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Three Supreme Court Justices Ruling on Companies Whose Stock they Own*

Three Supreme Court Justices Ruling on Companies Whose Stock they Own*

By Noel Brinkerhoff

The Supreme Court’s top justice and two associate justices have repeatedly ruled in cases involving companies in which they owned stock, according to a court watchdog group.

The organization Fix the Court says in a report (pdf) that Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito have created potential conflicts of interest by participating in decisions that potentially affected their stock portfolio.

Fix the Court reviewed cases heard by the court between 2009 and 2013, and focused on 19 cases in which the three justices owned stock in companies that filed “friend of the court” or amicus curiae briefs. The report says that, in those cases, 68% of the time Roberts, Breyer and Alito sided with the companies in which they owned stock.

The other six justices were omitted from the study because they don’t own a significant amount of common stock in individual companies.

The 19 conflict-of-interest cases involved such matters as mandatory arbitration, affirmative action, and corporate immunity for international law violations.

Examples provided by Fix the Court include three class-action cases, Wal-Mart v. Dukes (pdf), AT&T v. Concepcion (pdf), and Comcast v. Behrend (pdf), in which Roberts owned up to $100,000 in shares of Intel (which filed a brief in support of Comcast); up to $100,000 in shares of Dell (which supported AT&T) and up to $400,000 combined in shares of Intel, Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard (which filed for Wal-Mart).

In another case, Kiobel v. Royal Dutch Petroleum (pdf), Breyer and Alito sided with the defendant, which was supported by IBM (Breyer owned up to $50,000 in shares) and by Caterpillar, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, IBM and Proctor & Gamble (Alito owned as much as $280,000 in these companies).

Not once did any of the justices recuse himself from a case due to an amicus-related conflict of interest, according to Fix the Court.

To Learn More:

Blind Trust (Fix the Court) (pdf)


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African-American Autism and Vaccines*

African-American Autism and Vaccines*

By: Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

By concealing the link between vaccines and autism in African-American boys, the CDC had once again violated that public trust.

Last August, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention senior scientist, Dr. William Thompson, invoked federal whistleblower status and confessed that the CDC has known since 2001 that Black boys exposed to the MMR vaccine have a disproportionate risk of autism.

Thompson, a 17-year CDC veteran is the author of some of the leading studies cited by the CDC to exculpate vaccines from the autism epidemic. Thompson, who still works at the CDC, released the raw data sets that he says his bosses at the CDC ordered him to conceal. Those data show that Black boys who received the MMR vaccine before 3 years of age, as the CDC recommends, were 3.36 times more likely to receive an autism diagnosis than those who received the vaccine after 3 years of age. This effect was not observed in other race categories. Nevertheless, when the CDC scientists published their results in the journal Pediatrics in 2004, they omitted the damaging data, fraudulently declaring there was no risk of autism from the MMR vaccination. In August 2014, Thompson issued a press release through his attorney stating,

I regret that my coauthors and I omitted statistically significant information in our 2004 article published in the journal Pediatrics. The omitted data suggested that African-American males who received the MMR vaccine before age 36 months were at increased risk for autism.”

The buried data were disturbing, but hardly surprising. The most reliable studies in the scientific literature indicate that African-Americans are more susceptible to vaccine injury and may also have increased susceptibility to neurological disorders such as autism.

A 2010 nationwide study of the CDC’s Autism and Developmental Disability Monitoring Network found autism incidence about 25 percent higher in African-Americans than Caucasians. A 2014 study published in Pediatrics showed higher rates of all categories of autism among African-Americans in Los Angeles County compared with Caucasians, with the incidence of severe autism elevated by 263 percent among foreign-born Blacks and 152 percent for U.S.-born Blacks as compared with U.S.-born whites.

A 2010 study in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health showed that Blacks were at significantly greater risk for regressing into autism after receiving the thimerosal-containing Hepatitis B vaccination series as infants. When analyzed further, the data showed that Black boys receiving the HepB series were 53 percent more likely to have autism than those Black boys not receiving any HepB shot.

On the basis of all the population data and the CDC’s most recent autism incidence estimates, at least 100,000 African-American male children could have been spared debilitating neurological injury if the CDC scientists had told the truth when the increased risk was first known to them in 2001.

Thompson has requested to testify before Congress about corruption at CDC and has handed over to Congress thousands of pages of documents showing widespread fraud in CDC’s vaccine division.

