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Take away Macedonia’s Traditional Values, Renders Them Controllable by the Cabal*

Take away Macedonia’s Traditional Values, Renders Them Controllable by the Cabal*

Andrew Korybko argues that besides economic and political, there are ideological reasons for the aggression of the West against Macedonia, aimed to:

  • destroy conservative traditional values in the local society
  • sabotage Russia’s Balkan Stream pipeline plans using opposition parties
  • cause unrest and instability using a number of NGOs on the Soros payroll

Q1: The failed coup, the publishing of the illegally wiretapped phone records, the protests, and the terrorist attack is a strategy created and supported by the opposition, the Soros NGO’s, and some western powers in order for Macedonia to withdraw from Turkish Stream Russian pipeline. What are the details from the dark scenario that they had in mind?

Andrew Korybko: The main strategy is to overthrow the government using a Color Revolution, but if that doesn’t work, then they plan on introducing an Unconventional War modeled off of the Syrian template. We already see the beginning of the second strategy with the terrorist attack in Kumanovo, which they staged in order to try to instigate the Albanians to break away from the democratically elected and legitimate government.

They hope to stain the Albanians’ reputation by affiliating them with this terrorism in order to incite ethnic and religious tensions on both sides. If the combination of Color Revolution and Unconventional War doesn’t succeed in overthrowing the government, then they hope that the resultant chaos can create a pretext for a formal military intervention by NATO. This could see Albania occupy the ethnic Albanian areas of Western Macedonia under a false ‘humanitarian intervention’, ’responsibility to protect’, or ’anti-terrorism’ guise or a more unified NATO intervention between both Albania and Bulgaria, the latter of which have sent troops to the border ostensibly to deal with ‘refugees’.

The end game of this entire destabilization is to remove Macedonia’s patriotic and internationally recognized government, change the constitutional name of the country, possibly federalize or partition the state (maybe even between both Albania and Bulgaria, with the EU/NATO supporting Sofia’s occupation as a ‘reward’ for rejecting South Stream), and ultimately sabotage Russia’s Balkan Stream pipeline plans.

Rothschild and BP Tony Hayward opened pipeline in January that goes EXACTLY thru area where ISIS is stationed.

Q2: But obviously, something in Macedonia is not working out for them. Besides the timely and decisive moves from the top state officials, it seems that they are also failing mostly thanks to the wisdom of the citizens, both Macedonian and Albanian, who realized what kind of scenario is going on, who the directors are, who is telling the truth, and who is telling lies. Yet, it is naive to think they will give up like that and open the way for the Turkish stream. What can we expect next?

AK: Macedonia can certainly expect more violent provocations since the US will not give up its plans that easily. I commend all Macedonians for their calm and peaceful reaction to the existing provocations, and especially extend my respect to the Albanian population for thus far avoiding the externally directed temptation of Greater Albania. But, I do see the West increasing their pressure on all Macedonians, especially ethnic Albanians, in order to try to split society.

Rothschilds are behind the Trans-Adriatic Pipeline, just as they are the trade agreement known as TPP and a few other names

We already see international (Western) diplomatic interventions through the biased statements by the EU, NATO, and the joint statement of the US, EU, France, UK, and Italy, essentially laying equal blame to the security forces for the terrorist attack! The method behind their madness is to create a pretext for sanctions against the people of Macedonia that are designed to decrease their living standards and economic growth (which was stronger than the Eurozone’s last year) so that they feel pressured to join the Color Revolutionaries or ethnic terrorists.

However, I’m very worried that the US will initiate false-flag violence in Skopje like they did with the snipers in Kiev in order to accelerate the country’s destabilization. Everything comes down to 17 May [anti-government protests] and the forthcoming Color Revolution, coup attempt. I feel that this day is setting itself up to go down in Macedonian history either as the day the destabilizers were defeated or the day Macedonia was thrown into full chaos.

There is just too much Western media coverage on the upcoming event right now for Washington to not throw all of its resources into making it a regime change ‘success’, although I predict that the majority of Macedonians will continue to resist the external war being waged on their country with the same devotion and heroism as their Syrian counterparts.

