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ISIL fighters’ Given Death Sentences for Iraq Massacre*

ISIL fighters’ Given Death Sentences for Iraq Massacre*

A Baghdad court has sentenced to death 24 suspected members of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), for their role in the killing of hundreds of Iraqi soldiers during their rapid advance in 2014.

The defendants, who were sentenced by hanging on Wednesday, were charged with the killings at Camp Speicher, and membership of a terror group.

All pleaded not guilty, insisting that they had not taken part in the massacre and telling the court that their confessions were coerced under torture by Iraqi officers.

“Today the Iraqi central criminal court issued a death sentence against 24 people convicted of the Speicher massacre,” said Abdul-Sattar al-Birqdar, spokesman for Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council.

The case stems from the killings of 1,700 Iraqi soldiers, who were captured after ISIL overran Saddam Hussein’s hometown of Tikrit in June 2014.

At the time, the soldiers were trying to flee from Camp Speicher, a nearby army base.

After Tikrit was captured, ISIL posted graphic images and videos that showed its gunmen killing scores of the soldiers, after loading the captives onto flatbed trucks and then forcing them to lay face-down in a shallow ditch.

Iraqi forces, assisted by airstrikes from a US-led coalition, retook Tikrit in April, and arrested dozens of suspects said to linked to the massacre.

Forensic teams exhumed many of the bodies from mass graves believed to contain some of the hundreds of soldiers killed by ISIL fighters.

Tears and chants

The trial in Baghdad was attended by several families of the killed soldiers, many of whom had filed claims against the defendants.

Some of the families told the judge that a day after the fall of Tikrit, they received calls from their relatives in Speicher, telling them that some Sunnis tribal chiefs had arrived at the gate of the air base, and told the soldiers that they could go home safely on lorries waiting for them outside the base.

Hours later, all contact was lost with the soldiers.

At one point in the trial, while the chief judge was questioning the defendants, several relatives of the slain soldiers stormed the courtroom and started throwing shoes and water bottles at the defendants, who were inside a cage, which is customary in many Arab courtrooms.

The judge who issued the 24 death sentences also acquitted four other defendants for lack of evidence.

After the sentencing, the victims’ relatives raised up pictures of their loved ones.

Some burst into tears and others chanted “Allahu Akbar,” which means “God is Great” in Arabic, and “Oh, Hussein,” a reference to a revered Shia saint and the Prophet Muhammad’s grandson.

Ali Abdul-Hamza, whose brother was among the victims, said “Justice is done” as he was leaving the courtroom.

“We are relieved to see these criminals receiving the maximum punishment,” he told the AP news agency.

Ahead of the trial, Abdul-Sattar Bayrkdar, the spokesman for Iraq’s Supreme Judicial Council, promised that “the trial will be transparent and fair.”

He added that about 604 other fighters, believed to have taken part in the killing, were still at large.


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First Bankers, now Alternative Doctors go Missing or Found Dead*

First Bankers, now Alternative Doctors go Missing or Found Dead*

By Erin Elizabeth

The past two weeks I’ve reported on three alternative doctors (two MD’s and one DC, PhD) who were found dead in less than two weeks (Click through for stories and funds for families as well as numbers to report tips to authorities) It was with heavy heart, as I knew a few of the doctors and have many mutual friends with all three. The only update on the third one, Dr. Teresa Sievers MD, is that they have absolutely no suspects in mind, and her husband and kids were out of state in Connecticut at a family reunion that she left early to get home to see patients. (update: Initially I said I would not post a link Dr. Sievers in this article and I didn’t. People started questioning me. So, as much as it pains, me, here is the most recent article from NBC. Click through at your own risk. I’m not posting the details here out of respect.

Now, in just a few days, we have two more doctors missing…
The first is Dr. Fitzpatrick MD of North Dakota who went missing in or around July 3rd. NBC is reporting on his disappearance. Little else is known at this time. Note: Initially it was reported he was a DO, but now we see that’s another Patrick Fitzpatrick in the area. This doctor specializes in Ophthalmology and is an MD. From all accounts it appears he practiced in North Dakota, but was found missing in neighbouring Montana.

The Gallatin County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue team is currently searching for a 74-year-old North Dakota Doctor.

The vehicle and trailer of Bismark resident Dr. Patrick J. Fitzpatrick were found abandoned next a (sic) pea field Saturday south of Willow Creek, near Three Forks, sheriff’s officials said in a press release.

Officials believe Fitzpatrick could have abandoned his vehicle as early as Friday.
He is described as 6’0? tall and over of 220 lbs. He has white hair and a goatee, and speaks with an Irish accent.

Anyone with information regarding Dr. Fitzpatrick is asked to call the Sheriff’s Office at 406-582-2100.

The second missing doctor’s story is just as mysterious. His name is Dr. Jeffrey Whiteside MD (Pulmonologist and sleep doctor) of Wisconsin and hasn’t been seen since June 29th when he was with his family on an outing and just walked away.

From the article on the missing MD:

Dr. Whiteside is a physician in the Fox Valley area and lives in Grand Chute, Wisconsin. He has a boat slip and vacation cabin in Ephraim. Dr. Whiteside was with family on 06-29-15 at the boat slip in Ephraim when he walked away. He is believed to be on foot and still in the northern Door Co. area to the best of our knowledge. His family and office have not heard from him and are very concerned about his well-being.

The Door Co. Sheriff’s Department was notified that Dr. Whiteside was missing on 07-01-15 at 0906 hrs. The Door Co. Sheriff’s Dept. along with Ephraim Fire Department volunteers and others continue to look for Dr. Whiteside and search efforts are concentrated in the Ephraim area.

The Door Co. Sheriff’s Department asks for the public’s assistance in finding Dr. Whiteside. If anyone has seen Dr. Whiteside, please call the Door Co. Sheriff’s Department at 920-746-2416.

We cannot speculate as to how “alternative” these two doctors were, if at all. There have been people posting on social media that one of them were, but we cannot confirm that at this time. We hope they are found soon alive and well. Please call if you have any information as to the mysterious disappearance of either one.

Not to throw a monkey wrench in the mix, but the same day Dr. Bradstreet’s body was found in here in the South East US, three bodies of three doctors were found in Mexico. They were travelling to the state capital to do paperwork. Here’s a bit of info on those 3 doctors found (which are different than the three doctors found at the beginning of the article) If we count these three too, that would be 6 doctors found dead within 2 weeks and 2 more currently missing. That’s just in the US and Mexico.

From the article on the doctors found in Mexico:

Prosecutors say four bodies discovered June 19 in the southern Mexico state of Guerrero are those of three doctors and a lawyer who had been reported missing earlier in the month.

Guerrero state prosecutors said Sunday that DNA tests had matched the bodies to relatives of the missing men.

The men had vanished when they were on a trip to the state capital to do some paperwork.

Their decomposed bodies were later found in the back of a pickup truck on a rural road outside of the state capital of Chilpancingo.

The missing men’s families have said they don’t believe the bodies are those of their relatives.

State prosecutors have said they also awaiting test results from federal labs to help rule out doubts.

I have no idea if these three doctors were “alternative” “holistic” or any info of them at all at this time. I’ll keep reporting on all missing doctors, and again, our hearts go out the all the families of the doctors who were found dead. We hope they get to the bottom of it on each of those cases. I have been with a well known outspoken holistic physician for 6 years so of course, this worries me and I’m concerned for all involved. As for the two missing doctors – we hope they are found alive and well very soon.

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