It’s not the first time the CDC has concealed vaccine risks from African-Americans. Less than 10 years ago, in June 1996, African-Americans in Los Angeles learned that the CDC had been conducting vaccine experiments in their communities. Beginning in 1989, the CDC conducted an experiment on nearly 1500 Black and Hispanic infants using an unlicensed measles vaccine without disclosing to parents that the drug was a high-potency experimental vaccine designed to overwhelm the baby’s maternal immune system. The CDC only halted its secret experiment in 1991, when companion clinical trials conducted in Africa and Haiti showed an increased death rate and severe immune-system disorder among female infants who received the vaccine. Those children died within two years after the vaccination.

Source *

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Putin Leads BRICS Uprising*

Putin Leads BRICS Uprising*

By Mike Whitney

There’s been a virtual blackout of news from this year’s seventh annual BRICS summit in Ufa, Russia.  None of the mainstream media organizations are covering the meetings or making any attempt to explain what’s going on.  As a result, the American people remain largely in the dark about a powerful coalition of nations that are putting in place an alternate system that will greatly reduce US influence in the world and end the current era of superpower rule.

Let’s cut to the chase:

Leaders of the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) realize that global security cannot be entrusted to a country that sees war as a acceptable means for achieving its geopolitical objectives.  They also realize that they won’t be able to achieve financial stability as long as Washington dictates the rules, issues the de facto “international” currency, and controls the main levers of global financial power. This is why the BRICS have decided to chart a different course, to gradually break free from the existing Bretton Woods system, and to create parallel system that better serves their own interests. Logically, they have focused on the foundation blocks which support the current US-led system, that is, the institutions from which the United States derives its extraordinary power; the dollar, the US Treasury market, and the IMF. Replace these, the thinking goes, and the indispensable nation becomes just another country struggling to get by.  This is from the Asia Times:

“Leaders of the BRICS… launched the  New Development Bank, which has taken three years of negotiations to bring to fruition. With about $50 billion in starting capital, the bank is expected to start issuing debt to fund infrastructure projects next year. They also launched a foreign-exchange currency fund of $100 billion.

The two new endeavors are statements that the five largest emerging markets are both looking out for each other and, simultaneously, moving away from the western financing institutions of the World Bank and International Monetary Fund.

“The BRICS states intend to actively use their own resources and internal resources for development,” Putin said, according to Reuters.

“The New (Development) Bank will help finance joint, large-scale projects in transport and energy infrastructure, industrial development.”…..Birthing the two initiatives in Russia had been Putin’s top priorities.”

(“Russia’s Putin scores points at Ufa BRICS summit“, Asia Times)

Can you see what’s going on?

Putin has figured out the empire’s vulnerabilities and he’s going straight for the jugular.  He’s saying: ‘We’re going to issue our own debt, we’re going to run our own system, we’re going to fund our own projects, and we’re going to do it all in our own currency. Kaboom. The only thing you’re going to be doing, is managing your own accelerating economic decline. Have a good day.’ Isn’t that the gist of what he’s saying?

So can you see, dear reader, why none of this is appearing on the pages of US newspapers or on US television.   Washington would rather you didn’t know how they’ve bungled everything by alienating the fastest growing countries in the world.

The Ufa conference is a watershed moment. While the Pentagon is rapidly moving troops and military hardware to Russia’s borders, and one bigwig after another is bloviating about the “Russian threat”; the BRICS have moved out of Washington’s orbit altogether.  They are following the leadership of men who, frankly speaking, are acting exactly like US leaders acted when the US was on the upswing. These are guys who “think big”; who want to connect continents with high-speed rail, lift living standards across the board, and transform themselves into manufacturing dynamos. What do America’s leaders dream about: Drone warfare? Balancing the budget? Banning the Confederate flag?

It’s a joke. No one in Washington has a plan for the future. It’s all just political opportunism and posturing.  Check this out from The Hindu:

“China and Russia have described BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation (SCO) and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) as the core of a new international order…

Russian President Vladimir Putin said… “There is no doubt — we have all necessary premises to expand the horizons of mutually beneficial cooperation, to join together our raw material resources, human capital and huge consumer markets for a powerful economic spurt.”

Russia’s Tass news agency also quoted Mr. Putin as saying that the Eurasian continent had vast transit potential. He pointed to “the construction of new efficient transport and logistics chains, in particular, the implementation of the initiative of the Silk Road economic belt and the development of transportation in the eastern part of Russia and Siberia. This may link the rapidly growing markets in Asia and Europe’s economies, mature, rich in industrial and technological achievements. At the same time, this will allow our countries to become more commercially viable in the competition for investors, for creating new jobs, for advanced enterprises,” he observed.”….

