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Latest TPP Negotiations Failed*

Latest TPP Negotiations Failed*

By Sarah Lazare

Trans-Pacific Partnership trade ministers in Lahaina, Hawaii. (Photo: Audrey McAvoy/Associated Press)

This week’s closed-door Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations in Maui, which President Barack Obama hoped would be the last round, ended Friday in failure to reach a final agreement, thereby pushing a U.S. ratification fight into the tumultuous 2016 presidential election cycle at the earliest—and raising hopes that the corporate-friendly accord could be derailed for good.

Global justice campaigners, who will now have more time to organize against the pact, were buoyed by the development, with Sujata Dey of Council of Canadians declaring on Saturday:

“This stall in talks could mean the death of the deal, and a win for the public interest all over the world.”

The TPP ministers claimed in a joint statement released Friday that they have “made significant progress and will continue work on resolving a limited number of remaining issues.”

But analysts say that the ministers’ failure to close a deal strikes a significant blow against Obama’s agenda. Under the timeline set in the controversial Fast Track legislation passed in the U.S. last month, a minimum of roughly four-and-a-half months is required between the conclusion of negotiations and a yes-or-no vote in Congress, according to the calculations (pdf) of watchdog group Public Citizen.

“This stall in talks could mean the death of the deal, and a win for the public interest all over the world.” —Sujata Dey, Council of Canadians

It’s good news for people and the planet that no deal was done at this final do-or-die meeting given the TPP’s threats to jobs, wages, safe food, affordable medicines and more,” said  Lori Wallach, director of Public Citizen’s Global Trade Watch, in a press statement.

“Only the beleaguered negotiators and most of the 600 official U.S. trade advisers representing corporate interests wanted this deal, which recent polling shows is unpopular in most of the countries involved.”

Friends of the Earth said on Saturday that U.S. negotiators “are trying to divert attention from this failure by claiming that an agreement concluded in Maui on the TPP environment chapter is a major success. This is incorrect.”

“Environmental chapters in recent U.S. free trade agreements with Peru, Colombia, Korea, and Panama are narrow in scope dealing mainly with conservation issues,” the environmental organization continued.

“Not a single one of these agreements has resulted in a U.S. suit to enforce obligations to curb trade in illegally-harvested timber or illegal trade in endangered species. Now, it appears that the TPP environment chapter may be even weaker than its predecessors, and that many of its provisions will be merely aspirational and not legally binding.”

Under negotiation since at least 2008, the TPP includes the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim countries: Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore and Vietnam. These nations together represent 40 percent of the world’s GDP, making it poised to be the largest such deal in history.

The accord has been negotiated in near-complete secrecy, and the vast majority of what is known about its contents has been revealed through leaks. Global social movements and civil societies have raised alarm about provisions that they say dramatically expand corporate power at the expense of people and the planet.

One such measure was revealed this week when WikiLeaks published a secret letter from a TPP ministerial meeting in December 2013, which shows that the United States is pressing for the privatization of “state-owned enterprises” (SOEs).

“Even an SOE that exists to fulfil a public function neglected by the market or which is a natural monopoly would nevertheless be forced to act ‘on the basis of commercial considerations’ and would be prohibited from discriminating in favour of local businesses in purchases and sales,” explained WikiLeaks on Wednesday.

“Developing countries such as Vietnam, which employs a large number of SOEs as part of its economic infrastructure, would be affected most. SOEs continue to fulfil vital public functions in even the most privatized countries, such as Canada and Australia.”

The TPP is known to include numerous other controversial provisions, including secret corporate tribunals that allow multinationals to sue governments for loss of “expected future profits” and measures that would hike drug costs while decreasing access.

Hundreds gathered this week in Maui, where the negotiations were taking place, to protest the TPP’s “corporate assault on people and planet.”

“Behind me stands my ancestors and my ‘Ohana (family),” declared protester Lorilani Keohokalole-Torio on Wednesday.

