A Brazilian Converted His Motorcycle to Run On Water!*

A Brazilian Converted His Motorcycle to Run On Water!*

Who knows what’s going to happen, but if you need transport the human mind is full of inventive ideas..

By John Vibes

For decades there have been stories about vehicles that could run on water, and now we can actually see one of these vehicles in action. The T Power H20 motorbike was developed in Sao Paulo, Brazil by a man named Ricardo Azevedo.

The motorcycle can travel up to 310 miles on just a litre of water, and it does not require any specific type of water. Azevedo has even demonstrated how the motorcycle works using polluted water from a nearby river.

The motorcycle works by combining a battery with a water combustion system that helps to generate electricity.

In the video demonstrating his invention, Azevedo uses clean water to power the bike and drinks it on camera to show that it is not fuel.

“The advantage of this motorcycle, which works with the hydrogen that comes from the water, is that the result that comes out of the exhaust is water vapour. This is different from gasoline, which the result is carbon monoxide,Azevedo said.

Azevedo’s invention could entirely change the transportation industry, but he should be careful because inventors like him have been discredited and even killed in the past. The best way to keep Azevedo and his invention safe is to spread the word about it so it is more difficult for competing interests to sweep it under the rug.


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