Q3: It is almost funny to see how some of the pro- western media have absolute bias in their reports, pointing fingers, publishing statements or interviews only from the opposition and Soros activists and making cheap and pathetic spins. Is it coincidence that most of this media seem to be coming from the US, Germany and Britain, and a few from the region that are financed by Soros?

AK: No, it’s not a coincidence because these are the same political forces fighting against Macedonia. I’d like to emphasize the hostile political nature of these entities because their economic interests are naturally aligned to Balkan Stream, as is the case with Germany and the entire EU as a whole, for example. However, the US-controlled political forces oppose Balkan Stream due to Washington’s pressure in the New Cold War, and if they want to retain power and not be ousted via their own manipulated ‘wiretapping scandal’, political putsch, or Color Revolution, then they must abide by whatever the US says.

And one more thing – these Western actors are supports of hyper liberalism and have tried to destroy the same religious-conservative values in their own country that Prime Minister Gruevski and VMRO are trying to reinforce and promote in Macedonia, so they also have ideological reasons for their information aggression as well. Zaev is cut from the same cloth as these Western politicians and aims to enforce a hyper liberal model on Macedonia that would do away with all of the values-based successes of the past decade.


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European Tolerance and Reconciliation Role for Blair*

European Tolerance and Reconciliation Role for Blair*

Which is another way of  saying to prevent the break-up of the E.U. through blackmailing and bullying states

By Gilad Atzmon 

The Guardian reports this morning that Tony Blair is to take on a new role leading the European Council on Tolerance and Reconciliation.

This is no doubt great news. The 21st century’s greatest war criminal is called to lead the campaign against ‘extremism’ which he himself instigated. Truth be told, it only makes sense to appoint a mass murderer to such a delicate job because only a genocidal character could be intimately familiar with the nitty gritty of institutional hatred and intolerance.

The British former prime minister who launched an immoral interventionist war has been appointed as chairman of the European Council on Tolerance following his spectacular success as a Peace Envoy to the Middle East introducing reconciliation and new harmony to the entire region.

In a joint article (paywall) with Moshe Kantor, the president of the council of the European Jewish Congress, Blair recently expressed his devotion to the Jews and the primacy of their suffering. “Antisemitism is not a Jewish problem, but one infecting the whole of society and needs to be tackled for the sake of us all.”

The penny dropped. Blair, seemingly understands his contribution to Jew hatred. Next time when he launches a global criminal war with no end he must make sure that rather than using Lord Cash Point Levy  as his chief fund raiser he should consider using someone else, preferably a ‘gentile’ (If he finds one).  Even Blair must have grasped by now that the clear association between his Zio-con war and a Jewish financier is ‘not just a Jewish problem.’  With 5 million people dead in the region it infects the whole universe.

It is encouraging to learn that the council chaired by Blair doesn’t really believe in elementary freedom, quite the opposite, it believes it should promote legislation to confront  ‘holocaust denial’, and this makes a lot of sense to me. As a person who perpetrated a holocaust himself, Blair is interested in laws that would stop any attempt to narrating and revising the past. I totally agree. I believe that all history except the Jewish one, must be abolished all together and immediately. We are moving forward, we progress, we should invest in the future rather than attempt to find out what really happened let alone why.


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NSA’s Medical Intelligence Hit List*

NSA’s Medical Intelligence Hit List*

By Wayne Madsen

In yet another worrying sign that the U.S. National Security Agency has completely gone off the rails, a June 2010 PowerPoint slide, titled «Medical Pattern of Life: Targeting High Value Individual № 1», subtitled «SIGINT [signals intelligence] Enabling HUMINT [human intelligence] / Targeting», describes how NSA is using medical intelligence (MEDINT) to target medical patients.

The PowerPoint presentation is classified TOP SECRET/COMINT [Communications Intelligence]. By misusing medical information and data to target patients for either surveillance or assassination, NSA is on shaky ground with regard to abiding by the privacy and data protection acts of dozens of nations, as well as international law on human rights and warfare.

