilson reported that the shocks from this device were stronger than the previous one. Then Burge proceeded to put a gun in Wilson’s mouth and clicked it.

Five years later, Wilson was being retried and reconvicted of the murders, and Wilson filed a civil lawsuit against Burge for torture. After a decade, Wilson received a $1.1 million settlement.

Burge was fired in 1993. The statute of limitations for Burge ran out on his alleged crimes but in 2010, Burge was convicted of perjury in civil proceedings in relation to citizen torture claims. He served four and half years in prison. Burge continues to receive a police pension.

Chicago and Cook County have already paid about $100 million in settlements and verdicts to victims that experienced violence under Burge. The reparations package is said to be the first of its kind in the US to be given to victims of racially motivated police torture. Many of the survivors are in their 60s. In addition to the survivors’ compensation, the reparations offer a sense of hope that could potentially encourage others who endured police torture.

Flint Taylor, civil rights attorney in Chicago, chased allegations of Burge’s torture for years in an attempt to obtain justice for the victims. He explained that the reparations could help address past and current incidents of police brutality.

“Hopefully it’ll be a beacon for other cities here and across the world for dealing with racist police brutality so prevalent in the past in this country and, we’re unfortunately seeing, continues to this day,” Taylor told the Guardian.

The package will also create a memorial remembering the victims, along with giving Chicago’s 8th to 10th grade students in public schools the chance to learn about Chicago’s “dark chapter.”

Steven Hawkins, Amnesty International USA’s executive director, said in a press release that the decision marks a “historic step” in addressing police-related crimes.

“Chicago has taken a historic step to show the country, and the world, that there should be no expiration date on reparations for crimes as heinous as torture,” Hawkins said.

“The United States is a country desperately in need of a more accountable police force. Passing this ordinance will not only give long-overdue reparations to survivors, it will help set a precedent of U.S. authorities taking concrete measures to hold torturers accountable.”


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Police Seize 10 Children from “Off-Grid” Homeschooling Family*

Police Seize 10 Children from “Off-Grid” Homeschooling Family*

By Paul Joseph Watson

Police seized ten children from an “off grid” homeschool family in Kentucky on Wednesday after receiving an anonymous tip about the family’s traditional lifestyle.

The nightmare story began when sheriff’s officers set up a blockade around Joe and Nicole Naugler’s rural property before entering the premises. Eight of the kids were out with their father but Nicole and two of her oldest children were at home. Nicole attempted to drive away but was subsequently stopped and arrested for resisting (attempting to prevent officers from taking her two boys away).

The sheriff then demanded Joe Naugler turn over the other eight children by 10am the next day or face felony charges, an order with which he complied.

“They are an extremely happy family,” said family friend Pace Ellsworth, who asserts that the Nauglers were targeted because of their “back to basics life” and their decision to homeschool their children.

Friends reported no concerns about how the children were being treated by the parents, who follow an educational model called “un-schooling” where the children decide their own curriculum based on the subjects that interest them and what their strengths are.

“This is the natural way to live,” said Ellsworth.

“It’s actually a growing movement. They want to have a personal education and not a factory education. They are completely open about their life. Everyone is learning by living. They are all extremely intelligent.”

The family’s Facebook page – entitled “My Blessed Little Homestead,” is a charming testament to their way of life. The Naugler children are obviously living a blissful “free range” lifestyle amongst 26 acres of land in Breckinridge County.

“They frequently post pictures and videos of their children, animals and their off-grid life,” reports Off the Grid News.

“A May 5 post showed a video of a toddler, Mosiah, learning to walk. An April 24 post showed a happy family, gathering around a campfire, roasting marshmallows.”

The family have set up a GoFundMe page to try and raise money for legal expenses.

A website for the family spells out their plight with the heart-wrenching words;

“This Kentucky family of 12 people, 6 dogs, 2 farm cats and a few random farm animals was just torn apart. Their crime: Living a simple, back to basics life.”

