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Hackers Use Dridex Malware To Steal Millions From U.K. Bank Accounts*

Hackers Use Dridex Malware To Steal Millions From U.K. Bank Accounts*

The National Crime Agency (NCA) has warned internet users to protect themselves from cyber-attacks which have seen hackers harvest online banking details and steal millions from UK bank accounts.

Nearly £20 million (US$30.9 milion) has been stolen in the U.K. by cyber fraudsters using Dridex, a strain of malware designed to eavesdrop on a victim’s computer to steal their personal details.

The virus, first spotted by security researchers in November 2014, can gain access to usernames and passwords on computer systems.

Its main aim is to monitor victims’ online activity, gather their banking details and launder money.

Dridex is spread through emails that contain infected Microsoft Office files, often Word (.doc) or Excel (.xls) documents.

Once a victim is tricked into opening the attachments, Dridex installs itself on their computer.

Thousands of computers in the U.K. have been infected. One suspect has been arrested in connection with the cybercrime

According to the NCA, hackers are targeting small and medium sized organizations, but some are targeting members of the public.

Those with internet bank accounts have been encouraged to visit the Cyber Streetwise and GetSafeOnline websites where they can download anti-virus tools that will protect them and clear infected machines.

‘We expect further arrests to be made’

The NCA said it has been working with internal law enforcement partners to mitigate the damage it causes.

“This is a particularly virulent form of malware and we have been working with our international law enforcement partners, as well as key partners from industry,” head of the NCA’s cybercrime unit Mike Hulett said in a statement.

“Our investigation is ongoing and we expect further arrests to made,” he said.

The NCA has been has been working with the FBI, Europol and other security networks to tackle the virus and track down hackers, he added.

The FBI said it is constantly “devising new approaches” to tackle cybercrime.

“Those who commit cybercrime are very often highly-skilled and can be operating from different countries and continents,” the FBI’s assistant director Robert Anderson said in a statement.

“We urge all internet users to take action and update your operating system. Ensure you have up to date security software and think twice before clicking on links or attachments in unsolicited emails.”


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Soulful Connections Beyond Generations*

Soulful Connections Beyond Generations*

By Tom Bunzel

In most modern conventional belief the notion of a “Soul,” if considered at all, is seen as a timeless nonmaterial property of a human being. New Age thinking generally talks about the soul expressing or manifesting throughout one’s life, and then one returning to an ethereal soul state upon death.

In this context no effort is required or sought and everything simply happens at it should—”everything happens for a reason.” This is often tied to Eastern concepts of great cycles and it is thought that simple acceptance of “what is” is sufficient for a life well lived.

Then the more motivationally minded of New Age philosophers tend to suggest that “alignment” with the needs of a soul will lead to greater achievement, but in modern material terms. Books like The Secret provide a roadmap for “success” in worldly terms based on a belief that there is a Soul (or sole?) purpose that leads to abundance – but this abundance is generally seen in terms of productivity or material success.

The ultimate emptiness of these notions often leads seekers to despair. Even when they discover the illusion of the ego and a sense of being “no one” this can seem like an absurd end to a random and meaningless existence.

As the only child of a man born in 1900 and a woman who endured torture and deprivation, these various questions have dogged me.

As I have mentioned in other articles, I have long been intrigued by the teachings of Gurdjieff and his major student, Ouspensky.

Jacob Needleman, a student of this Work and prolific philosopher and author, has provided me with many insights; one of the most significant is the real meaning of “freedom.” In his book The American Soul: Rediscovering the Wisdom of the Founders, he directly addresses the modern notion of freedom; that is, doing whatever you please or fancy, by dispelling the notion that this is the freedom our founding fathers intended.

Rather, Needleman points out, many of the framers of the Constitution were Deists – with a profound belief in an impersonal God or higher power – and freedom to them meant living in alignment with His natural laws.

Indeed if you read the writings of Whitman and Emerson you might think you were reading Alan Watts in terms of seeing through many conditioned beliefs and arriving at some sort of “nothingness.”

But these thinkers went further; they felt a connection to a generational imperative to “perfect the soul” according to their intuitive intentions. A great deal of this work was done in silence, as evidenced by Thoreau’s time at Walden.

Gurdjieff’s teaching talks about different kinds of “food” that are essential for the care and growth of a soul that can develop. Food in this case is not just nutrients but also the oxygen and other elements of what is breathed in and out as “air” and perhaps most significant, the “impressions” that we take in.