If «targeting» includes using medical intelligence to assassinate individuals, NSA and its military and civilian analysts are in violation of not only the Geneva Conventions, which prohibit attacks on medical personnel and hospitals, but also war crimes statutes. The abuse of MEDINT is also a clear violation of the conclusions of the Nuremberg Tribunal, which concluded that the use of hospitals and mental institutions to carry out murder are clearly war crimes.

As witnessed by the Central Intelligence Agency’s use of psychiatrists in its torture program, the NSA has used clinical psychologists in its MEDINT operations. The CIA doctors who were involved in torture have been accused of violating professional standards, in addition to the Hippocratic Oath, and the NSA clinical personnel are no different. One individual identified as part of the NSA MEDINT program has the title of «Clinical Psychologist to Operations (SSG13)».

NSA’s MEDINT operations, according to the slides revealed by NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden, include «extracting pattern of life (PoL) from MEDINT; identification of all recurring, and therefore predictable, patterns of behavior that constitute the specific treatment regimen for a target’s medical illness; medications, medical tests, medical surgical treatments, hospital, and doctor visits».

Although the NSA slide show refers to Osama Bin Laden as a target because of his «middle stage renal disease; recurrent urinary tract infections, and kidney stones; and intestinal problems», it is clear that any world leader could be subjected to the same type of NSA medical intelligence surveillance. A 2010 State Department DNA collection operation indicates that many world leaders have been «targeted» by the NSA MEDINT program.

The NSA program has involved its British partner, the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Sandia National Laboratory in New Mexico, Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee, the CIA, the Laboratory for Physical Sciences at the University of Maryland, and the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6). The MEDINT operation also involves NSA’s ultra-secret RX branch, which is involved in «special access research».

The MEDINT program even involves placing Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags on prescription packages and the use of pharmaceutical «honey pots» to deliver possibly poisoned medication and sabotaged equipment, including intravenous (IV) bags and epoetin injection bottles, to targets. Honey pots in espionage are females or males who lure operatives of the opposite or same gender by providing sexual favours. The «sexpionage» targets are then prompted to carry out specific tasks through the pressure of blackmail.

The NSA is quite clear that its intention is to gain control of the «Pharma to Target» conduit through the breaking of seals on pharmaceuticals, RFID tracking and geo-location, and, what is perhaps the most sinister aspect, initiating an «operation on acquired target». In the world of intelligence, an «operation on an acquired target» usually means an assassination.

As far as the inviolability of the neutral status of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), the NSA sees ICRC hospitals and «field agents» as candidates for ensuring that pharmaceuticals and medical equipment delivered to «targets» are clandestinely tagged or sabotaged.

The NSA promoters of MEDINT brag that «tagging and tracking medications/supplies to a specific target enables us to leap over the non-electronic moat with which HVIs (High Value Individuals) surround themselves, enabling their geolocation». The NSA also believes that «Credible Medical Intel never goes stale».

What is most disconcerting about the NSA MEDINT program is that the classified briefing on it came six months after the U.S. State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, requested U.S. embassies around the world to send DNA samples of government leaders, in addition to fingerprints, facial images, and iris scans, to Washington as part of a program called the National HUMINT Collection Directive (NHCD). The CIA director had previously been designated as the National HUMINT Manager for the U.S. Intelligence Community, of which NSA is a part, and the actual operations were carried out under the National Clandestine Service of the CIA.

A March 24, 2008 SECRET NOFORN cable from the State Department to the U.S. embassy in Asuncion, Paraguay requested DNA samples be collected on progressive presidential candidate Fernando Lugo, as well as other presidential contenders, including Education Minister Blanca Ovelar; former Vice President Luis Castiglioni; and former General Lino Oviedo. In August 2010, Lugo, who had been elected president, was diagnosed with cancer. In 2012, he was overthrown in a coup organized by the CIA. In addition to Lugo and Venezuela’s late president, Hugo Chavez, cancer also suddenly plagued the leaders of Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Colombia.

