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Israel is Bombing Gaza Again and Anonymous Just Hacked the Government In Response*

Israel is Bombing Gaza Again and Anonymous Just Hacked the Government In Response*

By Zeidy David

The State of Israel has once again launched a missile attack on the Gaza Strip, according to Israeli news sources.

The Times of Israel reports that Israeli warplanes just hit buildings in Gaza early Thursday morning. This is the second of such missile strikes on Gaza in the past week alone.

The State of Israel tried to justify the missile campaign, but suggestion that “several houses” in the Israeli town of Netiv Haasara, were hit with “sniper fire.” That remains to be seen and has certainly not been confirmed.

But after last year’s attack against Gaza, which saw the deaths of 2,140 Palestinians, including 557 children, Anonymous Red Cult has lashed out at the Israeli government, taking down a large number of Israeli government websites in retaliation.

The Paste Bin info sent to us by Red Cult is as follows:

When Israel choose to attack Gaza haphazardly, we, the Anonymous, choose to attack deliberately!
Early today, two missiles were reportedly fired in an attack on Gaza by Israeli warplanes according to The Times of Israel. This attack is the second of its kind against Gaza over the past week, and in order not to forget that last summer, the Israeli regime launched a brutal attack against Gaza, killing 2,140 Palestinians, including 557 children, we remind them of our Cyber attack the time we choose to do so…
And Remember, We are Anonymous, We are Legion, We do not forgive, We do not forget, Expect us.

The list of sites currently down from the Anonymous attack is as follows: descr: IDF – Israel Defense Forces descr: Ministry of Defence descr: Office of The Prime Minister descr: State of Israel-Ministry of Finance descr: Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs descr: Israeli Immigration descr: Domain Internet Ltd descr: Shifra Har descr: Israel Earthquake Center descr: Ministry of Finance descr: Merkava – Ministry Of Finance descr: Integrated Foreign Trade System descr: Israel Institute for Biological Research descr: Israel Institute of Productivity descr: Office of The Prime Minister descr: State of Israel-Mail descr: Economic Mission U.S. descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority descr: Galil Development Authority descr: Israeli embassy in the United States descr: Public Works Department descr: Israel Economic and Tourism descr: Yemen – lost children descr: Local Authorities Data Processing Center Ltd. descr: Israeli Tech Tehila descr: Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Hebrew descr: Foreign Affairs Ministry descr: Office of The Prime Minister descr: rights and services for Holocaust survivors descr: Israeli ministry of justice descr: Israel Information Technology descr: Shalom civil service reform-Minister Michael Eitan descr: Ministry of Industry and Trade descr: Israel Defense Forces descr: National Insurance of Israel descr: Israel Ministry of Interior descr: The Israeli Antitrust Authority descr: Israel Ministry Of Finance rights and services for Holocaust survivors descr: Shaam – Information Systems Poaly Zedek 4 descr: Israeli Rabbinical Courts descr: Israel Police Department descr: Agricultural Research Organisation Volcani Center descr: Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs descr: Kranoth Hishtalmut LeOvdei Horaha descr: Shaam – Information Systems descr: Ministry of Communications descr: IsraelGovernment Printing Office descr: Israel Airport Authority descr: Israeli Immigration descr: Israel Securities Authority descr: Nativ Project – PMO


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U.S. Occupies a Yemeni Island*

U.S. Occupies a Yemeni Island*

By Stephen Lendman

Fars News said “(t)he US has invaded and occupied Yemen’s strategic Island of Socotra (part of the Yemeni archipelago) in the Indian Ocean and is now building up its biggest naval base there, media reports said.” More on this below.

Obama’s war on Yemen using Saudi-led regional proxies is perhaps the region’s most destructive, underreported conflict – five months of genocidal war passing under the radar almost unnoticed.

U.S. major media report little about it. Other Western counterparts give it short shrift.

Most Americans likely never heard of Yemen – for sure know nothing about raging conflict, planned and orchestrated by Washington – to return the nation to U.S. client state status, putting millions of Yemenis in harm’s way, suffering because of a combination of U.S./Saudi aggression and blockade, creating a humanitarian crisis of epic proportions.

Casualties number in the many thousands more than officially reported. People are killed by war. They’re starving to death or dying from untreated wounds or diseases.