This of course is significant in terms of our susceptibility to suggestion – so that we can see the result of the “impressions” taken in by our current culture through the powerful mass media. Advertisers and corporations are obviously using the power of impressions to sexualize or otherwise empower their messages that seem benign, but are created for their own purposes and not, of course, for the masses.

Impressions in this sense are not purely mental; and so it is that even modern psychology and neuroscience have discovered different “brains” in the gut, the heart, and perhaps even the skin. Impressions are also intentional; with the beginnings of awareness, some deep intuitive sense may inform one which to seek out and which to avoid.

One of my own deepest impressions came when I visited the pyramids. The sheer FACT of their existence and SCALE impressed upon me the immense intelligence that was at the heart of their creation and construction, and which I could only dimly sense and appreciate.

My own search has been greatly influenced by both my parents, to whom I was and continue to feel deeply connected. My father attributed his survival during World War II to his faith in a Jewish God; my mother, due to her horrific experiences, lost her faith entirely. But even now when I sense myself not living up to their standards a deeply conditioned sense of shame and revulsion can overcome me.

But what is it that they or Life itself asks of me? At one time I embraced the cultural norms and sought fame and wealth, and creature comforts still have a great appeal.

But what I truly yearn for is a sense of truth and connection that resonates with more traditional notions of family, community, and transcendence (remember that Emerson et al. were known as “Transcendentalists”).

Such a connection, when felt, “transcends” time, space, and language.

A huge element of all of these teachings is a recognition of the poverty of purely intellectual or mental truth – which is of course the basis of our scientific age. Explanations and theories which are simply labels suffice to many for what might be a deeper understanding; calling some conceptual theory of a great cosmic beginning the “Big Bang” is enough.

But the Deists and other deeper thinkers suggest that a connection beyond the intellect – to sensation, emotion, and indeed “being,” is the source for real truth, and this truth is lived experience moment to moment – it is literally the tapestry which one weaves through one’s unique life.

So what we do – in terms of sacred obligations – matters.

So it was that I became interested and was privileged to view a pilgrimage by Gurdjieff’s biographer — whose book I reviewed some time ago Georgi Ivanovitch Gurdjieff – The Man, The Teaching, His Mission — William Patrick Patterson.

Not a book but a feature length DVD/film project, Mr. Gurdjieff’s Father’s Grave by William Patrick Patterson is a profoundly evocative journey through the geography of Gurdjieff’s amazing life, but also into his inner landscape.

Gurdjieff was about finding and living a vow – one’s sacred obligation. His intended purpose was to merge the teachings of East and West and to bring them to modernity, and to account for the “sense and significance of organic life, and human life in particular.” He sought to use the scientific “methods” of the west to elucidate and crystallize the mysteries of the east. And he paid a heavy price.

In his own book, Meetings with Remarkable Men, Gurdjieff wrote:

“Owing to the circumstances of my life not dependent on me, I have not personally seen the grave where the body of my dear father lies. . . . I therefore, bid any of my sons, whether by blood or in spirit, to seek out, when he has the possibility, this solitary grave.”

So that William Patrick Patterson’s DVD follows his 21-day pilgrimage to visit Mr. Gurdjieff’s father’s grave in Gyumri, Armenia. Travelling backward in time, he revisited Gurdjieff’s life and, without “spoiling” the climax, he honors and restores the grave site of Gurdjieff’s father.

In this way Patterson demonstrates a deeply held conviction and dedication not only to his teacher, and fellow pupils, but he actually weaves a thread that modern seekers and students can follow to get a taste of traditions and ways of being that are threatened with extinction. The film covers:

  • Gurdjieff’s grave and the Prieuré in Avon, France
  • Kumbaraci and Yemenici streets in Istanbul, where Gurdjieff and his students lived
  • Prinkipo Island on the Sea of Marmara, where Gurdjieff often visited P. D. Uspenskii (Ouspensky)
  • Tiflis, where Gurdjieff opened his Institute at 22 Nikolas Street and first named it the Institute for the Harmonious Development of Man
  • Kars, Gurdjieff’s home in the medieval quarter and the Kars Military Cathedral where he sang in the choir
  • Ani, the ancient city where the Sarmoung manuscript was discovered
  • Sanahin Monastery, Armenia, where Gurdjieff served as an acolyte
  • Gyumri, Armenia, where Gurdjieff was born in the Greek Quarter at 222 Matnishyan Street
  • Gyumri’s Old Cemetery and Mr. Gurdjieff’s father’s grave

This DVD is not a light and “positive” story; rather it is a heartfelt and deeply passionate tribute to an entire career and teaching, undertaken as lived experience. Watching it provides a brief and tiny glimmer into a sense of tradition, honour, and sacred obligation that is difficult to find in modern times.


