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Saudi Arabia Faces Collapse as Oil Revenues Decline*

Saudi Arabia Faces Collapse as Oil Revenues Decline*

By Nafeez Ahmed

Last September, a senior Saudi royal called for a “change” in leadership to fend off the kingdom’s collapse.

In a letter circulated among Saudi princes, its author, a grandson of the late King Abdulaziz Ibn Saud, blamed King Salman for endangering the monarchy’s survival.

Informed observers think such a prospect “fanciful”, but the letter’s analysis of Saudi Arabia’s predicament is startlingly accurate. The House of Saud is on the brink of a perfect storm of interconnected crises that could be the monarchy’s undoing within the next decade.

Saudi Arabia’s primary source of revenues, of course, is oil. For the last few years, the kingdom has pumped at record levels, keeping global oil prices low, and undermining OPEC rivals – who cannot afford to stay in business at such squeezed profit margins.

But Saudi Arabia’s spare capacity to pump like crazy can only last so long. A new peer-reviewed study in the Journal of Petroleum Science & Engineering anticipates that a peak in Saudi Arabia’s oil production, followed by inexorable decline, is due for 2028.

According to Texas petroleum geologist Jeffrey J. Brown and Dr. Sam Foucher, though, it’s not just about production. The key issue is translating production into exports, against rising rates of domestic consumption.

Brown and Foucher showed that the inflection point to watch out for is when an oil producer cannot increase the quantity of oil sales abroad, because of the need to meet rising domestic energy demand.

They found that from 2005 to 2015, Saudi net oil exports have experienced an annual decline rate of 1.4 per cent. Citigroup backs them up, recently predicting that net exports would plummet to zero in the next 15 years.

So Saudi state revenues, 80% of which come from oil sales, are heading downwards, terminally.

Saudi Arabia is the region’s biggest energy consumer, domestic demand having increased by 7.5% over the last five years alone.

Demographic expansion, estimated to grow further from 29 million people today, to 37 million by 2030, is a major driver of demand. As the larger population absorbs Saudi Arabia’s energy production, the next decade will see the country’s oil exporting capacity evermore constrained.

To wean domestic demand off oil dependence, Saudi Arabia decided to invest in renewable energy, hoping to free up capacity for oil sales abroad, thus maintaining state revenues.

But earlier this year, this prescient strategy was dumped for military adventurism. The kingdom announced an eight year delay to its €97bn solar programme, which was supposed to produce a third of the nation’s electricity by 2032.

Meanwhile, state revenues have been hit by rocketing military spending for the war in Yemen, as well as from declining profits from its own efforts to keep oil prices low to undermine competing producers.

Now Saudi Arabia’s considerable reserves are being depleted at unprecedented levels, dropping from a 2014 peak of €655bn to €597bn in May – falling by about €10.6bn a month.

At this rate, by late 2018 the kingdom’s reserves could drop as low as €177bn.

King Salman’s response has been to simply accelerate borrowing. What happens when over the next few years, reserves deplete, debt increases, while oil revenues remain strained?

In Egypt, Syria and Yemen, reduced subsidies and rocketing food and oil prices inflamed the grievances that generated the ‘Arab spring’ uprisings.

Saudi Arabia’s oil wealth underpins its ability to fend off the risk off civil unrest through lavish domestic subsidies. Energy subsidies alone make up about a fifth of Saudi’s GDP.

Declining revenues from declining oil exports will translate in the kingdom’s decreased capacity to keep a lid on rising domestic dissent.

About a quarter of Saudis are in poverty, while unemployment is at about 12%, mostly young people – 30% of whom are unemployed.

Climate change is pitched to heighten such economic problems, especially concerning food and water.

At 98 cubic metres per person per year, the kingdom is among the most water scarce in the world. About 7% of domestic water supplies are met through desalination plants, accounting for over half of domestic oil consumption. As oil exports and state revenues run down amid increasing demand, costly desalination won’t be able to keep up.

Saudi Arabia is experiencing stronger interior warming and northern rainfall deficits due to climate change. By 2040, local temperatures could go as high as 4 degrees Celsius, while extreme weather events like droughts and flash flooding would worsen.

This of course could undermine agricultural productivity, already strained from overgrazing and unsustainable industrial agricultural practices that are intensifying desertification.

Most water withdrawal is from groundwater, 57% of which is non-renewable, and 88% of which goes to agriculture.

As 80% of Saudi Arabia’s food requirements are purchased through heavily subsidised imports, the decline in state revenues mean the country will be increasingly vulnerable to global food price fluctuations.

In Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Egypt, the risk of conflict was compounded due to declining state power in the face of climate-induced droughts, agricultural decline, and rapid oil depletion – interconnected trends now unfolding apace in Saudi Arabia.

The implication is that on its current course, the kingdom is on the brink of protracted state-failure, a process likely to unfold over the next decade with increasing visibility.


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The Western Migrants Fleeing to the South and Destroying It*

The Western Migrants Fleeing to the South and Destroying It*

While their governments wreak havoc in the countries causing a blindsighted mass migration to the West, westerners are fleeing the growing policed states of their own countries to Asia, Africa, and South America…

By Andre Vltchek

Tens of millions of European and North American immigrants, legal and illegal, have been flooding both the cities and countryside in Asia, Latin America, and even Africa.

Western migrants are charging like bulls and the ground is shaking under their feet; they are fleeing Europe and North America in hordes. Deep down they cannot stand their own lifestyle, their own societies, but you would hardly hear them pronounce it. They are too proud and too arrogant! But, after recognizing innumerable areas of the world as suitable for their personal needs – as safe, attractive and cheap – they simply pack and go!

We are told that some few hundred thousand African and Asian exiles are now causing a great “refugee crises” all over Europe! Governments and media are spreading panic, borders are being re-erected and armed forces are interrupting the free movement of people. But the number of foreigners illegally entering Europe is incomparably smaller than the number of Western migrants that are inundating, often illegally, virtually all corners of the world.

No “secret paradise” can be hidden any longer and no country can maintain its reasonable price structure. Potential European, North American and Australian immigrants are determined to enrich themselves by any means, at the expense of local populations. They are constantly searching for bargains: monitoring prices everywhere, ready to move at the spur of the moment, as long as the place offers some great bargains, has lax immigration laws, and a weak legal framework.

Everything pure and untapped gets corrupted. With lightning speed, Western immigrants are snatching reasonably priced real estate and land. Then, they impose their lifestyle on all those “newly conquered territories”. As a result, entire cultures are collapsing or changing beyond recognition.

Overall, Western immigrants are arrogant and stubborn; they feel no pity for the countries they are inundating. What surrounds them is only some colourful background to their precious lives. They are unable and unwilling to “adopt” local customs, because they are used to the fact that theirs is the “leading culture” – the culture that controls the world.

They come, they demand, and they take whatever they can – often by force. If unchecked, they take everything. After, when there is almost nothing left to loot, they simply move on. After them, “no grass can grow”; everything is burned, ruined and corrupted. Like Bali, Phuket, Southern Sri Lanka, great parts of the Caribbean, Mexico and East African coast, just to name a few places.


Who represents the greater “menace”: some 300,000 “illegal” refugees escaping from the countries destabilized or outright destroyed by the West, or those millions of Westerners who are annually fleeing their depressing lifestyles and selfishly over-imposing themselves on so many economically weaker and therefore more vulnerable parts of the world?

I believe the answer is obvious.

People from devastated countries are often left with no choice: many are coming to their tormentors, forced by circumstances to accept totally unreasonable conditions, humiliation and marginalization. They have to work extremely hard. They have to accept jobs Westerners think themselves “too good for”, and they are expected, even ordered, to “adapt” culturally. They go through horrific screenings and interviews, and almost all of them have to degrade themselves just in order to survive and feed their children. Only a minority is allowed to stay. Those who do stay greatly contribute to local economies.

Of course, this is a part of the dirty trick: the West needs foreigners; it cannot survive without immigrants, without their cheap labour. But it would never admit it openly. Before “accepting them”, it has to first humiliate and break even those whom it desperately needs. It has to further demean those whose nations were already robbed of everything, and even thrown into war by the West’s imperialist foreign policy and by corporate terrorism.


The West’s migrants are encountering totally different treatment in most of the countries they are inundating.

To begin with, Western immigrants do not even need visas to enter most countries. Decades ago, the Empire opened by force almost all “developing states”. Westerners are treated preferentially, and generally promoted as a “source of income” by local regimes.

It is mainly the Western multi-nationals that are dividing the loot from Asian, African and the Middle Eastern countries, but some part of booty always ends up in the pockets of those ordinary European and North American citizens, mainly in the form of retirement plans or other social benefits. Then, annually, tens of millions of Westerners, armed with funds that have been stolen from the “developing world” are hitting the road, trying to make their money go further in those places where their funds actually originated!

