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Aborted Baby’s Heart was Beating as the Brain was Harvested*

Aborted Baby’s Heart was Beating as the Brain was Harvested*

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By Ben Johnson

A former procurement technician who helped harvest organs at Planned Parenthood said she saw a baby boy’s heart beating outside his body before the child’s body parts were extracted.

Holly O’Donnell, a former procurement technician at StemExpress, said at Mar Monte’s Alameda clinic in San Jose a co-worker named Jessica brought over the most fully developed baby she had ever seen and said,

“I want you to see something kind of cool.”

There she saw the “closest thing to a [fully-developed] baby I’ve seen.”

“It had a face. It wasn’t completely torn up,” she said. “Its nose was very pronounced.”

“She has one of her instruments, and she taps the heart, and it starts beating.”

“I’m looking at this foetus, and it’s heart is beating,” O’Donnell said in astonishment.

“I don’t know if that constitutes it’s technically dead, or it’s alive,” she continued.

Dr. Ben Van Handel, the vice president of Novogenix Laboratories, says on the video

there are times when, after the [abortion] procedure is done, that the heart is still beating.”

O’Donnell said that, after showing her the child’s beating heart, Jessica told her,

This is a really good foetus, and it looks like we can procure a lot from it.”

She then asked O’Donnell to remove the baby’s brain with scissors through the baby’s face.

“I can’t even describe what that feels like,” O’Donnell said.

“That was the moment I knew I couldn’t work for the company anymore…even if it was the cure for some disease.”

Planned Parenthood says that fetal tissue donation is a “humanitarian undertaking” and it is not guilty of any crime.

The video – the seventh released by the Center for Medical Progress – underscored revelations made in previous videos that Planned Parenthood officials alter the method of abortions they perform – not out of medical necessity for the mother – but in order to obtain a baby’s body intact.

Intact foetal cadavers fetch higher fees, as they maximize the amount of organs and foetal tissue available for experimentation by biotech companies.

Perrin Larton, the procurement manager at Advanced Bioscience Resources, says,

“I literally have had women come in and go in the OR [operating room] and they’re back out in three minutes.”

The doctor told her,

“The fetus was already in the vaginal canal whenever we put her in the stirrups. It just fell out.”

The first video, which was released just over a month ago, caught Planned Parnethood’s senior director of medical services Dr. Deborah Nucatola saying that abortionists will often “change the presentation” of the baby to maximize the number of organs they can preserve intact.

Discussing the harvesting and sale of foetal organs over a business lunch of salad and red wine, Nucatola said she would look at the organs the biotech company wanted and decide during the abortion,

“I’m not gonna crush that part. I’m gonna basically crush below, I’m gonna crush above, and I’m gonna see if I can get it all intact.”

She then described a procedure identical to a partial birth abortion, which has been a federal felony since 2003.

In the fifth undercover video Melissa Farrell, the director of research for Planned Parenthood Gulf Coast, admitted “we deviate from our standard” protocol so that “we are able to obtain intact fetal cadavers.”

“Sometimes they come out really intact,” a tech at the Houston facility told CMP investigators.

Farrell added that she found dissecting aborted babies “sickening on some level, but it’s fun.”

O’Donnell had a different reaction.

Near the end of the new, 10-and-a-half-minute-long video, O’Donnell said after an abortion, she would often hold the child’s body in her hands and ponder what the child’s future may have been.

“This could be the next president,” she said. “I wonder at age three if she would like to color.”
Lost in thoughts of the unborn child’s potential, she said,

“I feel like it’s a waste of life, and it’s sad that so many people view it as a mistake.”

The videos have provoked a public backlash and spurred Republican leaders at both the state and national level to investigate and defund Planned Parenthood, the nation’s leading provider of abortion.

“Today’s video contains heartrending admissions about the absolute barbarism of Planned Parenthood’s abortion practice and baby parts sales in which foetuses are sometimes delivered intact and alive,” said CMP lead investigator David Daleiden.