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Global False Flag Alert Issued — Next 14 Days*


A global false flag alert has been issued for the following 14 days by the International news agency – Next News Network. The alert has been triggered due to heightened global tensions and military activities by the nation’s of:

  • Russia
  • United States
  • China
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • Israel
  • France

The regions of likely occurrence are:

The likely method of executing the False Flag Operation would contain the claimed use of lethal force by any of the nations listed in this alert against the military forces operating in the warning areas.

Please be aware of any nation who makes such claims and the opposite nation denying the attack.

Should a military attack occur in any of these regions it will be imperative that you review international news, video, and independent blog sources to ascertain the validity of any claims.

Known and active hostilities in the Syrian region make this area of particular concern.

United States Naval activities within the claimed “12 mile” Chinese sovereign zone in the Spratly Island chain make this region a significant concern as well.

Should a false flag or actual attack in any of these regions occur it could be used to justify severe escalation by any of these nation’s militaries to execute global conventional or nuclear warfare.

Immediate action should be taken to distribute this alert. Please post this to your social networks, embed this alert on your blog, and post it to you preferred forums.

To preserve humanity we must inform the people of this planet to be on high alert.

Please take the appropriate action.


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Australia Unleashes Mass Spying*

Australia Unleashes Mass Spying*

By Nadia Prupis

As new controversial metadata laws went into effect in Australia on Tuesday, whistleblower Edward Snowden took to Twitter to warn the country’s residents about the privacy violations that come along with the legislation.

The new laws require Australian telecommunications companies and internet service providers (ISPs) to store user metadata—like phone records and IP addresses—for two years, during which time it may be accessed by law enforcement without a warrant. Civil liberties and internet freedom groups have criticized the laws as invasive and unconstitutional.

“Beginning today, if you are Australian, everything you do online is being tracked, stored, and retained for 2 years,” Snowden wrote, linking to a campaign by advocacy group GetUp! that gave instructions on how to circumvent the data retention scheme.

The laws are “costly, ineffective, and against the public interest,” GetUp! wrote in its campaign.

According to (pdf) the Australian Privacy Foundation, an internet advocacy group and subsidiary of Privacy International, the laws require telecoms to maintain, at minimum:

  • IP addresses for each device or connection to the internet (including from computers, tablets, phones, etc)
  • Time and duration of internet connections
  • Volume of uploads and downloads
  • Recipients of emails, along with date and time sent (Australian ISP emails only)
  • Size of email attachments (Australian ISP emails only)
  • Phone numbers called (even where the receiving party did not answer), on all landlines (including VoIP) and mobiles, along with the date and time of the call
  • SMSs sent, along with the date and time of the SMS
  • Rough location of user at time of call or SMS

After a similar metadata dragnet was attempted in Germany, it was deemed unconstitutional in 2010. Further, the German Parliament’s Working Group on Data Retention published a study in 2011 which concluded that Germany’s similar metadata dragnet, which had been found unconstitutional in 2010, had resulted in a .006 percent increase in crime clearance rates—a “marginal” boost that showed “the relationship between ends and means is disproportionate.”

And yet, the Australian government, led by newly installed Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, “says it has taken into account suggestions made by courts overseas that have overturned the legislation,” writes Sydney Morning Herald technology editor Ben Grubb.

To counter the invasive new laws, GetUp! and other civil liberties groups recommend users install privacy software on their phones and computers, such as encrypted messaging apps, secure browsers like Tor, or a Virtual Private Network (VPN).

“Go dark against data retention,” the group states. “Absurdly, the flawed legislation leaves open numerous loopholes, which can be used to evade the data retention. This means the data retention dragnet will capture the data of innocent Australians and cost millions of dollars, while allowing those who don’t want to be caught to remain hidden.”