“We are not aligned with people coming in and restructuring how we live. It hurts my na‘au, my gut. We are fed up, we are educated, we are empowered, and we are aligned to help this place, mother earth, regain the strength that she wants back.”


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Foundations Pouring Millions Into Eradicate Religious Exemptions on Gay ‘Marriage’*

Foundations Pouring Millions Into Eradicate Religious Exemptions on Gay ‘Marriage’*

Revelations that a half dozen well-heeled liberal foundations are pouring millions of dollars into a concerted campaign to force religious organizations to accept same sex “marriage” have defenders of religious rights warning of a new “wave” of litigation.

“Attacking religious exemptions is the next big wave,” Bill Donohue, head of the Catholic League, told LifeSiteNews.

“Gay rights are only the pretext. These groups won’t be satisfied till every trace of religion is erased from public life in America.

After investigating their financial and annual reports, The Catholic News Agency has released the names of six foundations that have recently donated millions to groups and campaigns to eliminate any religious exemption under the First Amendment from federal, state or municipal human rights regulations, requiring couples in same-sex “marriages” be treated the same as heterosexual married couples.

The Evelyn & Walter Haas, Jr. Fund, the Gill Foundation, the Proteus Fund, the David Bohnett Foundation, the Arcus Foundation, and the Ford Foundation have contributed $4.8 million to the cause of suppressing religious rights.

According to Scott Walter, executive director of the Capital Research Center, Tim Gill, the homosexual multi-millionaire behind the Gill Foundation, was instrumental in turning Colorado from “a reliably red state to a blue state,” in the course of a decade, first using his money to win both state chambers for the Democrats, then the governor’s mansion, and finally both federal Senate seats.

“It’s called the ‘Colorado Miracle,” said Walter.

“If Gill is turning his sights onto religious exemptions from same-sex marriage rights, defenders of religious liberty need to be very, very nervous. Gill  has declared that homosexual rights is his number one interest. He has the money and he is incredibly effective.”

In Colorado Gill put together an alliance of like-minded donors and foundations, who funded or created public advocacy law firms, liberal financial watchdog groups, and paid for investigations and lawsuits, all without admitting their goal was getting Democrats into office.

The Catholic News Agency article quotes homosexual advocate Tim Sweeney, “a onetime program director of the Haas Fund,” as having told a conference of like-minded lobbyists early this year, “We are at a crossroads where the choices we make will mean we will fight religious exemptions for two to three years or have a protracted twenty year struggle on our hands.”

Sweeney warned the Out & Equal Executive Forum that victory was not complete with the Supreme Court decision overthrowing state laws defending traditional, heterosexual marriage. The homosexual and trans communities “face a new set of threats around religious exemptions to laws that protect us and our families,” he said.

Sweeney reportedly told his audience that state and federal religious freedom laws such as the Religious Freedom Restoration Acts and judicial decisions like the 2014 Hobby Lobby case (allowing the Christian owners of the Hobby Lobby company an exemption from insuring employees for contraception) are “all about using religious liberty as an excuse to discriminate against LGBT people and others.”

But Bill Donohue of the Catholic League makes the counterclaim that organizations such as the American Civil Liberties Union are fighting against religious exemptions “to use the gay issue as a lever to eliminate religion from every nook and cranny.”

Lawyer James Bopp of the James Madison Center for Free Speech agrees that what is at stake is religious liberty.

“We are facing a group that will insist on conformity on anybody in the public square. Churches are especially vulnerable,” he said, “because they can be threatened through their tax-exempt status.”

If the foundations and the advocacy groups they fund get their way, Donohue warned, Christian colleges would be forced to allow same-sex couples to use their married student housing. Schools would be forced to hire or prevented from firing homosexual couples that have undergone “marriage” ceremonies.

Jeremy Tedesco, senior legal counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, added, “The First Amendment protects more than just the freedom of religion, it protects the freedom of people to live and act according to their religious beliefs. These groups are wrongly attempting to relegate religious freedom to something that exists only in people’s churches and homes. That’s not religious freedom, it’s religious hostility.”