The entire so-called civilized world is dismissive – mindless that millions of Yemenis could perish before conflict ends. It could rage for years – perhaps replicating Washington’s endless wars on Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya and Donbass, plus almost entirely ignored covert ones and global destabilization.

Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter, destruction and appalling human misery follow. U.S. media virtually ignore U.S. direct and proxy aggression in multiple war theatres.

Scant reports, almost always in print media, read like Pentagon press releases – pure rubbish, bald-faced lies and coverup, ignoring Washington’s responsibility for genocidal slaughter, blaming victims for its crimes, standard procedure in all U.S. wars of aggression to make the world safe for monied interests, enriching them more than ever.

In 2012, Washington began covertly deploying air, naval and marine forces to Socotra and Oman’s island of Masirah at the Strait of Hormuz’s southern exit point.

Socotra air and naval bases let Pentagon commanders monitor and control strategic Red Sea/Gulf of Aden/Persian Gulf waters. Plans for increased facilities and operations are highly classified.

Leaked reports suggest Washington has around 50,000 military forces on both islands – along with other regional strength, enough firepower to attack Iran or other regional targets if ordered.

Fars News cited Arabic-language Al-Masirah TV quoting a Spanish language newspaper saying “(h)undreds of workers from Asian countries have been deployed by the U..S navy to construct its biggest naval base on the island.”

What Pentagon officials have in mind is highly classified. Whenever U.S. forces mass in a region, war usually follows – whether against current adversaries or new ones remains to be seen.


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Latest G20 Summit a Spectacle of Political Bankruptcy*

Latest G20 Summit a Spectacle of Political Bankruptcy*

moneyblackholeBy Nick Beams

The meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bankers held in Ankara, Turkey over the weekend underscored the inability of the major capitalist powers to initiate any measures to halt the recessionary forces overtaking the world economy. Rather than a proposal for concerted action, the official communique was a public relations exercise aimed at masking the acuteness of the crisis and the impotence of the economic and financial authorities.

The meeting was held in the midst of turbulence on global financial markets fuelled by growing fears that the efforts of central banks to prop up the economy with injections of money are being swamped by deflationary trends.

Despite an admission that “global growth falls short of our expectations” and warnings of the impact of financial turmoil and slowing growth in China on emerging markets and more broadly, the communique declared that the G20 had taken “decisive action to keep the recovery on track” and was “confident the global economic recovery will gain speed.”

There is, in fact, no global economic recovery. In a note published in preparation for the G20 meeting, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) acknowledged that its forecasts for the world economy, made only last July, were already out of date. Growth had fallen below predictions in the U.S., the euro zone, Japan and most of the poorer countries.

The predicted boost from lower oil prices had failed to materialise, the IMF acknowledged, risks to the world economy had risen, and “a simultaneous materialisation of some of these risks would imply a much weaker outlook.” The IMF is expected to again revise downward its forecasts for global growth, already at their lowest level since the immediate aftermath of the financial crisis of 2008–2009, at its next meeting scheduled for October.

“After six years of demand weakness, the likelihood of damage to potential output is increasingly a concern,” it said.

Another indication of the real state of the global economy is the data on world trade released last month, showing that trade contracted in the first half of 2015 more sharply than at any time since the height of the financial crisis in early 2009.

A pointed comment published on the CNBC web site on the eve of the G20 meeting predicted that whatever came out of the gathering, global leaders would “undoubtedly try to give the impression they have a plan, no matter how far-fetched it is, because if the world markets get a sniff that there is no plan, that things are being made up on the hoof and that things are slipping out of control,” there will be increased turbulence.

This was an apt preview of the communique that emerged from the meeting.

As a result of the financial turbulence in China and mounting concerns over its growth rate—with expectations that real growth will be closer to 4% than the official target of 7% —there was undoubtedly discussion of the state of the world’s second largest economy behind the scenes.

But the comments from financial officials sought to promote an upbeat message. German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble said the G20 had agreed there was no reason to fear slower Chinese growth, while Pierre Moscovici, the European Union commissioner for economic affairs, praised “the absolute determination of the [Chinese] authorities to sustain growth.” IMF Managing Director Christine Lagarde said there had been a very open dialogue with China and it was “extremely comforting to have that level of understanding.”