A July 31, 2009 cable from the State Department to the U.S. Missions to the United Nations requested biometric data, including DNA samples, on UN officials, including Secretary General Ban Ki-moon; UN permanent representatives of Security Council member states; and North Korean diplomats. This directive also included the order to collect DNA samples from the UN ambassadors of Austria, Burkina Faso, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, France, Japan, Libya, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, Uganda, and Vietnam, as well as the ambassadors and other officials from the European Union, African Union, Organization of Islamic Conference. The cable was very specific on which UN officials were subject to DNA collection: “key officials of Secretariat, specialized agency, committee, commission, and program officials in New York, Geneva, Vienna, and other UN system cities, to include special assistants and chiefs of staff.” Also targeted for DNA collection were “NAM [Non-aligned Movement]/G-77 [Group of 77]/OIC Permanent Representatives, particularly China, Cuba, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, South Africa, Sudan, Uganda, Senegal, and Syria.

The collection of DNA did not stop with the UN headquarters but also targeted diplomats with the International Atomic Energy Agency and NATO. The tasking called for DNA samples from “UN arms control interlocutors, especially candidates for the position of Director General of the IAEA, and the heads of other international institutions.” The cable specified arms control diplomats from other International Arms Control Organizations, NATO, and the OSCE [Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe], particularly diplomatic and arms control officials from Austria, Brazil, Burkina Faso, China, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cuba, Egypt, France, Indonesia, Iran, Ireland, Japan, Libya, Malaysia, Mexico, Pakistan, Russia, South Africa, Sweden, Turkey, Uganda and Vietnam.

International health officials were also targeted. The cable is specific on targets: “Director General of the WHO [World Health Organization], head of UNAIDS, the Pan American Health Organization, under Secretaries, heads of specialized agencies and their chief advisers, and top aides.”

It is abundantly clear from the Snowden revelations and the State Department classified cables allegedly supplied by Bradley, now Chelsea, Manning that the U.S. intelligence community has embarked on a dangerous program of using medical intelligence to assassinate HVIs, or «high-value individuals».

In 1975, Senator Frank Church displayed before a Senate hearing on the abuses of the U.S. intelligence community a «heart attack gun» produced by the CIA. The gun, powered by a battery, fired a frozen water projectile containing poisonous shellfish toxin. When the bullet entered a target, the projectile melted, leaving a small red blemish on the victim. The shellfish toxin entered the victim’s bloodstream causing a heart attack. In all cases, medical examinations would conclude the victim died from «natural causes», to wit, a sudden heart attack. Today, the NSA and CIA have obviously teamed up to develop more exotic and technological methods to kill their targets. Advances in telemedicine now mean that a political assassination is only one or two keystrokes away for Uncle Sam’s killers in military uniforms and business attire.


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Myanmar Two Years of Hard Labour in Prison for Asking for Religious Peace*

Myanmar Two Years of Hard Labour in Prison for Asking for Religious Peace*

By Patrick Winn

A Myanmar Buddhist monk speaks over a public-address system during a rally against an outbreak of Buddhist-Muslim violence in central Myanmar. |YE AUNG THUAFP/Getty Images

In a country notorious for unjust prison sentences, this one is a doozy: two years of hard labour for urging “love and peace” between Buddhists and Muslims.

In Myanmar, where Buddhism is the dominant faith, anti-Muslim hatred has emerged in recent years as one of society’s greatest ills. This toxic phenomenon was the subject of a speech late last year by a well-known writer named Htin Lin Oo.

His message: hardcore racial and religious bigotry simply does not jibe with the Buddhist faith. The speech, according to The Irrawaddy news outlet, argued that

“if you want to be an extreme nationalist, and if you love to maintain your race that much, don’t believe in Buddhism.”

That was enough to get Htin Lin Oo sentenced to two years of hard labour in prison.

His offense under Myanmar law? Committing an act “intended to outrage religious feelings.” 

