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As Russia Bombs ISIS, U.S. Bombs Syrian Civilian Power Stations*

As Russia Bombs ISIS, U.S. Bombs Syrian Civilian Power Stations*

In yet another telling episode, the United States has again demonstrated its true position in regards to ISIS and the Russian bombing of the terrorist organization.

As Russian forces drop bombs and missiles on top of ISIS fighters all across Syria, lobbing cruise missiles from the Caspian, regular sortie missions, and combat helicopter attacks against ISIS and other “relatively moderate” cannibals and terrorists, the United States launched a bombing mission of its own against two power plants in Aleppo.

The power plants were located in AL-Rudwaniya east of Aleppo and resulted in power outages affecting the Syrian people, adding to the American tradition of bombing civilian infrastructure instead of ISIS and other terrorist targets in Syria. The power outages only further contribute to the misery surrounding the people of Aleppo who have been bombarded by barbarians funded by the United States and NATO, intent of raping and beheading their way through the city and declaring their caliphate of per-civilization on civilized people.

It should also be noted that the U.S. bombing campaign is a violation of international law, unlike the Russian campaign where Russian forces were invited in to the country by the legitimate government.

The United States has long maintained that its bombing campaign was directed at ISIS but, to date, very little damage has been done to ISIS structures, facilities, or personnel by any American airstrikes. Only when ISIS fighters are threatening a Western interest (i.e. an oil well owned by a Western company) or when NATO has been unable to simply redirect ISIS forces via embedded or proxy commanders do terrorists actually find themselves bombarded by what is, in reality, an act of “death squad herding.”

Instead, the U.S. has repeatedly bombed oil refineries, bridges, grain silos, food distribution facilities, and other civilian infrastructure and civilian areas.

The US support of ISIS can scarcely be denied given the fact that the U.S., in collusion with NATO, GCC, and Israel were responsible for the creation of the terror group to begin with as well as for inserting it into Syria for the purpose of destroying the secular government of Bashar al-Assad.

The American reaction to the Russian campaign itself is telling enough, with the U.S. State Department panicking and throwing fits over the Russian bombing of terrorist targets who, even with the best PR money can buy, can only at best be described as “relatively moderate.” Of course, in relation to heart eating cannibals, baby killers, and perpetrators of the most grotesque murders ever witnessed, virtually anyone might appear “moderate.” Still, none of the savages fighting against Assad in Syria are even moderate in comparison since – despite their presence in different brigades and different units of terror complete with a myriad of different names – they are all part of the same overarching organization that is controlled, backed, funded, and directed by the West.

There never were any moderate rebels in Syria and there are no “relatively moderate” rebels operating in Syria today. The Syrians recognize this. The Iranians and Hezbollah recognize this. The Russians recognize this. It is high time for the American people to join the reality-based community and recognize this as well.


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Israel Takes Advantage of Syrian Civil War to Expand Illegal Golan Heights Settlements*

Israel Takes Advantage of Syrian Civil War to Expand Illegal Golan Heights Settlements*

Some Israeli officials hope to force the U.S., and therefore the world community, to accept the illegal settlement expansions in order to mollify their displeasure over the Iran deal.

Israel is taking advantage of the chaos in Syria to expand its illegal settlements in the Golan Heights, just as new oil reserves were discovered in the contested region.

Israel took control of the Golan Heights region, 460 square miles near the border with Syria, after the Six Days War in 1967. Israel soon began building settlements in the occupied region, displacing previous occupants, including the native Druze ethnic group. The Heights were officially annexed by Israel in 1981, and the expansion of occupation continues despite international opposition and multiple U.N. resolutions opposed to the growing settlements.

Now, Israel hopes to quintuple the size of its settlements over the next five years by adding an additional 100,000 settlers to the region. The plan was proposed by Naftali Bennett, a senior Israeli minister and member of the right-wing Jewish Home party, and, according to a report from The New York Times last week, Bennett is just one of “many Israeli leaders and thinkers seizing on the chaos in Syria to solidify Israel’s hold on the Golan.”

The proposal comes after months of fortification of the region by Israeli forces, alongside intensive exploration of the region’s energy reserves. Heather Hartlaub, a co-editor at Muftah, an independent news site dedicated to spreading English-language news of the Middle East, noted:

“Just two years ago, Israeli military engineers overhauled the forty-five mile border fence with Syria and replaced it with a steel barricade that includes barbed wire, touch sensors, motion detectors, infrared cameras, and ground radar, putting it on par with the Wall Israel has constructed in the West Bank.”

