30 Moroccan Jews Trained with the Israeli Army*

30 Moroccan Jews Trained with the Israeli Army*

When we hear reports of foreign fighters/mercenaries etc fighting/captured in Iraq or Syria is this how it is facilitated?

The Moroccan National Working Group to Support Palestine yesterday warned against what it considered “a Zionist threat to Moroccan security”.

The group’s warning came in a statement in the wake of reports that a group of 30 Moroccan Jews travelled to Israel to take part in a 30-day preparatory programme organised by the Israeli army.

The Jerusalem Post newspaper said the programme aims to prepare the Moroccan Jewish for their eventual immigration to Israel and service in the ranks of the army.

“The group flew from Morocco to Israel via Rome, Italy, in July to participate in the summer programme. They will undergo physical and mental training organised by the Amichai pre-military academy, the Israeli Zionist Federation and the World Zionist Organisation (WZO),” it said.

In the statement, the Working Group warned:

The Moroccan national security, stability and unity are at serious risk.”

Group chairman, lawyer Khaled Sofiani said:

It is unreasonable that we raise awareness against Daesh cells, but not against Israeli Zionist army and its intelligence service.”

The former head of the Israeli Military Intelligence Directorate (Aman) Amos Yaldin said earlier that he has finished the establishment of a network of agents in Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco and that the network is ready to start operating at any time.


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  1. Be careful.
    When I hear only the word Morocco I been suspicious.
    The all criminals, I not trust one of them.
    The destroy my homeland (Holland) already.
    Let them all go to hell.

    • They could say the same about any European country which has destroyed the whole Middle East, and wont stop doing the same to Africa, Asia, the Americas, and everywhere else they occuppied, tortured the people, and stolen their natural resources

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