What’s more, though Htin Lin Oo is an acolyte of Nobel Peace Prize laureate and White House favorite Aung San Suu Kyi, among Myanmar’s most revered political figures, he was fired from his post as her party’s information officer in the wake of the speech

Criminalizing appeals for religious tolerance represents a dark low in Myanmar as anti-Muslim fervour sweeps the country. No Muslim is safe from bigotry. But one group — the Rohingya, who live along the coast near neighbouring Bangladesh — have taken the brunt of it. They have been violently purged and forced into ghettoized camps so bleak that hundreds of thousands have risked death to flee on rickety boats plying the Bay of Bengal.

Those purges were preceded by town hall-style meetings in which Buddhists openly workshopped methods for driving Rohingya from their homes.

But laws against outraging “religious feelings” never seem to apply when Buddhists are whipping up anti-Muslim fervour.

These laws also didn’t stop monks and their followers from staging a recent anti-Rohingya rally in Yangon, Myanmar’s largest city. And they’ve never stopped the face of the country’s anti-Muslim movement — an attention-seeking monk named Wirathu — from denigrating Muslims as over-breeding, violent fanatics bent on toppling the country.

As the monk once told GlobalPost: Muslims are “like the African carp. They breed quickly and they are violent and they eat their own kind.”


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Morgan Freeman Becomes a Bee Keeper*

Morgan Freeman Becomes a Bee Keeper*

By Claire Bernish

After an annual survey of beekeepers in conjunction with the US Dept of Agriculture revealed the worst colony die-off in nine years, the pollinators are once again receiving the crucial attention they deserve. However you feel about celebrities, they undoubtedly have a broad audience base zeroing in on every detail of their lives. Fortunately, for the movement promoting bee health and spreading awareness about colony decline, Morgan Freeman is not only a voice, he’s actively involved.

With his 78th birthday just passing on June 1, Freeman’s guest spot on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon from last July, in which he revealed his apicultural skills, is once again making the rounds.

In the interview, he describes turning his 124-acre Mississippi estate into a bee haven complete with 26 hives.

“There’s a concerted effort to bring bees back onto the planet. We do not realize that they are the foundation, I think, of the growth of the planet, the vegetation. I have so many flowering things, and I have a gardener too. Because she takes care of the bees too, all she does is figure out, ‘OK, what would they like to have?’, so we’ve got acres and acres of clover, we’re planting stuff like lavender, I’ve got like, maybe 140 magnolia trees, big blossoms,” said Freeman, according to The Toronto Sun.

He described ‘resonating’ with the bees he imported from Arkansas, and explained how he feeds them a sugar and water combination, inserted directly into the hives, to familiarize them with their new surroundings. Because he becomes “one with the bees”, Freeman doesn’t feel the need to wear protective gear typical of beekeepers, such as a face net.

“I’ve not ever used (the beekeeping hat) with my bees. They haven’t (stung me) yet because right now I’m not trying to harvest honey or anything; I’m just feeding them… I think they understand, ‘Hey, don’t bother this guy, he’s got sugar water here.’”

Bee populations have fallen by 40%-60% since April of last year alone, and though the exact cause hasn’t been decisively proven, neonicotinoid pesticides seem to be a likely culprit. ‘Neonics’ are the most widely used insecticide, in part for their simplicity. Farmers need only immerse their seeds in the substance and resulting crops continually absorb it during the growth cycle, with benefits lasting the entire season. Bees are naturally drawn to the sugary, highly toxic neonics, which makes them more susceptible to pathogens and parasites — including Nosema, which has been implicated in Colony Collapse Disorder. It’s estimated up to 95% of corn in the US has been treated with neonics, which actively persist in the environment for months or years after only one application.

Further studies about the declining bee population are ongoing, so Freeman’s efforts in both tending hives and speaking publicly are a most welcome addition to movement.


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Rapper Opens Academy to Provide Solar Power to 600mn Africans*

Rapper Opens Academy to Provide Solar Power to 600mn Africans*

A lesson to the entertainment Iluminati sycophants who have lost the meaning of life…

By Yesha Callahan

Akon Lighting Africa is the name of the new initiative being taken on by rapper Akon to eventually provide solar power to 600,000,000 African people and build a foundation for future prosperity.

