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Dutch Citizens Successfully Sued Their Own Government*

Dutch Citizens Successfully Sued Their Own Government*
By Sophie McAdam

“You have been negotiating all my life!” This powerful cry from a 21 year-old female Dutch activist set a precedent for the way citizens deal with the false promises, corruption and greed of their political leaders. Today, for the first time in history, people have bypassed their local representatives in power and headed directly for the law courts to get their voices heard. The best bit? They won!

This all began when the above-mentioned activist, Anjali Appadurai, stood up at a UN climate change conference four years ago and addressed her leaders in the Netherlands (and others throughout the world). Her passionate voice, full of anger and frustration, made a huge impact and mobilized a generation. She was fighting for action on climate change and referencing the fact that over two decades of talks had failed to reach the point of conclusive action.

Today, that unthinkable dream was realized by the 886 Dutch activists who campaigned long and hard to see justice for generations to come.

The Guardian reported that the decision could ‘inspire a civil movement.’  James Thornton, chief executive of environmental law organisation ClientEarth, told the newspaper:

“A major court has broken through a political and psychological threshold…It is remarkable.”

Thornton said: “The case returns to the fundamental power of the court to prevent harm. Every country in the world has [this] law.” Thornton says that many others are currently considering climate litigation cases.’

The video from End Ecocide On Earth asks whether states have a constitutional obligation to protect the environment. Is it possible to hope this could be the way our arguments with governments are settled from now on? Is it possible that other judges around the globe would back citizens on urgent issues such as fracking and other ecocidal, greed-fueled actions? Is it possible that with each small success, politicians begin to listen to us?


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SpaceX Rocket Heading for ISS Explodes After US Launch*

SpaceX Rocket Heading for ISS Explodes After US Launch*

An unmanned SpaceX rocket exploded less than three minutes after liftoff from Cape Canaveral, Florida on Sunday, in the first major disaster for the fast-charging company headed by Internet tycoon Elon Musk.

The accident was the third in less than a year involving US and Russian supply ships bound for the International Space Station, and raised new concerns about the flow of food and gear to the astronauts living in orbit.

Skies were sunny and clear for the 10:21 am (1421 GMT) launch of the gleaming white Falcon 9 rocket that was meant to propel the Dragon cargo ship on a routine supply mission, the seventh for SpaceX so far.

But two minutes, 19 seconds into the flight, contact was lost. Live television images from SpaceX’s webcast and NASA television showed a huge puff of smoke billowing outward for several seconds, then tiny bits of the rocket falling like confetti against a backdrop of blue sky.

“The vehicle has broken up,” said NASA commentator George Diller.

SpaceX’s live webcast of the launch went silent as the rocket exploded.

Moments later, a SpaceX commentator said the video link from the vehicle had been lost.

“There was some kind of anomaly during first stage flight,” the commentator said, noting that the rocket had ignited its nine Merlin engines and reached supersonic speed.

Later, on Twitter, Musk said the Falcon 9 “experienced a problem shortly before first stage shutdown,” referring to the phase of flight before the cargo ship would have been able to separate from the first stage of the rocket and reach orbit.

The problem appeared to be linked to excessive pressure in the liquid oxygen tank, Musk wrote.

“Data suggests counterintuitive cause,” said Musk, a lifelong space enthusiast who also heads Tesla Motors.

“That’s all we can say with confidence right now.”

More details were expected in a NASA press conference scheduled for no earlier than 12:50 pm (1650 GMT).

– Cargo concerns –

The loss came as a surprise to many who have followed Musk’s California-based company through more than a dozen successful launches, even as competitor Orbital Sciences lost one of its rockets in an explosion in October, and a Russian Progress supply ship was lost after liftoff in April.

“These things do happen, but this was not the best time for this to happen,” said Marco Caceres, a rocket industry analyst with the Teal Group.

“The one thing you could count on over the past few years was that the Falcon 9 was going to perform and was going to perform well,” he told AFP.

“In the midst of all this other chaos in the launch industry this was like, the one stable point and now we don’t have that,” he told AFP.

Caceres said the accident forces SpaceX, which has a billion-dollar-plus contract with NASA for supplying the ISS but is also competing with Boeing to send astronauts there by 2017, to launch again quickly.

“The moment they launch again successfully, this accident starts to fade into history really quickly. The longer they wait to launch again, the more people start talking about, ‘Maybe we were too overconfident about SpaceX,'” he said.

The Dragon cargo ship was carrying 4,000 pounds (1,800 kilograms) of gear to the space station, including a large parking space, known as an International Docking Adaptor, designed to make it easier for an array of commercial crew spacecraft to dock at the orbiting lab in the future.