Peter Breen of the Chicago-based Thomas More Law Center told LifeSiteNews that states which have not pass laws legalizing same-sex marriage are particularly vulnerable to legal action restricting religious exemptions. Ironically, wherever states passed same- sex marriage laws, they included protection for religious freedom.

But states which never legalized same-sex marriage also never provided exemptions from anti-discrimination laws for Christians—whether bakers, or universities or churches with Scout troops. So States with old laws on the books intending to protect heterosexual married couples from discrimination will now cover same-sex marriages too.

“We need to alert state legislators that they are not providing the protection for religious groups their citizens want. And we need to help them draft very well-written religious protection laws.” Breen said the six foundations exposed by the Catholic News Agency “will try to stop those laws being made.”


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UK Government Being Taken to Court over Torture of 14 Irish Men*

UK Government Being Taken to Court over Torture of 14 Irish Men*

By Michaela Whitton

On November 30th, lawyers acting for 9 of the 10 torture survivors who were interrogated by the British Army in 1971 (and family members of the four who have since died), will attend Belfast’s High Court to try to force the Police Force, the Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, and the Department of Justice to investigate what happened. At the same time, backed by the Irish Government, they will seek to have the European Court of Human Rights declare that those who are now widely known as the hooded men were tortured.

Despite the U.K. being a signatory of the UN Convention against Torture and the European Convention on Human Rights, no one has been held accountable for the treatment of the “hooded men.” The European Court of Human Rights could still decline to reopen the case.

Both cases have huge international significance. The 1978 ruling by the European Court of Human Rights ruled that what the British did to the men in Northern Ireland was “inhuman and degrading,” but not classed as torture. This became a cornerstone of human rights law. Regimes throughout the world, such as the U.S. and Israel, were given the green light to use the techniques and “enhanced” methods of torture with impunity.

In August 1971, hundreds of men suspected of being involved with the Irish Republican Army (IRA) were arrested and interned by the U.K authorities. Fourteen of the men were selected for special treatment, which involved being taken by helicopter to a secret location now thought to be a British Army base in County Londonderry—while hooded.

The men’s names were Jim Auld, Pat Shivers, Joe Clarke, Michael Donnelly, Kevin Hannaway, Paddy Joe McLean, Francie McGuigan, Patrick McNally, Sean McKenna, Gerry McKerr, Michael Montgomery, Davy Rodgers, Liam Shannon, and Brian Turley.

They were held without trial and subjected to the infamous five techniques of hooding, stress positions, white noise, sleep deprivation, and deprivation of food and water. The savage techniques combined with brutal beatings and death threats prompted Amnesty International’s first ever research and investigation mission in the U.K., which arrived to find the men black and blue with bruises.

The combination of brutal physical cruelties and psychologically disorienting techniques used to break the will and induce confession led Amnesty to declare a prima facie case of brutality and torture.

After public outrage, the Irish government made history by taking the first ever interstate case under the European Convention of Human Rights, alleging the U.K. had tortured the men. Denying torture, then U.K. Prime Minister Ted Heath quickly announced a prohibition of future use of the techniques by U.K. forces.

In 1976, the European Commission on Human Rights found the U.K. had tortured the men, but the U.K. appealed the decision and won, claiming the techniques used had no long-term impact.

In 1978, the European Court of Human Rights found that the interrogation amounted to “inhuman and degrading treatment,” but not torture—a difference immediately seized by those wanting to use similar sensory deprivation interrogation techniques.

In 2002, Jay Bybee from the U.S. Attorney General’s office prepared legal advice on what could and could not be done to interrogation subjects. He quoted the 1978 decision in the infamous torture memos and within months, the CIA was using the “five techniques” in Afghanistan, Iraq, and around the world. The U.K. also “forgot” about Ted Heath’s prohibition and put the techniques to use again in Iraq.

