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Police Brutality Protests Forced 24 States to Pass 40 New Police Reform Measures*

Police Brutality Protests Forced 24 States to Pass 40 New Police Reform Measures*

People take part in the Million People’s March Against Police Brutality, Racial Injustice and Economic Inequality in Newark, New Jersey July 25, 2015 © Eduardo Munoz / Reuters

National anti-police brutality protests, following the deaths of Eric Garner, Michael Brown, Tamir Rice and Freddie Gray, have propelled state lawmakers to pass dozens of police reform measures. However, activists want more concrete changes.

In 24 states, 40 new measures to change the way police interact with the public have been introduced since the Ferguson protests. The measures include body-worn cameras, limits on military equipment for use by law enforcement, racial bias awareness training and independent investigations, according to an analysis by the Associated Press.

What we have right now in the country is an emerging consensus as to the need to act,” NAACP President Cornell William Brooks told AP.

What we don’t have is a consensus as to how to act, what to act on and how to do this in some kind of priority order.”

Sixteen states passed body-camera measures. Some were laws, others were resolutions to create study panels or provide state grants subsidizing the purchases of the cameras. Others were new laws detailing how they could be used.

A study conducted with the Rialto Police Department in California found that complaints about police dropped by 88% and the use of force dropped by 59% when cameras were instituted.

New York City began a small pilot program involving 54 body cameras in four precincts in 2014 and 2015, following pressure by the city’s Public Advocate Letitia James. Notably, the use of body cameras came not directly from the pressure of the Black Lives Matter movement, but from one of the recommended findings in the federal court case Floyd v. New York City. That case found the police department unfairly targeted African-Americans and Latinos during stops known as Stop, Question and Frisk.

The AP reported that just three states – Colorado, Connecticut and Illinois – introduced packages of legislation for police reform including body cameras, police training on racial biases, and requirements for independent investigations when police shoot people.

In Missouri, despite the introduction of 65 bills, lawmakers only passed one measure limiting municipal court fines and traffic tickets. This came in response to a scathing report by the Justice Department that found African-Americans to be unfairly targeted for ticketing and fines.

The AP reported that the Rev. Al Sharpton described Missouri’s response as “disappointing” and indicative of an “institutional denial” of the need for change.

Governors in other states made changes without waiting for lawmakers to act. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo signed an executive order directing the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate police killings of unarmed civilians.

The demand for the reappointment of a special prosecutor became more earnest after a New York grand jury failed to indict the police officer involved in the death of Eric Garner, who was killed via a chokehold. Families in the city who lost loved ones to police brutality have called for such an appointment for several decades.

In regards to the executive order for the special prosecutors that the governor signed, it was a phenomenal victory. It is something that families have wanted for over 20 years,” Daniel ‘Majestic’ Sanchez, a spokesperson for the Justice Committee police reform advocacy group, told RT at the one year anniversary rally for Eric Garner.

Because local district attorneys have an inherent conflict of interest … it is not saying that DAs are bad people, or unethical … it is just, for all intents and purposes, they would be trying to prosecute their co-workers, and it is not in their interest to do so.

In Ohio, following the death of the 12-year-old boy Tamir Rice by a rookie Cleveland patrolman in November, who mistook a pellet gun for a real one, Governor John Kasich created a panel to develop the state’s first-ever standards for police use of deadly force.

Ezekiel Edwards, director of American Civil Liberties Union’s criminal law reform project, told AP that states won’t make real progress until they provide better education, employment and housing opportunities for residents.

[There] is a massive amount of work that is left to do going forward,” he said.


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What can be made of this Royal Conundrum?*

What can be made of this Royal Conundrum?*

Europe’s royal élites are fragmenting over their Nazi-continuum connections with the Committee of 300

On Monday 20th February 2012, confirmatory intelligence emerged from Japan (here) that, below the surface, a widening rift in geopolitical loyalties is developing between the older and younger members of the British Royal Family bloodlines.

This rift is understood to be developing and extending through most of the European Illuminati hereditary control-structures, not just in the UK, but also in countries such as The NetherlandsSpain and Sweden.

What is being referred to as the Gnostic Illuminati power-group issued a Saturday 31st March 2012 deadline to the Western G5 banking cartel’s Committee of 300, to cease and desist in its Nazi-continuum (Odessa Group) agenda of financial theft and international exploitation.

The Committee of 300 agenda was being implemented through secretly-constructed financial instruments and money laundries, and through wars, invasions and state-sponsored terrorist atrocities such as the post-WW2 conflicts in Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, Bosnia, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya and Yemen, and the false-flag attacks of 911 (pre-planned demolition of Twin Towers in New York – more here) and 311 (the pre-planned nuclear tsunami in Japan – more here).

This Nazi-continuum agenda is still driving the financial nexus and the foreign policies of the G5 nations (UK, US, Germany, France and Italy).

The Gnostic Illuminati powergroup is of ancient lineage, and through its spokesman, Alexander Romanov (Romanoff), claims to have initiated the American Revolution (1775–83), the French Revolution (1787–1799) and the Russian Revolution (1917). More here (07.01.12 – YouTube video – 7 mins).

