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Crime against Humanity: Providing Clean Water in Africa*

By Archbishop Jim Humble

The Story of Daniel’s Stand for Health Freedom

In late 2007, when Daniel Smith became aware of an inexpensive and natural water purifying substance having a positive impact on Malaria in Africa, he left his career in technology and founded Project GreenLife in hopes to make a difference in the human health experience.

The effectiveness of this water purifier can be seen in the Ugandan pilot project video posted directly below.

What was Daniel’s “Crime”?

Between 2007 and 2011, Project GreenLife made various alternative health products available online. One product in particular was the water purifier used in the Ugandan pilot project (seen above). This product is referred to throughout the world as “MMS”.

Update MMS Newsletter — May 28, 2015

Daniel Smith was taken into custody Wednesday (May 27th) after his conviction on 5 out of 6 counts. I tell you this with a heavy heart.  How could this happen? The only thing Daniel ever did was sell people a solution that would help them recover their health. The FDA was trying to send Daniel to prison for 36 years. But now, as far as we know, the Judge will not sentence Daniel for another 6 months while Daniel languishes in prison and no one knows how long the sentence will be.

For those of you who don’t know, the FDA has been trying to stop Daniel for almost a decade. They have taken him to court again and again. Daniel went to a foreign country for a time, but he chose to come back and fight the FDA as he felt that the world needed someone to counteract the evil things that the FDA continues to do.

Daniel has been fighting for all of us for all these years. My feeling is that Daniel’s lawyers betrayed him. Since the lawyers are really officers of the court and under the judges command, one’s lawyers are never really on the defendant’s side.  The night before Daniel’s verdict, I was informed by someone who was there, that his lawyers didn’t even present a defense. Evidently Daniel’s lawyers said that since the prosecutors had not “proven” their case it was not their job to demonstrate that they showed no proof. So they opted out and did not even present a defense expecting the jury to see the truth without them saying anything. That is the greatest farce to humankind I have heard so far. This case means tremendous things to all of us, and to mankind, as it will have tremendous effect on the sales of MMS from now on, and Daniel’s lawyers didn’t even present the defense! Oh, they made a short closing statement, but the prosecution went on and on for several days and the defense opted out.  That’s crazy!

At this time I do not know all of the 6 charges that were made against Daniel, I hope to have that information for you soon, but one of the charges was smuggling. His import company simply checked the wrong box at the top of the importation paper. It wasn’t even Daniel that that filled the paper out, but the FDA called it smuggling and there is a long prison sentence for smuggling. They couldn’t get him for doing anything wrong about selling MMS so they are charging him with a lot of ridiculous things.

Regarding juries, it seems the judge never tells the jury that they can not only decide if one is guilty or not guilty, but they can decide the law as well. That means they can decide if the law applies in each case or not. That is written into the constitution. I am 82 years old and have observed numerous cases during my lifetime and I have personally never seen a case yet that I thought the judge properly instructed the jury. America has more people in prison than most of the rest of the world, and since prisons are the business of large corporations, this is just one more thing that is wrong with the system.

I suppose the FDA will continue to try to stop MMS but now with a much greater push, as they will feel that they can use this conviction to throw fear into all of us who would try to help our fellow men and humanity.

I will have more to say about Daniel after I find out more details from the court. I am so sorry that Daniel has tried to help us and is being punished for it, but there are still things that we can do. The FDA has not seen the last of us and they are now playing with fire as there are many who want to see the FDA completely disbanded.

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A Zionist Hating Jew*

A Zionist Hating Jew*

In his courageous defence of American patriots in the wartime sedition trials, Klein exposed the cancer that is devouring the world today.

Klein said: “Communists control not only our government but our politics, our labour organizations, our agriculture, our mines, our industries, our war plants and our armed encampments….Anti semitism is a racket…”

Shortly before his “suicide” in 1955, Henry H. Klein, a righteous Jew, uttered these prophetic words:

“Zionism is a political program for the conquest of the world…Zionism destroyed Russia by violence as a warning to other nations. It is destroying the United States through bankruptcy, as Lenin advised. Zionism wants another world war if necessary to enslave the people. Our manpower is scattered over the world. Will we be destroyed from within or will we wake up in time to prevent it?” (Pamphlet “Zionism Rules the World”)

Like Robert Edmondson, Klein is another American hero flushed down the memory hole for defying the Rothschild -Rockefeller cartel. There is no Wikipedia entry for this Jew who fought the Masonic bankers all his life as a crusading NYC reporter, editor, author, city official and Mayoral candidate. (He said the Rockefellers and most other tycoons are under Zionist control.) He became a lawyer and defended pro bono Christian patriots in the famous “Sedition” Show Trial of 1942-1944.