The summit also acknowledged “the potential for expanding the use of our national currencies in transactions between the BRICS countries.”   (“BRICS, SCO, EAEU can define new world order: China, Russia“, The Hindu)

The dollar is toast. The IMF is toast. The US debt market (US Treasuries) is toast.  The institutions that support US power are crumbling before our very eyes. The BRICS have had enough; enough war, enough Wall Street, enough meddling and hypocrisy and austerity and lecturing. This is farewell. Sure, it will take time, but Ufa marks a fundamental change in thinking, a fundamental change in approach, and a fundamental change in strategic orientation.

The BRICS are not coming back,  they’re gone for good, just as Washington’s “pivot to Asia” is gone for good. There’s just too much resistance. Washington has simply overplayed its hand, worn out its welcome. People are sick of us.

Can you blame them?


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Pentagon and Israel behind Tunisian Ramadhan Attack*

Pentagon and Israel behind Tunisian Ramadhan Attack*

One of the leading experts on security matters in Tunisia says that the Pentagon and Israel are the brains behind the attack on the hotels in Sousse.

Retired Algerian Major General Abdelaziz Medjahed (above) says that the attack on the hotels in Sousse is “a form of pressure exerted on Tunisia to get it to accept a US military base on its soil.”

Algérie patriotique

According to General Medjahed:

  1. The United States wants a large new AFRICOM (US Command for Africa) base in Tunisia.

    2. Israel wants the Arab countries broken up.

    Algérie patriotique/les-americains-veulent-pousser-la-tunisie-a-accepter-une-base-militaire

    Reportedly, after Tunisia’s President Ben Ali was ousted by the CIA in 2011, the CIA’s Islamist government allowed the US military to build a secret base in Remada in Tunisia.

Reportedly, the Pentagon uses the Remada base to train its Islamic terrorists.

The Islamists lost power in Tunisia in 2014.

Tunisia’s current President Beji Essebsi is opposed to US bases.

Jacob Walles (blue shirt) with his fellow Jews

Jacob Walles (blue shirt) with his fellow Jews

On 20 February 2015, in Tunisia, “the US ambassador was expelled from the presidential palace.”

Reportedly, US Ambassador Jacob Walles angered Tunisia’s President Beji Essebsi when Walles tried to pressure him into accepting a large new US military base in Tunisia.

Reportedly, President Essebsi not only expelled Walles from his residence but also refused a request to have a phone conversation with President Obama.

Tunisia: US ambassador expelled from the presidential …. / Massacre in Tunis | crimesofempire.


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Staged ISIS Beheading Video Hacked from McCain Staffer*

Staged ISIS Beheading Video Hacked from McCain Staffer*

Brought to you by Bin Laden Studios and Rita Katz’ infamous SITE Intelligence which is behind the latest Cairo bombing (Italian Embassy)

Editor’s note:  The article and video were retrieved from the French language edition of Sputnik News, an official press organization of the Russian government.

We have been unable to locate its counterpart on the English language equivalent, something curious onto itself.  The set is reminiscent of the infamous “bin Laden Studios” of Tel Aviv, where depictions of various and sundry “robo-bin Ladens” were featured.

The article seems to assert that this video was hacked from a McCain staffer who accompanied Senator McCain on a trip to Ukraine.

Hackers of the CyberBerkut group have released a video of the execution of prisoners of the Islamic State (AR), Islamist terrorist armed organization, which according to the images, was filmed in a recording studio.

Hackers have explained that they have found the video on an electronic device to a friend of U.S. Senator John McCain.

“We, the CyberBerkut group, had at our disposal a file which it is difficult to underestimate the importance! “Dear Senator McCain, we recommend that you not take with you secret documents in any travel abroad, especially in Ukraine”.

After what we see in the video, a “prisoner” is ‘executed’ front several cameras, with a light well chosen. An actor dressed as executioner of the grouping of ISIS, puts a knife near of “sequestered” throat, which is mine to suffer.

Recall that since August 2014, the terrorists of the Islamic State have released several videos of executions. Their victims were yet miraculously calm, made their last words and died in the arms of terrorists. Many Internet users have seen these videos as being fictional, particularly because of the reactions of the tortured and the quality of the videos.

The Americans have repeatedly been blamed for having made videos of the group the Islamic State. Thus, a student from the University of Nevada Ivy Zidrich stated to Jeb Bush that his brother, the former a US president George Bush, had created the Organization of the ISIS.

(machine translated from French by Bing)


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