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Does the anti-Assad Free Syrian Army Exist?*

Does the anti-Assad Free Syrian Army Exist?*

Spokeswoman of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Maria Zakharova stressed that the refusal of the Western countries to provide Russia with information about the so-called Free Army affirms that it is a fake organization with no tangible existence.

Zakharova said during an interview with SANA reporter in Moscow on Wednesday:

“During our contacts with the West, they told us about something called “Free Army” whose is a constructive opposition fighting ISIS terrorists and that Moscow has to take this matter into account.”

“Hence we asked our Western partners especially the Americans to provide us with information about this army, their nature, positions and commanders and how one can contact them or cooperate with them,” Zakharova said, adding that

“Russia has received none. It’s unbelievable but that’s what has happened. Therefore, such an army is a fake organization which is much talked about without being seen.”

Zakharova wondered why the Western countries always talk about organizations that combat terrorism but do not exist on the ground, which emphasizes that it is a propaganda war and an attempt to classify terrorists as “bad and good guys that we can cooperate with.”

Zakharova said

“Russia emphasizes the need for practical dialogue, meaning that if new organizations emerge, we can be sure that the Western partners, which stand behind them can talk to us calmly about where they are active and their goals, then it will be possible to start coordination with them. But unfortunately, nothing of the kind happened.”

Zakharova pointed out that Western countries criticized Russia when it began military operations against terrorism at the request of Damascus, adding that Russia responded by President Vladimir Putin, who asked them to provide a list of terrorist targets to be bombarded, but they were uncooperative.

“Russia is taking all necessary steps through constant contact with Damascus in addition to contacts with various representatives of the Syrian opposition, both internal and external and talking to them,” Zakharova said, noting that two rounds of consultative meetings between the government and representatives from the opposition were held in Moscow.


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The CIA Coup and Sponsored Massacre that Led to the Ruin of Indonesian Society*

The CIA Coup and Sponsored Massacre that Led to the Ruin of Indonesian Society*

By Andre Vltchek

Last year, I stopped travelling to Indonesia. I simply did… I just could not bear being there, anymore. It was making me unwell. I felt psychologically and physically sick.

Indonesia has matured into perhaps the most corrupt country on Earth, and possibly into the most indoctrinated and compassionless place anywhere under the sun. Here, even the victims were not aware of their own conditions anymore. The victims felt shame, while the mass murderers were proudly bragging about all those horrendous killings and rapes they had committed. Genocidal cadres are all over the government.

Don’t get me wrong: there is really nothing wrong with maturity. But instead of maturing elegantly into something noble, like a precious wine, Indonesia just decayed into disgusting vinegar, or spoiled milk, or most likely into something much, much more sinister – a monstrous decomposing carcass in the middle of a once socialist, progressive and anti-imperialist Asia.

Skulls of the victims, along with a surviving relative

After the 1965 coup backed by the U.S., Australia and Europe, some 2-3 million Indonesians died, in fact were slaughtered mercilessly in an unbridled orgy of terror: teachers, intellectuals, artists, unionists, and Communists vanished. The U.S. Embassy in Jakarta provided a detailed list of those who were supposed to be liquidated. The army, which was generously paid by the West and backed by the countless brainwashed religious cadres of all faiths, showed unprecedented zeal, killing and imprisoning almost everyone capable of thinking. Books were burned and film studios and theatres closed down.

Women from the left-wing organizations, after being savagely raped, had their breasts amputated. They were labelled as witches, atheists, sexual maniacs and perverts.

Professional militant Christian cadres from Holland and other Western countries landed in Indonesia well before the coup. They were entrusted with the radicalization of Muslims, Hindus, Protestants, Catholics and the Indonesian military. They labelled Communists and other leftists as “dangerous atheists” and began an indoctrination and training campaign aimed to liquidate them.

The right-wing Chinese individuals, mostly traitors who just escaped from their Communist revolutionary homeland, happily joined the fascist putsch-nick clique and later the murderous, whoring and treasonous regime of General Suharto. They joined it as snitches and “preachers”. The Chinese minority in Indonesia, while undoubtedly suffering from certain discrimination, had joined the most oppressive domestic and foreign forces, shamelessly collaborating with military fascism, Western imperialism and the savage capitalist system, which it itself had helped to establish. Because of its control over the crucial part of the local “economy” (read: plunder of the natural resources) and its ownership of the countless brainwashing media outlets and private educational facilities, the Chinese minority in Indonesia has been playing a decisive and devastating role in the spectacular collapse of post-1965 Indonesia.

