Stop Meddling in Africa‚ COSATU Provincial Secretary Tells U.S.*

Stop Meddling in Africa‚ COSATU Provincial Secretary Tells U.S.*

The United States came under severe criticism on Wednesday by Congress of South African Trade Unions (Cosatu) provincial secretary Dumisani Dakile for meddling in the affairs of African countries and institutions such as the African Union (AU).

Delivering a report at the trade federations’ Gauteng provincial congress in Johannesburg‚ Dakile accused the US of‚ among other things‚ funding the extremists group Boko Haram .

“There is a Boko Haram extremist that has placed million of lives under serious threat as it bombs and kidnaps women and children. Boko Haram might be funded by the USA‚ but I don’t have evidence of that‚” he said.

He paid tribute to the liberation movements of Mozambique (Frelimo) and Zimbabwe (ZanuPF) for steering their countries in the right direction despite consistent attacks from the US. “Liberation movements faced a total onslaught from the USA‚ and they survived‚” he said.

He said the ZanuPF electoral victory proved that the people of Zimbabwe rejected the opposition Movement for Democratic Change (MDC).

“The elections exposed the narrow and shallow policies of the MDC to the electorate.”

He heaped praise on ZanuPF’s policies on land and the indigenisation of the economy.

Libya’s former president Muammar Gaddafi was credited for uplifting the lives of people of Libya. But Dakile said since his removal from power and his ultimate death there had been no stability in Libya.

“The country has been a shadow of itself and there is no order and stability. The USA and its allies are no longer in control. The serious gains which were registered by the previous government under Gaddafi are no more.

The USA will now be in control of the natural resources of Libya and the people will never benefit from the oil and its profit as multinationals will be the main beneficiaries‚” he said.

Dakile said the AU would not fulfil its mandate as it was dependent on the USA for funding. “The main challenge is the resources required to carry its responsibility as it still relies upon donors for more than 50% of its budget.”

“In our view the AU will never be able to fulfil its task and mandate as long as it depends on the USA and European Union for its financing.”


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