However, the underlying reality broke through the façade of contrived statements on one decisive question, revealing growing divergences among the major powers. The official line of the meeting was to accept the Chinese explanation that last month’s currency devaluation was not aimed at bolstering Beijing’s export position at the expense of its rivals, but was a move towards a market-based currency. The communique included a hollow pledge that members would “refrain from competitive devaluation” and “avoid persistent exchange rate misalignments,” even as it is acknowledged that such commitments are being honoured mostly in the breach.

But in a pointed departure from normal procedure at such meetings, Japan, which stands to lose heavily as a result of a major fall in the Chinese currency, did not adhere to the official line. Speaking to reporters, Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said Chinese representatives had given an incomplete explanation of their motives.

“They may have tried to be constructive, but they weren’t detailed enough,” he said.

Another area of divergence, which was also largely covered over, was on the issue of monetary policy. The United States is officially committed to an increase in its official interest rate, even if only a very small one, in the coming period. But the European Central Bank and the Bank of Japan are both committed to continuing the policy of quantitative easing, with ECB President Mario Draghi indicating on the eve of the meeting that he might extend the present asset-purchasing operation beyond the scheduled completion date of September 2016.

apocalypse-statue-of-libertyThe IMF has urged the U.S. Federal Reserve not to begin interest rate increases until well into next year, a position that was repeated by Managing Director Lagarde. The Fed had not raised interest rates for such a long time (nine years), that it should make a move only when there was no uncertainty and should not give it a try and then have to reverse its decision, she said.

Lagarde and others fear that any interest rate increase in the U.S will impact heavily on the financial position of emerging markets and spark a major outflow of capital, exceeding that which took place during the so-called “taper tantrum” of 2013, when the Fed first indicated it would wind back its asset-purchasing program.

Emerging markets are already feeling the effects of the slowdown in China, their major export market, with currency values in some South East Asian countries down to levels not seen since the Asian financial crisis of 1997–98. If a rise in U.S. interest rates sparks a rush for the exit by major investors, it could set off a major financial crisis.

According to Troy Gayseki, a senior portfolio manager as Skybridge, a firm that specialises in hedge fund investing, several emerging market hedge fund managers suffered losses of between 3 and 35% in August.

There is a lot of chaos and carnage out there,” he told the Financial Times.

In all of the reports by economic authorities on the state of the world economy, including the IMF and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), the lack of investment, now 25% below where it was in 2007 in some cases, is cited as the major cause of economic stagnation. There was an attempt to address this issue at the G20 heads of government meeting in Brisbane, Australia last November, at which participants committed themselves to the target of a 2% increase in growth over the next five years, much of it to be achieved through infrastructure projects. Less than a year on, the goals of the Brisbane meeting are regarded as a dead letter.

This decline in productive investment is a product of the colossal growth of financial speculation and parasitism in the world capitalist economy, with resources increasingly diverted away from investment in the material productive forces and into financial manipulations and swindles that account for an ever greater share of the income of the world’s billionaires. The policy of central banks and capitalist governments of continuing to pump vast sums into the financial markets only fuels the growth of financial parasitism.

Seven years after the Wall Street crash of September 2008, the inability of the major capitalist powers and their economic and financial authorities to devise any coordinated solution to the crisis is the expression not of some intellectual incapacity, but of something much more fundamental. It is the outcome of the irresolvable contradiction under capitalism between the global economy and the national state system, which generates trade and currency conflicts and economic and political rivalries leading ultimately to war. All of these tendencies will be intensified by the gathering world slump.


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Iran Foils Sabotage Operations at Nuclear Site*

Iran Foils Sabotage Operations at Nuclear Site*

Deputy Head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran (AEOI) Asqar Zarea’an disclosed enemies’ attempts to carry out sabotage acts at Fordo uranium enrichment plant and Iranian security forces’ swift reaction to foil them.

“Recently, a series of electronic boards were discovered that had been planted in certain equipment at Fordo nuclear site to carry out sabotage acts in the enrichment processes,” Zarea’an said in an interview with Iran’s Khorassan daily on Saturday.

He said that the swift action of the Iranian security forces thwarted enemies’ plots to paralyze Fordo nuclear site.

Zarea’an said that Fordo nuclear site acts as a backup for Natanz nuclear facility and enemies are attempting to weaken this backup through methods other than military operations.

Fordo is a uranium enrichment facility deep down a mountain and, according to Iranian and western military analysts, cannot be damaged through military operations.