After the slaughters of 1965/66, everything resembling the Revolution and the People’s Republic of China was banned and obliterated in Indonesia, including red colour, the Chinese language, and the word “Communism” itself. Some of it was “inconvenient”, but overall, the Chinese right-wing anti-Communist émigrés in Indonesia finally had it their way! Suharto’s fascism was definitely closer to their hearts than the anti-Western-imperialism and the power sharing between the progressive Muslim leader Sukarno and his “golden child”, the Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI).

The slaughter that followed, engulfed many party members throughout Indonesia over the following months, however, the pandemonium was also used as an excuse to settle old scores with people not related to the communist party. Racial tensions surfaced, and the persecutions of ethnic minorities took place. Sumatra, Java and Bali are areas that have documented many cases of murder and imprisonment following 1965

After the genocide, the great selling of Indonesia began. Corruption and privatization went hand in hand. Ideological and intellectual blindness were administered to the population.

The murder and rape of millions, theft of everything that used to belong to the nation…

Thus was committed the greatest treason of the 20th century.

Roughly 50 years after this disaster took place, I broke my self-imposed ban and visited Indonesia once again.

This time, I did not come to Indonesia for academic work. In fact, I have fully divorced myself from academia, now considering it as prostituted and defunct as journalism. Philosophy has to break itself free from academia and its institutions. Philosophy deals with life, while contemporary academia represents intellectual death.

My damning book, “Indonesia: Archipelago of Fear”, was published more than 3 years ago by Pluto in London, then translated and published by Badak Merah into the Indonesian language. Other translations followed. Enough of theory!

I came back once again to breathe polluted air and to see the ruins of Indonesian society – ruins visible all over the capital. I came to observe the uninspired expressions on people’s faces, to once again experience the totally collapsed infrastructure. I came to face the society that had liquidated almost all science, philosophy and arts, and where local workers are now unable to even put two simple tiles together in a matching manner, much less construct a spaceship or passenger jet.

I returned to shout and to curse, and to write this as a warning to those who still think that a savage capitalism could actually work, that a country that would allow its “elites” to turn it into a doormat (or worse) of the West, could simply survive, let alone thrive.

I came to say what is clear but “forbidden” to say: “Indonesia died! It is finished. It was murdered some time between 1965 and now. It will never get back to its feet. People living there do not really live in a country, but inside a horrific, decaying cadaver.”

The only way forward would be a revolution, as Pramoedya Ananta Toer used to say. A total revolution, a reset! Return to what was destroyed in 1965. Bury the corpse, put on trial all those who have been committing treason, and start from zero, from the beginning!

This is reality, and it does not require footnotes or quotations!


But back to the deal between Empire and local “elites”:

The deal was clear: the West allowed the putsch-nicks and their religious and “educationalist” lackeys to rob the nation, tolerating the lowest forms of corruption. But, in exchange, they had to guarantee that the Indonesian people would to be kept thoroughly brainwashed and uneducated, never demanding the return of the Communist Party, never striving for great patriotic ideals and never questioning market fundamentalism and the indiscriminate looting of Indonesia’s natural resources.

The Christians that were put “in charge” were those from the most deranged evangelical sects, braced by the imported army of North American and Australian intelligence/religious cadres. “Prosperity Gospel” and “Pentecostals” were the most successful implants. The preachers listening to Voice of America and reading Western economic journals were suddenly in control.

Saudi-style Wahhabi Western allies shamelessly sidelined almost all socialist brands of local Islam, and the most militant and intolerant varieties of otherwise progressive and socialist Muslim religion began their destructive, totalitarian and intellectually ruinous activities.

The West, its media and academia, started unashamedly backing all fascist cultural dogmas: including regressive religious and family structures.

Not only that – they kept spreading the most grotesque lies: about “how tolerant Indonesia became”, and “how moderate” it is. “Third largest democracy” was how the Western demagogues have constantly described the country without one single pro-people or anti-imperialist political party. Indonesia is called “the largest economy of Southeast Asia”, a totally misleading definition, considering that Indonesia has more than three times more people that any other nation in the region. And could it really be called an “economy”, something that produces hardly anything and lives predominately from the unbridled plunder of its natural resources, as well as from the resources of colonized Papua, where Indonesia has been committing horrific and silent genocide?

