Now the Queen Can Go Back to Ruling Britain and 15 Other Nations*

Now the Queen Can Go Back to Ruling Britain and 15 Other Nations*

By Corinne Purtill

On Friday, there was only one thing left for Prime Minister David Cameron to do before officially returning to work after his party’s victory in the polls — go ask the queen for permission to form the next government.

Cameron had just arrived at Buckingham Palace when the BBC announced the Conservative Party’s 326th confirmed seat in the House of Commons. That’s the number needed to give them an outright majority.

Cameron is the 12th prime minister the 89-year-old monarch has given her blessing to in almost 63 years on the throne.

The Conservative Party leader remains the United Kingdom’s head of government. The head of state, Queen Elizabeth II, has been in office since 1952.

Her role in British politics is ceremonial, yes, but constitutionally necessary.

Queen Elizabeth II is the head of state of Canada, along with 15 other independent nations.

Technically, it’s the queen’s government. She signs all the laws. She gives prime ministers permission to resign and permission to form a government.

But at the same time, UK law and custom keeps the monarch floating above politics, descending only to give the royal stamp on things.

During the election campaign itself, the queen goes to great lengths to stay as far away from politicking as possible to maintain her neutrality. Legally, she can vote. In practice, she doesn’t.

While Britons voted Thursday, Elizabeth holed up in Windsor Castle, about 50 miles west of London.

When the Conservatives’ likely win became clear Friday morning, she traveled to Buckingham Palace in London to await Cameron’s visit.

No one thought it would be this tidy. For months, polls have predicted that no party would emerge a clear winner in the election. In the last election in 2010 it took five days to hammer out a coalition between the Conservatives and Liberal Democrats. Pollsters expected an equally messy result this year.

That’s not an issue now. On May 27, she’ll visit Parliament to read out the Queen’s Speech, the annual outline of what the government hopes to achieve that year. Unexpectedly, it’s already clear what that government will look like.


Despite Miliband’s loss, UK elections represent total Zionist victory

By Dr. David Duke

While Ed Miliband will not become Britain’s first Jewish Prime Minister since Benjamin Disraeli, it would be wrong to view the British election results as any kind of defeat for Jewish extremists. Britain’s Jews lined up squarely behind proven sabbath goy David Cameron to continue as prime minister of the UK, which has become a Zionist satellite in very close orbit. Cameron himself may only be one-eighth Jewish, but it was from that Jewish great-grandfather that he derives his inherited wealth, and he no doubt understands the financial clout of the self-chosen people.

Meanwhile, George Galloway, the courageous critic of Israel from the fledgling Respect Party, lost his seat in parliament. Nigel Farage, the leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party, also failed in his bid to give UKIP a seat in Parliament. Farage has been a campaigner against massive immigration, but he timidly declined to use his considerable soapbox to draw attention to Jewish domination of British politics and media. 


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