Romanov has also said that Prince Harry of Wales (British Royal Family; fifth in line of succession to the British Throne) has been keeping in touch with the Gnostic Illuminati group and has agreed to take over control of the British Royal family from Queen Elizabeth II when she is obliged to abdicate in connection with her covert Chairmanship of the Committee of 300 and other geopolitical machinations. More here (01.01.12), here (29.04.11) and here(19.10.09).

One of the reasons that the Gnostic Illuminati are working with Prince Harry, is thought to be that this particular member of the British Royal Family is not a scion (or issue) of the Nazi-continuum, German-English, reptilian bloodline Houses of Windsor and Saxe-Coburg & Gotha. In this, Harry is unlike his brother, William (Duke of Cambridge), or his father, Charles (Prince of Wales). Charles is the heir apparent (first in line of succession) and William is second in line of succession to the British Throne.

This difference in Prince Harry’s bloodline is due to the (now) widely-known fact that he is not Prince Charles’ son. Prince Harry is the son of Diana Spencer (Princess Diana) and James Hewitt, a young army officer, horse trainer and polo player. More here (31.05.09). And a picture of Diana Spencer and James Hewitt together can be seen here.

Prince Harry of Wales is not, therefore, the biological son of Prince Charles, or the biological grandson of Queen Elizabeth II of England. However, for reasons of public relations expediency, he was given a full royal name and rank at his christening in St George’s Chapel, Windsor, on Friday 21st December 1984. Prince Harry of Wales’ full name is Henry Charles Albert David Windsor. In long-established English usage, Henry = Harry.

The absence of Prince Philip, Queen Elizabeth’s husband, from Prince Harry’s official christening photograph, is considered to be highly significant. Among the English aristocracy it is normative for the grandfather of the child being christened to feature in the official photograph. Philip had been present two years earlier for the family christening photographs of Harry’s older brother, Prince William. That service was held on Wednesday 4th August 1982 in the Music Room at Buckingham Palace. The official christening photographs associated with the event can be seen here and here.

In Establishment English Protestant Churchianity (Church of England), a christening is an infant baptism conducted without the informed consent of the infant involved. It is an ancient Satanic rite designed to close the ajna centre (the sixth primary chakram) of the developing child. The officiating priest sprinkles the forehead of the infant with “holy water” and makes the sign of the cross (the sign of closure) over the ajna centre.

Closure of this trans-dimensional data portal in the spiritual body restricts the individual’s access to positive spiritual energies from The Higher Evolution. It also makes the growing child more susceptible to control by low-vibration negative manipulation energies entering through chakras lower down in the spiritual body. The ajna centre can be reopened in later life by positive spiritual practices such as creative visualisation, yoga or benign meditation techniques.

A long-time employee of Prince Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, has revealed that the British Royal Family has been involved for many years in a media and intelligence cover-up of Harry’s origins.

Diana knew that Harry’s father was James Hewitt, and talked about it frequently in private. This is said to be one reason why she was assassinated in 1997, following a manufactured Paris car crash, by Tavistock-linked agents (K-Team Geneva) of the London Crown Temple. More about the Tavistock Institute can be found here, and about the London Crown Temple here or here.

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh (Queen Elizabeth’s husband), is reported to have issued explicit death threats to James Hewitt if he refused to go along with the royal cover-up. In particular, Philip made Hewitt lie about the timeline of his relationship with Diana, Princess of Wales.

James Hewitt was in an active sexual relationship with Diana two years before Prince Harry was born. It is understood that Diana had stopped having sex with Prince Charles about eighteen months before Harry was born because of her disgust at the active relationship her husband was continuing with Camilla Parker-Bowles.

Major Boris Johnson and Camilla Parker-Bowles look on in astonishment at the Nazi salute made with the released dove (not blurred in the original photo at the Illuminati London 2012 Olympic Games

Parker-Bowles has now been officially re-branded as the Duchess of Cornwall, but there have recently been indications that Charles and Camilla are living essentially separate lives, spending much of their time in separate houses in Gloucestershire and Wiltshire. More here(27.02.12).

Prince Harry looks very similar to James Hewitt. He has ginger hair like Hewitt and a similar physiognomy. Harry looks nothing like Prince Charles (younger picture here) or like his brother, Prince William (side-by-side pictures here and here).

Harry is also considerably less intelligent (academically) than his brother, William, (ask anyone who taught the boys at Eton College) and unlike William, he did not go to university. Harry’s father, James Hewitt, is also considerably less intelligent than Prince Charles. And, it might be noted, Harry has inherited playboy character-traits from Hewitt which are largely absent from William and Charles. But mutual friends say that Harry is more street-wise, in terms of modern popular culture and mores, than William.

The idea that Prince Harry of Wales might supplant his grandmother, Queen Elizabeth II of England, upon her forced abdication has been around for a while. But the rumours were given new life at the end of 2011. Speaking on the record to a television interviewer, Harry expressed the view that he did not believe the Queen could carry out her public duties without the presence of her husband Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh.