“Planned Parenthood is a criminal organization from the top down and should be immediately stripped of taxpayer funding and prosecuted for their atrocities against humanity.”


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French Presidency Has “Kill List” of People Targeted for Assassination*

French Presidency Has “Kill List” of People Targeted for Assassination*

By Kumaran Ira

In the name of the “war on terror,” the French state is dramatically accelerating its use of clandestine operations to extra-judicially murder targeted individuals. French President François Hollande reportedly possesses a “kill list” of potential targets and constantly reviews the assassination programme with high-ranking military and intelligence officers.

This programme of state murder, violating basic constitutional rights in a country where the death penalty is illegal, underscores the profound decay of French bourgeois democracy. Amid escalating imperialist wars in France’s former colonial empire and deepening political crisis at home, the state is moving towards levels of criminality associated with the war against Algerian independence and the Vichy regime of Occupied France.

Press reports have revealed the French state’s assassination programme—carried out particularly in the regions where France has launched military interventions supposedly to fight terrorism, in Africa and the Middle East—and applauded it.

In an article on August 8 titled “War on Terror, Licence to Kill,” news magazine Le Point asserted that the French president has the right to kill an individual who has not even been charged with, let alone convicted of, a crime. It wrote,

“The rule of law has its dark side. The president of the republic has the right to kill, despite the abolition of the death penalty. A republican monarch, the head of the army can give the thumbs-down, deciding alone and in cold blood to make a man leave the land of the living.”

Le Point added, “This right is unchallenged, as it is written nowhere. And because it is exercised without discussion, oversight, or control.”

Regarding the French president’s “kill list,” online magazine Slate wrote:

“This list includes the names of terrorists and other stated enemies whose elimination without trial the president of the Republic has authorised. This means their execution without warning, anytime, as soon as the secret services or military intelligence can locate them.”

This state of affairs points to the complicity of the entire political establishment in the establishment and the promotion of an apparatus of political killing in France. Le Point reported the existence of a special death squad belonging to France’s external intelligence agency, the General Directorate for External Security (DGSE).

It wrote,

“The human resources to launch such operations exist, with an identified and well-trained chain of command, overseeing either discreet forces like the Special Operations Command (COS), or clandestine units of the Action Service of the DGSE. Inside the latter entity, there is an even more mysterious and better-hidden unit than the others.”

This unit, known as “Alpha agents,” was created in the 1980s by General Jean Heinrich, then the DGSE’s director of operations, “to bury potential operations in the dark folds of the world of shadows,” Le Point stated.

In his recent investigative account, The Killers of the Republic, journalist Vincent Nouzille exposes the assassination programme of successive French governments. To assert its imperialist interests in Africa and the Middle East, the Elysée presidential palace secretly leads a campaign of state murder. Nouzille reveals the existence of a clandestine cell within the DGSE, whose agents and commandos are trained to carry out targeted killings or “Homo [homicide] operations,” often in or near conflict zones.

In an April interview to Sud-Ouest, he explained:

“In the mid-1980s, a mini-cell was formed inside the Action Service: the Alpha cell, with a dozen members. They were killers, the ‘killers of the Republic.’ They operate in such a way that their actions cannot be traced back to the French services. There is concurrently a rise of the special forces, who operate in conflict zones such as Mali.… Inside these forces, there have emerged mini-groups of elite gunmen who can identify and kill an individual in a few hours.”

During the NATO-led war in Libya to topple the regime of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi in 2011, these special commando forces helped Al Qaeda-linked Islamists forces capture, torture, and summarily execute Gaddafi.

This was the case in Libya, the special forces acted in civilian clothing. They played a key role in toppling the Gaddafi regime,” Nouzille said.

It is under Hollande’s Socialist Party (PS) that the assassination programme has been intensified to a level unprecedented since the Algerian war of 1954-1962. During that war, French death squads summarily murdered hundreds of fighters of the National Liberation Front (FLN).