According to an article from The Root:

“Located in Bamako, Mali, the Solar Academy will help African engineers and entrepreneurs develop skills that will enable them to produce solar power. Experts will be on hand to help the participants with training and equipment,”

The academy’s stated goal is to give something to the African people that will not fade; lasting skills taught to the people and infrastructure that will yield more. The goal is to teach people how to maintain microgrids and solar-powered electricity systems. In rural Africa, this technology is becoming rapidly more prevalent.

“We have the sun and innovative technologies to bring electricity to homes and communities. We now need to consolidate African expertise,” said Samba Baithily, co-founder of the initiative.

“We expect the Africans who graduate from this center to devise new, innovative, technical solutions,” said Thione Niang, the third co-founder. “With this academy, we can capitalize on Akon Lighting Africa and go further.”

This is not charity. If this is genuine and not another money-backed publicity stunt, it is recognition and acting on the civic duty a person is born with; to look out for their people. This foundation could lay the ground work for not only an improvement in the standard of living for millions of Africans, it can also create real economic activity for years to come.

Hopefully this will inspire rich and successful people to use their wealth to create opportunities; to lay foundations for prosperity that actually grow and flourish for the good of the people.

Please share this great news with as many people as possible.


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Eugenics: UN “Death Targets” include the Elderly*

Eugenics: UN “Death Targets” include the Elderly*

By Alex Newman

Elderly people in the United Kingdom and potentially worldwide are likely to be treated as “second-class citizens” and even denied life-saving medical treatment under proposed “highly unethical” United Nations “death targets,” healthcare and aging experts declared in an open letter last week.

The radical UN “Sustainable Development Goals,” which would put virtually every realm of human activity in the crosshairs, include, among other controversial provisions, proposed global “targets” for reducing premature deaths from various causes. To meet those targets, the experts said, government-run healthcare systems such as the U.K. “National Health Service” (NHS) are likely to focus more resources on easier-to-save younger people — at the expense of the elderly whose deaths would not be counted as “premature.” Some critics are even saying the plan heralds the advent of “death panels.”

Officially dubbed the UN “Post-2015 Sustainable Development Goals,” the plot being pushed by the UN and its member regimes represents a brazen attack on liberty, self-government, markets, national sovereignty, and more — all under the guise of “solving” all of the world’s real and imagined problems. The death targets are merely one tiny component that includes everything from “education” and values to food and health. The specific “Sustainable Development Goals,” set to replace the “Millennium Development Goals” established in 2000, are still being hammered out by UN bureaucrats and UN member regimes. Everything from “ending poverty” and “ending hunger” to “achieving gender equality” and “reducing income equality within and between countries” over 15 years is on the agenda. Imagine the coercive powers and the massive amount of resources required to even attempt such scheming.

Now, at least one component of the agenda — the age discrimination in healthcare — is coming under heavy criticism in the United Kingdom. In the open letter published by the prominent medical journal The Lancet and widely reported in the British press, the international coalition of experts lambasted the sought-after UN goal and demanded that it be scrapped or revised. Blasting the ideas as “agist” — discrimination against individuals based on their age — the signatories argued that the concept of “premature mortality” has the potential to “undermine the cherished, fundamental principle of health as a universal right for all.” The letter specifically criticizes a previous article on the subject that it says is based on “ethical principles” that “are deeply troubling” — namely, “that people aged 70 years and above do not matter.”

The signatories also argue that ageist discrimination is already strong in areas such as cancer treatment even in high-income countries, and the situation is worse still in poorer nations. In the U.K., as The New American and many other sources have been documenting for years, the government-run healthcare monopoly known as NHS is already infamous for killing off the elderly and denying necessary care to patients. Last year, the U.K. Royal College of Surgeons, stating what was already well known, declared that elderly patients were being denied crucial treatment and operations due to such discrimination, according to British media reports. A few years before that, a British doctor warned that the socialist-style NHS was euthanizing as many as 130,000 patients each year through a controversial end-of-life “care” method called the Liverpool Care Pathway (LCP).