A few days after the interview was recorded, Prince Philip suffered a “heart scare” and spent four days over Christmas 2011 at Addenbrookes Hospital (Cambridge) “having a blocked coronary artery cleared and a stent fitted.”

Observers noted that when he returned to the family house-party on the Sandringham estate in Norfolk, the Duke was unusually vigorous, physically. Seasoned conspiracy-watchers began to wonder whether the four days “in hospital” were, in fact, four days for the Tavistock-nexus to get a new Prince Philip clone up-and-running, the previous one having been terminated unexpectedly. More about the use of human clones in élite political management can be found here.

It should be noticed that although Harry Spencer-Hewitt (Prince Harry of Wales) is not a scion of the Nazi-continuum Windsor/Saxe-Coburg & Gotha bloodline, he is still, through his mother’s ancestry, an issue of an old, non-reptilian, English bloodline referred to as the Spencers. The Spencer dynasty began to develop in pre-Tudor times and became visible to official exoteric histories around the year 1486 with the rise of Sir John Spencer. More about the Spencer bloodline can be found here.

False attributions of birth are nothing new for the British Royal Family. In March 2012, an old story about the bloodline bona fides of Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon broke surface with renewed energy. Bowes-Lyons was the Queen Consort (wife) of King George VI from 1936 to 1952. Thereafter she was known as Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother. She gave birth to the present Queen Elizabeth II, in London, in April 1926.

The official histories state that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the daughter of Claude Bowes-Lyon (the 14th Earl of Strathmore & Kinghorne) and Cecilia Cavendish-Bentinck (his wife). In fact, it now transpires that Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon was the daughter of Claude Bowes-Lyon and their family’s French cook, Marguerite Rodiere. Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon’s full name was Elizabeth Angela Marguerite Bowes-Lyon, and later, in court circles and further afield, she was often referred to by her nickname “Cookie”. More here (30.03.12).

Since 2012, there has been a fools’ procession of royal developments, disclosures and false alarms in Europe:

In April 2013, (Queen) Beatrix Armgard (Royal Dutch Shell), of the Netherlands royal bloodline, abdicated in good health at the age of 75. More here (30.04.13).

In May 2014, (Prince) Charles Windsor, in conversation with Marienne Ferguson in Canada, likened some Nazi actions in Europe to those of Russia’s Vladimir Putin in Crimea: “Putin is doing just about the same as Hitler.” Even by English royal standards, this was a particularly maladroit comment. The Russian President, Vladimir Putin, lost a brother in the Nazi siege of Leningrad during the Second World War. A royal spokeman said Charles’s remarks were “well-intentioned” and not meant to be made public. More here (21.05.14), here (21.05.14) and here (22.05.14).

Fourteen months later, in July 2015, pictures from the UK royal archives were leaked to the UK mainstream media showing the young (Queen) Elizabeth Windsor (Charles’s mother) practising Nazi salutes with her family, at Balmoral, in Scotland (see newspaper image above and further reference downpage).

In June 2014, (King) Juan Carlos Bourbon, of the Spanish royal bloodline, abdicated in good health at the age of 76. More here(18.06.14).

On Monday 8th December 2014, the UK’s 33-year-old (Prince) William Wales was in Washington DC for “a meeting” at the World Bank HQ. It is said that he signed a document there which authorised the disbursement of $48 trillion to a series of established global power centres. More here (30.12.14).

The World Bank sum of $48 trillion was very close to the $47 trillion sum involved in the Lien executed against the US Treasury and the US Federal Reserve on Sunday 6th December 2009, by China.

This World Court Writ of Execution and Lien was issued following the diversion of a $6.2 trillion loan from the UK Crown (London Crown Temple) to the US government to finance the (on-the-books) US Dollar Refunding Project. China had been involved, with London, in assembling these monies.

The $6.2T was wired to the US during the 2008 financial crisis on 10th-12th September 2008. The money was then stolen, mirrored, and traded for other purposes. More here (14.12.09).

(Prince) William Wales’ reported signing of the $48T World Bank document on the 8th December 2014, caused a flurry of speculation. If it was a Nazi-continuum Committee of 300 document (like this one, cited above), why did William sign it, rather than his grandmother, (Queen) Elizabeth Windsor?

Did this change in lead signatory mean that Elizabeth had resigned her position as Chairman of the Committee of 300, and had passed that post on to her grandson William (second in line of succession to the British Throne), rather than to her son, Charles (heir apparent and first in line of succession)?

If this, indeed, was the case, why had the official royal prerogative in this matter jumped a generation, leaving Charles and Camilla apparently impotent and discarded in the dustbin of English history? And, perhaps more significant, why was no official announcement of this royal promotion/demotion forthcoming from Buckingham Palace? Because it was not true? Or because it was nothing to do with the little people: the democratic electorate of UK citizens; subjects, still, of the Queen?

A week or two later in December 2014, the UK bookmaker Coral suspended betting on 89-year-old (Queen) Elizabeth Windsor announcing her abdication during her annual Christmas Day broadcast to the nation. An unusual rush of bets had been received. Buckingham Palace denied the rumour. More here (17.12.14).