In relevant remarks in August, Zarea’an warned that enemies were seeking to hit a blow at the country’s nuclear industry through new methods and instruments.

“Similar to the past, the enemy is seeking to prevent Iran’s peaceful nuclear activities using new instruments, and we should identify and defuse these moves with wisdom and prudence,” Zarea’an said, addressing a press conference in Tehran.

He, meantime, said that all enemies’ plots against Iran’s nuclear industry had proved futile.

The nuclear official informed that the AEOI is now through with designing a new centrifuge system, named Ultra, for medical purposes, adding that the centrifuge machine would be delivered to the Pasteur Institute of Iran (PII) in the near future.

Also last September, Zarea’an disclosed that the country had disrupted plots by foreign spies to recruit its nuclear experts and stopped sabotage attempts through faulty foreign equipment supplied for its facilities.

“We aim to raise awareness about the enemy, who is more hostile to us every day,” Zarea’an, who is also in charge of security for Iran’s nuclear program, said.

He did not name countries that authorities believe are behind the sabotage and the recruitment effort.

Zarea’an said foreign intelligence agencies targeted the experts when they travelled abroad and that the experts informed their superiors about the contact when they returned home. He did not elaborate on number of the attempts and destinations where the contacts occurred.

Zarea’an also showed parts and equipment, including modems and pumps, which he said had been deliberately tampered with to sabotage Iran’s nuclear program. He described the items on display, which he said had been manufactured in western and Asian countries, as only a small sample of western sabotage.


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Infant of Pro- Vaccine Parent Dies Following 5 Doses of Vaccine*

Infant of Pro- Vaccine Parent Dies Following 5 Doses of Vaccine*

By Augustina Ursino

Life after losing a loved one to vaccines is very painful. With a heavy heart, we share Sebastian Ryan Morley’s story. He was a healthy boy whose life ended after routine vaccinations. Sebastian’s mother and grandmother have worked many years in both the veterinary and human healthcare fields. What they were taught in school led them to believe vaccines were safe, but now they will never vaccinate again. We thank his family for coming forward and sharing very important information the public isn’t usually made aware of.

Sebastian’s grandmother, Valerie Murfin, shared:

“On December 11, 2002, when my grandson Sebastian was seven months old, he was taken in for his six month well child check-up. My daughter Natasha, who is his mother, was not bullied into getting him vaccinated, she was just following what she thought was good advice, what we both thought was good advice at one time.

During this visit, Sebastian received the vaccines for DTaP, hepatitis B, and HiB. This is five vaccine doses.

Sebastian began vomiting two days later and suffered jaundice. After turning yellow around his mouth on 12-15-02, his mom took him to the doctor because he became very lethargic. She was begging for him not to die on the drive to the doctor’s office. They admitted him to St. Peter Hospital, in Olympia, where he stayed for two days.

Tests were run and it was found that Sebastian’s liver was failing. After an ultrasound showed his liver stopped swelling, they allowed him to be discharged, but warned my daughter not to let him bump his head or anything, because he could bleed out.

Before being discharged, his doctor did more blood work and told my daughter that she would call her, and that they assumed Sebastian had hepatitis C somehow. This was six days after the vaccines were given to him, on 12-17-02.”

Sebastian’s Brain Swelled and His Organs Shut Down

“That phone call came in on 12-20-15 and the news made my daughter aware it was urgent. Sebastian was rushed to the ER at Seattle Children’s Hospital. This is where he stayed and suffered, for more than a month.

Towards the end of his stay, his eyes were no longer responsive and one swelled up horribly; his choke reflex was gone. I think his little brain had had enough of all the additional chemicals he received while in the hospital. Sebastian’s brain had swelled outside of his soft spot, they had no more hope for him, and they wanted to turn off the machines.

My daughter came out of that room, looked at me and said, ‘Don’t let them kill my baby, Mom.’ I had to tell her he was already gone. I watched the light die in my daughter’s eyes.

They did unplug him. He died in his mom and dad’s arms. He died on January 22, 2003, at just 8 ½ months old. Forty-two days after that well child visit, multiple organs of his shut down and his little body couldn’t fight anymore.

My most helpless moment in my life was when I had seen the ultrasound of Sebastian’s brain. By this time, all of his organs were shutting down. They had him in a medically-induced coma for about the last five days. The first three days, they would let him wake up. The last two days, he stopped waking up, even when coming out of the anesthesia.