This shocking story once again illustrates how families attempting to simply get on with their lives in a traditional manner are being treated as extremists by other Americans, snitched on, and targeted by authorities.

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, a WND report highlights how parents were interrogated by a CPS caseworker who questioned Christopher Zimmer and his wife Nicole,

“on everything from their son’s homeschool education to questions about vaccines and guns in the house.”

Michelle Marchese aggressively demanded to enter the property after asserting Christopher Zimmer Jr. was not getting a “proper education.” Police subsequently arrived and allowed Marchese to enter the home before conducting a warrantless search.

The Zimmers are now suing the CPS for $60 million in a case before the U.S. District Court in Trenton.


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U.K. Elections Rigged!?*

U.K. Elections Rigged!?*

The election was rigged, as expected, claims this lady.  They used the postal vote system to rig the required seats.  She’s not that great on the details, but she sums up the notion pretty well.

Postal voting is ‘wide open to fraud’ and should be scrapped in its current form, a top judge warned last night.

Judge Richard Mawrey, who sits in judgment on election fraud cases, said ballot-rigging was now a ‘probability’ in some parts of Britain due to the extension of postal voting.

Mr Mawrey, a deputy high court judge, said the introduction of ‘on demand’ postal voting had failed to boost turnout. But he warned it had made Britain’s electoral system vulnerable to fraud on ‘an industrial scale’.

He told Radio 4’s File on 4 programme that in one case last year he had come across 14 different ways in which postal votes can be manipulated.

‘Postal voting on demand, however many safeguards you build into it, is wide open to fraud,’ he said.

‘It’s open to fraud on a scale that will make election rigging a possibility and indeed in some areas a probability.’

Mr Mawrey presided over a notorious 2004 ballot-rigging case in Birmingham which uncovered evidence of abuse he said would ‘disgrace a banana republic’.

Yesterday he added:

‘What has worried me about this for some time is the ease with which is it possible to commit postal vote fraud and the scale on which it can be committed.

‘In the past when you had personal voting, that is to say voting at polling stations, there was fraud but, frankly, it was minuscule. Postal voting on demand has enabled fraud to be carried out on what, in one case, I described as an industrial scale.

Read more:


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Childish Tit-for-Tat Reprisals by the Feds for on Mass Common Core Test Refusals*

Childish Tit-for-Tat Reprisals by the Feds for on Mass Common Core Test Refusals*

By Alex Newman

Public resistance to Common Core is exploding across America, and officials are not happy about it. The Obama administration’s Department of Education, along with pro-Common Core government officials across the country under pressure from the feds, appear to be in panic mode. Facing a growing nationwide “opt out” movement to refuse participation in the unconstitutional federally funded testing regime aligned with the Obama-backed national school standards, senior bureaucrats, including Education Secretary Arne Duncan, have actually started resorting to lawless threats against parents, teachers, students, and entire state governments. Some parents were threatened by officials with jail time. Even small children are being punished by the state for “opting out” of the deeply controversial tests, with one California mother telling The New American that her daughter was publicly denied ice cream in retaliation.

But so far, the threats are only emboldening the opposition.

Perhaps the most outrageous threat so far came from Obama’s education chief, Duncan, who boasted in recent years of using government schools to create “green citizens” with UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization) as a “global partner.” Late last month, Duncan, who was greeted by protesters urging him to “stop test bullying,” threatened federal intervention to force Americans to take the Common Core tests if states would not do the job.

“We think most states will do that,” Duncan proclaimed at an Education Writers Association conference in Chicago.

“If states don’t do that, then we [the federal government] have an obligation to step in.”

In reality, of course, the federal government has an obligation under the U.S. Constitution to butt out. But despite swearing an oath to uphold and defend the Constitution, including the 10th Amendment, Duncan has led the charge in recent years to finish federalizing the government school system — and to use it as what he called a “weapon” to “change to world.”

