Greece is now a Colony of the E.U.*

Greece is now a Colony of the E.U.*

According to the revelations in the Greek Press on the 5th September 2015, concerning the secret agreement signed by the Tsípras government,

« the new government of Greece will be under the strict supervision of Brussels».

The deputy director of the Commission for Economic and Financial Affairs, Holland’s Maarten Verwey, will preside over the new work group.

« He can write any project for any law in all sectors, from income tax to the job market to public health policies, via the system for social security. »

Mr. Verwey’s team will co-operate closely with the Troïka. It will be able to present reports to the IMF and talk directly with the Prime Minister.

Commenting on these revelations, Robert Fico, the President of the Slovakian government declared :

« Yes, we have created a protectorate. Why would that be a bad thing ? »


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