The local media has continuously quoted all this propaganda and disinformation, quite logically, considering that corrupt business interests own virtually all of it.

Sukarno with those who would get rid of him

After the regime murdered around 40% of teachers in Java alone, the education system fell to the hands of totally ignorant but zealous morons: themselves collaborators with the West. These people were nothing more than cynical and money hungry businessmen and businesswomen, but definitely not educators. Spreading ignorance and stupidity was not only their mission; it was a natural way of expressing themselves, their method of interacting with the world.

After years of the horrid plunder of the resources, of incongruous religious gaga, of censuring of everything deep and creative, and after preventing Indonesian youth from getting real knowledge about the world, the country of Indonesia began eventually resembling what it is not: a nation of 300 million people (the government lies about the numbers, too, as I was told by several leading U.N. statisticians while I was working on my book) without one single thinker (now that people from the PKI and Sukarno era, like Pramoedya Ananta Toer, passed away), without one single internationally recognizable scientist or a musician or  public intellectual…

Dirt everywhere, horrendous immoral social contrasts on every corner… Range Rovers and Gucci boutiques right next to open sewers and children showing clear signs of malnutrition. There are hardly any parks in Indonesia, no waste treatment plants, and hardly any sidewalks or public playgrounds for children. There are no public educational television channels, while public libraries are almost-not existent – a shocking contrast to Malaysia. Water is, of course, privatized.

The nation stopped reading. One bookstore after another is closing down. It only translates a few hundred titles each year, most of them commercial. Translations are of horrendous quality.

Nothing, almost nothing, works. There are constant blackouts, and the roads are uneven and narrow. Even trans-Java “highways” are two-lane, narrow potholed tracks, of a worse quality than some village roads in Thailand or Malaysia. Traffic jams are all over, in the cities and countryside, as even poor people have to rely on private vehicles and infrastructure that has already collapsed many years ago.

Internet and phone signals are so bad that when I was editing my films, I was forced to fly to Singapore in order to upload some larger files.

Old ferries are sinking, airplanes are falling from the sky, and trains keep derailing.

No forests are left intact. The entire nation is logged out, mined out – ruined, screwed!

And the West is dancing on that horrid Indonesian carcass, celebrating! Yes, celebrating! It loves, it adores this “democratic”, “tolerant” nation which is in ruins. Instead of thinking, Indonesia is listening to some repulsive pop, grinning idiotically, producing incomprehensible squeaks and giggles befitting a mental institution, sacrificing itself oh-so-generously to the wellbeing of Western corporations and governments!


Monarchists and the army controlled the streets

And so I came again, for just a few days, to show my feature documentary film at a small, new film club at TIM in Jakarta… the only film club, with 45 seats for an entire nation of 300 million inhabitants. I came to show my film about the 1965 Coup, called “Terlena – Breaking of a Nation”, which I produced some 11 years ago. It was the first feature documentary film ever made about the 1965 “events”.

I watched my own film and suddenly felt devastated, because my old friends had “departed” several years ago, and I missed them… Abdurrahman Wahid, a former President of Indonesia, a progressive Muslim leader and a closet socialist, who was “discreetly” overthrown by the “elites”…  Pramoedya Ananta Toer, the greatest Indonesian thinker and paramount Southeast Asian writer…

I looked as their faces on the screen, faces so dear to me, and I thought: “How alive you were! Even when you were old and ill, how strong and determined was your will. How alive was your generation that grew up on the socialist fervour of great President Sukarno, father of the non-aligned movement… how alive you were compared to this cynical, greedy, brainwashed “young generation” of the corporate whores, of covetous nitwits, of the pathetic, emotionless, selfish and empty moral and intellectual degenerates!”

After the screening, predictable questions came from the audience: “what is to be done?” and later: “what do you think about the young generation in Indonesia?”

I thought about some of those young social media damsels, who had come to me in the past, begging to be ‘educated’ and ‘brainwashed back into reality’… They ‘wanted to work for humanity’, they said. I thought about how they were faking and lying, and how they betrayed and ran away, always, at the slightest sign of danger… How they ran back to their fascist clans whenever they were whistled for, how they dove immediately and directly into the rectums of their corrupt and venomous parents and grandparents… I also thought about the students at the University of Indonesia – arrogant, disinterested, banging into their phones and eating shit food during the lectures, even when presented with some tiny bits of essential information.