Major fossil fuel companies with both American and Israeli investors have also been pouring big money into the region. Afek Oil and Gas Company, a division of New Jersey-based Genie Energy, whose investors include some of the world’s richest moguls like Dick Cheney, Rupert Murdoch, and Jacob Rothschild, has a three-year contract to explore the Golan Heights for oil.

That contract seemed to have paid off last week, when a geologist for Genie Energy told Israel’s Channel 2 television of a major new discovery in the Heights, as reported by Haaretz:

“We’ve found an oil stratum 350 meters thick in the southern Golan Heights,” said Yuval Bartov, the chief geologist of, Genie’s Israeli unit, Afek Oil & Gas. “On average worldwide, strata are 20 to 30 meters thick, and this is 10 times as large as that, so we are talking about significant quantities.”

Reactions in the media range from celebrating the discovery’s potential to “make Israel energy self-sufficient” to concerns that it could spark a new war with Syria, while some experts caution that the size of the oil reserve has yet to be determined.

The United Nations and much of the global community still consider the land part of Syria, and Israel’s occupation of it to be illegal. The Times noted that Bennett and other, unnamed Israeli officials

say that international — or, at least, American — recognition of Israel’s 1981 annexation of the Golan would be an appropriate salve to Israeli security concerns in the wake of the nuclear deal with Iran.”

With the situation in Syria growing ever more unstable — instability that is actively supported by Israel and its Western allies who hope to control the region —  even the local Druze population is beginning to despair of ever regaining their home, according to representatives interviewed by The Times:

“‘These hopes are less and less and maybe became quite to zero,’ said Qasem Sabbagh, a restaurant owner in the Druse capital, Majdal Shams.

A longtime activist, Mr. Sabbagh said he had been ‘less active in the past years, because there is no politics here, there is a war only.’”


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Chicago Workers Took over a Window Factory Three Years ago, and They’re Thriving*

Chicago Workers Took over a Window Factory Three Years ago, and They’re Thriving*

By Sarah van Gelder

After closing its doors without notice, Republic Windows and Doors turned into a worker-owned co-op—where the employees hold the power. And the thriving business model is simple: Enough pay and benefits to live with dignity.

Back in the day, factory workers at the Chicago-based Republic Windows and Doors were simply told what to do. That wasn’t unusual. Workers might have seen ways to improve the production process, but at Republic their supervisor wasn’t interested, said former employee Armando Robles.

“Whatever the bosses want, we do it. We’d say, ‘Look, this is a better way,’ and they say, ‘No, we say you have to do it this way.’ Even when they make a mistake, they just continue,” Robles explained.

Things are very different today. Employees of what is now called New Era Windows and Doors are also the owners. And their ideas matter. Any of them can propose improvements, and if they can convince a majority of their co-workers, things can change quickly.

If we make a mistake, we talk to each other and we find a solution,” Robles told me when I visited the factory in late September.

We try to do the best for everyone. We work harder because we’re working for ourselves. But it’s more enjoyable. We work with passion.”

It was a long journey to becoming a worker cooperative, and it was not a journey anyone had planned.

In 2008, Republic’s owners closed the factory and laid off the work force without the required 60-days notice. Workers occupied the factory and refused to leave the premises until they were paid what they were owed. The story went nationwide. Pressure from the union, area activists, and even President Obama led to a victory. The workers were paid, and instead of shutting down, the factory was sold to California-based Serious Materials.

The workers kept their jobs, though the experience radicalized them. Some visited Argentina where they learned that other workers facing the same situation had occupied their factories and eventually became worker-owners.
So Robles and his co-workers were prepared when, three years later, Serious Materials announced they would shut down and liquidate the factory. Once again, the workers occupied. With a nationwide petition drive, support from United Electrical Workers, financing from The Working World (an organization that helps establish worker cooperatives), support from the local Occupy movement, and the memory of the previous occupation still fresh in the minds of the Chicago power elite, the protest turned into a buyout.

The New Era Windows and Doors Cooperative has been in operation since 2013. It hasn’t been easy, but the worker-owners have learned together how to operate their own business. And then there were the meetings:

“It was difficult to make decisions together,” Robles said.