Ultimately, if he hadn’t had the vaccines, none of this would have happened.

My daughter did question the vaccines with the doctor that gave them and her initial response was that they just never see that. Although Sebastian’s doctor later on was more supportive of the fact that vaccines could not be ruled out.

His cause of death listed on his death certificate is ‘Fulminant Liver Failure of Unknown Etiology,’ though the pathologist stated clearly when he wrote, ‘Because this child was vaccinated less than 24 hours prior to onset of illness, we can NOT rule out the vaccines as causative.’

This is as close anyone gets to admission that the vaccines were responsible.

Vaccines Were the Only Plausible Cause of Sebastian’s Liver Failure

“In the days he was in the in the paediatric ICU at the hospital, they did every test they could at the time. There was no physiological or environmental reason for his liver failing. I kept saying in the hospital, he was just vaccinated, to look into the vaccines, but hospital staff did not make the connection.

After Sebastian got sick and was taken to the hospital, that was when my daughter also made the vaccine connection; I made sure she was aware. Even the hospital doctors kept saying vaccine reactions never happen. If I weren’t so vocal about it, they wouldn’t have put the vaccines into the equation.

His paediatrician, who actually worked with him, has been very helpful. She felt it was important enough to report Sebastian’s reactions to the Vaccine Adverse Reaction Reporting System (VAERS).

We appreciated her acknowledging what happened to my grandson but Sebastian’s passing has not stopped her from vaccinating other children.

On Sebastian’s VAERS report, some things were reported inaccurately. His age wasn’t listed correctly; he was seven months old when he received the six month vaccines. We tried fixing the discrepancies in the report, but we were not able to get anyone who would correct them.

Considering most parents and doctors have never reported a reaction to VAERS, due to not being informed and doctors not being enforced to report reactions, mistakes can occur due to being unfamiliar with the process and sometimes, the mistakes occur on the VAERS end, because reps don’t list the information provided correctly.

It is hard to read this. Knowing how Sebastian suffered from the vaccines is why my family will not vaccinate further.”

Sebastian Became More Sick After Each Hepatitis B Vaccine

“When I was in the hospital while Sebastian was there, I overheard two nurses talking in the hall. One nurse was from the paediatric ICU, where Sebastian was, and the other nurse was from the neonatal unit, where the preemies are.

The nurse from the neonatal unit said to the other, ‘Well, we just vaccinated all the babies, I hope we have beds open,’ meaning these premature babies that were doing fine in the neonatal unit were just vaccinated and the neonatal nurse was saying to the pediatric ICU nurse that they hope they have beds open because these babies are now needing to be put on respirators, since they are now in critical care. Because of the hepatitis B vaccine just given to them, now the babies aren’t doing well anymore. Doctors and nurses are more aware of vaccine injuries than they lead you to believe.

My daughter is not able to be the champion for Sebastian as I am. She is firmly against any vaccines, as you can imagine, but in 2003, she was so vilified. She cheers me on in our fight. We didn’t know about the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program until four years after Sebastian passed away. The deadline to file was two years after he passed away, so it was too late for us to file a claim.

My daughter found out she was pregnant the day after Sebastian’s funeral. She had a baby girl who will be 12 in September 2015.  Sebastian’s sister has never been vaccinated and is completely healthy.

Since this happened, my daughter did still see the same paediatrician after having our granddaughter, but she never pushed my daughter to vaccinate her. When my granddaughter was about three years old, because of a change in insurance, this forced my daughter to change paediatricians as well. She does love and miss Dr. O’Leary and would probably still see her to this day, if she had the choice, because she did not ever pressure her to vaccinate again.

Even though she was the one who vaccinated Sebastian leading to his passing, this doctor acknowledged his death and respected my daughter’s choice as a mother to not vaccinate further. It was important she had a doctor who understood why she no longer wanted to vaccinate.

We believe it was the third hepatitis B vaccine that was the cause of Sebastian’s health decline. After each set of hepatitis B-containing vaccines, Sebastian got more and more sick. After his first hep B shot was given two days after birth, he got diarrhoea and had a fever. He wouldn’t take the breast milk and he got dehydrated. At three and four days old, my daughter was devastated as a new mom who had to feed him formula the first week.

