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Syrian Army and Hezbullah Push back al-Qaeda as Christian Militia Mobilizes*

Syrian Army and Hezbullah Push back al-Qaeda as Christian Militia Mobilizes*

By Juan Cole

Smarting from a string of losses, the pro-regime coalition of Hezbullah and the Syrian Arab Army is looking for some victories against the al-Qaeda-linked Support Front (Jabhat al-Nusra). They seek them in the Qalamoun mountain range near the Lebanese-Syrian border, where Hezbullah was victorious last year this time. In the meantime, towns like Asal al-Ward had been infiltrated by the Support Front all over again.

427ea-iuFighting in this area has the advantage that it makes Lebanon itself a form of strategic depth for the campaign that will be defended by the Lebanese Army, as Hezbullah and SAA forces fight just over the border into Syria. Likewise, the Christian population in the town of Ra’s Baalbak is throwing up its own militia for self-defense on the Lebanese side of the border and is allied with Hezbullah. This coalition of Shiite and Christian forces against al-Qaeda makes for a good image of Hezbullah inside Lebanon and may be aimed at countering the charge of Sunni leader Saad al-Hariri that Hizbullah is putting Iran’s strategic interests in Yemen and Iraq ahead of the safety of Lebanon.

The Support Front withdrew under pressure from the town of Assal al-Ward. Hezbullah and the Syrian Army then took three hills near al-Juba, 5 km northeast of Asal al-Ward. As they tell the story, on Thursday Hezbullah made incremental but steady advances against the rebel coalition

Earlier this week Hezbullah claimed to have killed several al-Qaeda/ Support Front leaders in al-Juba.


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U.K. Setting Children up for Failure*

U.K. Setting Children up for Failure*

By Sarah Cassidy

Children as young as 10 worry that doing badly in their school SATs tests could set them up for failure in their lives, new research shows.

More than half of pupils – 55% – said they were worried that failing to achieve the required standard would damage their chances of success in the future, in a poll of more than 1,000 children who took their Key Stage Two SATs exams last year aged 11.

Six out of 10 children claimed they had been told by teachers that SATs were important for the school league tables, while 68% admitted feeling pressured at exam time.

Meanwhile, one in five parents reported that their child had been too nervous to eat before the exams with one in eight saying their offspring had refused food because of the tests, according to a separate poll of more than 1,000 parents of children who took their Year Six SATs last year. Seventy-four per cent of parents said their children were under more exam pressure than they were at a similar age.

Children reported not being able to concentrate due to being nervous (20%), being unable to eat because of nerves (12%) and feeling hungry due to skipping a meal (14%).

Of the children surveyed, 22% reported losing sleep during their SATs, rising to 59% among children who admitted skipping breakfast.

John Coe, of the National Association for Primary Education, said:

“A decent breakfast should set children up for success in their exams, and eating with friends at a breakfast club is a happy way of meeting the challenge to come.”

Last month a study for the National Union of Teachers found that some pupils are self-harming and developing eating disorders because of the “exam factory” conditions they face at school. Merryn Hutchings, an emeritus professor from London Metropolitan University, said that pressures were causing them to become “anxious, stressed and disaffected”.

Dr Claire Halsey, a child psychologist, said:

“It’s troubling that children are expressing so many worries about their exams. It’s natural to experience some pressure to perform before any test, but these results show that SATs have become more than a little nerve-racking.

“Fortunately there are practical things parents and schools can do to help such as creating a calm environment, praising effort rather than results and making sure children sleep and eat well before their tests.”

The study was commissioned by the cereal company Kellogg’s, which is donating 44,500 breakfasts to 300 school breakfast clubs to help children prepare for their SATs.

Pupil stress: in numbers


of pupils were worried exam failure would hurt their future


of pupils said they felt pressured at exam time


of parents said their children were under more pressure than they were at that age


breakfasts Kellogg’s is giving to school breakfast clubs


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U.S. Police Causing Families to Grieve Every Seven and a Half Hours*

U.S. Police Causing Families to Grieve Every Seven and a Half Hours*

By Cassandra Fairbanks

As of May 5, 2015, the police in the United States of America have killed 401 people that we know of.

Deaths By Law Enforcement 2015:

  • 91 in the 31 days of January
  • 85 in the 28 days of February
  • 115 in the 31 days of March
  • 101 in the 30 days of April
  • 8 people in the 5 days of May

Extrapolating those numbers out to an hourly figure and the police have killed someone, on average, every 7.48 hours. While there is no government-run database, Killed By Police has taken it upon themselves to keep track, and are doing a fantastic job thus far. It’s truly a Cop Crisis.

The three youngest are A’donte Washington, Jason C. Hendrix, and Kendre Omari Alston, who were all only 16-years-old. The oldest was 87-year-old Lewis Becker. At least four officers have also been shot and killed by other officers.

Meanwhile, the Officer Down Memorial Page is reporting gunfire related deaths of on-duty officers is down 43%.

Law Enforcement Deaths 2015:

  • 9/11 related illness: 2
  • Accidental: 1
  • Assault: 1
  • Automobile accident: 12
  • Gunfire: 8
  • Gunfire (Accidental): 2
  • Heart attack: 10
  • Motorcycle accident: 1
  • Struck by vehicle: 2
  • Vehicle pursuit: 2

The death by assault was Patrolman George Nissen, and they are referring to injuries sustained 10 years earlier when he was attempting to break up a large fight on February 13th, 2005.

A look at the two which were struck by vehicles, both were accidents, with one occurring while the officer was off duty and had stopped to help someone on an icy road. The other was an accident where a semi truck crashed into the officer’s vehicle.

That leaves the eight by gunfire as deaths due to suspects actively attempting to harm them this year.

Deaths of officers directly at hands of suspects this year:

  • 0 in January
  • 0 in February
  • 6 in March
  • 0 in April
  • 2 in May

This means that in the 125 days of 2015, the police have been killed after being shot by a suspect, on average, every 375 hours.

According to an FBI report, Americans are less violent than ever, yet the police seem to be growing increasingly violent. These numbers seem to agree.

Being a police officer isn’t even close to being in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in this country. According to the 2013 report by the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics on work-related fatal injuries, “Police and sheriff’s patrol deputies” ranked as the 41st most dangerous occupation.

Just some numbers for you to consider next time you or someone you know tries to claim that the “brave” men and women in blue are perpetually “fearing for their life” so that they “can get home to their families.”

Every seven and a half hours our police leave another family planning a funeral. Enough is enough; visit our #solutions section if you’d like to find out some of the many ways we can change this paradigm.


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A Day after the U.K. Elections Protestors Marched on Westminster*

A Day after the U.K. Elections Protestors Marched on Westminster*

By Richard Cosgrove

On 9 May, the day after the results of the general election were announced, hundreds of protestors marched on Westminster, demanding the ousting of the Tory party.


Clashes broke out between riot police and anti-Conservative protesters in London on Saturday. The protesters decried the Tory party victory in Thursday’s UK general election, which allows the Conservatives to rule for five more years on a pro-austerity platform, under the leadership of British Prime Minister David Cameron. The demonstrators marched throughout the city center, throwing missiles at police, with officers hitting protesters with truncheons and blocking approaches to the PM’s official residence, 10 Downing Street. Dozens of arrests were made. – RT


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