It is no secret that Western migrants are taking advantage of poverty, low prices, and corrupts legal systems. Their arrival raises prices for housing and land. It leaves millions of local people literally homeless, and it raises the prices of food and basic services for the local population.

In a way, people in many poor countries get robbed twice: by Western corporations, and then again, by Western migrants.

But damaged countries are not sending coast guard ships to intercept Western migrants. And there are hardly any deportations. Only those who dare to criticize the system get expelled.


I saw entire islands being eaten alive by Western immigrants. Almost no coastal areas are left for local people on the Indonesian islands of Lombok and Bali. The Scandinavian mafias, the Central European mafias, Australian mafias… The theft had reached unimaginable proportions. Even when it is illegal to purchase land, the Europeans and the North Americans are teaming up with local gangs, or forging schemes that include marriages to local women. Western migrants are tremendously canny! There is always some way how to get around the laws and screw poor people in the most miserable countries on earth.

The Italian “takeover” of the Kenyan coast… the child prostitution there.

Thailand’s islands are all gone. No culture remains, almost no houses belonging to the local people… almost no coastal stretch is left untouched. There is just some banal, horrid tourist infrastructure, and millions of Western migrants baking on the sun, all year round, with their pot bellies exposed, wearing flip-flops, downing beer, hand in hand with their culturally uprooted Thai companions. What did these people bring to Thailand? Freedom? Prosperity? High culture? Seriously! Or honestly, isn’t it just a moral corruption and total cultural ruin?

There are literally millions – maybe even tens of millions – of Western (mainly European) migrants living all over Southeast Asia. Exact numbers are unknown; there are no reliable studies and statistics. Many Western immigrants in Southeast Asia are actually “illegal”. Some are “semi-legal”, with their constant “visa runs”, false marriages and shady investments.

Cambodia is one of the places that has been attracting the most depraved migrants from the West. Their sex sprees and “2 dollars per ‘shag’ bargains” have been described in detail in several colourful books.

I encountered many “expats” and “migrants” when I was first investigating and then helping to close down one of the most notorious child-prostitution centres on earth, so-called “Kilometer 11”, located just outside the capital city of Phnom Penh. There, thousands of kidnapped girls, many of them minors, were forced to serve predominantly European clientele. Some of them were kidnapped and gang-raped on the way by traffickers; dragged here from all over Cambodia and neighboring Vietnam. The girls lived in captivity, guarded by vicious gangsters. And all over the place, flashing their proverbial beer bellies, were cheerful middle-aged European migrants, who just moved here, as I was told, “shagging a minor is much cheaper than downing a pint of shitty beer”.

A local Reuters correspondent and I managed to interview several 14-years old girls, some of them clearly dying from AIDS. Later on, when we began photographing the scene from the car, the entire crowd of men began charging, beer bottles in their hands, shorts falling off from their backsides, ready to kill. A great gain for the country of Cambodia, those European migrants!

I fought with all my might those venomous German immigrants at Colonia Dignidad in Southern Chile. There, many European Christian religious fanatics set up their entire state inside the Chilean state, closely collaborating with the US-backed Pinochet’ dictatorship. At one point, Bormann was there, as well as other prominent Nazis. After settling in their “new fatherland”, the German immigrants went busily to “work”, raping children, performing medical experiments on local orphans, and mercilessly torturing opponents of the fascist dictatorship. Of course, they did not immigrate only to Chile; there were millions of European fascist émigrés pouring into all corners of South America. The most prominent of them were shipped there with care by US and British intelligence services.

While Western propaganda keeps talking about illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S. from Mexico, there is very little talk about those tens of millions of people who are continuously immigrating to Latin America from all over Europe, settling in Paraguay, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela and elsewhere. Before the latest wave of Latin American revolutions finally guaranteed equality and respect for the indigenous people of the continent, most European immigrants managed to implant deep racial and social segregation. In some places like Peru and Bolivia, the situation closely resembled that of South African apartheid. Until recently, European immigrants had been pushing the native population to extreme margins, stealing their land and making their cultures irrelevant. It was done all over Latin America and is still done in many other parts of the world.

So, “what are we going to do with those millions of Western immigrants?”

Can we really afford having them in our countries? Can we accommodate them? Can we pay for their needs, for their aggressiveness and their wild and violent cultural and behavioural patterns? Can we allow them to take everything from those who have very little left?