After Sebastian received his second hepatitis B vaccine, along with the other two month vaccines, his mom had gone to Six Flags as a treat from her friends and Sebastian’s dad called her saying he was very lethargic and had a fever. Sebastian’s dad Jeff gave him medicine and watched him like a hawk, as he seemingly got better.

Then his last set of shots given contained the hepatitis B vaccine and his liver shut down.

The reason we also think the hep B vaccine played a big part in this is because I can’t be vaccinated, because my immune system mimics the disease when vaccinated to prevent it. I think Sebastian may have gotten this trait from me. His immune system saw hepatitis and killed his liver.

I have read studies since this happened, involving mice, which show this can happen. I spent three years in allergy treatment and through this process, my immunologist discovered my immune system issues. After three years, he finally admitted there was no way to fix my allergies.

In my family, I have a brother with Crohn’s disease and two cousins with lupus; my mother has immune-mediated kidney disease. I have an aunt with rheumatoid arthritis. All of us were vaccinated in the past. Vaccines are clearly not great for everybody. Physicians ask you about familial heart disease, diabetes … why not immune system issues that may be contraindicated for an immune system stimulant?”

Sebastian’s Story Has Never Made the News

“This is not the type of story any vaccine supporter, which mainstream media serves, will allow out. My point is, until you have a reaction close to you, until it hits you in the face, you want to believe that those in power have your best interest at heart.

If your doctor’s intake money is getting cut by the insurance company for not following standardized prophylactic treatments, and your sales rep is pressuring you into buying a cheap vaccine, you buy in bulk and everyone gets vaccinated.

If you don’t vaccinate, your doctor’s bottom line is affected. If your doctor fails to get a good family history, on any disease in your family, and then pushes vaccines as 100 percent safe and effective, then perhaps your doctor doesn’t have your best interest in mind. This is a major income for all involved.”

Human Vaccines Are Just As Harmful As Pet Vaccines

“I worked in animal medicine for 26 years, I gave thousands of vaccines to pets and I knew vaccines were causing many problems. I had been gathering doubts about vaccines in that field for years, which led me to leave the day practice I worked at and go into a specialty field, where vaccines were not required.

At the vet clinic I worked for, I had serious issues with the way Pfizer handled their sale; right away, they misrepresented themselves, trying to sell us pet vaccines. In the 1990s, dogs received what I call the alphabet shot (DHLPPC) for distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, parvovirus, and coronavirus.

About 85-90 percent of smaller dogs under 20 pounds reacted to the leptospirosis vaccine. These dogs were having many types of reactions, some life-threatening, lifelong, and a few died within hours. Bichon Frises, little white furry dogs, are notorious for dropping dead after vaccination and a lot of Bichon Frise owners and breeders won’t vaccinate their dogs.

So many dogs get the diseases they are vaccinated for. The fact that so many dogs reacted was a clue. Back then, most people still had bigger dogs. In the 1990s, there was a shift to the smaller house dogs and that made the incidence of vaccine reactions go up.

I asked the Pfizer rep, ‘Wouldn’t it be prudent to remove the leptospirosis from the vaccine?’ He answered that it was not cost effective to remove the ingredient. I had been gathering doubts about vaccines in that field for a long time, but this really opened my eyes.

After the Pfizer rep said it wasn’t cost effective to remove leptospirosis, (which is stupid really, in my humble opinion, because you just don’t put that ingredient in since it was causing so much harm in these pets), I asked the rep what Pfizer recommended. His answer was to give a high-dose steroid (their high-priced product, another money maker), five minutes before the vaccine.

They expected us to suppress the immune system with the steroid Solu-Medrol®, to then immediately turn around and stimulate it with the vaccine. That didn’t even make medical sense. As I said before, that conversation was an eye opener. That guy must have hated me because I began questioning every vaccine they rolled out.

The rabies vaccine is the worst. It was causing many health problems, including immune system problems and gut problems and I witnessed some dogs would just drop dead on the table after they received the rabies vaccine.

I also witnessed cats having a huge incidence of injection site carcinomas. On the back of the shoulders where we injected them, horrible tumors would develop. Even if surgery was performed, ultimately this still killed the cats, a process I’ve seen take two years. I brought this up to the vaccine rep because I was concerned about what I was observing. The answer to that from the rep was to vaccinate low on the leg, marking which vaccine and which leg was injected. That way, if a tumor developed, you can amputate.

