Arrested and Held in Psych Ward Because Cops Didn’t Believe as a Black Woman She Owns BMW*

Arrested and Held in Psych Ward Because Cops Didn’t Believe as a Black Woman She Owns BMW*


The story allegedly taking place in New York City sounds horrific. A black woman was held in a psychiatric hospital, made to take powerful drugs and convinced by doctors she doesn’t own her BMW after the NYPD pulled her over at a red light.

Kamilah Brock, 32, said in her first TV-interview to PIX11 she’s filed a lawsuit against New York city police for forcing her into a psychiatric hospital, where she was held for more than a week for therapy for claiming she was a banker, owned a BMW and that President Barack Obama follows her on Twitter – all of which is actually true.

Initially, police pulled her over in Harlem at a red light on September 12th, 2014, and asked why her hands were not on the steering wheel, according to Brock. She responded:

“I was dancing, I am at a light,” and was immediately asked to get out of the car.

Brock claims she was then taken into custody, brought to 30th precinct of NYPD and held there for hours without charges. On release, she says, Brock was told to pick up her BMW 325Ci the next day.

When she attempted to do so, police didn’t believe she was the owner of the vehicle.

“I just felt like from the moment I said I owned a BMW, I was looked at as a liar,”

Brock said on TV.

“They put me in handcuffs and said they just need to put me in handcuffs to take me to my car. And I said OK, whatever it’s gonna take to get to my car.”

After that, the banker was, if her story is true, transported to a Harlem hospital psychiatric ward, where for eight days she was forced to take lithium. Brock reported she was stripped naked to be injected with various powerful sedatives.

“He held onto me and then the doctor stuck me in the arm and I was on a stretcher and I woke up to them taking my clothes off, specifically my underwear,” Brock revealed in the interview.

Her attorney, Michael Lamonsoff, claims medical personnel many times attempted to persuade Brock she did not own her car or hold her current position and that she was not being followed by Obama on Twitter. But she did own the BMW, was a banker and the U.S. President follows her alongside 640,000 other people.

In the end, Brock said she received a bill from the clinic for $13,000 for her stay.

According to attorney Lamonsoff, Brock didn’t have any prior records of mental health problems was discriminated entirely on racial grounds.

If a white woman was trying to reclaim her BMW impounded by police, would she have been made a victim?” he told the HuffPost.


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