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Schools in France Want Muslim Students to become Objects of Worthlessness*

Schools in France Want Muslim Students to become Objects of Worthlessness*

By Jonas E. Alexis

Two Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college has banned Muslim girls from wearing a veil. Picture by Damien McFadden/Daily Mail : 07968 308252

Two Muslim students at the Birmingham Metropolitan College campus in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. The college has banned Muslim girls from wearing a veil.
Picture by Damien McFadden/Daily Mail : 07968 308252.

Long before the birth of Western Civilization, a Greek dramatist by the name of Euripides discovered a metaphysical and universal principle, and it has been used by ideologues in almost every century. Euripides argued in The Bacchae that you can destroy a culture and indeed an entire society through sexual subversion and destruction of the moral order.

If you think that Euripides is wrong, then pick up the writings and biographies of people like Aleister Crowley, Sigmund Freud, Wilhelm Reich and Alfred Kinsey. You will soon discover that those people harnessed that sexual corruption and unleashed it upon much of the West, most specifically England and America. Jewish writer Elizabeth Wurtzel calls this sexual corruption “pussy power.”

The question, then, is simply this: How does this “pussy power” work?


When women take off their skirts and get naked and start “dancing on the mountainside,” as Euripides would have put it, or start twerking on stage (like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, Beyonce, Rihanna, etc.), then you can be sure that the moral law, which is ingrained in the human heart, is being subdued by a powerful force. The supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei knew about this power. He said that

If they [the Zionist regime in America] arouse sexual desires in any given country, if they spread unrestrained mixing of men and women, and if they lead youth to behaviour to which they are naturally inclined by instincts, there will no longer be any need for artillery and guns against that nation.”

If you think that the supreme leader is out of touch with reality, let us bring in Benjamin Netanyahu himself. He said:

“If you want to advance regime change in Iran, you don’t have to go through the C.I.A. cloak-and-dagger stuff — what you want to do is take very large, very strong transponders and just beam ‘Melrose Place’ and ‘Beverly Hills 2050’ and all that into Tehran and into Iran, because that is subversive stuff. They watch it — the young kids watch it, the young people. They want to have the same nice clothes and the same houses and swimming pools and so on.”

You see, Netanyahu is not that stupid here. He knows that this “subversive stuff” can destroy lives—and he has enough evidence to justify the theory. He knows that Samson, one of Israel’s undefeatable heroes, was eventually defeated through this “subversive stuff.”

“Samson and Delilah is a good place to start. Israel was invincible military…so the Philistines decided to get the Israelite leader by other than military means. They seduced him sexually. Once Samson succumbed to Delilah’s wiles, he lost his power, and Israel lost its leader. He was no longer on the field of battle, but rather, to use Milton’s phrase, ‘eyeless in Gaza, grinding at the mill with slaves.’”

In 2002, the Israeli military forces did something very similar in Gaza. When they took over Palestinian TV stations in Ramallah in the West Bank, they immediately shut down all other TV stations and started broadcasting pornography. E. Michael Jones writes,

“The story of the Palestinian TV stations has a curiously Biblical ring. The Israelis turned the tables. They knew a blind opponent is no opponent. They knew, as did the ancient Greeks, that lust makes a man blind. St. Thomas Aquinas said lust ‘darkens the mind.’ Suddenly, Israel’s use of pornography against the Palestinians isn’t so obscure.

“Pornography is a weapon ‘Jews with an atavistic fear of Christian authority’ [he is quoting Nathan Abrams here] have used to weaken the dominant culture and, therefore, assure that Jews, always a minority, are unmolested by their ‘Christian’ neighbours. They are well-versed in the military use of pornography.

“The corrosive effects of Wilhelm Reich’s philosophy of control through sexual demoralization are still with us, promoted by Jews as a form of political control to weaken the power of the non-Jewish majority. The Israelis broadcast pornography over Palestinian TV stations, says one report, ‘to keep Palestinian youths away from joining the resistance against Israeli occupation and apartheid.’

