Pentagon and Israel behind Tunisian Ramadhan Attack*

Pentagon and Israel behind Tunisian Ramadhan Attack*

One of the leading experts on security matters in Tunisia says that the Pentagon and Israel are the brains behind the attack on the hotels in Sousse.

Retired Algerian Major General Abdelaziz Medjahed (above) says that the attack on the hotels in Sousse is “a form of pressure exerted on Tunisia to get it to accept a US military base on its soil.”

Algérie patriotique

According to General Medjahed:

  1. The United States wants a large new AFRICOM (US Command for Africa) base in Tunisia.

    2. Israel wants the Arab countries broken up.

    Algérie patriotique/les-americains-veulent-pousser-la-tunisie-a-accepter-une-base-militaire

    Reportedly, after Tunisia’s President Ben Ali was ousted by the CIA in 2011, the CIA’s Islamist government allowed the US military to build a secret base in Remada in Tunisia.

Reportedly, the Pentagon uses the Remada base to train its Islamic terrorists.

The Islamists lost power in Tunisia in 2014.

Tunisia’s current President Beji Essebsi is opposed to US bases.

Jacob Walles (blue shirt) with his fellow Jews

Jacob Walles (blue shirt) with his fellow Jews

On 20 February 2015, in Tunisia, “the US ambassador was expelled from the presidential palace.”

Reportedly, US Ambassador Jacob Walles angered Tunisia’s President Beji Essebsi when Walles tried to pressure him into accepting a large new US military base in Tunisia.

Reportedly, President Essebsi not only expelled Walles from his residence but also refused a request to have a phone conversation with President Obama.

Tunisia: US ambassador expelled from the presidential …. / Massacre in Tunis | crimesofempire.


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