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Putin’s Address to the U.N. in 10 Quotes*

Putin’s Address to the U.N. in 10 Quotes*

Putin delivered a much-anticipated speech outlining Russia’s position to the United Nations General Assembly on Monday. Here is a summary of what he said.

Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered relatively few surprises at his UN General Assembly, despite what has been described as a build-up with additional aid sent to Syria and information sharing regarding the fight against ISIL also established with Iran and Iraq. However, it went in a stark contrast to US President Barack Obama’s UNGA speech, with its ideological push and calls to end the rule of leaders of certain sovereign states.

Although both the Russian and the US leaders essentially covered the same subjects, their approaches were nearly polar opposites. Here is how that summed up on Putin’s end:

  1. The UN: Where the world works toward compromise

Putin outlined Russia’s view of the UN as a body for compromise rather than a body for rubber-stamping a certain “needed” decision, while other states (referring to the US) see that structure as “getting in the way.”

“During the UN’s founding it was not assumed that consensus would rule here. The point of the organization, in essence, consists of finding and working out compromises, and its strength is in taking into account different opinions and points of view.”

  1. After the Cold War

Putin warned that while the UN must transform, shaking its legitimacy would be extremely dangerous.

“It would be a world where instead of collective work, egoism rules the day, a world where there are more dictates and less equality, less real democracy and freedom, a world in which instead of truly independent states, de facto protectorates and territories controlled from abroad multiply.”

  1. We are all different, and this must be treated with respect.

No one has to adjust into one model of development recognized by someone as solely correct once and forever.”

Putin brought up the example of the Soviet Union, which also experimented with using ideological motivations to export social experiments, commenting that “it seems that no one learns from someone else’s mistakes, but only repeats them.”

  1. “Do you realize what you’ve done?

This was one of Putin’s most noted phrases during the speech, in that while he never called the US by name, instead referring to the post-Cold War “sole centre of dominance,” he also called it out for the consequences of its decisions.

“I fear that the question will stay in the air because the policy that has at its base self-assurance and conviction in its own exceptionalism and impunity has still not been renounced.”

  1. A power vacuum for extremism

“It is already evident that the vacuum of power, which arose in a number of Middle East and North African countries led to the creation of zones of anarchy, which have immediately been filled by extremists”

Putin added that the Islamic State itself did not appear out of nowhere, and said that it was initially nurtured as a weapon against unwanted secular regimes.

  1. A coalition

Putin called for a broad coalition against terrorism, something he intended to achieve since after the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks in the US, when he suggested the idea to then-US President George W. Bush.

We are suggesting to not be guided by ambition, but by mutual values and shared interests. To unite our efforts based on international law to solve the issues we are facing, and to create a truly broad international anti-terrorism coalition”

Putin also said that Muslim countries must become the key participants of the coalition and called on Muslim religious leaders to use their authority and mentorship to prevent the recruitment of new fighters by extremists.

  1. Restoring statehood

Putin added that restoring statehood to countries such as Libya and Syria which lost it as a result of conflicts is key to solving the issue of large numbers of refugees fleeing them.

The refugees need compassion and support, but this issue can only be solved radically by re-establishing statehood where it has been destroyed. “

Solving Ukraine’s crisis

Putin said that Ukraine, like other post-Soviet countries was forced to choose between East and West, which led to its civil war after the 2014 coup. He called the full implementation of the February 2015 Minsk agreements the sole way to resolve the issue.

“It is impossible to ensure integrity of Ukraine by threats or by use of force. But it has to be done. A real consideration of interests and rights of people in Donbas is needed, respect of their choice, coordination with them of key elements of the political system of the state, as stipulated by the Minsk agreements.”

  1. TPP and TTIP

Putin criticized the creation of exclusive trading blocs as going against the idea of the World Trade Organization and principles of free trade, as well as the use of politicized economic sanctions to accomplish countries’ own goals.

“Maybe, [they] want to put us all before the fact that the rules of the game have been rewritten, and rewritten again in favour of a narrow circle of the chosen, without participation of the WTO. This could lead to a complete imbalance of the trading system, the fragmentation of the global economic space. “

  1. Addressing climate change

Putin also called for new approaches to solving climate change, such as the introduction of new, technologies which do not harm the environment but exist in harmony with it, and noted Russia’s own commitment.

“Within the framework of our national contribution, by 2030 we are planning to curb our greenhouse gas emissions to 70-75 percent of the levels of 1990.”