“According to the Palestinian intelligence officer, the CIA discussed the issue with the Israelis repeatedly, but ‘the idea first came from the Israeli side who suggested that only these things could take Palestinian youths away from their hostile fixation on Israel…

“Pornography weakens the majority culture by moral subversion. Jews often lead in the application of new technology. That meant using high resolution photography, the VCR, and the Internet to deliver pornography just as it meant dynamite, forgery, and smuggling to bring down the Czar in Russia.

“English professor Jay Gertzman, whose father and uncle were arrested on obscenity charges in Philadelphia in the ‘50s, writes about the influence of Jews in the sex book trade in Bookleggers and Smuthounds: The Trade in Erotica 1920-1940:

“‘While few Jews are radical, many radicals (and pornographers) are Jews. Writes non-Jew Ernest van den Haag in The Jewish Mystique, ‘Out of one hundred Jews, five may be radicals, but out of then radicals, five are likely to be Jewish.’”

The central issue here is that Netanyahu’s “subversive stuff” is powerful, and the current regime knows it. This is one reason why they start producing this “subversive stuff” in places like Germany even to first-graders! Listen to the German newspaper Spiegel:

“When it comes to sex, Germans are not known for being squeamish. Yet a sex-education book that has been circulating in Berlin elementary schools has some parents up in arms.

The book, ‘Where Do You Come From?’ (‘Wo kommst du her?’), which is recommended for ages 5 and up, shows a couple, Lisa and Lars, in various stages of arousal. In one illustration, Lisa puts a condom on Lars’ erect penis. Another shows them having intercourse. The text also veers toward the explicit.

“‘When it’s so good that it can’t get any better, Lisa and Lars have an orgasm,’ it reads. And, finally: ‘The vagina and penis feel nice and tingly and warm.’

“The book was shown to first-graders at an elementary school in the Berlin neighbourhood of Kreuzberg. Parents began to complain about the racy content, but the school did nothing — until it was reported in the local press and the Berlin Senate, the city-state’s administrative body, began receiving complaints.

“It’s not the first bout of controversy over sex education in Berlin. Two years ago, the Berlin Senate provoked uproar from church groups and other organizations when it presented local primary-school educators with a media kit about ‘sexual diversity.’ The material discussed homo- and trans-sexuality — and, particularly controversially, suggested that teachers ask seventh-graders to do pantomime role-playing on themes such as ‘orgasm,’ ‘porno’ and ‘sadomasochism.’”

Many of the pictures are very graphic, and you can check them out both in Spiegel and other news outlets such as the Atlantic. I contacted my German friend, Dr. Fredrick Toben, to get his take on this. He wrote back and said:

“Parents are protesting against such stuff being taught compulsorily in schools – and those who refuse to have their children exposed to it are fined – if the fine is not paid, then it’s off to prison. It reminds me of how in Australian government and private schools there is now compulsory Holocaust education!

“It’s the secular state trying to cope with the vacuum left by eliminating moral education that was covered through religious education. This is where philosophy comes in – the atheist doesn’t seem to understand that we need to have a transcendental/metaphysical belief system, that questions about God/Nature need to be addressed, etc.”

So, the sex industry basically controls much of the West. In fact, one can reasonably say that students in much of the Western World have fallen into what one might called immodest apparel. Schools in France want Muslims to do the same. Recently,

“A 15-year-old French Muslim girl has been banned from her classroom for wearing a long black skirt, seen as going against France’s law guaranteeing secularism. She missed two days this month in a dispute over her skirt, French education officials said Wednesday, and the issue remains unresolved…

“The student, identified as Sarah, was among a group of at least five girls who arrived at the Leo Lagrange school in recent weeks with long skirts — and Islamic headscarves which they removed before entering school…

“The students were asked to change into ‘neutral clothing’ before coming to class. Sarah complied, then stopped coming to class, the Academy Services said.”