“But it’s kind of fun, because at the end of the day it’s for the benefit of everyone.”

Sales are modest, but growing. Last year the company sold about a half million dollars worth of windows. This year, they anticipate the number will be significantly higher. There are 23 worker-owners, and two staff members who Robles hopes will opt to become worker-owners.

His vision is for New Era to help spawn other cooperatives. Instead of expanding by hiring drivers, for example, he’d like to see the company help start a cooperative of drivers.
How is this company staying alive when other owners have failed? The worker-owners made tough decisions about what equipment they could get rid of to save money. And they did a lot of sales via word of mouth.

“The good thing is we don’t have the CEO making millions of dollars,” Robles said, “so we have the ability to compete with the industry.” Also, they don’t have to generate big profits to keep investors happy; they just have to make enough to pay expenses and pay back their debt.

This business model is based on “enough.” Enough pay and benefits to live with dignity. Enough of the machinery that is necessary, but not the sort that is too expensive. Opportunities for employee-owners to draw on their full capacities, not to be relegated to repetitive work while a few make all the decisions and much of the money. Their more equitable pay structure creates opportunities for more people to have enough to live and thrive; instead of keeping some at the edge of poverty while others prosper.

This is what local power looks like: companies like New Era Windows and Doors creating the stability that comes with locally rooted employment, insulated from the speculative finance that, in the case of publicly traded companies, requires many jobs be moved to low-wage regions. These worker-owners focus on values, including the possibility for others to also be worker-owners, and the importance of producing ecologically smart products. The company prides itself on selling energy-efficient windows and doors, and customizing them to the climate and location of the client.

If this and other locally rooted companies can survive government policies that favor big corporations over local business, they could help lay the foundation for an inclusive and sustainable rebirth of our society.


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U.S. Anti-Islam Rallies ‘Fizzles’ Nationwide*

U.S. Anti-Islam Rallies ‘Fizzles’ Nationwide*

Lone, Anti-Islam Protester in Oklahoma City


A series of planned anti-Islam rallies targeting more than 20 U.S. cities Saturday fizzled out despite extensive social media promotion; morphing instead into a welcomed show of support and tolerance.

In Armarillo, Texas, police department Cpl. Cody Lavery told the Amarillo Globe News

“All of these people are supporters of the centre. Everything’s been very peaceful so far, and the protestors haven’t shown up yet.” At the Khursheed Unissa Memorial Community Center in Amarillo,  more than 100 people opposing the anti-Islam rally came out in an impromptu show of support.

In Dearborn, Michigan, the media and police reportedly out-numbered all protesters at the anti-Islam rally. As media reports began to preview the protest, Dearborn Mayor Jack O’Reilly told citizens Friday to go about their business and ignore the visitors, who billed their event a Global Rally For Humanity. Counter-protesters and others saw it as an unwarranted attack on an entire religious group holding up signs that read,

“No to Anti-Islam Bigots” and

“Unity Yes! Racism No!” while chanting

“Stop Terrorizing Muslims at Home and America!” and

“Hey hey, ho ho, racist fascists got to go!”

Fewer than 10 anti-Islam protestors reportedly showed up, four carrying weapons.

The protests were billed as “open carry” events and participants were encouraged to come armed with guns.

The United Church of Christ (UCC) also issued a call on Friday for local congregations to show support and solidarity with Muslims across the country over the weekend.

“I want to say as clearly as I can, and in no uncertain terms, that the United Church of Christ stands in full solidarity with people of the Muslim faith,” wrote UCC president Rev. John C. Dorhauer.

“Their contribution to religion, to peace, to humanity, and to the goodness of all is to be celebrated. The United Church of Christ deplores the narrow-mindedness that fails to see this and seeks instead to engender fear, hatred, and anxiety.”

Meanwhile, the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), the nation’s largest Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, said Sunday that the anti-Islam hate rallies planned at mosques nationwide on Saturday “fizzled” and that interfaith partners turned out at a number of mosques to show their support for the Muslim community. CAIR noted that one hate rally in Phoenix included apparent neo-Nazis wearing swastika symbols.

“We are pleased that what was planned as a campaign of hate and marginalization turned instead into a show of support for the American Muslim community and for religious inclusion,” said CAIR National Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper.


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