New evidence was made public last year in a documentary by Irish broadcaster RTÉ’s Investigations Unit that alleged the British authorities purposely misled the European Court and withheld vital information that could have been decisive in finding that the men had been tortured.

If the new evidence does make the crucial distinction that the men were tortured and not victims of the lesser charge of ‘inhuman and degrading treatment,’ it could herald the beginning of a process of justice for the men and hinder the use of torture all over the world—despite chronic embarrassment for the U.K. government.


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Africa to Obama: Mind Your own Business*

Africa to Obama: Mind Your own Business*

Obama should have apologised to Africans for his country’s sadistic adventures on our continent rather than lecture us, writes Mwenda [Reuters]

By Andrew M Mwenda

United States President Barack Obama is the most admired foreign leader in Africa because he has ancestral roots in our continent.

This is partly the reason his ill-informed and stereotypical admonitions of our leaders attracted cheers from a large section of our elite class.

But it is also because we African elites have internalised the ideology of our conquerors that presents us as inferior, inadequate, and incapable of self-government.

Bob Marley’s words that we must liberate ourselves from mental slavery are important here.

In his speech to the African Union in Addis Ababa on Tuesday, Obama acted like a colonial headman lecturing the natives on how to behave as good subjects.

Yet behind Obama’s seeming concern for our good lies the social contempt he holds us in.

Flagrant hypocrisy

Why doesn’t Obama openly admonish leaders of Western Europe whenever he visits their countries? Is it because they govern better? Who has the right to make this judgement and by what criteria?

There is a lot of corruption and widespread human rights abuses (especially of migrant minorities) in Western Europe – not to mention the brutality, genocides, forced labour, and racism that characterised their governance of Africa during colonial rule.

The difference between Africa and these nations is that we are poorer in material possessions. But does their present wealth imply better governance?

To use Jean Bricmont’s analogy from his book Humanitarian Imperialism, the US and Western Europe behave like a mafia godfather who, as he grows old, decides to defend law and order and begins to attack his lesser colleagues in crime, preaching brotherly love and the sanctity of human life – all the while holding onto his ill-gotten wealth and the income it generates.

Who would fail to denounce such flagrant hypocrisy? In any case, is the US such a model country in governance to give Obama the moral authority to lecture Africans?

In the US, a black person is killed by the highly militarised police force every 28 hours .

Scores of black people in the US are stopped and searched every minute for no other reason than the colour of their skin.

Blacks constitute 12-13% of the US population but 43 percent of its prison population. Although there are only 33 million blacks in the US, there are one million (nearly four percent) of them in jail.

Indeed, the incarceration rate of blacks in the US is 10 times that of blacks in apartheid South Africa.

According to Michelle Alexander’s book, The New Jim Crow, there are double the number of blacks in jail than in college.

There are more black people in jail today than were enslaved in 1850; and more blacks are disenfranchised today than in 1875, when the 15th amendment prohibiting discrimination in voting rights based on race was passed.

In Obama’s hometown of Chicago, the total population of black males with a felony record is 80% of the adult black male workforce.

The 48 countries of sub-Saharan Africa Obama admonishes have a combined population of 961 million and their total prison population is 830,000.

If sub-Saharan Africa jailed its people at the same rate as the US jails its black population, we would have 38.4 million people in jail.

Dehumanising Africans

But these are not the only state abuses in the US.

There are mass surveillance programmes that allow the federal government to eavesdrop on almost every communication of American citizens and allies, the indefinite imprisonment without trial and torture of suspects in Guantanamo Bay and other illegal detention facilities around the world.

The corruption of Washington and Wall Street – where corporate profits are privatised and losses nationalised – goes without saying. 

Invading sovereign nations and toppling their governments while leaving chaos in their wake, the large scale use of drones which kill innocent civilians in Syria, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, and Pakistan are the kind of crimes the US commits.