The above map shows countries I the world who bring in more immigrants

Look left and right: the entire planet is full of Western immigrants. They are controlling diamond mines in South Africa as well as “conservancy areas” in Kenya. They are holding huge land expanses in Asia, and virtually all profitable commercial land and industry in Latin America.

And they are coming and coming! They are unstoppable. Most of them are sick of their gray lives in Europe and North America. They are full of superiority complexes, but in reality, they would do anything to escape their loneliness, depression and emptiness at home.

In order to be able to stay “legally” in Southeast Asia, millions of Western male immigrants are marrying maids, go-go dancers, or even sex workers. But then they treat them with spite (as many of them don’t really know how else to behave towards people from other cultures). There are tens of thousands of former US GI’s, living in the villages of Northern Thailand, Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam. After bombing Southeast Asia into the stone age, they “could not cope” with the treatment they received after coming back home. And so they immigrated; they returned to the land that they had already so thoroughly destroyed, poisoned and raped.

I met many of them, as I was writing about this part of the world for many years. Some former GI immigrants were now totally broke, trying to borrow money from me, and coming up with bizarre stories and schemes. Almost all of them felt spite for the local people, but were unable to return to their homeland, because they lost all contacts and skills that could allow them to live there. Some overstayed their visas, owing huge amounts of money in fines to the local authorities.


I heard countless desperate stories. But, unlike those profound and heartbreaking stories told by the migrants from the countries destroyed by the West, the stories of the Western immigrants were mainly selfish, centred on the desire to improve their lives, or yearning to escape unpleasant conditions in their countries of origin. Most of the time, their presence brought nothing positive to the countries where they managed to relocate.

In her iconic book “Karma Cola”, an Indian writer Gita Mehta described, already a quarter of century ago, those millions of Westerners who have been flooding Sub-Continent in search of “enlightenment”, alternative lifestyles and other mass-produced, Westernized cultural and religious trends. Many ended up as illegal migrants, rotting in ashrams and in bizarre communes, some even selling their passports in order to survive.


The world has been patient – I’d say too patient – with the Western immigrants!

This patience should end, because of the brutality, even savagery, that Europe has been recently demonstrating towards those desperate men, women and children who have been trying to escape from their countries resembling “sinking ships”; “ships” that were torpedoed by Western imperialism.

The world owes nothing to the West, to the contrary! Therefore, visa and immigration policies should be reciprocal, which is exactly the approach of several Latin American countries.

Practically speaking, there are many more legal and illegal Western immigrants living in Indonesia or Thailand, than the other way around. The same goes for countries like Chile.

After horrible centuries during which Western colonialism and imperialism managed to destroy billions of human lives in all corners of the world, Europe still dares to treat its desperate victims as worse than animals. I recently witnessed its spite towards refugees arriving in Greece, France, Germany and the Czech Republic.

And after what I saw, I feel indignant and appalled.

Enough is enough!

With its wars, destabilization campaigns, economic terror, and its plunder of the planet, the West continues to demonstrate how low and brutal its culture really is. The “refugee crises” is just the latest chapter of the never-ending neo-colonialist horror show.

While European ships keep intercepting pitiful boats crammed with wrecked people who are fighting for their lives, while European armies are re-erecting border controls, several Latin American countries which are now governed by progressive governments, including Argentina and Chile, have been demonstrating tremendous moral superiority, solidarity and internationalism, by inviting and taking care of thousands of Syrian and Palestinian refugees, and on top of that, treating them with great dignity and kindness!


In one of the hotels in Sao Paulo, Brazil, in a bar late at night, I overheard a conversation between a visiting Swiss businessman and his Chilean counterpart:

“You know, those immigrants that we call ‘paperless’”, lamented Swiss man. “It’s too many of them… too many! We should just throw them directly to the sea; we should drown them! We don’t need such scum in Europe.”

A few days earlier, my friend, an Ecuadorian government official based in Quito, told me a story:

Lately, many Europeans keep coming to Ecuador and to other Latin American countries, searching for jobs, trying to migrate. Their economies are collapsing, but there is no humility when they come here, only arrogance. Another day, a Spaniard came to me, applying for a job. I asked him for his CV. He looked at me with total outrage: ‘But I am a Spaniard!’ he shouted. ‘So what?’ I replied. ‘These days are over, comrade; days when just being a white European man would be enough to land you a job anywhere in Latin America!’


The non-Western world simply cannot afford to tolerate an annual influx of the millions of Western immigrants! First, it gets attacked by the West, and then robbed, and at the end, is expected to tolerate enormous hordes of ruthless, locust-like, self-centred migrants who are trying to swallow what little is left behind by the Western corporations and governments.