Sounding oblivious to America’s federalist system of constitutional government, Duncan proclaimed that he expected state governments to hold “districts’ and schools’ feet to the fire on this,” as if state governments were mere administrative units to enforce decrees from the all-powerful federal executive branch. Hundreds of thousands of students in New York recently opted out. Almost nobody took the tests in some districts amid a full-scale uprising by teachers, students, and parents. In Chicago, where even the teachers’ union has blasted the federal takeover, school officials were threatened with the loss of more than $1 billion in state and federal “education aid” if not enough students were successfully coerced into taking the Common Core-aligned tests. Still, few details were provided on what it might look like to have the Obama administration “step in” and force students to take the controversial tests — an outrageous threat he also made in a discussion with Motoko Rich of the New York Times.

Critics, however, ridiculed the threat, daring the administration to try it.

“Assuming that Duncan is not planning to call in the National Guard to haul off opt-outing 8 year olds, the only possible ‘sanction’ would be withholding funds,” observed Carol Burris, an award-winning New York principal who recently stepped down to fight back against what she sees as problems with the public education system.

“That would surely lead to court challenges forcing the Education Department to justify penalizing schools when parents exercise their legitimate right to refuse the test — an impossible position to defend.”

Noting that students of all races and backgrounds were opting out of the testing scheme, Burris pointed out that the rates “defy the stereotype that the movement is a rebellion of petulant ‘white suburban moms.’”

In a recent statement published by the Washington Post, the New York “2013 High School Principal of the Year” also highlighted a number of troubling government abuses targeting parents. Among other concerns, she said, citing activists and teachers, that administrators in some districts took advantage of non-English speaking parents by lying to them about the tests, saying they were mandatory or that children would be held back for refusal to take them. One critic called it “blatant discrimination at best.” Burris also lambasted the Common Core tests and noted that Duncan’s own children go to a non-Common Core school — as do the children of Common Core financier Bill Gates, and Common Core strongman Obama. She concluded the scathing commentary by noting that the movement to refuse the tests puts the entire “education reform” agenda in serious trouble.

Beyond targeting states and schools, education officials in some areas, responding to federal pressure, have strayed into the realm of potential criminal activity in seeking to boost participation in the tests. In one especially extreme case from Georgia, school officials, citing supposed “federal and state mandates” on the tests, said parents could not refuse to allow their children to take the tests. A meeting was scheduled for the parents to meet with the principal. However, when they arrived, they were met by a police officer, who reportedly warned them that they may be “trespassing” on school property due to their opposition to the testing regime. In the end, it was apparently sorted out without arrest, but the incident was deeply troubling to parents.

In South Carolina, education bureaucrats went even further. The officials reportedly warned parents that they could be imprisoned for 30 days for refusing to allow their children to participate in the national testing regime, which was mandated under the unconstitutional Bush-era No Child Left Behind scheme. According to news reports citing the group South Carolina Parents Involved in Education, South Carolina Education Department Chief Operating Officer Elizabeth Carpentier also threatened groups or organizations that encourage testing refusals with potential criminal charges of “aiding and abetting a crime.” School officials cited in media reports downplayed the threats, saying that parents and groups were merely threatened with existing statutes on “truancy” for not sending children to school for the testing.

In California, mother Amy Watson and her husband decided that their 10-year-old daughter would not be taking the unconstitutional federally funded Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium (SBAC) test. She was placed in an alternate classroom each testing day with other “opt out” students. In response to the refusal, though, on the day after testing was finished, “the three girls who opted out again were identified, ‘called out,’ and given instructions to go to the same classrooms as during SBAC testing,” Watson told The New American.

“The girls were sent out so the ‘test takers’ could have an ice cream party. My daughter returned to her classroom with the trashcan full of empty ice cream containers. There were three ‘left over’ containers. The three opt-out students were not permitted to have them. These three containers were given to teachers instead.”

The same thing happened to opt-out students in other grades, she added, calling it an “egregious act.”

Now, Watson has filed a privacy law-violation complaint with the U.S. Department of Education after her daughter and other opt-out students were “intentionally targeted.” The 10-year old is now fearful of additional retaliation from school officials, and Watson is seeking counseling for her daughter due to the emotional and psychological impact the targeting had on her.