Klein represents the true Jewish spirit, not exclusive to Jews, of serving God, the inborn universal principle of absolute truth and justice.  Like other groups, Jews have been betrayed by the Luciferian (Illuminati) central bankers using various ‘isms including Zionism, Communism, Liberalism, Fascism, Socialism and Feminism.

Klein dedicated his 1935 autobiography “My Last Fifty Years” to his mother “whose Instincts and Spirit were transmitted to her son.”  He can truthfully say,

“In a world ruled by Mammon, I have tried to serve my fellow man…If I have exposed some hypocrites, humbugs and liars, I feel I have only further served God.”


In 1942-44,  FDR ordered a Stalinist Show Trial to punish American patriots and anti-Communists.  Since Russia was an ally, he wanted to paint his critics as Nazis and anti-Semites.  About 45 disparate activists, including Robert Edmondson, were charged with inciting rebellion among American soldiers and put in jail.  The investigation against them was conducted by the B’nai Brith, the FBI and reporters for the (Illuminati Jewish banker owned) Washington Post.

Henry Klein represented Elmer J. Garner of Wichita, Kansas, a deaf 83-year-old American patriot who died three weeks after the trial began. He had been held in the [Washington, D.C.] jail for several weeks, for lack of bond fees, and died alone in a Washington rooming house with 40 cents in his pocket.

Among the other persecuted patriots were: a sign painter who was 80 percent deaf, a Detroit factory worker, a waiter and a maid. (This account is indebted to “A Mockery of Justice The Great Sedition Trial of 1944” by Michael Collins Piper & Ken Hoop.)

More prominent targets included former American diplomat and economist Lawrence Dennis, who said “Pearl Harbor did not suspend the Bill of Rights”; Mrs. Elizabeth Dilling of Chicago, an outspoken and articulate anti-Communist lecturer;  Rev. Gerald Winrod of Kansas who had run for the Senate; and  William Griffin, a New York-based publisher with connections in the Roman Catholic Church.

By jailing these people, FDR hoped to intimidate his more serious critics, men like Col. [Charles] Lindbergh or Senators [Burton] Wheeler [D-Mont.], [Robert] Taft [R-Ohio] and Gerald Nye [R-N.D.]


After Garner died, Klein represented Col. Eugene N. Sanctuary,73, who ran the Presbyterian foreign mission office in NYC. Sanctuary had written a pamphlet “Is the New Deal Communist?” in which he made a 35-point comparison of it to Marx’s 1848 program.

He also wrote “The Talmud Unmasked: The Secret Rabbinical Teachings Concerning Christians” (New York, 1939). He was also the author of several hundred sacred and patriotic songs including “Uncle Sam We Are Standing by You.” He was hardly the dangerous seditionist that the prosecution and the sympathetic press painted him to be.

“This alleged indictment,” Klein said in his opening address to the jury, “is … under a Constitution which guarantees free press and free speech at all times, including during wartime…These people believed in the guarantees set forth in the Constitution, and they criticized various acts of the administration.”

Klein’s defense included the following:

“We will prove that the Communists control not only our government but our politics, our labor organizations, our agriculture, our mines, our industries, our war plants and our armed encampments.”

We will prove that this persecution was instigated by so-called professional Jews who make a business of preying on other Jews by scaring them into the belief that their lives and their property are in danger through threatened pogroms in the United States [and that] anti-Semitism charged in this so-called indictment, is a racket, that is being run by racketeers for graft purposes.”

“We will show that the most vicious written attack on Jews and on the Roosevelt administration emanated from the office of the FBI by one of its agents, and that the purpose of this attack was to provoke others to do likewise. We will show that this agent also drilled his underlings in New York with broom sticks preparatory to “killing Jews.”

“We will show that large sums of Hitler money helped finance Mr. Roosevelt’s campaign for re-election in 1936 and that right at this moment, British, American and German capital and industry are co-operating together in South America and other parts of the world.” [This points to the Illuminati as a worldwide elite conspiracy controlling both sides of every conflict.]

Klein’s speech was a critical turning point in the defense Lawrence Reilly wrote that

“Klein did much in his brief speech to torpedo [Prosecutor] Rogge’s case by bringing to light the hidden agencies responsible for its existence.”

As a direct consequence of his offensive against the ADL and the other Jewish groups that had orchestrated the trial, Klein was targeted, specifically because he was Jewish.