This is not an argument of two wrongs making a right. Rather it is to show that Obama’s choice to lecture Africa is a product of the social contempt he and his countrymen and women have for black people.

Many African leaders do not treat their people with the cruel contempt with which the US treats its black citizens.

True some of our leaders use the police against their political rivals. But the US uses its police daily against innocent poor black people who are not even contesting for political power from the white financial, industrial, and military aristocracy that rules that country.

Why dehumanise them?

Lecturing Africans

Contrary to Obama’s self-appointed role as the secular priest of good governance, Africans fight for more freedom, democracy, and clean government daily.

And in these struggles, the US has consistently sided with our oppressors.

It was complicit in the  murder  of Patrice Lumumba,  supported apartheid South Africa against Nelson Mandela and his African National Congress (ANC, whom it declared terrorists), financed the terrorist organisation National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA), and propped up incompetent and corrupt tyrants like Mobutu, Samuel Doe, and Siad Barre.

Instead of coming to lecture, Obama should have had the humility to come and apologise to Africans for his country’s sadistic adventures on our continent.

Indeed, Obama has no moral right to lecture Africans on democracy, human rights, and clean government because his country has been sponsoring corrupt and cruel policies against black people at home and thieving tyrants on our continent.

If there are weaknesses in our governance they are ours to struggle against and overcome.

Steven Biko, a hero of the anti-apartheid struggle, said that the greatest weapon in the hands of an oppressor is never his guns and armies, but the mind of the oppressed.

This was clear from the assembled African elites in Addis Ababa who were cheering Obama as he presented himself as the altruist advising our leaders on how to lead us better.

Like all imperial powers before it, the US seeks to dominate the world in order to exploit it. This is how it sustains her greedy consumption.

Obama being of But to disguise its intentions, the US rewrites history, employs selective indignation, and chooses arbitrary priorities to present its selfish agenda.

African ancestry is the best puppet the US uses to disguise its contempt for Africans. But the best he can do is to mind his own business and let us mind ours.


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Take II on U.S. Government Human Trials of Genetically Modified Ebola Vaccine*

Take II on U.S. Government Human Trials of Genetically Modified Ebola Vaccine*

97187-ebola2Just as predicted, vaccine companies are soon planning to unveil an Ebola vaccine in response to the manufactured Ebola outbreak that’s allegedly still spreading throughout West Africa. A genetically-modified (GM) Ebola vaccine that’s currently undergoing human clinical trials will be a spray rather than an injection, and its administration, according to one virologist, “…will not require trained medical personnel.”

Much like an inhaler, the novel GM Ebola vaccine will be delivered through a special “breathing device” that anyone can pick up and use without a doctor’s help. It’s made from a common respiratory virus known as human parainfluenza virus type 3, or HPIV3, that scientists artificially engineered to contain genes from the Ebola virus. These genes purportedly encode the proteins of Ebola virus on the outside of the HPIV3 virus, prompting an immune response.

Researchers publishing their work in the Journal of Clinical Investigation say the vaccine has already been tested on six rhesus macaques, whose respiratory tracts were deliberately infiltrated with the GM virus. One month later, these same monkeys were injected with a dose of Ebola virus that was 1,000 times higher than the level that would normally kill them, but they survived.

The GM virus in the vaccine apparently replicated in the monkeys’ respiratory tracts upon inhalation, which in turn caused their cells to produce multiple copies of the Ebola virus’s coat. Recognizing the resultant end product as a foreign invader, the monkeys’ immune systems attacked it, which researchers say is an indicator of success.

They’re now testing this experimental GM Ebola vaccine on a small group of humans in the next step towards eventual commercialization, with the National Institutes of Health (NIH) leading the Phase I trial. The goal is to confirm the safety and efficacy of the vaccine, which they expect to undergo another three years or more of safety testing.