In the Zionist scheme of things, “neutral clothing” means sex appeal. “Neutral clothing” means following pop stars and celebrities wearing virtually nothing. “Neutral clothing,” as Madonna would have put it, means drawing men to their death.

Parents, who obvioulsy have been living on a steady-diet of pop culture, are also getting in to the act, though somewhat indirectly:

“Haven Middle School administrators notified parents that female students are no longer allowed to wear shorts, leggings, or yoga pants because those articles of clothing might be ‘too distracting’ for their male peers. That’s sparked a protest among parents and students in the Evanston, Illinois area, who are arguing it’s not girls’ responsibility to accommodate the boys in their classes.

“More than 500 students have signed onto a petition protesting the new dress code policy, which they say is sexist because it’s only targeting girls’ clothing. Some female students have chosen to defy the ban and are wearing leggings and yoga pants to school in protest. A poster plastered in Haven Middle School reads, ‘Are my pants lowering your test scores?’

“Two parents, Juliet and Kevin Bond, sent a letter to the school principal arguing that this approach toward the dress code is furthering unhealthy attitudes about sexuality.” 

“Mad Max director George Miller enlisted the help of activist, feminist icon, and Vagina Monologues author Eve Ensler in order to ensure that Fury Road wasn’t just another story about helpless female victims; it’s a story about empowered survivors.”

Actress Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, who plays in the movie, acknowledged,

“We were so lucky that George arranged for Eve Ensler, who wrote the Vagina Monologues, to fly in and work with us girls for about a week. We did extensive research with her…

“We were able to pick her brain for a week. She told us the most tragic stories I’ve ever heard in my life, which gave us so much background to our characters. We really wanted to kind of showcase that. It was a privilege to have her around to make these characters something more than just five beautiful girls.”

Keep in mind that Eve Ensler is the Jewish revolutionary who has corrupted Catholic institutions like University of Notre Dame and countries like India with her feminist ideology and her Vagina Monologues.

Michael Jones wrote back in 2003:

The Vagina Monologues is not something that students study; it is something that is done to students to produce behavioural and psychic effects. Its main purpose is to break down their modesty and corrupt their morals. The students were being acted upon (even if by other students) in a way that was calculated to modify their behaviour, not clarify their thought. If anything, the play was an attempt to short-circuit the thinking process. It was a deliberate attempt to subvert reason by shock and arousal of passion.

“The Vagina Monologues, in other words, is not academic discourse. It is social engineering. It is the orchestration of obscenity for political purposes. As social engineering, The Vagina Monologues has more in common with the Tuskeegee Syphilis experiments than the performance of a play by Shakespeare. As such, it has no place in any public forum, much less at a university, much less at a Catholic university.”

The biggest question is this: who is implicitly pushing the removal of dress codes in schools in America? The ACLU, a largely Jewish organization. If you think this is inconceivable, then perhaps you should read Murray Friedman’s The Neoconservative Revolution: Jewish Intellectuals and Public Policy, in which it is argued that Jewish organizations completely subvert the largely Protestant mores in America.

One of the key figures during that time was none other than Leo Pfeffer, “the son of an immigrant Orthodox rabbi,” who, at the age of 15, “was deeply troubled by the daily Bible reading by Miss Knox, ‘probably a Protestant lady.’” Jewish organizations, Friedman writes, “have successfully challenged Bible reading in the public schools and any form of state aid to parochial schools.”

What we are progressively seeing is that the public school system in America has largely been subverted by Jewish ideology, and we all know the consequences of that. Things have gotten so bad over the years that basically no one wants to enforce the law when it comes to dress codes. In fact, Ruthann Robson, a professor at CYNY, writes in the LA Times that having dress codes where saggy pants should not be allowed in schools is based on “anti-democratic principles.”

The same thing seems to be happening in France, where decent Muslims have been stigmatized just because they happen to wear long skirts.

“Critics of France’s secularist laws in schools say they often thinly conceal a widespread bias against Muslims and immigrants in French society. Studies have revealed how Muslims face systematic discrimination on the basis of their race, creed and culture.

