Are ISIS Backers Attempting to Revive the Ailing Beast?*

Are ISIS Backers Attempting to Revive the Ailing Beast?*

One of the most effective ways to deal with a savage beast is to cut off its head. Which is why in war senior commanders are always prime targets.

You won’t see cartoons like this in America, but this is how the Middle East and Islamic Africa sees ISIS, America, UK and Israel

You won’t see cartoons like this in America, but this is how the Middle East and Islamic Africa sees ISIS, America, UK and Israel.

This has been illustrated with the high command of ISIS/ISIL, which has sustained heavy losses recently. The latest blow came Saturday when in conflicting press statements both the U.S. and Syria claim to have killed a senior Islamic State commander.

Syrian state TV reported on Saturday that Syrian forces had killed 40 terrorists and the militant group’s “oil minister” during an operation in Syria’s Eastern city of Deir Ezzur on Friday.

While the same day Secretary of Defense Ashton Carter also announced that U.S. Special Forces had killed militant Abu Sayyaf. According to U.S. media reports Abu Sayyaf was involved in the extremist group’s military operations and helped direct its illicit oil, gas and financial operation.

The U.S. media reported that the raid was conducted overnight Friday by a team of U.S. Special Forces who flew from Iraq into eastern Syria aboard V-22 Osprey aircraft and Blackhawk helicopters.

Whether he was killed by U.S. or Syrian forces, Abu Sayyaf death is the latest in a string of deaths among the militant group’s senior command.

Late last month reports surfaced that ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, had sustained serious wounds during an air strike in Western Iraq.

Baghdadi was later reported to have died from his wounds at an Israeli military hospital in the Golan Heights, where he was being treated.

For those readers unfamiliar with reports from the alternative media: ISIS is largely the West’s creation. Contrary to the line spun by much of the Western media ISIS/ISIL has been financed by the gulf states and covertly assisted and armed by Israel, the U.S. and its European allies.

According to Yasmina Haifi, an official at the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre, Baghdadi had originally been trained by MOSSAD to serve as a double agent; the intention being to discredit Islam and sow division in the Muslim world.

Although his death was not widely reported in the Western media, Baghdadi’s demise was followed by a string of others among the ISIS/ISIL leaders.

On April 27 Islamic State’s top commander, Sheet Al-Samarrai who was called the terrorist group’s war minister, was killed in an Iraqi air strike in Nineveh province.

Then on May 13, Abu Ala Afri, the successor to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, was also killed in an air raid in Nineveh province.

Meaning that Islamic State’s leadership has taken some heavy blows in recent months. Whether it can continue to sustain such losses among its high command remains to be seen but such losses will inevitably lead to a struggle for power, which in turn may well lead to factionalism and infighting.

All of which will inevitably weaken ISIS and leads us to wonder if its covert backers will now abandon it as a failure or attempt to revive the ailing beast.


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