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Spreading Cancer Reversed by a Diet of Carrot Juice*

Spreading Cancer Reversed by a Diet of Carrot Juice*

The main character of this article, Ann Cameron, is the author of many books for children. However, there is another reason why we write about her now. Apart from her writing, she became even more famous after being diagnosed with colon cancer…

Ann had previously encountered the cruel disease, in 2005, when her husband died of lung cancer, despite chemotherapy. Ann had an operation in June 2012, when the disease entered the third stage. At this point, she denied to go the same route as her husband did and refused being subjected to chemotherapy.

On the blog Chris beats cancer, where people who search or suggest alternative ways of treating cancer, tell their stories, Ann also revealed hers.

The main character of this article, Ann Cameron, is the author of many books for children. However, there is another reason why we write about her now. Apart from her writing, she became even more famous after being diagnosed with colon cancer…

Ann had previously encountered the cruel disease, in 2005, when her husband died of lung cancer, despite chemotherapy. Ann had an operation in June 2012, when the disease entered the third stage. At this point, she denied to go the same route as her husband did and refused being subjected to chemotherapy.

On the blog Chris beats cancer, where people who search or suggest alternative ways of treating cancer, tell their stories, Ann also revealed hers.

Cameron narrates:

In June 2012, I was subjected to surgery for colon cancer, and after that I refused chemotherapy treatment. Every day I felt better, but after six months the control studies revealed that the cancer had spread to the lungs, and colon cancer, entered the fourth stage” .

After this, she decided to dedicate her time on researching through and came across the story of Ralph Cole. Ralph was a 26- year old man, diagnosed with skin cancer. According to his claims, he cured himself by consuming juice made of 2.5 kilograms of carrots, on a daily basis.

Ann was determined to follow his steps and try his treatment. She began to drink evenly doses of carrot juice regularly throughout the day.

She asserts that after eight weeks, the medical studies revealed that the cancer had stopped spreading, the tumours began to shrink, as well as swelling in the lymph glands.

Furthermore, after four months of the treatment, glands were back to normal and the cancer has continued to retreat. As shown by a computed tomography scan, after eight months, the cancer had disappeared.

The miraculous effect of carrot juice is apparently due to the large quantities of fatty alcohol and natural pesticide anticancer properties. Moreover, the carotene from carrots prevents the creation of tumour cells.

Curing Cancer with Carrots is the book Ann Cameron wrote after her experience. The book can be purchased on Amazon.


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Discovering Black Identity*

Discovering Black Identity*

Explored by pre-internet experts, with evidence suppressed, this question is increasingly being asked by ordinary white people as to who/what black people are… why — and why now?

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To Have Your Life Scripted for a Global Agenda*

To Have Your Life Scripted for a Global Agenda*

Bruce Jenner is now known as Caitlyn Jenner and, for some reason, all media outlets have converged to turn this personal transformation into a massive, all-encompassing media event. Why is that? Because Jenner’s transformation was not personal, it is a planned event meant to support an ongoing agenda.

After the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games, Bruce Jenner was an American hero and was dubbed “the world’s greatest athlete”. He then embarked in a movie and television career, which solidified his near-superhero mystique in popular culture.

After his marriage with Kris Houghton and his involvement with Keeping Up with the Kardashians, most of that mystique was gone. He was part of the Kardashian experiment, the family that was built by mass media and for mass media, from absolutely nothing, to monopolize the attention of masses. From sex tapes to relationship rumours to butt pics that are supposed to “break the internet”, celeb marriages, and young girls becoming sexualized at a young age, the Kardashians constantly seek media attention for all kinds of purposes. Bruce Jenner’s story is yet another chapter in that story. And, like most of the “events”  involving the Kardashians, Jenner’s transformation was meticulously planned with perfect mass media coverage to gain worldwide attention.

Before I go further (and because some people like to put words in my mouth), I need to emphasize that I do not think that all trans-genders are “evil” nor that they are part of a sinister Agenda. If one feels more comfortable and happier living as the opposite sex, well that’s their business and not mine. As a staunch proponent of true freedom, I will never judge a person who took a personal decision to live a better life. Bruce Jenner’s sex change, however, was everything but personal. It was an orchestrated media event, blown-up to proportions so large that it has been turned into a grand ritual, a staged ceremony meant to push an agenda.