In January 2015, UK royal Andrew Windsor (Duke of York) was accused in US court papers of consorting with ‘Jane Doe 3′ (Virginia Roberts) at an orgy where she was used as a sex slave. More here(04.01.15).

Also in January 2015, Spain’s Supreme Court agreed to examine a paternity suit against  (former king) Juan Carlos Bourbon by a Belgian woman, Ingrid Jeanne Sartiau, who claimed to be his daughter. More here (14.01.15).

In March 2015, the UK Supreme Court ordered the publication of  27 secret letters sent by Charles Windsor (Prince of Wales) to UK government figures, including the Prime Minister Tony Blair, in 2004 and 2005. In these, Wales, an unelected aristocrat with no official constitutional rôle, sought to place improper pressure on government ministers. The letters revealed that Wales’ much-vaunted ‘political neutrality’ was a cynical establishment sham. More here (13.05.15).

In April 2015, an opinion poll published in the UK mainstream media indicated that 55% of respondents did not want Camilla Parker-Bowles (Charles Windsor’s partner) to become Queen (ever). More here(11.04.15).

In June 2015, the new Spanish King, Felipe Bourbon, issued a decree stripping his sister, (Princess) Cristina, of her title as Duchess of Palma. She was about to stand trial on two counts of being an accessory to tax fraud. More here (11.06.15).

Also in June 2015, a BBC reporter stated on an official Twitter feed that the UK’s (Queen) Elizabeth Windsor had died. She hadn’t. Shortly afterwards, a BBC spokesman explained that the mistake happened during a “technical rehearsal for an obituary” of the Queen. More here(03.06.15).

In July 2015, pictures from the UK royal archives were leaked to the mainstream media showing (Queen) Elizabeth Windsor, when six or seven years old, practising Nazi salutes with her family, at Balmoral in Scotland. More here (18.07.15).

A little later in July 2015, a Facebook page entitled: R.I.P. Prince Philip appeared. It stated:

“At about 11am ET on Monday (July 27, 2015), our beloved prince Prince Philip passed away. Prince Philip was born on June 10, 1921 in Mon Repos. He will be missed but not forgotten. Please show your sympathy and condolences by commenting on and liking this page.”

The page attracted nearly one million ‘likes’. On the following day, a royal spokesman stated that 94-year-old Philip Battenburg (Mountbatten), Elizabeth Windsor’s husband, was still alive. More here (30.07.15).


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NASA Lies*

NASA Lies*

Since it’s inception in 1958, NASA, the originator of all news from space (allegedly), has had to make up stories to keep the 50 + yr. lie perpetuated.

This past couple of weeks NASA has been flooding the world wide news media with outrageous stories and lies. From a 15 yr. 3 billion mile trip to Pluto, costing hundreds of millions, to a million mile away picture of EArth, to the discovery? of a BILLION Earth like planets in our galaxy alone now.

Additionally, Mr. Einstein, Stephen Hawkings, is putting up with a partners $100 million to seek out alien life at the same time the new Jesuit Pope Francis declares the Big Bang is real and God does not have “magic wand”.

The lies are massive, the truth is in plain sight for those with eyes to see and ears to here.

Enjoy. and pass it on. The 500 yr. lie is coming to an abrupt end.


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Has the U.K. Found a Real Leader in Corbyn?*

Has the U.K. Found a Real Leader in Corbyn?

Thus far in the Labour leadership contest there have been some interesting reactions from both the left and the right. Jeremy Corbyn as the potential leader of the opposition to government is one thing; the potential leader of Britain is quite another.

There have been accusations leveled at anyone expressing any measure of support for the Islington North MP – labels and hoots of derision and all the usual slurs. But you get the feeling that it’s actually Jeremy Corbyn’s electability, and possible wider appeal beyond the Labour leadership contest, that is really frightening many inside the Labour Party, and many others on the so-called left and right.

Corbyn’s detractors are speaking the language of fear. The fact that Tony Blair was presented in desperation, in some kind of grotesque deluded gesture, by the loyal factions of New Labour, to warn of the dangers of a Corbyn victory, pretty much sums up the ideological split that is occurring within the Labour Party. It was an absurd spectacle, watching one of the chief architects of the New Labour project, plea for the life of New Labour.

Only if we as a human species wanted to go backwards would we listen to the advice of Tony Blair. If Corbyn supporters need a ‘heart transplant’ for putting their faith in Corbyn, then Tony Blair should consider reincarnation, before being asked to be taken seriously ever again by the British public. He and the New Labour tribe must underestimate the level of contempt that the majority of the public holds him in. The many thousands of pounds he now makes giving speeches – and advising terrorists – must have severed his connection with reality.

Blair and a string of other predictable advocates of Thatcherite/Blairite economic policy have come out in force, united, all doing their utmost to dissuade people from voting for Jeremy Corbyn.

But many thousands of others of course have come out in support of Jeremy Corbyn.

