U.K. Gov’t Plotting against the Rising Opposition*

U.K. Gov’t Plotting against the Rising Opposition*

A new report says the conservative British government seeks to undermine the opposition Labour by eliciting a forced stance on the country’s critical issues from its next leader.

The Sunday Times report says British Prime Minister David Cameron has drawn up a plan to exploit Labour’s current turmoil by forcing its new leader to reveal a stance on unions, immigration, the economy and welfare within weeks of taking charge.

Downing Street will hold a vote on tough new strike laws as soon as the Labour leader is elected on September 12, ensuring the party’s first “loony left” move is embracing its trade union paymasters, the report added.

Senior Labour figures reportedly revealed on Sunday that leadership contenders Yvette Cooper and Andy Burnham last week rejected a secret proposal for one of them to be a unity candidate to defeat Jeremy Corbyn, the frontrunner and principal target of Tory tactics.

Under the Conservative plan, the new Labour leader will be obliged to decide in the first week whether to oppose Treasury chief George Osborne’s new fiscal responsibility charter, which will enshrine in law the need for a budget surplus.

Now Rodney Shakespeare, professor of economics, says the conservative party believes “it represents the only possible, political solutions for the situation.”

He says the reality on the ground demonstrates otherwise as the mainstream political current in Britain remain large the same regardless of the party affiliations.

His comments follow latest opinion polls by different media that show varying levels of support for Corbyn.

The results of a poll published by RT shows 28 percent said the Islington MP would make the best leader of Labour. Andy Burnham was second with 25% and Yvette Cooper who held ministerial portfolios under ex-PM Tony Blair received 15 while backbench MP Liz Kendall got 12%.


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