Following the Script

Like the rest of the Kardashians, Bruce Jenner’s fame in 2015 (almost 40 years after winning his gold medal), is solely due to mass media keeping him famous. In other words, he is famous because he’s famous. And he stays famous because the elite is using his family to push an agenda.

In 2013, I published an article entitled The Kardashian 2013 Christmas Card: A Tribute to the Illuminati Entertainment Industry, where I analyzed a highly symbolic Christmas card created by David Lachapelle – a fashion photographer who is no stranger to the MK-Ultra based entertainment industry. That Christmas card was somewhat prophetic.

The Christmas card features Kardashians posing in a deserted movie theater that is replete with imagery representing the true role and the true fate of that made-for-showbiz family

Bruce Jenner, the only male in that photo, is the only one in that is not posing fashionably. Quite to the contrary, he is imprisoned in the cashier’s booth, which looks like a giant test tube.

Stuck in what looks like a giant tube, Bruce Jenner is gazing at statue that is wearing a gold medal – but that is also dismembered. That statue clearly represents Bruce’s past self, which was, since then, broken and symbolically dismembered. Jenner is now trapped in the tube that is show-business, like some kind of lab rat.

His daughters, who were about 15 at the time, were also depicted in a near prophetic matter.

Kylie and Kendall Jenner posing in front of an Illuminati pyramid which strongly hint that they’re owned by the occult elite’s system


Since 2013, the Jenner sisters have indeed been fully integrated the Illuminati system, fully pushing ongoing agenda of sexualizing minors.

The sisters often pose while doing the One-Eye sign, confirming that they’re owned by the system

In this picture, the sisters are holding the hands of two invisible, “shadowy” men, representing the sinister unseen handlers controlling their lives

So, not unlike Keeping Up With the Kardashians, the actual lives of the Jenners are mostly scripted. Caitlyn Jenner is also part of the script.

Perfect Media Storm

After his divorce, Bruce Jenner could have silently stepped out of the spotlight and lived his new life in relative privacy. But the exact opposite happened. Caitlyn saturated all major media outlets in a carefully orchestrated media storm. Here’s what happened in the span of a few weeks.

Primetime 20/20 interview with Diane Sawyer

The President of the United States praising the courage of Jenner

Speaking of courage, in a rather absurd, almost forced, media move, Caitlyn Jenner will be receiving the Arthur Ashe Courage Award during the 2015 ESPY Awards in July 2015. Caitlyn’s “courage” was deemed superior to Lauren Hill, a college athlete who played basketball despite an inoperable brain tumour and who died earlier this year.

There is more: Caitlyn will be the subject of her own reality show … expect a whole lot of magazine photo-shoots.

The Hidden Agenda

As stated above, Jenner’s transformation was not intimate, nor personal. It was a grand, ceremonial, ritualistic event that symbolizes a change in society as a whole. An important part of the elite’s agenda is to debase, confuse and mix up the natural, harmonious order of things. It is about steering away from what is real, pure and authentic to move towards to the fake, artificial and the constructed. For this reason, there one aspect of the Agenda that is becoming increasingly apparent : The feminization of the male and the masculinization of the female. Under the guise of “empowerment”, men who act like females and females who act like men are not only accepted, but celebrated. I personally do not have a problem with that. I DO have a problem with the other side of this agenda: Men who act like traditional men (and do not feel the need to apologize for it) are now portrayed as evil and wrong. And, all of a sudden, portraying a stay-at-home mom who takes pride in cooking for her family is considered “sexist”.

In other words, it is about a complete reversal of gender roles. Simply by looking at our genetic make-up and the behaviour of most mammals, one can observe that males are engineered to hunt, provide and protect while females are made to “nest”, care and nurture. While modern living has made these traits less dominant, they are nevertheless part of our core being. And mass media is heavily focusing on promoting the exact opposite of this. It is about the attacking the mind with messages that conflict with our natural inclinations. If you look at what is happening right now in mass media, you have, on one side, the head of the Kardashian family putting on makeup and wearing dresses while, on the other side, you have Taylor Swift training for combat with big weapons, with a gang of tough, violent women (see the video for Bad Blood).

While Jenner is an all-American product, Europe also went through its ritualistic, transgender event.