Aerosolized GM Ebola vaccine provides airborne vector to unleash deadly disease outbreak

The researchers involved with the study claim the vaccine doesn’t show any signs of harmful side effects, but time will tell whether or not this is actually the case. The unmitigated replication of a genetically engineered virus inside the body can’t be a good thing, even if the body supposedly recognizes it as foreign and attacks it.

This particular vaccine also works differently from other vaccines in that it targets body two types of immunity – “local” and system-wide. Local, in this case, refers to the immunity present in the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract, while system-wide immunity refers to the gamut of immune cells that normally circulate throughout the body.

How this alteration in immune stimulation will affect humans in the long term is currently unknown, though researchers don’t seem all that concerned about the potential for major autoimmune effects. Their only focus, it seems, is to rush this GM Ebola vaccine to market as quickly as possible and to make it as easy as possible for people to receive it, particularly in poorer areas of West Africa.

As with any aerosol-based vaccine, there’s also the potential for viral spread beyond the individual to whom it’s being administered. Like with live-virus influenza vaccines, virus “shedding” is a serious concern, as is the threat of a GM virus spreading like wildfire throughout a population and potentially causing an outbreak of disease.

In other words, creating the vector Ebola hasn’t had yet – being airborne,” wrote one Gizmodo commenter about the potential for a major catastrophe stemming from this novel vaccine.

“Giving it to strains that will have developed a resistance to the vaccine and then disseminating it worldwide. What could possibly go wrong?”


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Some People are getting Nervous about September 2015*

Some People are getting Nervous about September 2015*

By Makia Freeman

Various events and predictions are converging in September 2015. Is there any connection among them? Are they related to humanity’s rising consciousness?

The end of September 2015,

or more precisely the period from around September 15th to September 28th 2015, has become the subject of much attention, apprehension and prediction. As usual, there is a certain amount of fear mongering, sensationalistic biblical prophecies and other dire warnings, which it is best to take with a grain of salt. However, despite all of that, one has to wonder whether the events converging in September 2015 are connected – and whether they are a response by the NWO (New World Order) elite to the rapidly rising consciousness of humanity.  This rising consciousness is exciting; it’s fast and it’s palpable. You can feel the quickened energy as people all over the world are beginning to wake up, ask questions, think about things they had never thought about before, challenge authorities, dig deeper and decide to invest time and energy into discovering things for themselves – rather than being spoonfed propaganda by the MSM (Mainstream Media) which relies on people being too lazy to check the facts.
People are really starting to catch on to the truer narrative and deeper meaning of news events very quickly. Just look at the rapidity with which people are latching on to false flag shootings and bombings. Big time elite insider and Obama handler Zbigniew Brzezinski admitted that the elite’s “capacity to impose control over the politically awakened masses of the world is at a historical low” and that it was “easier to kill than to control” the masses. Hillary Clinton, queen of cover-ups, confessed that the elite were “losing the information war“. Look how the orchestrated ebola pandemic flopped and ran out of steam all of a sudden last year.

Are the Elite Getting Desperate in the Face of Such Obvious Rising Consciousness?

In light of this tangible rising consciousness, it is probable that the elite are worried and afraid of the power of We the People … but they are not going to give up without a fight. If they feel threatened or backed into a corner, knowing their personality traits, they are likely to become desperate, act with more aggression and speed up the agenda. They probably reason that if they can accelerate humanity towards transhumanism, a cashless society and a microchipped population fast enough, they will have enough power to quell any rebellion or rising consciousness through electromagnetic mind control. Their latest move in California of pushing for mandatory vaccinations reeks of desperation. The question is: are the events slated for September 2015 also designed to dampen the rising consciousness before it becomes irresistable?

Is the Flat Earth Theory Part of the Awakening?

As a side note, it is worth considering what some in the alternative media are suggesting, namely that the recent viral spreading of the flat earth theory could be really scaring the elite – if the theory is true – and causing them to panic and hasten their NWO agenda. Flat earth proponents such as Matthew Boylan (artist who was hired by NASA for his photo-artistry skills), Eric Dubay (conspiracy researcher and author of The Flat Earth Conspiracy), Mark Sargent and others do not appear to be paid shills.

