One of 320 Planned Parenthood Protests*

One of 320 Planned Parenthood Protests*

Indicative of the state of a nation is the way it perceives and treats children. Pluto discloses: One has to be reminded here that all the practices that we have fallen into or allow that dehumanizes even the rights of the living is what is at issue. We demean one life, we demean all life even our own… and so it is the will of the NOW in order to expedite complete control from the foetus to the grave

‘and one ring to bring them all, and in their ignorance of darkness bind them’.

Others can dishonour our lives, because we dishonour own own.

By Mollie Hemingway

People who oppose Planned Parenthood’s practice of selling organs and body parts from the unborn children whose lives they end showed up at 320 of the abortion corporation’s facilities across the country on Saturday. Despite the newsiness and far-reaching national nature of the protest action, media coverage was extremely sparse. Here is what just one of the nearly 320 Planned Parenthood protests looked like.

The crowd pictured here, which had more than 850 people in it, spread across three streets and across intersections at the clinic in Falls Church, Virginia. No mainstream reporters were at the protest, despite hundreds of political and cultural reporters working nearby.


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