Under Hollande, more than a dozen “homo operations” were launched between 2012 and 2014. Nouzille said, “Never have the special forces and the Action service been used as much as today. This is because of the context, of course. Starting in 2012, there was a much more aggressive policy….”

In May, France assassinated Abdelkrim al-Targui, a Tuareg and a leader of Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) in Mali, who was allegedly involved in the killing of two French journalists in Northern Mali in November 2013. An officer told Le Point:

“We had to develop forces in the heart of the Tuareg units of AQMI. To understand them, find the right tracks, and wait for the favourable moment, we needed five months.”

Hollande’s assassination programme underscores the PS’s reactionary role and exposes the bankruptcy of pseudo-left organisations like the NPA, which called for voting for Hollande in the second round of the 2012 presidential elections. Having backed the war in Libya, they are totally silent on the French state’s assassination programme.

The significance of large-scale secret state murder in France can only be understood in the context of the escalating imperialist interventions of the NATO powers in Africa and the Middle East, and rising social tensions in France itself. As it seeks to re-colonise its former colonial empire through naked terror, the French ruling class also fears rising discontent with the austerity policies of the European Union in the working class. The Hollande administration is the most unpopular in France’s post-World War II history.

In these conditions, there is a massive bureaucracy of murderous repression. Its targets will not only be drawn from Islamist forces, many of which have close ties to Western intelligence services, including the DGSE—as the Libyan war made clear. They also include the French people, and above all opposition in the working class.

The reports on Hollande’s “kill list” coincide with the imposition of sweeping police state measures inside France itself, including a surveillance law giving intelligence and police vast powers to spy on the entire population.


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The Town in Athens Greece That Is Keeping the Government Out and Starting Anew*

The Town in Athens Greece That Is Keeping the Government Out and Starting Anew*
Germany, buys out Greece airports, and Greece receives it third unpayeable bailout, but Exarchia…

By John Vibes

As the economic and political systems continue to crumble and collapse in Greece, a district in Athens is growing in strength and independence after large numbers of individuals began to keep the government out and empower their own community.

Although Exarchia is in the shadow of the country’s capital city, it has become a hotbed of freedom and mutual aid programs during a dark time for the whole country. Due to the rising freedom in the area, people from all over have begun to move in and help to build the community.

The mainstream media has demonized the community and has painted it as a stronghold for anarchists, drug dealers, criminals and homeless people, and the community has become understandably resistant to the mainstream media as a result. The media, the police, and government officials are not welcome in the territory and are rarely brave enough to pass through, knowing that the community is united and defiant in their resistant to the establishment.

Exarchia is one of the most common areas where people will resist police brutality with force, and it is also one of the most active areas of the country in terms of activism. The walls of the streets are covered with posters, writing and graffiti that is distinctly political and anti-state.

In 2008, police killed a young boy in Exarchia sparking massive protests and riots, and since that incident, police have avoided the area, knowing that they are not welcome.

There are a wide variety of cooperatives and independent social welfare and mutual aid organizations in Exarchia, including time banks and free health care services that are voluntarily funded without any taxation.

One thing that is most interesting about what we have witnessed so far is that the actual behaviour of people in the midst of economic and societal collapse is nothing like the popular “every person for themselves” scenario that is often touted by mainstream thinkers who have a very cynical and distorted view of what is truly inside people’s hearts.

In these desperate situations where people’s compassion and ingenuity has been tested, communities have come together on their own accord, without any authority telling them what to do and they have worked side by side non-violently, in mutually beneficial exchanges that made all parties involved better off.


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Jewish Rapper Axed from Spanish Festival over Palestine*

Jewish Rapper Axed from Spanish Festival over Palestine*

A zionist rapper is antithetical to the true meaning of RAP, as Obama is to black…

By Caitlin Quinn


A Jewish rapper has been axed from a Spanish reggae festival after refusing to speak out on Palestine.