And the counter reaction to this groundswell of support for Corbyn is clearly one of a bewildered terror. This was not part of their script.

The last-minute nominee and veteran anti-war campaigner was not meant to get this far. Things have gone beyond a joke as far as many in Labour are concerned. If the prospect of a leader who actually represents the interests of the labor movement becoming the leader of the Labour Party scares the establishment, the idea of him becoming leader of the country must terrify them. They must be losing plenty of sleep.

It may seem a far off prospect, and the next general election is a way off, but as we know, unforeseen events outside the political world can often reshape and transform the political landscape very quickly. Even the fact that Corbyn himself has gone from the outside bet to frontrunner in the race in a matter of weeks is surely an example of how quickly political waters can become unchartered territory. It’s not impossible that Corbyn’s rise to Labour leader favorite could result in him becoming prime minister.

And if Britain sent a signal to the world that it rejected neo-liberalism and capitalism, nowadays slickly known as ‘modernizing’, what would be the impact?

The financial oligarchs of Europe are already having to deal with the Greeks’ rebellion, with the added prospect of other leftist movements which have taken shape across Europe. Greece tried to reject the deal offered to them from the same hands which caused word economic meltdown. Britain has so far accepted ‘austerity’, the center ground having supposedly shifted to the right. But if the British people, as citizens of one of the founding nations of capitalism and empire resoundingly reject George Osborne and David Cameron’s economic slavery in the form of electing Jeremy Corbyn, what message would that send to the rest of the world?

Britain with a leader who was anti-war and who believed in supporting the rights of the working poor, and was against the selling off of public services is a dangerous prospect for some.

Now we begin to understand the root of much of the fear of Corbyn.

The ruling class, or whatever you wish to call it, cannot afford to have Corbyn’s name on the ballot paper at the 2020 general election, no matter how slender his chances might be of winning-and they might not be so slender.

Whatever the limitations might be, however much we acknowledge that Corbyn would still be part of an imperial party, his winning the Labour Party leadership, would nonetheless signal a big shift in British politics.

If the shift was enough, one might argue, that a galvanized Corbyn campaign, which clearly has an ability to reach out to the grassroots and many young people, could create a foundation for the future. Fresh off such a victory, whatever the fate of the Labour Party in its current form, Corbyn seems to sincerely want to build a movement beyond the Labour leadership race, whatever the outcome in September. Whether he can or not remains to be seen, we should surely support his efforts to do so.

Corbyn’s detractors have missed the point. They fail to understand the appeal of Corbyn to many voters, who far from being deterred by the slurs being thrown at them, will only see them as vindication that Corbyn represents a break from the sharp right that Labour took in Blair’s decision to ‘modernize’ the Labour Party, following in Thatcher’s footsteps with the Tories.

Continuing the attacks in the run up to the election in September is the worst thing the ‘Blairites’ could do. The right wing supporting Corbyn, under the assumption that Labour will implode is equally foolish. Polls can only tell us so much. They didn’t predict Corbyn would get this far. Underestimating his might prove one of the biggest political miscalculations of modern times. People are hungry for something different. Corbyn is the only candidate capable of offering it with any measure of sincerity.


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A Bogus Translation Deceived Powell to OK War on Iraq*

A Bogus Translation Deceived Powell to OK War on Iraq*

By John Hartung

In n 1520, the word ‘evacuate’ was a medical term for “empty, make void, nullify.” Then as now, surgeons ‘evacuated’ tumours and patients ‘evacuated’ their bowels. In both cases, the ‘evacuated’ material was not sequestered for safekeeping. It was discarded as waste, and the formal definition of ‘evacuate’ remains ‘to make null and void by expelling as waste’.

The first military meaning of ‘evacuate’, to sequester munitions for safekeeping, arrived in 1710.

On February 5, 2003, then US Secretary of State, Colin Powell, made the pivotal case for invading Iraq. His opening salvo to the General Assembly of the United Nations was a translation of an intercepted conversation. General Powell’s understanding of that conversation hinged upon his military understanding of ‘evacuated’:

POWELL: Let me begin by playing a tape for you. What you’re about to hear is a conversation that my government monitored. It takes place on November 26 of last year, on the day before United Nations teams resumed inspections in Iraq.

The conversation involves two senior officers, a colonel and a brigadier general, from Iraq’s elite military unit, the Republican Guard.

[Plays audio tape of conversation in Arabic.]

POWELL: Let me pause and review some of the key elements of this conversation that you just heard between these two officers.

First, they acknowledge that our colleague, Mohamed El Baradei, is coming, and they know what he’s coming for, and they know he’s coming the next day. He’s coming to look for things that are prohibited. He is expecting these gentlemen to cooperate with him and not hide things.

But they’re worried. “We have this modified vehicle. What do we say if one of them sees it?” What is their concern? Their concern is that it’s something they should not have, something that should not be seen.

The [brigadier] general is incredulous:

[POWELL showing and reading translation of intercept]

“You didn’t get a modified. You don’t have one of those, do you?”

“I have one.”