According to the letter in The Lancet, even if it is not the intent of those promoting the premature death targets, the inclusion of such goals in the UN “Sustainable Development Goals,” set to be adopted in September,

“will inevitably reinforce the ageist bias that pervades many aspects of health-care decision making.”

“A chronologically exclusive premature mortality target sends out a strong signal that years lived beyond a given age, such as 60 years or 70 years, are intrinsically less valuable than those of a younger person,” the letter states. “This misconception builds on a flawed tradition in health-care priority setting, which includes an explicit bias against older people (as opposed to people of so-called economically and socially productive ages).”

The experts on aging who signed the letter — associated with the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, the Institute for Ageing and Health at Newcastle University, the Alzheimer’s Society, Age UK, and HelpAge — were led by Peter Lloyd-Sherlock. Speaking to the U.K. Telegraph, the professor of social policy and international development at the University of East Anglia said:

“This premature mortality target is highly unethical, since it unjustifiably discriminates against older people.”

He also noted that there is already age discrimination in cancer care and surgery, but that the UN targets would give the ageism the “stamp of approval.” However, the targets are “not quite set in stone yet, so we have a final opportunity to impress upon the UN the need to alter this explicitly ageist health target.” If that does not happen, he warned ominously, “people aged 70 and over will become second-class citizens as far as health policy is concerned.”

Lost amid the whole debate over the UN death targets and ageism in healthcare, though, are several crucial overarching questions that must be addressed and are more important even than the discrimination debate. First of all, why is the UN — widely and properly ridiculed as the “dictators club” for its autocratic membership roster — setting “targets” and making 15-year “agendas” that will influence or even dictate national policy to begin with? Are the British and their elected representatives incapable of governing themselves without UN “targets” to guide their decisions? As the British struggle to free themselves from the European Union super-state, why is it accepted as inevitable that the UN’s “Sustainable Development Goals” will guide U.K. policy on healthcare or anything else? Allowing Third World dictators to tell the once proud British people how to run their affairs should be seen as a disgrace — and it should be firmly rejected.

Second of all, why is the government involved in healthcare to begin with? Are citizens incapable of making their own medical decisions and looking after their own health without the nanny state? Considering the atrocious track record of the socialist-style NHS regime, it is way past time for the United Kingdom to abolish socialized medicine and allow the free market to work its magic. Allowing government to ration and control medical care — whether based on UN death targets or the whims of home-grown politicians and bureaucrats — has been shown conclusively to be a disaster, not to mention immoral. From euthanizing the elderly and urging them to sign “do not resuscitate” directives, to being consistently unable to meet the needs of patients, it is time for the NHS and similar socialized medicine regimes to be tossed on the ash heap of failed ideas with devastating and deadly consequences.

Finally, with the ongoing disaster that is the deeply unpopular “ObamaCare,” are Americans traveling down the same dark road as the British? Absolutely. As the outlandish and impossibly expensive “Affordable Care” system implodes in on itself, and costs continue to spiral out of control thanks to government intervention, calls are growing for a full-blown socialized system to take its place. Even without a so-called “single payer system,” though, ObamaCare represents a de facto nationalization of healthcare in America. And with the tacit support from the GOP majority in Congress, which continues to fund ObamaCare despite deceitful promises to voters and harsh rhetoric, Americans can look forward to a nightmarish healthcare future of rationing, discrimination against the elderly, no more privacy, and more — at least if nothing changes.

To solve many of the most urgent healthcare problems would be relatively simple — dismantle socialized medical systems, withdraw from the UN, and return to the eternal principles of liberty, responsibility, and national independence. However, for that to happen, the British and American publics must get educated, organized, and active, all in the face of a massive propaganda campaign by the UN. The alternative to stopping it — UN death targets, death panels, government rationing, “sustainable” tyranny, and more — must be crushed for the benefit of all.


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