National Cyber Security Centre Employee Suspended After ‘Revealing’ that “ISIS is a Zionist Plot”*

National Cyber Security Centre Employee Suspended After ‘Revealing’ that “ISIS is a Zionist Plot”*

A Project Leader at the Dutch National Cyber Security Centre, who goes by the name Yasmina Haifi, was suspended from her job at the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice after tweeting that the terrorist group ISIS, led by Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi, does not exist,” and that it is “a Zionist plot to stain the image of Islam.”

Yasmina tweeted the following before being suspended from her job:

Her Tweet in Dutch translates to the following in English:

“ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It is a preconceived plan of Zionists who want to deliberately make Islam look bad.”

Right after tweeting the aforementioned statement, the Dutch Ministry of Security and Justice and the Dutch National Coordinator for Counterterrorism and Security (NCTV) responded in opposition to Haifi’s statements.
They said that “Security and Justice and the NCTV distance themselves from her remarks. And since [the comment] relates to the work of the NCTV and the National Cyber Security Center, this will lead us to suspend her from NCSC/NCTV immediately.”

This “revelation” did not go mainstream and very few outlets around the globe reported about it, despite the huge consequences it may entail. In one of those few interviews she has given, Haifa told the Dutch Radio 1 that

I have taken the liberty to express myself and obviously I have to pay for it. I do not know why I should be suspended. This is what I think.”

“Apparently freedom of speech in the Netherlands applies to particular groups and not to others,” she told Radio 1.

The Moroccan Times contacted a leading political analyst, who declined to be named due to the sensitivity of this information, to comment on this sweeping piece of news.

The political analyst told us that he believes

“Haifa may have got her hands on secret documents indicating that ISIS is sponsored by Zionists, especially that the type of her work is closely related to National Cyber Security Centre.”

“The type of her job requires her not to make public such information.

“Intelligence people who work on such sensitive jobs sign contract not to reveal anything and may spend a very long time behind bars in case they fail to honour the terms and conditions of their contract.

“As a political analyst, in my modest opinion, and especially as Haifa works in the Dutch Cyber Security Department, I believe she must have found some serious documents indicating that a zionist group financed ISIS.

“She is not someone who will just say anything like that. Those people [who work in the Dutch Cyber Security Department] are picked following a lengthy and difficult procedure. They have to go through a lot of tests to see if the are fit for the job.

“Haifa was just not a normal employee in there. She was a project leader, someone who supervises people. Such people don’t just open their mouths and say nonsense. Those are taught to think 10 times before uttering anything. That is a blow to anyone who may argue that she is uttering nonsense.

” I think she is a kind of whistleblower, like Edward Snowden or Chelsea manning. Her ethics did not allow her to keep this secret hidden, but she came after and kind of apologized in order to avoid jail, probably to avoid being subject to local laws like the American CFAA ones, aimed to silence whistleblowers.

“she sacrificed her job for the sake of the truth. Now it is up to us to understand,” the analyst closed.


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  1. Both your command of the Dutch language and your rate of publication, are astounding. Since both 911 and daesh are rumored to be zionist plots, isn’t it time to publish some evidence? These claims are nothing new and you didn’t mention who at the Moroccan Times spoke with the analyst. Not saying it’s not true, but without proof, the knowledge is useless for peaceful means of stopping the nonsense and violence. Greetings.

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