“I described the situation to the representative at the federal Department of Education,” Watson said.

“He verified that ‘yes, this is a violation of FERPA [federal privacy law to protect students].’” The outraged mother is also in contact with attorneys and vowed to continue pursuing the case. Since the scandal, school officials have tried to downplay the incident as a “misunderstanding,” Watson said. But she is not buying it.

As the rebellion against the unconstitutional Common Core testing regime continues to sweep across America like wildfire, the Obama administration is certain to continue doing everything possible to stop it — including lawlessly threatening the American people. But despite those threats, as awareness of Common Core spreads, opposition will keep spreading as well. The testing regime is crucial for enforcing Common Core, and for gathering vast amounts of private data on students for the federal government. Without it, the widely criticized standards regime foisted on America by taxpayer-funded bribes from the Obama administration may well crumble.

The education establishment is now in a serious bind. On one hand, it can rip off the mask and resort to more outright lawlessness and tyranny in an effort to enforce compliance with its deeply unpopular machinations. Such a reaction would almost certainly backfire and produce even more public outrage and resistance. Alternatively, the Obama administration and its backers can risk having the entire Common Core scheme come crashing down around them by ignoring the mushrooming national movement to refuse the tests. Either way, the American people can still win the battle for education in the long run, if the pressure stays on.



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Now the Queen Can Go Back to Ruling Britain and 15 Other Nations*

Now the Queen Can Go Back to Ruling Britain and 15 Other Nations*

By Corinne Purtill

On Friday, there was only one thing left for Prime Minister David Cameron to do before officially returning to work after his party’s victory in the polls — go ask the queen for permission to form the next government.

Cameron had just arrived at Buckingham Palace when the BBC announced the Conservative Party’s 326th confirmed seat in the House of Commons. That’s the number needed to give them an outright majority.

Cameron is the 12th prime minister the 89-year-old monarch has given her blessing to in almost 63 years on the throne.

The Conservative Party leader remains the United Kingdom’s head of government. The head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, has been in office since 1952.

Her role in British politics is ceremonial, yes, but constitutionally necessary.

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of Canada, along with 15 other independent nations.

Technically, it’s the queen’s government. She signs all the laws. She gives prime ministers permission to resign and permission to form a government.

But at the same time, UK law and custom keeps the monarch floating above politics, descending only to give the royal stamp on things.

During the election campaign itself, the queen goes to great lengths to stay as far away from politicking as possible to maintain her neutrality. Legally, she can vote. In practice, she doesn’t.

While Britons voted Thursday, Elizabeth holed up in Windsor Castle, about 50 miles west of London.

When the Conservatives’ likely win became clear Friday morning, she traveled to Buckingham Palace in London to await Cameron’s visit.

No one thought it would be this tidy. For months, polls have predicted that no party would emerge a clear winner in the election. In the last election in 2010 it took five days to hammer out a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Pollsters expected an equally messy result this year.

That’s not an issue now. On May 27, she’ll visit Parliament to read out the Queen’s Speech, the annual outline of what the government hopes to achieve that year. Unexpectedly, it’s already clear what that government will look like.


Despite Miliband’s loss, UK elections represent total Zionist victory

By Dr. David Duke

While Ed Miliband will not become Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister since Benjamin Disraeli, it would be wrong to view the British election results as any kind of defeat for Jewish extremists. Britain’s Jews lined up squarely behind proven sabbath goy David Cameron to continue as prime minister of the UK, which has become a Zionist satellite in very close orbit. Cameron himself may only be one-eighth Jewish, but it was from that Jewish great-grandfather that he derives his inherited wealth, and he no doubt understands the financial clout of the self-chosen people.

Meanwhile, George Galloway, the courageous critic of Israel from the fledgling Respect Party, lost his seat in parliament. Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, also failed in his bid to give UKIP a seat in Parliament. Farage has been a campaigner against massive immigration, but he timidly declined to use his considerable soapbox to draw attention to Jewish domination of British politics and media. 


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