“Very sorry to see @SpaceX launch failure. Serious ramifications for Space Station resupply. Good thing it’s international,” wrote Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield on Twitter.

NASA administrator Charles Bolden said the US space agency was “disappointed” at the loss but that the space station has “sufficient supplies for the next several months.”

A Russian Progress supply ship is scheduled to launch July 3, followed in August by a Japanese HTV flight, Bolden said.

“Orbital ATK, our other commercial cargo partner, is moving ahead with plans for its next launch later this year.”

Three men are currently living at the space station. Russian cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko and American astronaut Scott Kelly began their year-long mission in orbit back in March.

“Sadly failed. Space is hard,” Kelly said on Twitter, posting a picture of his view of the Florida coast from space.

Earlier Sunday, station commander, Russian cosmonaut Gennady Padalka, 57, set a new world record when he became the person who has officially spent the longest amount of cumulative time in space — 804 days.

His career includes one trip to the Mir Space Station and four to the ISS.

Source *

The Soyuz-U carrier rocket with the Russian Progress cargo spacecraft has set off for the ISS.


MOSCOW (Sputnik) – The Soyuz-U carrier rocket with the Russian Progress-M28M cargo spacecraft has been launched from the Baikonur Space Center in Kazakhstan and is headed for the International Space Station (ISS), the Russian Mission Control outside Moscow said.

“The estimated time of the transport cargo vessel’s separation from the third stage of the launch vehicle and its entering the set orbit is July 3 08:04 Moscow time [05:04 GMT],” a mission control representative said.

The Progress cargo vessel will dock with the ISS at around 10:13 (07:13) Moscow time on Sunday, July 5, according to the mission control.

It will bring fuel, air, food and scientific equipment for the ISS crew, which currently consists of Russian cosmonauts Gennady Padalka, who is the commander, and Mikhail Kornienko, as well as NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) astronaut Scott Kelly.The launch of the Russian Progress cargo vessel comes after last week’s failed launch of the American SpaceX CRS-7 Falcon 9 rocket carrying a Dragon cargo ship with supplies for the ISS.

An April launch of the Progress M-27M spacecraft was unsuccessful. The spacecraft burned in the Earth’s atmosphere over the Pacific Ocean after its improper separation from the Soyuz carrier rocket which was caused by fuel leaks, according to Russia’s space agency Roscosmos.

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Saudi Commander and Soldiers Join Yemeni Forces*

Saudi Commander and Soldiers Join Yemeni Forces*

300 Saudi soldiers and an artillery commander have joined the Yemeni forces, a senior Yemeni politician announced on Friday.

“The latest blow at the Al Saud came as Hashem al-Ahmar, artillery commander of the Saudi army in al-Wadia border crossing and 300 soldiers joined the Yemeni army and the revolutionary forces,” the Middle East Panorama website quoted Head of Yemen’s Free Army Nasser bin Yahya al-Orujli as saying on Friday.

He noted that the Saudi regime is still in a difficult situation and the Saudi officials know it quite well.

Last Wednesday, tribal forces and activists in Saudi Arabia’s Najran region formed a military and political opposition movement to the Saudi regime, called “Ahrar al-Najran” after the region declared earlier this month that it has separated from Saudi Arabia and joined Yemen in the war on Riyadh.

Activist and movement member, Abu Bakr Abi Ahmad al-Salami, told FNA that “all tribes of the region are members of the Ahrar al-Najran Movement”.

He said the youths and political activists in Najran have demanded the “Yemeni popular forces and revolutionary committees, brothers, and the neighbouring lands to provide military training for the younger generation of this region”.

Al-Salami underlined the movement tough stance against the al-Saud regime, saying, “Saudi Arabia wrongfully imagines that it is the only defender of Islam, but they should know that we are the defenders of Islam and the two holy mosques, and we will rush to defend the two mosques (in Mecca and Medina) if necessary.”

Al-Salami said the movement is worried about developments in Yemen, and declared that “the movement’s first battle will take place in those areas controlled by the Saudi occupation army in Southern Najran soon”.

Saudi Arabia has been striking Yemen for 93 days now to restore power to fugitive president Mansour Hadi, a close ally of Riyadh.

Hadi stepped down in January and refused to reconsider the decision despite calls by Ansarullah revolutionaries of the Houthi movement.

Despite Riyadh’s claims that it is bombing the positions of the Ansarullah fighters, Saudi warplanes are flattening residential areas and civilian infrastructures.

The Monarchy’s attacks have so far claimed the lives of at least 4,727 civilians, mostly women and children.


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