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The U.N.: Pretending to Oppose War for 70 Years – An Open Letter*

The U.N.: Pretending to Oppose War for 70 Years – An Open Letter*

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals don’t just ignore the fact that development isn’t sustainable; they revel in it. One of the goals is spreading energy use. Another is economic growth. Another is preparation for climate chaos (not preventing it, but dealing with it). And how does the United Nations deal with problems? Generally through wars and sanctions.

This institution was set up 70 years ago to keep nations, rather than a global body, in charge, and to keep the victors of World War II in a permanent position of dominating the rest of the globe. The UN legalized “defensive” wars and any wars it “authorizes” for whatever reason. It now says drones have made war “the norm,” but addressing that problem is not among the 17 goals now being considered. Ending war is not among the goals. Disarmament isn’t mentioned. The Arms Trade Treaty put through last year still lacks the United States, China, and Russia, but that’s not among the 17 concerns of “sustainable development.”

Saudi Arabia’s “responsibility to protect” Yemen by murdering its people with U.S. weapons isn’t at issue. Saudi Arabia is busy crucifying children and heading up the UN’s Human Rights Council. Meanwhile U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and the Foreign Minister of Turkey have declared that they will start addressing the full “lifecycle” of young people who become “terrorists.” Of course, they’ll do so without mentioning the U.S.-led wars that have traumatized the region or the by now long established record of the global war on terrorism producing terrorism.

I’m happy to have signed this letter, which you, too, can sign below:

To: U.N. Secretary General Ban-Ki Moon:

The U.N. Charter was ratified on October 24, 1945. Its potential is still unfulfilled. It has been used to advance and misused to impede the cause of peace. We urge a rededication to its original goal of saving succeeding generations from the scourge of war.

Whereas the Kellogg-Briand Pact forbids all war, the U.N. Charter opens up the possibility of a “legal war.” While most wars do not meet the narrow qualifications of being defensive or U.N.-authorized, many wars are marketed as if they meet those qualifications, and many people are fooled. After 70 years isn’t it time for the United Nations to cease authorizing wars and to make clear to the world that attacks on distant nations are not defensive?

The danger lurking in the “responsibility to protect” doctrine must be addressed. Acceptance of murder by armed drone as either non-war or legal war must be decisively rejected. To fulfill its promise, the United Nations must rededicate itself to these words from the U.N. Charter: “All Members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner that international peace and security, and justice, are not endangered.”

To advance, the United Nations must be democratized so that all people of the world have an equal voice, and no single or small number of wealthy, war-oriented nations dominate the UN’s decisions. We urge you to pursue this path.

World Beyond War has outlined specific reforms that would democratize the United Nations, and make nonviolent actions the primary activity engaged in. Please read them here.

David Swanson
Coleen Rowley
David Hartsough
Patrick Hiller
Alice Slater
Kevin Zeese
Heinrich Buecker
Norman Solomon
Sandra Osei Twumasi
Jeff Cohen
Leah Bolger
Robert Scheer

The original text can be read here.


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Reality of British Empire should be taught in Schools – Corbyn*

Reality of British Empire should be taught in Schools – Corbyn*

The new Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is telling it like it is, first with the abolition of the nuclear program Trident the cost of which could be used for public services, and now with the truth of the British Empire. Is he acting like a leader that knows that the NWO British establishment is stacked against him anyway so he might as well go for it, or is he of the belief that if he is a man of any worth he’d better stand and be counted now?

British children should be taught about the violent expansionist excesses of British imperialism, according Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn.

Corbyn told young Labour supporters on Monday that the national curriculum should include lessons on how the British Empire expanded “at the expense of people.

Perhaps we could do a little bit more about how history is taught in our schools,” said Corbyn, who is a lifelong anti-imperialist and peace campaigner.

He said that while “the history of European expansion is important” there are “two other things that need to be added to that.

One is the expansion of one empire at the expense of people where that empire is expanding. You need to get the story from the people where that empire is expanding into rather than those that came there to take control of it.

In July, Indian politician Shashi Tharoor made a passionate speech at the University of Oxford claiming his country was entitled to financial compensation after centuries of exploitation and foreign rule.

The video of Tharoor’s speech was viewed more than 1.5 million times on YouTube and reported on in the Indian press.

Britain’s rise for 200 years was financed by its depredations in India. We paid for our own oppression. It’s a bit rich to oppress, maim, kill, torture and repress and then celebrate democracy at the end of it,” Tharoor said in the debate.

He further said Indians had “paid for [their] own oppression” by buying British goods, arguing that by the turn of the 20th century they were the biggest buyers of British products in the world.

Corbyn also said young people should be taught about the history of trade unions and their contribution to modern Britain.


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