Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Grexit Can Prevent WW3

Dr Paul Craig Roberts: Grexit Can Prevent WW3

In addition to discussing facts not addressed by the Mainstream Media about the current situation in Greece, Dr Paul Craig Roberts also describes the mechanisms by which the gold market, which has been frozen for the duration of this Greek tribulation, will finally begin to reflect the true value of bullion, as opposed to the imaginary price speculation, based on gold production.

The true value of gold is being held down and will continue to be artificially low until it becomes crystal clear that the putative holders of gold deposits admit that they cannot deliver the bullion that is being requested of them.

On that day, the price of gold will skyrocket.

As for Greece, this is what Dr. Roberts has to say:

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  1. My wife and I watch Dr Roberts almost everyday. We like him very much! From our sources Greece will be fine. Most everyone will end up joining BRICS and all currencies will go through the RV. The bankers know they are done, but they don’t go out without a fight!

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