“Speaking to local newspaper L’Ardennais, Sarah said that her skirt was ‘nothing special, it’s very simple, there’s nothing conspicuous. There is no religious sign whatsoever.’”

What does that tell us? Well, the regime is telling Sarah that she needs to learn from America, where things like “tossing salad,” “rimming,” and “eating booty” have become the norm. In fact, people on twitter recommended that Sarah, the Muslim girl, should follow the United States’ motto. The regime is telling Sarah that she needs to adopt America’s model, where the masses are more captivated by Kim Kardashian’s buttocks than knowing what is happening in the real world.

As Toben has recently put it in his recent newsletter, there seems to be a “butt worship” going on here. This “butt worship” seems to have a symbiotic and sometimes indirect relationship with sex magic. Even the Huffington Post did not hesitate to say that Kardashian’s “biggest asset” is…well, you know the drill.

In order to show her “biggest asset,” Kardashian, of course, had to work with “Steven Klein Studio.” Steven Klein is a Jewish photographer who has frequently worked with people like Madonna, Brad Pitt, Britney Spears, etc.

The conclusion of the whole matter is that the sex industry, which is largely controlled by the Dreadful Few, is assault just about every moral and orderly principle. For example, in the Catholic sense (Muslims seem to have the same principle), modest apparel

“protects the intimate centre of the person. It means refusing to unveil what should remain hidden. It is ordered to chastity to whose sensitivity it bears witness. It guides how one looks at others and behaves towards them, in conformity with the dignity of persons and their solidarity.”

The sex industry, however, says the opposite. Children and students ought to be used as sex toys, and those who oppose this weltanschauung will be castigated as bigots and fools. This is why they have demonized decent Muslims in much of the Western world. 


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When the Bible mentioned ‘Israel’ it did not mean Judea*

The Imam will point to him and say, this is the True Messiah

By Katherine Frisk

In a recent article that I wrote: Damascus, the Anti-Christ and Armageddon, I came to the conclusion after reading the comments section that the Muslims are the only ones who have any real understanding of what I am getting at. According to one comment:

“Then Jesus will return, the Imam will point to him and say, this is the True Messiah!” Hence the title.

The term “Israel,” in the Old Testament texts, more often than not, refers to refers to the Northern Kingdom of Israel, the Ephraimite Kingdom, not to the Kingdom of Judea. When the Prophets refer to “Israel,” this is who they are talking about. But most people read the texts and assume that the term “Israel” and “Ephraim,”automatically refers to the “Jews,” the tribe of Judah. When the Assyrians attacked, Judea at first stood down and did not come to their aid. They willingly let them be destroyed and Israel was defeated in 722 B.C. Thousands of them fled south where they were treated as slaves by the “Jews.”

As Judah sold Joseph into slavery so Judea sold the Joseph tribes, Israel into slavery. Judea was also eventually invaded and the “Jews”were taken to Babylon. If they had helped to protect their brothers instead of treating them like slaves, this disaster might not have happened.

In the New Testament, the story is repeated. The 12 at the Last Supper represent the 12 tribes of Israel, the sons of Jacob. Jesus represents Ephraim, the son of Joseph, the “Firstborn,” of God. Or rather the firstborn as blessed by Jacob. Judas like Judah before him in the Old Testament, sells out “Jesus”for thirty pieces of silver. And so history repeats. Everything is done in parables for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. They lived in dangerous times, persecuted by the Sadducee priesthood, the Herod Kings and the Romans.

I have come to the conclusion that the genealogy given to Jesus to the House of David and in turn Judah in the Gospels, was a later insertion by the likes of Paul, a Jew with Roman citizenship and later adopted by the Roman Emperor Constantine and his Bishop Eusebius at the Council of Nicea. The political implications of adopting this “Jewish” genealogy will become self evident below.

