Falling Profits and Desperate Junk Food Companies Make Fun of Healthy Diets*

Falling Profits and Desperate Junk Food Companies Make Fun of Healthy Diets*

By John Vibes

In a recent advertisement for Pepsi Max, a version of the soda that is even more unhealthy than the original, healthy people drinking smoothies are mocked and assaulted. In the commercial, an actor talks up Pepsi while making fun of healthy drinks. He even throws one of the smoothies across the room at a “hipster”.

The 30-second ad is an obvious temper tantrum of a dying beast.

McDonald’s also made an advertisement recently that was subtly mocking people who choose to eat healthier. However, after the backlash the company announced that they would soon be serving kale and other healthy alternatives.

In recent months, we have been paying close attention to how McDonalds and other popular junk food brands are falling out of favor as people become more conscious about their diets. GMO food in general is also quickly losing trust among consumers.

Several months ago, it was reported that organic food sales in the United States had risen to over $35 billion per year. This number is expected to climb as interest in organic food continues to grow exponentially.

Junk-soda giant Coca-Cola is facing major financial challenges as sales steadily decline. Some fast food restaurants, such as Burger King, have been removing sodas from their kids meals, in an attempt to seem more concerned with health.

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