Reciprocal visa regimes should be introduced. Legal frameworks should be strengthened to prevent corruption and speculation with land and real estate. Potential Western immigrants should be forced to prove that their presence would benefit the country where they want to settle, that their skills are really needed, just as all African and Asian immigrants are obliged to prove when they want to settle in Europe, in North America or in Australia.

And once again: let us not forget that there are many more Western immigrants trying to settle abroad, than there are people from poor countries applying for residency in the West.

Immigration crises? Yes, of course! But not really “crises” for the West!

Those who do not realize it should check the numbers!

Certainly, many of us understand how depressed many Westerners really are; how their lives in Europe and in North America are disagreeable, gray and confusing. We really understand how much they want to immigrate to a warmer (in terms of weather and in terms of human relationships) part of the world. And if they would humbly admit what they feel, instead of demonstrating arrogance and superiority… if we could have it all in open… if the same rules would apply for everyone… if they would be the same for those who want to immigrate to Europe, to the US, to Asia, Africa or Latin America… then I am sure that at least some people would be willing to show their sympathy and consider accepting at least some of the most desperate Western migrants.

But there can be no sympathy if there is no justice. While Westerners are freely immigrating wherever they desire, Europe is now deploying its military in order to intimidate, humiliate and to stop those mugged and tortured victims of Empire!


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Russian Shock and Awe on 60 Terrorist Targets and Kills 300 Terrorists*

Russian Shock and Awe on 60 Terrorist Targets and Kills 300 Terrorists*

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation confirmed that 60 targets belonging to terrorist organizations have been destroyed in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo, Raqqa, Hama, Idleb, and Lattakia and at least 300 terrorists were killed in airstrikes carried out by the Russian Air Force within the past 24 hours.

In a statement on Friday, Deputy Chief of the Russian General Staff, Lt. Gen. Igor Makushev said that Russian Sukhoi Su-34 Sukhoi Su-25SM jets carried out 67 sorties, resulting in the destruction of 60 targets belonging to ISIS in Syria.

Makushev said the airstrikes’ targets included an ammo depot and a base for terrorists in Aleppo, resulting in the death of 100 terrorists and the complete destruction of the depot, explaining that Russian jets used Russian KAB-500S precision guided bombs to destroy the headquarters of the “Liwa al-Haqq” terrorist group, with reconnaissance confirming that two ISIS leaders and around 200 terrorists were killed in the process.

He went on to add that 6 command and communication centres, 6 ammo and fuel depots, 17 terrorist-training camps, 3 underground facilities, and 16 fortified sites along with their weapons, 11 reserve sites, 17 vehicles, and 2 rocket systems were destroyed by the Russian airstrikes.

He also said that Russian jets targeted two bases for terrorists, one in al-Mighiriye in Lattakia, and the other in Tertyah in Idleb, asserting that the Russian Air Force is intensifying airstrikes and inflicting heavy losses on terrorists, which forced them to change tactics and avoid focusing their forces in one area, and instead are hiding in occupied areas.

Russian General Staff: ISIS might use mustard gas against Syrian army

On a relevant note, a source at the Russian General Staff warned that ISIS might use mustard gas against the Syrian Army, explaining that intercepted communications between ISIS terrorists following Russian airstrikes on their sites mentioned an urgent transportation of special munitions to the confrontation line with the Syrian government’s forces.

The communications also mentioned “surprises” and talked about hand grenades that contain toxic chemicals chemical, according to the source.

The source added that gunmen talked about the need to stop the progress of the government’s forces and establish a “chemical pollution barrier” for personnel and vehicles, asserting that this information is very grave because reports dating to around a month ago indicate that terrorists have reserves of mustard gas.

The source warned that if ISIS employs chemical weapons, the anti-Syria propaganda will try to blame the Syrian Army in the same way it did in the past when terrorists employed chemical weapons in Syria.


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Israel Lures Protesters into Trap*

Israel Lures Protesters into Trap*

By John Cooke

Note: Since many U.S. police are trained by Israeli security forces, the article below is not only important for understanding what is happening in Israel, but may be useful in understanding tactics U.S. police will use against protesters in the United States.

This two-minute video, taken on October 7 in the West Bank near Ramallah, is worth studying carefully to understand how Israel has become so adept at managing the Palestinian population under occupation and at foiling their efforts at resistance.