American Matisyahu was dropped from Rototom Sunsplash festival for insisting he would not criticize Israel’s treatment of Palestinians.

Now the Valencia festival – featuring reggae acts including Aswad, Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Bunny Wailer – has been branded anti-Semitic by pro-Israel groups around the world.

Organisers have been slammed for ordering the reggae-style rapper to release a statement about the right of Palestine to exist, a situation he dubbed ‘appalling and offensive’.

“No artist deserves to be put in such a situation simply to perform his art,” said Matisyahu, noting that none of the festival’s other artists were asked to make political statements.

The festival organisers insisted they had, in turn, acted under pressure from the international Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, which supports Palestinian statehood.

The movement condemned Matisyahu as a ‘Zionist’ who defends ‘a state that practices apartheid and ethnic cleansing’.

While being American he is seen as being a representative of Israel, despite insisting this is not the case.

Many of the other artists however, threatened to cancel the festival unless Matisyahu spoke out for Palestine.

Festival officials cited ‘the festival’s sensitivity to Palestine, its people and the occupation of its territory by Israel’ in a statement.

Both the Spanish and US governments have released outraged statements against the festival.


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First U.S. School District to Serve 100% Organic, non-GMO Meals*

First U.S. School District to Serve 100% Organic, non-GMO Meals*

What if we could feed our students the nutritious, delicious and sustainably sourced food they truly deserve?

Well, when schools in the Sausalito Marin City School District open their doors this August, they will do just that, by becoming the first 100 percent organic and non-GMO (genetically modified organisms) school district in the country!

That’s right: More than 500 students at Bayside MLK Jr. Academy (Marin City) and Willow Creek Academy (Sausalito) in Marin County, California, will eat sustainably sourced meals this year, all prepared on-site through The Conscious Kitchen.

Turning Green launched The Conscious Kitchen pilot program in August 2013 together with Cavallo Point Lodge, the Sausalito Marin City School District, Whole Foods Market and Good Earth Natural Foods. The pilot served 156 students at Bayside MLK Jr. Academy in Marin City, California. In two years, the program saw a steep decrease in disciplinary cases, increased attendance and a greater sense of community. Now, The Conscious Kitchen is expanding to serve Willow Creek Academy, the other school in the Sausalito Marin City School District.

Student helping to serve lunch to his friends as part of the Conscious Kitchen Ambassadors team. Photo credit: Turning Green

“Students everywhere are vulnerable to pesticide residues and unsafe environmental toxins,” says Judi Shils, founder and executive director of Turning Green.

“Not only does this program far exceed USDA nutritional standards, but it ties the health of our children to the health of our planet. It’s the first program to say that fundamentally, you cannot have one without the other.”

The Conscious Kitchen rethinks school food based on five foundational terms: Fresh, Local, Organic, Seasonal and Non-GMO, or FLOSN. All food is organic and non-GMO, and more than 90%of all produce is sourced from local farmers and purveyors.

This program is the first to take a stand against GMOs. While the long-term effects of GMOs are still uncertain, a growing body of evidence links them to a variety of health risks and environmental damage. An estimated 80 percent of items on most supermarket shelves contain GMOs, and they are ubiquitous in school food programs.

“Most people don’t realize that GMOs are everywhere, especially in processed foods,” says Justin Everett, executive chef at Cavallo Point Lodge, who serves as the consulting chef for The Concious Kitchen.

“By embracing fresh, local, organic, non-GMO food, this program successfully disrupts the cycle of unhealthy, pre-packaged, heat and serve meals that dominate school kitchens.”

Meals are accompanied by a garden and nutrition curriculum that teaches students about where their food comes from, how it’s grown and why it’s good for them. Through this approach, The Conscious Kitchen hopes to curb childhood obesity while cultivating young champions of sustainable food.

For more information on The Conscious Kitchen, visit Here’s to nourishing our students, one delicious FLOSN meal at a time!


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