The Gospel texts are written in Greek, not in Aramaic, they are not original documents or eye witnesses accounts by the Essenes or the disciples. They appear to be a patchwork quilt of the original teachings of the Teachers of Righteousness intermingled with “Jewish” i.e. Judaic and Roman bias, containing a dubious historical backdrop that often contradicts the Jewish historian Josephus.

A study of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Nag Hammadi texts makes this very evident. What these texts also make evident is a major split in Israel between the Judaic faction in Judea and Jerusalem, and the Joseph tribes from the north in Galilee. The Pharisees were of the opinion that nothing good could come out of Galilee and it is interesting to note that in John’s Gospel he often quotes Jesus as saying:

“The Jews say you… but I tell you…”

This implies a fundamental divergence of basic principles between the Judaic Sadducee faction and the Essene Joseph faction in Galilee and in Qumram.

Muslims honour Moses, Joshua and Jesus. Not David. And they see Jesus as a prophet, not the “son of God,” which I believe is an accurate conclusion. In the Old Testament, Yeshua (Joshua) was by inheritance the “firstborn,” the grandson of Ephraim, blessed by Israel and as such, the designated leader of the tribe. And Israel was very much a tribal society. Joshua  led the Hebrews, all twelve tribes into the Promised Land and dedicated them to the Law at Mount Gerizim, in Samaria, the original Mount Zion, the watchtower.

The same applies in the New Testament. In the Gospels Yeshua (Joshua-Jesus) says in frustration:

“If you have seen me then you have seen the father. Why do you not understand what I am saying?”

… or words to that effect.

His title of “firstborn” is by inheritance and from the Joseph tribes not the tribe of Judah. As the firstborn he is a representative of Jacob, Israel itself. Hence, if you see him, then you see the father. This has been clouded and covered over with misinterpretation, lack of understanding and blatant interpolation into the texts of Judaic bias.

The title has also been skewered into a Greco/Roman version of the “Gods” and the planets that are associated with them. The Gods and Goddesses of the ancient world are basically Astronomy, stone carved in human form representing the planets. Artists, potters, fashioning celestial bodies from the clay of the earth in their own image. Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Neptune look nothing like we do. Jesus has been “elevated” to God status, in competition with these planets. He was never a “Sky Daddy,” he was always a “Son of Man,” but it seems one of our own is never good enough.

An interpolation of an unrealistic “virgin birth,” in turn, ensures a dissociation of Yeshua/Jesus from his father, his “Joseph” roots. The authors who wrote this could of course have been taking magic mushrooms at the time. Magic mushrooms aside, the implications of a real, human birth and Joseph as his biological father through a logical progression going back, includes a biological inheritance to the Joseph tribes, the Northern Kingdom of Israel, Joshua who dedicated the people to the law in Samaria at Mount Gerizim and his title through Ephraim being the “firstborn” and in effect, a representative of Israel itself. This is pure genealogy going back to the “source,” being Jacob and his twelve sons.

According to the archaeologist Aviram Oshri, Bethlehem in Judea was unoccupied during Herodian times, but Bethlehem in Galilee, a short distance from Nazareth, was a thriving town and Herodian remains have been found on the site. This Bethlehem would be the most logical place for Mary to go in search of a midwife during her confinement. Rather than Jesus being born in the city of King David, he was born in the city of Joshua. Which for our purposes starts to make more sense than the counter view.

The Qur’an denounces monarchy and for good reason. Israel was abandoned by “God” because they broke the Covenant by demanding a King. The first commandment is to love God alone, not a monarch or even a high temple priest. 1 Samuel 8:

Then all the elders of Israel gathered themselves together, and came to Samuel unto Ramah,

And said unto him, Behold, thou art old, and thy sons walk not in thy ways: now make us a king to judge us like all the nations.

But the thing displeased Samuel, when they said, Give us a king to judge us. And Samuel prayed unto the Lord.

And the Lord said unto Samuel, Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto thee: for they have not rejected thee, but they have rejected me, that I should not reign over them.