Conchita Wurst was the winner of Eurovision 2014. To further confuse everybody in the world (including other transgenders) Conchita wears a beard

The above image of Conchita, with the strategically placed antlers, alludes to the lesser-known, esoteric part of the Agenda. In occult secret societies, the highest stage of illumination is achieved through the internalization of duality and the equilibrium between opposing forces –  good and evil, active and passive. male and female. This concept is symbolically represented by the horned, hermaphrodite god Baphomet. It is also represented in alchemical symbolism such as the Alchemical Androgyne :

“The symbol reproduced above is from a rare edition of the Turbæ Philosophorum published in Germany in 1750, and represents by a hermaphroditic figure the accomplishment of the magnum opus. The active and passive principles of Nature were often depicted by male and female figures, and when these two principle, were harmoniously conjoined in any one nature or body it was customary to symbolize this state of perfect equilibrium by the composite figure above shown.” (Manly P. Hall, The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

It’s the corruption of a higher cosmic law

Of course, the concepts above are meant to be interpreted in an esoteric and spiritual context where the human soul transcends its physical shell. However, today’s elite is bent on twisting and corrupting occult concepts, using its inherent powers for sinister purposes. Therefore the concept of equilibrium has turned into a unhealthy obsession on transgendered media pawns.

In Conclusion

Because, simply touching on the subjects I discussed above leads to unwarranted accusations of sexism, “transphobia” and whatnot, I feel the need to emphasize one point: This article is not against transgender people who decide to make a change because it makes them happy. It is against the exploitation of transgender people to push an Agenda.

The Caitlyn Jenner story was orchestrated to bring specific concepts to the forefront, notably the complete reversal of gender roles. Although the elite’s occult teachings are about complete equilibrium, they want the masses to be completely out of balance. That’s how you keep them confused and malleable.


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Gaza Being Pushed to Collapse*

Gaza Being Pushed to Collapse*

The figures and the statistics regarding the humanitarian situation in Gaza have never been shocking as is the case in these days; as they unveiled the miserable lives of about two million citizens which may lead to what Palestinian observers called an “explosion”.

Abdul-Sattar Qassem, a Palestinian writer and a Professor of Political Science at Birzeit University in Ramallah, told Anadolu news agency:

” The humanitarian situation in Gaza has reached an unprecedented level of deterioration, alarming numbers issued by international institutions warn of the rising unemployment rates and poverty in conjunction with the lack of any political solution in sight and the delayed reconstruction process of Gaza. We are talking about a ticking bomb of anger and despair that might explode at any moment.”

Qassem also warned:

“People in Gaza feel like they have nothing to lose which may prompt them to explode and revolt against the Egyptian siege, Israel, and the different factions that rule them.”

In his visit to the blockaded enclave on Monday, the German Minister of Foreign Affairs Frank-Walter Steinmeier described the situation in Gaza as a “powder keg” and said in a press conference held in Gaza seaport:

“The conditions in Gaza are catastrophic and must not continue, Gaza is a powder keg that must not ignite.” Steinmeier said that he is working with Palestinian and Israeli officials on amending the tragic situation in Gaza as well as assuring the prevention of a new coming war with Israel.

UN warning

For his part, United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, warned of the repercussions of the continued dire humanitarian situation in besieged Gaza and said in a statement on Wednesday in New York on the occasion of the 65th anniversary of “The United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestinian Refugees (UNRWA)”:

“Gaza is a powder keg, mounting frustration and anger will surely light the fuse. Action is needed now.”

The World Bank issued on May 22 a statement saying that the unemployment rate in Gaza reached 43% which is the highest rate in the world, while it rose among youths to more than 60% by the end of 2014 which is a cause for concern.

Steen Lau Jorgensen, the World Bank Country Director for West Bank and Gaza, pointed out that poverty, unemployment rates, and the economic expectations in Gaza are very worrying, and highlighted that the continued siege and the Israeli war on Gaza in 2014 caused disastrous effects on the economy and on people’s lives.

Catastrophic situation

“Gaza is on the brink of collapse,” Maher al-Tabba a Palestinian economist said, adding:

“life in Gaza is worse than people can imagine, it has been turned into the biggest prison in the world,” and clarified:

“Gaza is in a state of clinical death; no reconstruction, no crossings, no water, no electricity, no work, no medicine, no development, there is no life at all.”

He called for necessarily pressuring Israel into lifting the unjust siege.