We can see about 20 men, faces concealed, who look like they are Palestinian protesters throwing stones at the army. In fact, they are what are called “mistaravim”: Israeli security forces in disguise as Palestinian youths.

According to those who witnessed this incident (see update below), the mistaravim began throwing stones at the army in a piece of theatre to lure other Palestinians to the protest.

Then, as we can see in the video, when a few Palestinian protesters separate themselves from the main body of the crowd they are picked off by the mistaravim, like lions going after a gazelle.

Notice, once they have grabbed the main Palestinian in this video, they shoot him in the knee and take turns kicking him.

We can’t see what happens next, but the routine is well known.

He will be taken off to a Shin Bet interrogation (torture) cell, where he will be made to give up the names of anyone he can think off who was there (and very possibly those who weren’t).

Then the Israeli army will make night raids to grab those who were named, or arrest them when they try to cross one of the many checkpoints and roadblocks Israel operates in the occupied territories.

At some point later he will be released. The Shin Bet will use his “confession” as blackmail to get him to serve as an informer.

This has been going on for nearly five decades in the occupied territories. It has created an awful lot of Palestinians trapped in a vicious cycle of collaboration, and a very effective system of control for Israel.

Sam Bahour makes the point that the drama playing out here illustrates the way young Palestinians are being drawn not into an organised intifada but into futile bursts of anger against Israel.

He says it more eloquently than I can:


Here is another video of the same incident, showing what happens earlier when the mistaravim are throwing stones and then switch sides.


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Paediatrician Admits ADHD is ‘Made Up,’ but Prescribes Meds Anyway*

Paediatrician Admits ADHD is ‘Made Up,’ but Prescribes Meds Anyway*


By Christina Sarich

Jon Rappoport exposed in 2012 a shameful practice of psychiatrists in the name of ‘social justice.’ With the guise of improving academic achievement, doctors like Dr. Michael Anderson are prescribing drugs like Adderall to children with self-admitted, ‘made-up’ ADHD diagnoses.

Adderall is a dangerous stimulant, but Dr. Anderson, a paediatrician for many poor families in Cherokee County, north of Atlanta, prescribes Adderall whether his patients have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder or not when he hears they are suffering in school. He admits the disorder is ‘made up’ and prescribes the drugs anyhow, but usually only to children in low income schools with the explanation that they need to be drugged to keep up with children who perform better academically.

In a New York Times article, Anderson says:

“I don’t have a whole lot of choice. We’ve decided as a society that it’s too expensive to modify the kid’s environment. So we have to modify the kid.”

Oh, but he does have a choice.

According to Dr. Tasneem Bahtia:

“ADD and ADHD are the result of neurotransmitter and neuroendocrine imbalances. The four main imbalances include high norepineprine and cortisol, dopamine dysfunction, serotonin deficiency, and insulin irregularity. Each of these imbalances are rooted in nutritional deficiencies that with correction, improve symptoms of hyperactivity and inattention. Food allergies and intolerances also contribute to malabsorption of nutrients.”

One of the easiest, and safest ways to correct ADHD behaviours, whether the disorder was ‘made up’ or not, is to correct nutritional deficiencies. School lunches, especially in poor neighbourhoods, are especially suspect when it comes to providing proper nutrition. You can see pictures of the slop we are serving our kids, here. Is it any wonder they can’t concentrate or sit still in a classroom?

More than 90% of children aged 4 to 18 don’t meet recommendations for vegetable intake, and more than 75% don’t meet guidelines for fruit intake. Moreover, more than 90% of children consume more than the recommended amounts of solid fats and added sugars. We have Coke machines in school cafeterias, yet we are prescribing Adderall? A drug that is used to treat narcolepsy? A drug that contains not one but two stimulants: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine?

Dr. Anderson is sorely mistaken in his judgment, and likely makes a significant bonus for prescribing this drug from its maker, Shire, who recently had to pay $56.5 million for claiming it could ‘normalize’ children with ADHD. If your child has been prescribed this drug so he can cope academically in school, I urge you to look instead to supplementing his or her diet with good nutritive foods.


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A 4,500-year Skeleton Tells Predates Eurasian Populations in N. Africa*

A 4,500-year Skeleton Tells Predates Eurasian Populations in N. Africa*

In Mota cave, located in the Gamo highlands of Ethiopia, a group of NSF-supported researchers excavation a rock cairn. They discovered under it a burial site containing the remains of a 4,500-year skeleton. Credit: Kathryn and John Arthur

Three years ago, a group of researchers found a cave in Ethiopia with a secret: it held the 4,500-year-old remains of a man, with his head resting on a rock pillow, his hands folded under his face, and stone flake tools surrounding him. The team named the man “Bayira,” which means “firstborn” in the Gamo language, a common name in the region.