According to all the works which they have done since the day that I brought them up out of Egypt even unto this day, wherewith they have forsaken me, and served other gods, so do they also unto thee.

Now therefore hearken unto their voice: howbeit yet protest solemnly unto them, and shew them the manner of the king that shall reign over them.

And Samuel told all the words of the Lord unto the people that asked of him a king.

And he said, This will be the manner of the king that shall reign over you: He will take your sons, and appoint them for himself, for his chariots, and to be his horsemen; and some shall run before his chariots.

And he will appoint him captains over thousands, and captains over fifties; and will set them to ear his ground, and to reap his harvest, and to make his instruments of war, and instruments of his chariots.

And he will take your daughters to be confectionaries, and to be cooks, and to be bakers.

And he will take your fields, and your vineyards, and your oliveyards, even the best of them, and give them to his servants.

And he will take the tenth of your seed, and of your vineyards, and give to his officers, and to his servants.

And he will take your menservants, and your maidservants, and your goodliest young men, and your asses, and put them to his work.

He will take the tenth of your sheep: and ye shall be his servants.

And ye shall cry out in that day because of your king which ye shall have chosen you; and the Lord will not hear you in that day.

Building a Temple in Jerusalem and re-instating a King David from the line of Judah, is to all intents and purposes is an abomination to “God” as is a “High Priest” in any form. The Judges of Israel, the elders, formed what we would call a constitutional body as opposed to a ruling elite class of people.

Again we go back to tampering with the texts, creating cognitive dissonance, and duplicity. By giving Jesus a genealogy to King David, the political system in the Middle East and the Mediterranean at the time, through “Christianity,” maintained the ongoing concept of monarchy. But this is contradicted by the very actions and words of “Jesus” himself.

“Jesus” was a highly educated teacher who had studied all texts and would have read Samuel and all the Prophets. It comes as no surprise then that when the devil tempted him in the desert with all the kingdoms of world, he turned the devil down. When the people wanted to make him a king, he left for the hills. When Pilate asked him if he was the king of the “Jews,” he simply replied, “The words are yours.”

Early Christianity was very much Essene in nature and the Teachers of Righteousness appear to be  a blueprint for the story of Jesus, both in the Dead Sea Scrolls and the Wisdom of Solomon 2.For this reason, I put the name in parenthesis. The name “Yeshua,” was an initiation name, and used by many of these teachers. As such their teachings are in and of themselves the political framework established by Joshua. Our “Jesus,”could have been a political movement of dissent as opposed to the story of one individual. Like “Anonymous,” they moved against the prevailing corruption of the time. Jesus whipped the money lenders in the Temple, they opposed the Herodian Kings and the fought against Rome, the “Legion.”

Christianity in the first century was an Apostolic Church. It was not based on a hierarchical order. And any “leader “might have been first, but was always regarded as first amongst equals. Which in structure meant that it was not in alignment with temple practice as it was under Alexander Jannaeus, Caiaphas and other notable characters in Jerusalem well documented by Josephus, a Jewish scholar with Roman citizenship, who recorded both Jewish and Roman history between B.C. and A.D. History is written by the victors not the crucified.

The return of the Messiah might very well be a concept as opposed to an individual, and it might very well be that from the Shiite, the Mahdi, the Imam, that the truth of Yeshua, which has been grossly misrepresented for almost 2,000 years, is made known to the world.

Who is “Israel “today? We find them in Samaria where they always have been. We find them in the old Jewish communities in Iran, often referring to themselves as “Torah Jews.” We find them in the old Christian communities across the Middle East. And we find them in Islamic communities. All are the sons of Joseph. All are Israel scattered.

According to the Prophets, “Israel,” all twelve tribes will be restored, but not as a “Jewish” Zionist state. Time will tell.