Israel has been imposing land and sea blockade on Gaza since the democratic elections that brought Hamas to power in January 2006.

The Israeli war on the Strip in summer 2014 led to a decline in the gross domestic product (GDP) by about $460 million, and construction, agriculture, industry, and electricity sectors were affected the most, according to the World Bank statistics.

World Bank data show that the Gazans are suffering from the poor essential public services and that 80% of them receive a form of social welfare assistance and 40% are still living below the poverty line.

Muin Rajab, a professor of Economics al-Azhar University in Gaza, said that the reports and the economic indicators issued by local and international institutions warn of the gravity of the situation in besieged Gaza and called for alleviating the humanitarian situation to avoid any more deterioration.


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Discovering the Meaning of Life on the Underground

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Fire in the Heart

A True Story of Prejudice: The Shepherd and the Wolf

A True Story of Prejudice: The Shepherd and the Wolf

Based on a True Story (from Croatia)

“Judgments prevent us from seeing the good that lies beyond appearances.” – Wayne W. Dyer

“Small is the number of people who see with their eyes and think with their minds.” – A.E.

“Our thoughts are unseen hands shaping the people we meet. Whatever we truly think them to be, that’s what they’ll become for us.” – R.C.

Once upon a time some journalists asked an old shepherd who was guarding the sheep for over seventy years:

„Can you tell us something extraordinary that must had happened to you in that long period of guarding the sheep.“

The reason why the journalists came at all was that the state decided to award the old shepherd with the honorary pension for his eightieth birthday, because he had been fairly doing his job for seventy years and had no other basis on which he could get the deserved pension. He was never registered neither he paid the pension insurance. The old man first stated to be just an ordinary shepherd and was uncomfortable with the arrival of the journalists at the first place and was especially uncomfortable with the thought of seeing something written about him in the newspapers about which he, illiterate as he was, knew only it existed. Journalists, aggressive and persistent as they are, did not want to leave that easily, so the simple minded old man started to talk…

„When I was twenty years old I found a fragile puppy in the woods… Tiny as it was I felt pity for it so I just picked it up, without a lot of thinking. Only a few days later, I felt attached to it and started loving it. I took the puppy everywhere with me and shared everything I had with it. And the dog was progressing pretty well, too (it was a female dog). Soon after, the other villagers started condemning me saying that it wasn’t a dog but a wolf and that I should kill her, because sooner or later something very bad was about to happen. I didn’t listen to them because I loved her very much. As the time passed by, the dog had grown and became robust and strong. It happened sometimes that I would forget to bring something from the village and then I would send her to bring me whatever I needed. She would look me in the eyes for a moment, like she was asking me to tell her in a different way, and not by words, and then run fast to get it. She was very smart and helped me eagerly to guard the sheep. One hot summer afternoon I stepped into a mountain cottage to get some rest.

As soon as I lied down, my eyes closed. I was very tired. I am not quite sure for how long I had been laying when something woke me up; a kind of gurgling and growling sounds. I stepped outside to see what was happening.

I saw my wolf sitting on the glade of the torn apart fur and with bloody snout, looking at me proudly. There were lifeless and torn apart bodies of my sheep all over the place. I immediately figured out what had happened. I stepped inside the cottage and grabbed a gun that was hanging above the doors and walked outside. I lifted it and aimed it at the wolf’s head. She didn’t even move; she was just standing there looking at me like she felt guilty for betraying me after all that I had done for her. I pulled the trigger and she fell down, lifeless. To save what could be saved I went to the village to get one of the villagers and a vehicle. I felt ashamed because I didn’t listen to the villagers and got rid of the wolf on time. The sun was just rising when we started to load sheep corps into the vehicle. And then…”

The old man stopped and brought down his head. He was quiet for a while and then said:

„Can you imagine how I felt when I found three wolf corps among the lifeless sheep…? My heart tightened and tears stroke my eyes; I couldn’t breathe. I killed my only true friend. She fought with all its strength for me and my sheep and I… I doubted the star in the sky…
Sixty years have passed since that event; and I still cannot forget that scene; as it has happened today. When that happened I isolated myself. It became clear to me that nobody should ever judge anyone. And the price I paid to realize that was too high…“

“I am an invisible man… I am a man of substance, of flesh and bone, fiber and liquids, and I might even be said to possess a mind. I am invisible, understand, simply because people refuse to see me.” – R.E.


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