At the time, the feline leukemia vaccine seemed to be the culprit. I believe now that the vaccine manufacturers were aware then that all of the vaccines could be problematic. In general, any of the vaccines could cause this and they don’t test them for causing cancer; now I see why, so they can’t be blamed when they cause cancer.

If the companies are so into making money that they don’t care about their patients, it doesn’t make sense to use their products. Due to what I was learning and the vaccine reactions I was witnessing, I left that practice to go into a specialty field, where vaccines were not required. I have other stories, but that was my light bulb moment. Regarding human vaccines being safer, I just really believed that human medicine HAD to be different and safer, but I was wrong.”

Our Family Will Never Vaccinate Again

“When I left, I started working at Washington State University (WSU) in Pullman, WA, in their Veterinary Teaching Hospital’s ICU, working with fourth year students on practical emergency and critical care.This was years before Sebastian was even born. It was a six hour drive from where my kids lived. I moved back to Seattle after Sebastian died. I remained in specialty medicine where I finished my career in internal medicine. Ironically, a high percentage of our patients suffered from vaccine-related immune-mediated disease.

My daughter also worked in the same veterinary clinic I did. She stayed in the day practice a while longer and she was working there when Sebastian was harmed. Sadly, I guess I didn’t really convey the problems I saw in vaccines then. I really believed that human medicine HAD to have more safety measures than veterinary medicine.

I always wondered if I had yelled louder about the dangers of vaccinating, would things be different? My daughter assures me that she trusted her doctor and would have followed the recommendations anyway. My family will never vaccinate anyone under our care.

My daughter left the field of veterinary medicine, too. She now works in the field of human medicine and is the medical assistant for a doctor in a foot and ankle clinic. She also doesn’t have to vaccinate. Since Sebastian passed away, my daughter has always been up front with her employers, that she won’t vaccinate patients and she discloses all information to patients, if her practice gave vaccines.

Despite their differences of opinion, even with her knowledge about the harm these vaccines are causing, she loves the doctor she is working with, even though he is still a vaccine person, though not as rigid as he once was. She calls this ‘little steps,’ I think.

Prior to me becoming disabled after I broke my back in 2008, I had subbed for a friend who went on vacation. At the one day clinic I subbed in, I gave complete disclosure on vaccines, letting them know I won’t give them. They didn’t invite me back. I never went back to a day practice other than that.

Nowadays, my job is sharing Sebastian’s story, and working against the mandates we know will be revisiting us in our state of Washington. It takes a huge amount of my time. We have to speak for those who can’t anymore. In this, we gather.

I am thankful to Sallie O. Elkordy, Host of ‘The Mary and Sallie Show,’ who allowed me to share Sebastian’s story and to let people know what is happening to children and pets after vaccination.

Please, do your research, folks; know your risk of infection for said disease, if you want to vaccinate. Our immune systems work best when they are not chemically modified. I encourage folks to share my grandson’s story. It is the only thing that helps us come to terms with his death.

I gave Sebastian that first sink bath; it’s my favorite picture of him. Oh, if I could, I would give him a head noogie, because he would have just turned 13 this year and giving grandma a hug just isn’t cool when you’re 13.

In all seriousness, we miss him so much. Not a day goes by that he is not in our thoughts. The tears still fall. We would give anything to see what his 13 year-old self would have been.

It was a very difficult thing for us to go through, losing him the way we did. Like my daughter says, it’s been like a movie that you cannot turn off or rewrite the script. The sequel, I hope, sheds light on the other side, and stops the Vaccine Holocaust. We had the bad luck to win the vaccine lottery; with any decency in the country, countless others won’t be forced to.

If just one person chooses to inform themselves, if just one more person wakes up, if one family is saved from this hole carved out of our lives, then it gives us some peace. It gives this little man a voice, when he had been silenced for so long.

We love you, Sebastian. You will not be forgotten.

Love, Your Grandma,
Valerie Murfin”

In Our Hearts He Will Be Remembered

His mother Natasha wrote:

“I miss my little monkey every day. Some days are easier than others but it’s still a very hard thing to swallow. My son’s life was like a very short movie. And just like that, it was over, with the saddest ending. I don’t want this to happen to anyone else.”

In Memory of Sebastian Ryan Morley
May 11, 2002 – January 22, 2003
He passed away at eight months old, from liver failure, after being vaccinated.


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