Klein wrote that “attempts were made to poison me in Washington DC and to knock me off otherwise in NYC. My telephone has been tapped for more than 10 years and my mail stolen. Clients and friends were warned to keep away from me and word was sent out by the Jewish cabal to starve Klein.”

According to Revilo Oliver, Klein committed suicide in 1955 but it is quite likely he was murdered. Louis McFadden, the chairman of the House Banking Committee was similarly murdered in 1936. The author of the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” boasts of killing opponents, especially uncooperative fellow Masons, and making the deaths look natural.


Our society is like a snake shedding its skin. The old skin was Western civilization, devotion to God, country, human development and freedom. The new skin is a banker-controlled socially engineered plantation where the slaves think they are free.

Henry Klein fought this development but America doesn’t even know he existed. This is the fate of patriots in a land which has been totally subverted by an international satanic cult bent on translating its economic monopoly into a total monopoly over politics, culture and religion. Zionism, including organized Jewry, is an unwitting accomplice in this demonic drive to control and own everything and everyone.

But Zionism is just one arrow in the Illuminati quiver, which includes Freemasonry, most religions including fundamentalist Islam (Salafis/Wahabis,) Intelligence agencies, corporations, governments, foundations, think tanks, the mass media, education, NGO’s etc. Essentially they have control over money and everyone dances to their tune, while oozing unction. They pit their various agents against each other in order to achieve their goal, the degradation and enslavement of mankind.

It’s hard to say whether the Illuminati expresses a Pharisee Jewish need to control the world, or a Satanic one, or whether there is a difference between the two. But one thing is clear. Like everyone else, Jews like Henry Klein have an innate connection to God. Once we realize we are victims of a monstrous hoax, we can follow Klein’s example and express His Spirit anew.

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Palestine Drops Bid to Suspend Israel from FIFA*

Palestine Drops Bid to Suspend Israel from FIFA*

This FIFA saga demonstrates what global thuggery is at play… So what prospects in the International Court of Justice?

FIFA Congress Receives Bomb Threat

The PFA president said he will drop the motion and instead focus on ensuring the free movement of Palestinian players.

The Palestine Football Association Friday dropped its earlier proposal to suspend Israel from the world football organization FIFA.

Last week, the PFA pushed for a veto to suspend the Israeli Football Association’s membership in FIFA, saying the systemic controls under the occupation have been impeding the PFA from playing the game.

For the past two years, the PFA has been filing complaints to FIFA over Israel’s systemic violations. These include Palestinian players being killed in the latest war on Gaza and others in confrontations with Israeli forces in the West Bank, as well as players being injured or detained by Israeli forces.

Israeli authorities have also imposed restrictions on the building of sports facilities in Palestinian territory, broken up games and even attacked the PFA headquarters. Players are also frequently not granted the necessary permits to travel outside of the West Bank or Gaza, a major hurdle for the PFA who has formed a team with Palestinians from both regions.

Speaking at the FIFA congress in Zurich, Switzerland Friday, Jibril Rajoub, President of the PFA said he had been persuaded to back down on the motion to have Israel suspended from the organization.

Instead, Rajoub proposed that free movement be ensured for Palestinian players. He also insisted that an investigation be launched into alleged Israeli racism against Palestinians, and demanded that the five Israeli league teams currently playing on occupied land be banned.

According to media reports, the move was welcomed by FIFA president Sepp Blatter.

President of Israel’s Football Association, Ofer Eini, said he wanted Israel and Palestine to “work together” and “join forces,” proposing a joint committee between the Israeli and Palestinian football leagues and FIFA.

“Let’s leave it to the politicians to do politics,” said Eini.

Rajoub initially refused the proposal, saying he would only agree to a joint committee if a deal was made to address the Palestinian association’s grievances. However, the PFA president and Eini were later seen shaking hands.


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Indonesia Welcomes Rohingya Refugees*

Indonesia Welcomes Rohingya Refugees*

By Marie Dhumieres

Rohingya migrants jump to collect food supplies dropped by a Thai army helicopter from a boat drifting in Thai waters off the southern island of Koh Lipe in the Andaman sea on May 14, 2015. – Christophe ArchambaultAFP/Getty Images

Marzuki Rami couldn’t believe his eyes when he first caught a glimpse of what was going on, some 50 meters from his boat. Like every other day, the 40-year-old fisherman was at sea that morning. It was two weeks ago.

“Around 5 a.m. we saw this big boat. There were people jumping off it, some already in the water. When they saw us, they started swimming towards us,” Rami remembered.