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Under Israeli Air Cover, and U.S. Stand down, ISIS took Palmyra*

Under Israeli Air Cover, and U.S. Stand down, ISIS took Palmyra*

By Gordon Duff

Israeli and Royal Jordanian attack aircraft are clearing the advance of ISIS into Palmyra, one of the great heritage sights in the world.  Soon after entering the town, Saudi-Israeli backed terrorists began a frenzy of rape and killings.

ISIS has advanced across Syria under combined air cover from both Israel and Jordan during the mysterious stand down of the American dominated “coalition” after Saudi Arabia secretly “resigned” as no longer one of the “willing.”

French moves, an assassination attempt on President Assad today and the delivery of advanced air defense weapons to ISIS forces in Mosul, have changed the dynamic as the Syria Army has taken the offensive in the west.


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Six Baltimore Officers Indicted for Freddie Gray’s Death, but…*

 6 Baltimore Officers Indicted for Freddie Gray’s Death, but…*

34 Murdered in Baltimore Since Freddie Gray Died

By Cassius Methyl

Today, the six Baltimore officers involved in the death of Freddie Gray were indicted. However, all of the officers remain free on bail. They are set to be arraigned on June 2nd.

This is a summary of the charges brought before the officers:

TOP: Baltimore Police Officer Garrett Miller, Sgt. Alicia White, Officer Edward Nero. BOTTOM: Baltimore Police Officer Caesar Goodson Jr., Lt. Brian Rice, Officer William Porter


Officer Caesar R. Goodson, Jr.

Second degree depraved heart murder (30 yrs.)
Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
Manslaughter by vehicle (gross negligence) (10 yrs.)
Manslaughter by vehicle (criminal negligence) (3 yrs.)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Reckless endangerment (5 yrs.)

Officer William G. Porter

Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
Assault/second degree (10 yrs.
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Reckless endangerment (5 yrs.)

Lt. Brian W. Rice

Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.)
Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Reckless endangerment (5 yrs.)

Officer Edward M. Nero

Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Reckless endangerment (5 yrs.)

Officer Garrett E. Miller

Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*)
Reckless endangerment (5 yrs.)

Sgt. Alicia D. White

Manslaughter (involuntary) (10 yrs.) 2) Assault/second degree (10 yrs.)
Misconduct in office (8th Amendment*) 4) Reckless endangerment (5 yrs.)

People are still marching in Baltimore; yesterday dozens of protestors marched outside The Fraternal Order of Police headquarters. This isn’t going to stop any time soon. Observers are left wondering whether this indictment is a true victory that will lead to better community relations with police.

The unity from these protests has gone under reported, and will surely crystallize into a permanent set of structures designed to better society.

This is going to yield something much more meaningful and permanent than the simple conviction of the police, though that is important too.


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The Elite’s Cultural Marxist Agenda

The Elite’s Cultural Marxist Agenda

From Alexandra Bruce

Former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan led a body of cultural conservatives convinced that Marxist academics successfully infiltrated American society, thereby undermining empiricism, the family structure and even religion itself. Those academics, members of the Institute for Social Research, known as the Frankfurt School, fled German fascists to set up shop at New York City’s Columbia University, where they began a “long march through the institutions” of education and entertainment. Cultural Marxism’s anti-positivist philosophy regarded science itself as instilling callousness to groups with grievances against dominant culture.

A love affair with collectivist ideologies has lead to ever bigger government and the welfare-warfare state. Lead by a Marxist splinter group called the “Frankfurt School” — “the long march through the institutions” has infiltrated every corner of Western culture to corrupt traditional Christian values with “political correctness,” another name for “cultural Marxism.”

A James Jaeger Film featuring RON PAUL, Congressman/Presidential Candidate; PAT BUCHANAN, Author/Political Analyst; G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, Author/Producer; EDWIN VIEIRA, Author/Constitutional Attorney and TED BAEHR, Founder of MovieGuide and Christian Film & TV Commission.

The ultimate goal of cultural Marxism is to first destroy American free-enterprise capitalism by undermining its economic engine, the Middle Class and this will lead — they hope — to the destruction of the basic building block of society: the Family Unit.

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