On February 6, 2003, I sent Powell an email via the Department of State website, with a copy by postal mail, asking whether he might have misinterpreted the word or words translated as ‘evacuated’, explaining that translators for whom English is a second language often use formal definitions of English words, such that “We evacuated everything. We don’t have anything left” may have meant what Saddam Hussein’s Foreign minister, Tariq Aziz, had been saying for months … that Iraq had gotten rid of, made null and void, made non-weaponizable, its weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

On February 7 the Department of State emailed a generic, boilerplate response thanking me for my interest.

Over the ensuing decade I tried and failed to persuade several Arabic-speaking acquaintances to independently translate the audio tape of the conversation between the Iraqi colonel and his brigadier general.

“Which, from where?”

“From the workshop, from the al-Kindi company?”


“From al-Kindi.”

“I’ll come to see you in the morning. I’m worried. You all have something left.”

“We evacuated everything. We don’t have anything left.”

Note what he says: “We evacuated everything.” We didn’t destroy it. We didn’t line it up for inspection. We didn’t turn it into the inspectors. We evacuated it to make sure it was not around when the inspectors showed up.

Then I discovered the US government’s quintessential source for authoritative translations from Arabic to English, Marine Corps University Professor of Arabic Studies, Norman Cigar. On January 4, 2013, I sent an email to Professor Cigar with the transcript of Powell’s presentation and a link to the audio recording, asking him to forward his interpretation of the Arabic word or words translated to English as “evacuated.”

On February 4, Professor Cigar replied (his emphasis):

Interesting question. The audio is not always clear, but I focused on the “evacuated” (in the English translation), and that is NOT what is said. Literally, the tape says “We did all that was necessary, and we informed them of everything, everything [is OK]” (sawayna al-lazim, wa-khabbarnahum wa-kull shay’; kull shay’). I have no idea why “evacuated” is used.

Two days later, I thanked Professor Cigar for his reply, clarifying that

My sense of General Powell is that if he had known that ‘evacuated’ ‘is NOT what is said’ in the intercepted communication, and that what WAS said indicates the opposite … that nothing was being covered up … he would not have used that intercepted communication in his presentation to the U.N. (let alone as the heaviest salvo in his list of evidence), he would have had his suspicions markedly raised regarding the rest of the evidence supplied to him and so would have had that evidence vetted more thoroughly, and in the end, thereby, he may not have agreed to argue in favour of invading Iraq.

Professor Cigar replied the same day with:

The entire translation of that text is shoddy.  It’s an interesting point, which no one has looked at (I certainly never thought of it)—you might get a native Iraqi to provide his/her independent version of the translation for the entire text (or someone should, as it would make an interesting article).  You could put in a FOIA request.  However, just that one Arabic text would make for a good short article!  I certainly don’t have any contact with him, but an article in an academic publication would get people’s attention.

Unfortunately, Professor Cigar had no more ability to contact Secretary Powell than I had, and I have not, thus far, persuaded him to complete and present his findings on “The entire translation of that text” (for which I suggested the title “Babel From Babylon” or “A War That Hinged On A Word”).  What remains is that the insertion of the word ‘evacuated’ into the translation of the intercepted conversation begs for explanation.

Was the translator an Iraqi dissident who wanted the US to invade Iraq? If so, was he or she hoping that ‘evacuated’ would be misunderstood in the manner that it was understandably misunderstood by General Powell, and yet provide plausible deniability of intention to deceive because ‘evacuated’ could be claimed, if questioned, to have been a somewhat supercilious way of saying that Iraq’s WMD had been made null and void … expelled as waste … the formal definition of ‘evacuated’ … i.e., that the Iraqis actually had done “all that was necessary”? Or was “We did all that was necessary” translated as “We evacuated everything” by a too-cute neocon to accomplish the same objective? Perhaps a collusion of both?

Is deliberate deception excusable if it is done with what the deceiver perceives to be good intentions? C.S. Lewis warned us about the phenomenon that Roberts and Stratton coined “The Tyranny of Good Intentions”:

Of all tyrannies, a tyranny sincerely exercised for the good of its victims may be the most oppressive. It would be better to live under robber barons than under omnipotent moral busybodies. The robber baron’s cruelty may sometimes sleep, his cupidity may at some point be satiated; but those who torment us for our own good will torment us without end for they do so with the approval of their own conscience. They may be more likely to go to Heaven yet at the same time likelier to make a Hell of earth. This very kindness stings with intolerable insult. To be “cured” against one’s will and cured of states which we may not regard as disease is to be put on a level of those who have not yet reached the age of reason or those who never will; to be classed with infants, imbeciles, and domestic animals.

All of us so classed by the insertion of the word ‘evacuated’ should be angry. Colin Powell should be furious. In addition to being a senior player in an administration that was “blind and deaf to any kind of countervailing information,” he violated his own Leadership Rule #8: Check small things. And if Powell becomes furious, the burden of being more responsible than any other person for enabling ‘The Coalition of the Willing’ to invade Iraq will weigh on his conscience, and so deter him from being, ever again, a moral busybody who brings more Hell to earth.