Is flat earth part of the awakening?

Is it an organic or a manipulated movement?

Much of the flat earth theory is based upon the fact that NASA is a lying machine and has been deceiving us all along – especially since NASA is full of Nazis, Freemasons and was developed from the JPL (Jet Propulsions Laboratory), found by Jack Parsons, black magician and student of Aleister Crowley.

Is the rise of the flat earth movement in any way connected to the forthcoming September events?

One thing we know for sure is that the elite are not going to lay down, do nothing and watch their power base get eroded. They will distract, divert, and divide and rule. With that in mind, here is a brief overview of the various events converging at the end of September 2015 (thanks to Michael Snyder for first compiling most of this list):

End of September 2015 Event #1: Jade Helm 15 (Ending Sept. 15th)

Thanks to the fantastic research of DJ (who appeared on this Caravan to Midnight interview), we know that Operation Jade Helm 15 is about the advancement of AI (Artificial Intelligence). It is about placing a machine at the helm of command – a machine that is self-aware, which rapidly changes and responds to incoming data and which can predict human behaviour through close monitoring of all human action – to literally master the human domain as the operation boasts in its logo.

Of course, there are many other facets and disturbing implications to Jade Helm, including the violation of principle of Posse Comitatus by placing US troops directly on US soil deployed among US citizens, the declaring of certain US states as hostile, and the US military training for martial law, squashing domestic insurrection, spying on Americans and practicing to operate undetected among them. The question is: why was Jade Helm planned to end in September 2015?

End of September 2015 Event #2: UN General Assembly (Starting Sept. 15th)

The UN (United Nations) is meeting on September 15th, 2015, for its 70th General Assembly. As I wrote about earlier, the main thrust of this convention will be pushing for more centralization of power under the pretext of sustainable development. Is France about to propose that the UN formally recognize the Palestinian State? Perhaps Obama may not be opposed to this as he has been in the past, which no doubt will infuriate the Zionist regime of Israel. Is the UN about to push through more legislation and regulation based on the fake manmade global warming/climate change scam?

End of September 2015 Event #3: Fabius’ Comment “500 Days to Climate Chaos” (Sept. 24th)

This is a comment not an event – at least at this stage. French Foreign Minister and Bilderberger Laurent Fabius made an interesting remark during a speech at the Brookings Institute (an elite think tank). He made the exact same comment later at a press conference with US Secretary of State John Kerry. Fabius made the speech on May 13th, 2014, and he clearly stated:

“We have 500 days to avoid climate chaos”. Sites such as allow you to calculate the exact number of days between any two dates. 500 days from May 13th, 2014, including the end date, brings you to the end September of 2015 – September 24th to be exact.

What is Fabius referring to? What does he know that we don’t? It is certainly a strange prediction. Is he suggesting that some political solution must be in place regarding climate change by September 24th? Or is he predicting some kind of environmental catastrophe?

End of September 2015 Event #4: Pope to address US Congress (Sept. 24th)

In an absolutely unprecedented move, the Pope will be addressing the US Congress on September 24th 2015. Why? In his previous Encyclical, he jumped into the political arena big time by getting behind the UN’s climate change agenda, i.e. the false idea of AGW (anthropogenic global warming) or that mankind is causing climate change. I suspect this is the first of several future steps to make the Pope the head of a One World Religion. Will the Pope merely reiterate the same message of the Encyclical, or will he focus on:

– Foreign Policy (international refugees especially in Middle East)?

– The role of superpower nations in humanity’s future?

– The US hogging the world’s resources?