He admits he was a little worried at first.

“There were so many of them,” he said.

Still, he and the rest of his crew didn’t hesitate.

“We just grabbed them. One by one. They were a lot of people injured, who had been beaten up, some were fainting. And some, we lost sight of them. It was really dark.”

Many of them were Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic minority from Myanmar that is among the most persecuted groups in the world. There were also Bangladeshis, fleeing abject poverty at home.

Myanmar denies the Rohingya citizenship, and restricts their ability to travel and marry. They are a stateless people. Hundreds of thousands are forcibly moved into camps in Myanmar, unless they can afford to pay human smugglers to take them away on a boat. Many who do escape end up in death camps run by human traffickers in Thailand.

Rami’s red wooden trawler filled up fast. He tried to contact the sea police but no one answered. So he called some other fishermen. Six boats came and between them they managed to rescue 600 desperate people.

The fishermen all knew they weren’t supposed to help. At the time, the Indonesian government — just like the governments in Thailand, Malaysia and Australia — were adhering to a cold policy of towing the migrant boats back out to sea in the hopes they’d land somewhere, anywhere else. Human Rights Watch called it a human game of ping-pong.

“We had to do something” – Nursia, an Indonesian shopkeeper

The migrants had been at sea for weeks, some of them months, with barely anything to eat and drink. Pictures circulated of migrants jumping into the water to grab scarce food thrown from helicopters.

The Indonesian government, however, said that if it took in the Rohingya migrants, many more would follow. And that would create “social issues.” It warned the fishermen against helping them.

But here in the province of Aceh, on the northern tip of the Indonesian island of Sumatra, the everyday people who would be most affected by an influx of refugees didn’t agree with their government.

Rami and the other fishermen said they could not just stand by while the authorities did nothing. In total, the fishermen of Aceh have rescued some 1,500 migrants since the beginning of May.

Rami said he would do it again.

“They looked so weak, so hungry,” he remembered.

He and other fishermen were able to communicate with some of the migrants who spoke Malay, a language similar to Indonesian.

“They told us they had to drink their own urine because they didn’t have any water.”

Nurden Ali, another fisherman, said that the Indonesians gave the migrants rice but didn’t have enough plates.

“They were just holding the hot rice in their hands,” he said.

We’re all humans, we need to help each other,” Rami said.

The sentiment was the same on land. When news came that migrants had arrived, many rushed to the port, where the city government has been forced to accommodate those who have been rescued.

In the warehouses turned into dorms, giant piles of donated clothes are a testament to the locals’ generosity. Nursia, a 30-year-old shopkeeper who lives a few kilometres away from the port, said everyone felt “we had to do something.”

She said it was the right thing to do. “We have to be compassionate,” she said.

In Langsa’s city center, Andi, 24, pointed to piles of food and clothes outside a volunteer tent in a small park. He said donations have been abundant, and haven’t stopped since the migrants arrived.

“People feel we have to help fellow Muslims,” he said.

Most Acehnese are very religious — this is the only Indonesian province that has implemented Islamic law — and Langsa people are known to be particularly pious.

It’s not the first time Aceh has taken in Rohingya migrants. In 2009, several boats carrying hundreds of people landed here. At that time too, migrants were rescued by fishermen, and welcomed by the local population. Many are still waiting for resettlement or repatriation.

Human rights groups believe thousands of starving people are still stranded at sea, abandoned by smugglers. Indonesian authorities say the newly arrived will be allowed to stay for a maximum of a year, while their relocation or repatriation is figured out.

In the meantime, the international community is hoping to address the root of the problem.

At a meeting on Friday organized in Bangkok by the Thai government, the focus was on mostly Buddhist Myanmar and its refusal to grant the Muslim Rohingya citizenship. The United Nations called on Myanmar to remove restrictions on the Rohingya and grant them basic freedoms.

But Myanmar has so far refused. Incredibly, the country outright denied at the Bangkok meeting that it is the root cause of the problem.

“This issue of illegal immigration of boat people, you cannot single out my country,” Myanmar’s representative said, according to The New York Times.

Myanmar, which has opened up recently after decades of North Korea-style isolation, is expecting global aid and investment in return for its economic and political reform. It’s unclear if the government’s treatment of the Rohingya will have any effect on that influx of cash.

At the camp in Aceh, the migrants are just happy that, for at least this brief moment, they are safe. Alongside the Indonesian volunteers, they sang and danced. They clapped their hands to the beats of music. And they smiled.


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