Hip-hop artists Jadakiss and Styles Open Juice Bars for a Healthy Alternative*

Hip-hop artists Jadakiss and Styles Open Juice Bars for a Healthy Alternative*

By John Vibes

Hip-hop artists Jadakiss and Styles P have recently embarked on a revolutionary new project that could improve the health and lives of millions of people. When considering where to invest the money they have been making in the music industry, the rappers decided they wanted to do something to give back to their community.

They eventually decided to open up juice bars in low-income areas where there is rarely anything healthy to eat.

“Growing up in Yonkers, New York, we didn’t know what was good for us. If you walk down the block in the hood, it’s nearly impossible to find something healthy to put in your body,” Jadakiss said in a recent video about the juice shops.

“As times change, people change, you evolve and you learn about taking care of the body,” he added.

“In the poorer communities, mostly, the money gets invested in liquor stores and the kind of things we don’t need,” Styles P pointed out.

“Most of the hood don’t [sic] have access to good food, most of the hood don’t have health insurance,”  he added.

It is an age-old truism that liquor stores and fast food chains are the only options people have in low-income communities, so it is hard to expect people to eat right when they don’t even have the option. “Our juice bars are open in the hoods on purpose to educate our people on health awareness,” Jadakiss said.

The rappers said they were inspired to take this specific path because they saw loved ones and family members die of causes that could have been prevented by a healthy diet.

This year, Dr. Dre announced he would be building a community center in Compton while Akon announced that he would be opening an academy to promote solar power in Africa.


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