End of September 2015 Event #5: Blood Moon (Sept. 28th)

To those who don’t give much credence to astrology, this event may carry little importance, but it is still worth mentioning. A lunar tetrad of 4 consecutive lunar eclipses or blood moons is going to be completed on September 28th with the 4th consecutive eclipse. According to some, the blood moon is significant:

“The last three times this phenomenon occurred were right around seminal moments in Jewish history.  For example, when it happened in 1493 and 1494 Jews were expelled from Spain. The blood moons in 1949 and 1950 came right after the nation of Israel was assembled, giving the Jews a homeland for the first time in thousands of years.  And in 1967 and 1968 it was linked to the Six-Day War.”

End of September 2015 Event #6: Reactivation of CERN’s LHC (Sept. 23rd?)

CERN, the European Organisation for Nuclear Research, is reactivating its massive underground particle accelerator known as the LHC (Large Hadron Collider). There are claims all over the net that the reactivation date is September 23rd, but nothing on CERN’s official site about this date or the end of September 2015 in general. It has been known for some time that CERN is yet another organization with an occult corporate logo (containing 666), as well as sporting a statue of dancing Shiva (the Hindu god of destruction) at their headquarters. Now CERN employees are doing a bizarre “Shiva Dance” inside the LHC. Why?

Very, very few people are privy to what CERN is really doing with all their equipment. Some like Bret Bernhoft have theorized the LHC can actually rip the fabric of space-time, and open portals into other dimensions. Bernhoft reports that respected ET contactee Alex Collier has suggested CERN’s technology is intended (at least in part) to fuse two realities/timelines together. If this is true, it could well be in response to humanity’s rising consciousness. Perhaps the elite are using highly advanced technology to keep us on a more “negative timeline” where tyranny rather than freedom prevails.

End of September 2015 Event #7: Asteroid (Sept. 24th)

There are predictions of an asteroid hitting Earth on September 24th 2015, but they don’t appear to be backed by solid evidence. In this context, however, it is useful to recall Carol Rosin, who has spoken on numerous occasions of her association with former Nazi, NASA rocket scientist and elite insider Werner von Braun. She recounts how von Braun told her that the NWO would use a series of invented threats or false flag events to trick people into accepting an authoritarian One World Government. Rosin specifically states that von Braun told her in 1974 that the elite would use 5 key threats to trick and scare people into submission – in this order: the exaggerated threat of Russia/communism, the invented threat of terrorism, the invented threat of rogue states (3rd world nation enemies), a staged event of an asteroid hitting Earth and a staged alien invasion event (a la Project Bluebeam). Von Braun said the asteroid card would be played in order to justify space-based weapons. The first 3 have already happened as predicted.

Are we about to witness the further unfolding of this plan in September 2015?

2015 is a Shemitah Year

The above events are not the only factors in the September 2015 convergence. Have you heard of the Shemitah, the Jewish 7 year cycle? Major world events, especially financial events, seem to occur around every 7 years (as explained by Jeff Berwick in the embedded video above) and 2015 is a Shemitah year. It is also strange that the Federal Reserve has moved its headquarters (strangely) from NYC to Chicago (citing concerns about NYC being vulnerable to an environmental disaster) and that NORAD (a US military agency responsible for defending America’s air space) has re-opened the impregnable Cheyenne Mountain bunker/fort. What are the elite preparing for?

Ultimately, the Collective State of Humanity’s Consciousness Creates the Future

These events and predictions may turn out to be routine, ordinary or non-existent. Perhaps there is no connection among them, apart from the fact they are scheduled for the end of September 2015. So be vigilant, not afraid; be aware, not scared. Continue to pay attention to all events that are unfolding.

Above all, remember that we only evolve through being exposed to stress. Too much stress can cripple an organism, and too little produces no growth. The empowering way to look at stress is to realize it acts as a motivating catalyst for change. The empowering way to deal with fear is to convert it into awareness.

Ultimately, the collective state of humanity’s consciousness will create the future, and that consciousness has been rising tremendously. Let’s ensure our creative powers stay focused on what we can do, and on what kind of world we want to create, when we are confronted with stress, challenges and fear.



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