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Italian Party Delivers 200,000-Signature Petition for Exiting Euro*

Italian Party Delivers 200,000-Signature Petition for Exiting Euro*

Italian Eurosceptic ‘The Five Star Movement’ (M5S) has filed a new petition with 200,000 signatures, calling for a referendum on the country’s exit from the Eurozone and Italy’s monetary future with the European bloc.

The signatures were presented to the Senate on Tuesday, according to a post by movement leader Beppe Grillo on his blog.

The movement wants a referendum by December at the earliest, and for it to be done by January 2016. The movement’s main message is not an exit from the European Union, but from the euro as a currency.

From when the senate receives the signatures, “there are no more excuses,” Grillo wrote on his page. He explained that the citizens and political parties have two options before them:

“ignore the signatures of citizens, as has happened before, or allow them to express themselves on a topic fundamental to the economic life and social development of the country, which has never seen real debate.”

He warned that there are people in parliament willing to “do battle” for M5S, and “to take care that all the stages that lead to the referendum are… observed.”

“The euro referendum is a vote on the future of Italy. Do not let it go to waste!” he added.

According to M5S MP Carlo Sibila, Italy’s debt increased dramatically after the introduction of the euro. He also noted that Italy’s unemployment rate hovers around 12.7%, the sixth-highest in the EU.

“Who wants to stay in the euro? This is the main question,” Sibila told RT in April, shortly after the movement hit the 100,000-signature mark.

“But we don’t want to get out just like this – we want a program and a discussion, and then let the citizens decide. It’s really necessary today as the situation in Italy is going from bad to worse where jobs and economy are concerned,” he added.

The Five Star Movement, formed in 2009 by Grillo, a comedian and activist, finished second in the 2014 European Parliament election with 21% of the vote. Italy joined the Eurozone in 1999, and the currency was introduced into circulation three years later.


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South African Lawyers Call for Arrest of Egypt’s Sisi*

South African Lawyers Call for Arrest of Egypt’s Sisi*

The South African Muslim Lawyers Association (MLA) has filed an official legal request for the arrest of Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sisi when he arrives in Johannesburg on Friday to attend the 25th African Union Summit.

“We believe al-Sisi committed war crimes and crimes against humanity for the horrendous killings that resulted from the [2013] coup in Egypt,” attorney Yousha Tayoub, an MLA member, told Anadolu Agency on Wednesday.

He said Sisi’s upcoming visit would present a good opportunity for the South African authorities to arrest, investigate and prosecute the Egyptian president for his alleged crimes.

“We have overwhelming evidence proving that al-Sisi committed war crimes and crimes against humanity. We have presented our evidence to the authorities and are hopeful they will act,” Tayoub said.

He added that Sisi should be given the chance to answer the charges against him in a court of law.

“There has been a lot of killing and persecution of members of [Egypt’s] Muslim Brotherhood and its supporters [under al-Sisi’s rule],” he said.

Tayoub noted that South Africa was a signatory to the Rome Statute, which formally established the International Criminal Court (ICC), which means that South African authorities can arrest anyone accused of committing genocide, crimes against humanity, war crimes or crimes of aggression.

The Media Review Network (MRN), a South African advocacy group, likewise supports calls for Sisi’s arrest upon his arrival in the country.

“The MRN reminds the South African government that the crimes committed by al-Sisi are universally condemned offenses,” MRN spokesman Ibrahim Vawda said Wednesday.

“War criminals are considered enemies of all humankind; our young democracy must not be seen as a safe haven for such criminals.”

He said the South African government should conduct itself as a respectable member of the AU and a responsible member of the international community.

“Therefore, a quick resolution of this application [for Sisi’s arrest] must be treated as a matter of urgency,” he said in an emailed statement to Anadolu Agency.

It has yet to be seen, however, whether the South African government will take steps to arrest the visiting head of state.

A former military commander, Sisi is widely seen as the architect of the 2013 coup against President Mohamed Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected president and a Muslim Brotherhood leader.

At the time, the South African government had vocally criticized Morsi’s ouster and the subsequent crackdown on political dissent waged by Egypt’s army-backed authorities.


Egypt’s Sisi cancels South Africa visit amid calls for his arrest

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