We need a leader who has really been through the wringer … not the kind of wringer that John McCain went through … not the kind of wringer that instills self-righteousness and adds an alluring confidence to the lunacy of warmongering … but the kind of wringer that favours scepticism over confidence when faced with lies and propaganda aimed at Iran. If this ‘evacuated’ debacle serves as the straw that breaks the camel’s back … the straw that convinces Powell that his UN presentation was built on “faith-based intelligence” … if it brings Powell around to the view that he was horribly misled and so became horribly misleading, whether as a Republican, a Democrat or an Independent, he should run for President. His recent interview with George Stephanopoulos shows that he is still articulate and wise—perhaps wiser than ever, and certainly wiser than the other viable candidates who have announced their candidacy.

President Powell with Vice President Jill Stein might be the least likely of all American politicians to pursue tyranny “with the approval of their own conscience.” They would not be perfect … but ‘perfect’ is the enemy of ‘good’ … and we desperately need ‘good’.


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The Satanic Temple Unveils a Massive Statue of Baphomet in Detroit*

The Satanic Temple Unveils a Massive Statue of Baphomet in Detroit*

The unveiling of the 9-feet tall and 1.5 ton statue of Baphomet took place in Detroit and was dubbed “largest satanic event in History”.

On July 26th, the Satanic Temple unveiled a massive bronze statue of Baphomet sitting on a throne, complete with two children look up to him in admiration. The unveiling took place in an industrial building near Detroit River after attempts to have it installed near a Ten Commandments monument at the Oklahoma State Capitol have failed.

The caduceus on Baphomet’s lap is meant to represent an erect phallus. Combined with the two children looking up to him, this statue is a true nod to the occult elite’s favorite obsessions

The unveiling was preceded by an event which gathered several hundred guests. Before entering the premises, guests were required to sign a contract “selling their soul to the Devil” – which was also a way of keeping protestors at bay. Attendees celebrated under red lights cheering “Hail Satan,” as bands and DJs performed on a stage beneath a big, red inverted cross. Officials of The Satanic Temple delivered speeches alongside a pair of shirtless men who held candles on both sides of the bronze statue.

Guest danced and cheered under an inverted cross

Tickets to the event were sold from $25 to $75 and proceeds went to support abortion rights an important cause championed by the Temple. Its official website states:

The Satanic Temple (TST) supports personal choice in the context of abortion and, as part of a multi-faceted Women’s Rights campaign, TST is offering religious exemptions from arbitrary, insulting, and outright harmful anti-abortion legislation that has been steadily encroaching across the nation.

Without going into the pro-choice / pro-life debate, I can confirm you one thing : The true satanists of this world are  bent on child sacrifice. Practitioners of Black Magick (as represented by the inverted pentagram behind Baphomet) have always attributed to the blood sacrifice of children the greatest possible potency to accomplish rituals. While this might sound completely evil and crazy to regular people, these sacrifice HAVE happened and STILL happen, sometimes in the highest elite circles on Earth. So, while there’s a pseudo-political-liberal spin behind the actions of the Satanic Temple, the choice of this specific cause echoes the darkest of Satanic rituals.

One thing I found completely aberrant about this event is the mental gymnastics pulled by mass media to depict it  as one big positive thing that is not about Satan. They say it is about political issues … although the event was organized by the “Satanic” Temple … and that the statue was of Satan … and that people were yelling “hail Satan”. For example, this article entitled Why a Satanic statue isn’t really about the devil does its best to make the event about everything except what it is truly about.

The modern Satanic Temple has nothing in common with the  horror-movie conception of devil worshipers, aside from a penchant for black clothes and inverted crosses. The temple — not associated with the Church of Satan founded in the 1960s by Anton LaVey — views Satan not as an evil figure, but one who dared question authority. They see the human body as inviolable, and prize rationality and scepticism.

It’s on those grounds that the Satanic Temple has questioned corporal punishment in schools (the temple offers adherents who attend school in such districts a form letter explaining corporal punishment violates their sincerely held religious beliefs), and are suing to overturn mandatory waiting periods for women seeking abortions. Here in Michigan, the temple installed a “snaketivity” display next to a Nativity scene at the state Capitol in Lansing last Christmas.

The unveiling and literal worshiping of a gigantic Baphomet Statue is therefore disguised as an event about “rationality” and touted a necessary step towards a more progressive society. Even if the concept of Satan is deeply theistic, the event was praised by atheists groups everywhere.

In short, the unveiling of this 9-foot tall Baphomet statue is a perfect example of deceiving the masses into accepting and welcoming the cult of the occult elite. Even if media spins the issue and pukes out paragraphs over paragraphs of pseudo-political diatribes to rationalize what is happening, the symbols do not lie. A statue of Baphomet was unveiled.

Baphomet has been the idol of secret societies for over a thousand years – since the time of the Knight Templars. Today’s secret societies descend from the Knight Templar and literally rule the world. They are behind the biggest atrocities humanity has ever committed, from unjust wars to underground child abuse rings to blood sacrifices to MKULTRA to things we don’t even know about. The occult elite is a product of multi-generational Satanic families and the philosophy they embrace allows them delve into their sadistic obsessions with any repercussions.