Today, in an article in the journal Science, that research team, supported in part by the National Science Foundation’s Social, Behavioral and Economic Sciences directorate (SBE), revealed that there was another kind of treasure within the skeleton. Using DNA extracted from the bones, geneticists working with the researchers have been able to provide the first ancient human genome sequence from Africa. The genome has the potential to provide new clues about how ancient African populations lived and interacted with humans in other parts of the world.

Traditionally, population geneticists have reconstructed past human population expansions using genetic information from living populations. They use African populations as the baseline to compare against populations whose ancestors migrated out of Africa. But such reconstructions can be complicated by the fact that many modern African populations have some non-African genes, in large part due to genetic admixture with Eurasians who migrated back into Africa during the last 3,000 years.

Bayira, however, predates those recent Eurasian migration events, making him an even better baseline for making inferences about human population history.

By comparing Bayira’s DNA to that of ancient Europeans and modern populations, the researchers were able to demonstrate that the Eurasians who migrated to Africa descended from populations of Early Neolithic farmers that colonized Europe roughly 7,000 years ago. And they were able to show that the Eurasian migrations into Africa left a larger genetic signature—and reached a broader geographic area—than previously thought.

Kathryn Arthur and John Arthur, archaeologists at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg, and their colleagues, including SBE-funded archaeologist Matthew Curtis of Ventura College and UCLA Extension, found the skeletal remains unexpectedly during a research trip to study the culture history of living residents of Ethiopia’s Gamo highlands.

“When we started working on this project, we had no real conception that it would turn out like this,” Kathryn Arthur said.

“We weren’t looking for human remains. It was very surprising, and very exciting.”

The skeleton is thousands of years old, but he is a Homo sapiens—a modern human. If he were alive today,

“He’d probably be a little smaller than we are in height,” she said.

“We know that he had brown hair and brown eyes. He’d look pretty much like we do.”

Kathryn Arthur discussed the work she and research team members—including Mauro Coltorti and Pierluigi Pieruccini of the University of Siena, and Jay Stock of the University of Cambridge—performed in Ethiopia, and some of the mysteries of Bayira that researchers are still working to solve.

left-to-right) NSF-supported researchers John Arthur and Kathryn Arthur of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and Matthew Curtis of Ventura College and UCLA Extension

Q. How did you and your collaborators find Bayira?

John and I have been working in the Gamo highlands of Ethiopia for 20 years studying artisans. We were doing ethnoarchaeology—looking at potters and stone-tool using leatherworkers—and we noticed that there’s a lot of social stratification in Gamo society. We were wondering what the history of that was. We called in Matthew Curtis and together we were awarded our first NSF grant in 2006 and a second in 2010. We began by working with the community, finding significant historical sites.

One of the places the people there took me to was Mota Cave, in 2011. They said they used to hide here in the late 19th century and early 20th century during wars. And I thought, “Oh, this place has a dirt floor, it has potential for preserving some artefacts’ and features from the past.” We’d already excavated some other historical sites, and began our excavation of Mota Cave in 2012. In 2012, we came across these human remains with Stone Age tools. We knew from the obsidian stone tools that it was clearly a lot older than what we thought it was going to be. You can find Later Stone Age tools up to about 2,000 years old, but these were clearly more classic Later Stone Age tools.

This wasn’t someone who happened to die in a cave—your research says it’s the earliest burial in southwestern Ethiopia. How did the skeleton look?

When the team was uncovering the burial, they noticed that he was laying on his side in a crouched position, kind of curled up, with his head on a flat stone. The individual was facing west and in the current culture of the Gamo highlands, that’s the direction that women are buried in. Everyone originally thought the remains were of a woman. But of course, when Jay examined him at the National Museum in Ethiopia, he turned out to be a man. After all, we should expect some cultural differences over 5,000 years!

What new light does this skeleton shed on the ancient people who lived in those highlands?

From an archaeological perspective, it gives us some interesting information not just about migrations, but about the life of this individual. It was a highland environment where we found him, and as he dated to nearly 2,000 years before any known food production in the region, he was very likely a hunter-gatherer. We don’t know how mobile he might have been—there’s very little archaeology for the Holocene epoch [12,000 years to the present] in Southern Ethiopia. Much more of the research there has focused on early hominids. We didn’t know if this was someone who moved between the highlands and the lowlands or not.