So, no, this is not about “rationality” and women’s rights. It is about unveiling a statue of Baphomet and making it acceptable to the masses.


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Anti-Water Privatization Campaigners’ Moral Victory in Ireland*

Anti-Water Privatization Campaigners’ Moral Victory in Ireland*

By Caoimhghin Ó Croidheáin

Anti-water charge campaigners had a major moral victory over government plans to make the people pay for the financial crisis when Eurostat determined that Irish Water had failed the Market Corporation Test. One reason given was that “sales must cover at least 50pc of production costs.

“This is further amplified by the high number of households not paying their bills,” Eurostat said.””

It is estimated that “57 percent of the people are refusing to pay the water charges” and that of the 43 percent who did pay, many were intimidated by landlords or solicitors collecting for the state on the sale of a house.

The main irony of this tax is that it was not imposed by the EU:

“In 2000, after 10 years of negotiations, the Water Framework Directive was finally agreed by EU member states. It was reported at the time that:

“A compromise package on the legislation was agreed giving Ireland a derogation from a requirement to meter water. The directive allows member states to opt out of this obligation if it conflicts with national practice.””

Irish politicians chose to impose this tax and they are not giving up yet. Michael Noonan, Minister of Finance, has already stated that he is going ahead with Government budget plans despite the Eurosat decision. Irish Water’s constant changing of the charges in the face of determined opposition “diminished the prospect of the company being self-sufficient and this is likely to have been a key factor in the Eurostat ruling. According to The Irish Times:

“Asked why people should continue to pay for a utility which was financed through central funds, Mr Varadkar [Minister for Health] said it was “incumbent on Government ministers and Irish Water themselves to continue to make the case as to why this is actually a good idea”.”

However, now protest itself is to be limited with the passing of the Civil Debt Bill which allows “unpaid water bills to be deducted from wages and welfare payments.” Therefore, there will not be any embarrassing imprisonings in the months before the next election due early next year. Especially as next year, 2016, is the 100th anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising, the precursor to the Ireland’s War of Independence and limited freedom from colonialism.

All this government pressure to extract more income from an increasingly unwilling populace is coming at a time when exports reached their highest level in the history of the state. The CSO [Central Statistics Office] showed that in April Ireland exported €9.4 billion worth of goods internationally. The low rate of corporation tax makes Ireland a popular place for multinationals.

The state broadcaster, RTE, has declared that “Ireland will be the fastest growing economy in the European Union this year, according to the European Commission’s autumn economic forecast. The Irish growth rate is expected to be 4.6%, compared to an EU average of 1.3% and a euro zone average of 0.8%.” According to one website:

“Exports remain the primary engine for Ireland’s growth. The country is one of the biggest exporters of pharmaceuticals in the world (28 percent of total exports). Others include: organic chemicals (21 percent), data processing equipment and software (12 percent) and food (8 percent). The European Union accounts for 60 percent of total exports. Main export partners are: United States (23 percent), United Kingdom (16 percent), Belgium (14 percent), Germany (7 percent), France (5 percent) and Switzerland (4 percent).”

Despite all this growth, reports earlier in the year showed that state services are coming under increasing pressure for more funds. A&E overcrowding was at a near-record high and that “January was the worst month for emergency department overcrowding since the Government came to power, and the second-worst month ever, according to an analysis of trolley figures by The Irish Times.”

In late January of this year it was also reported that “a record 382,000 people are waiting for a hospital outpatient appointment, according to the latest figures from the Health Service Executive.” There has been a huge increase in homelessness with “some 1,122 children and 2,185 people over the age of 18 were living in emergency accommodation in week up to the end of June 28th.” A recent report shows pressure on rent supplement rates too:

“Rents in Dublin have been climbing fast. In the 12 months to March, rents increased by 9 per cent for houses and by 11 per cent for apartments. Renting a house in Dublin now costs, on average, €1,325 a month and an apartment €1,205. As rents have soared, rent supplement rates have remained unchanged.”

The water charges boycott harks back to the Irish invention of the boycott in 1880 when tenants refused to cooperate with Captain Charles Boycott after he obtained eviction notices against eleven tenants for failure to pay their rent. According to History Ireland:

“Boycott now found himself in a very difficult situation, as he had horses, cattle, sheep and poultry to look after and crops to get in with very few helpers. Three of his staff refused to leave—Johnny Meany, a groom and former jockey, Judy, the cook, and Harriet, a parlour maid—and he had four guests staying at the time, a teenage niece, two teenage nephews and his niece’s fiancé. They carried on as best they could, rising at 4am, with the men being escorted everywhere by armed police, but by night fences and gates were broken, trees and hedges felled and crops stolen or ruined.”

Maintaining the boycott of water charges is the key strategy of the Anti Austerity Alliance who state:

“The boycott is the key weapon we have now. If the level of the boycott for the second bill increases it will be the final nail in the coffin of the Irish Water and the Fine Gael/Labour government.”


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