What’s interesting is that his genome says he’s highly adapted to his environment. That means long-term occupation of the highlands. The highlands see a lot of erosion, so we don’t find a lot of intact archaeological sites—and there are not a lot of caves like this with deposits. It’s hard to see how densely the highlands were populated.

What sort of terrain were you, and Bayira, when he was alive, dealing with?

It’s very mountainous. The top of the highlands is about 9,000 feet. The cave’s at about 6,000 feet. It’s possible to drive close to the cave, sometimes, depending on the weather and the road. The cave looks into the highlands itself, but you can also see the river and the lowlands. It’s a pretty spectacular view.

What’s genetically significant about Bayira?

Bayira predates some of the Eurasian population’s larger migrations into North Africa—or other interactions with northern populations. The geneticists could use him as a baseline to look at the difference between Bayira, the modern African population, and Neolithic Eurasian populations.

The Mota cave is located in a mountainous region, and its entrance is about 6,000 feet above sea level. Weather and the changing conditions of the only road that runs near the cave — a gravel surface — made access complicated for the research team. Credit: Kathryn and John Arthur

This is “genetics-speak,” but it’s fascinating to me that living populations in Africa have this West Eurasian admixture. To me, that just shows how much interaction the continent has been involved in. It really overturns a lot of stereotypes and tropes we have about Africa being isolated prior to the colonial period. Obviously, they were interacting with other populations in a significant way. It was more than just trade. It was genetic interaction. They were tying their lives together through creating future generations.

This must be exciting work, and an exciting discovery, for an archaeologist.

It is, and we love to do it. It’s fun and exciting—not just the excavation, but working with the people who are living there today.


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Tunisian Democracy Quartet wins Nobel Peace Prize*

Tunisian Democracy Quartet wins Nobel Peace Prize*

By Mark Lewis, Karl Ritter

Kaci Kullmann Five, the new head of the Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize Committee, announces the winner of 2015 Nobel peace prize during a press conference in Oslo, Norway, Friday Oct. 9, 2015

A Tunisian democracy group won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for its contributions to the first and most successful Arab Spring movement.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee cited the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet “for its decisive contribution to the building of a pluralistic democracy” in the North African country following its 2011 revolution.

“It established an alternative, peaceful political process at a time when the country was on the brink of civil war,” the committee said in its citation.

The prize is a huge victory for small Tunisia, whose young and still shaky democracy suffered two extremist attacks this year that killed 60 people and devastated the tourism industry.

Tunisian protesters sparked uprisings across the Arab world in 2011 that overthrew dictators and upset the status quo. Tunisia is the only country in the region to painstakingly build a democracy, involving a range of political and social forces in dialogue to create a constitution, legislature and democratic institutions.

“More than anything, the prize is intended as an encouragement to the Tunisian people, who despite major challenges have laid the groundwork for a national fraternity which the committee hopes will serve as an example to be followed by other countries,” committee chair Kaci Kullmann Five said.

The National Dialogue Quartet is made up of four key organizations in Tunisian civil society: the Tunisian General Labour Union; the Tunisian Confederation of Industry, Trade and Handicrafts; the Tunisian Human Rights League; and the Tunisian Order of Lawyers.

Kullmann Five said the prize was for the quartet as a whole, not the four individual organizations.

The decision came as a surprise to many, with speculation having focused on Europe’s migrant crisis or the Iran-U.S. nuclear deal in July.

“It is a very good prize that tries to get into the heart of the conflict in the Muslim world,” said Oeyvind Stenersen, a Nobel historian.

“But it was a bit bewildering. It was very unexpected.”

There were 273 candidates nominated for the 2015 peace prize, five fewer than in 2014.


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Students of Univ of Maine Refuse to Hand over their Vaccination Records*

Students of Univ of Maine Refuse to Hand over their Vaccination Records*

Embedded text over photo reads:

“Mass nonviolent civil disobedience may be the only hope left. Doctors have failed us by violating their sworn oaths and the Nuremberg Code whose first sentence reads: The voluntary consent of the human subject is absolutely essential. Congress has once again failed us; the Supreme Court has failed us. But this one act, failure to comply, makes us unstoppable. By not handing over vaccination records a group of 385 University of Main students made a powerful statement. If this kind of action caught on nationwide than (sic) we the people have a chance to win our country back! Spread this message of hope far and wide…”

Source *

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