“Young generation?” I wondered. In Indonesia, they felt like some old nomenclature, even at the age of 15: endless idiotic Barbie dolls on thin legs… Those of the “elites”, I mean… the rest were just slaves, exploited, humiliated and fully conditioned not to ask and not to know. “Young elites” – embarrassing parodies of the movers and shakers from Wall Street. So pathetic! No individuality, dreams, talent, hard work; no revolutionary and rebellious spirit! The same crappy, sugary pop music and Hollywood films, the same Starbucks lattes…  While outside, the nation was burning, choking on its own smoke and excrements, collapsing and murdering in some of the most horrendous genocides in the modern history – East Timor before, and Papua now.

Damned collaborators with the Western fascism! Bloody ass-lickers of the colonialists! And nobody thinks about shaving their head as punishment for selling themselves and the country to the Empire! That Indonesian boo-boo, coo-coo, absurd “young” (really, young?) generation!

I spoke. They listened. Then they went home. I think my shouting provided some entertainment. Nothing more. I was not shouting in Quito or Caracas. I was shouting in Jakarta. Most likely, nothing could be revolutionized here anymore.


The next day, I wanted to see a rhino at “Safari Park”, outside the city of Bogor, but police decided to torture people and it blocked, for no apparent reason, the highway exit. They did it for several hours, just to show that it could… This way the thugs were able to sell their junk, and ‘guides’ could take motorists through back roads. Booty was shared with the police, of course. Everything was corrupted: even a motorway could be blocked so police and gangs could make extra cash! I somehow managed to leave the highway, after my lungs began threatening to collapse from pollution.

I tried to make it to Bogor, to those old and famous Botanic Gardens, that were until recently one of the very few public places in Indonesia. But when I arrived, I saw devastation: the gardens were now systematically destroyed by some horrid construction project. Ancient trees have been cut down to give way to yet another revolting sprawl of parking lots. A historic bridge had been torn down and a new one was being built, obviously in order to change a predominately pedestrian area into a driveway. Instead of serenity, there was loud pop junk music, coming from all directions.

Dwight D. Eisenhower Administration mounted clandestine intelligence operations to support anti-Communist rebels in Indonesia in what was, in some respects, a forerunner of the Bay of Pigs operations against Cuba.

Then I was going on yet another stretch of clogged highway… and then I witnessed and smelled a mountain of garbage burning in the middle of Jakarta.

There were some deformed, gangrenous beggars in the middle of the highway and at several major intersections…

In Jakarta, a former bookstore that I used to frequent was now converted into a fruit shop. For dinner, I ate disgusting food at overpriced restaurants, where the waiters were clearly “somewhere else”, unable to even keep their eyes open, or to concentrate on what they were being told.

Several Ferraris were in between all this, and also a few Prada stores… and those enormous, monstrous advertisement billboards promoting cigarettes as something cool and hip.

There was no beauty in sight. No beauty at all. All gone.

While in the traffic jams, I tried to work. But how could I? The Internet was collapsing, and mobile phones hardly functioned. I’d written about it so many times, so why was I surprised?


50 years since the coup. A real anniversary – what many Indonesians are genuinely proud of! Their moment in the limelight! Their betrayal of all great ideals and their submission and surrender to the West.

Again, I wanted to run away. I felt physically sick here: a revolutionary, a rebel, and a philosopher in this land of obedience and intellectual collapse.

So, I ran. From canals clogged with unimaginable filth, garbage… from deformities of children and adults, but with Louis Vuitton boutiques in the background… from sickening betrayals, and from constant lies, from long uninterrupted silences, from the inability to rely on almost anyone, from the absolute and total lack of poetry, and from joylessness, from bleakness, from the absence of love. Yes, above all, from the absence of love.

During the 72 hours that I spent in the place that I consider to be the closest to hell (and I have seen more than 150 countries on this Earth), I suddenly recalled so many things that I tried to bury and forget: from the stench of the mutilated bodies of gang raped women in Ermera, East Timor, to those hundreds of poor animals slaughtered in the Surabaya zoo, so that some corrupt “international” project could go on.

I recalled how, after the tsunami in Aceh, the Indonesian soldiers and police, instead of helping traumatized victims, were blackmailing the volunteers, demanding money and threatening to cut with their knives those precious barrels of drinking water if the bribes were not forthcoming. I remembered bodies decomposing in the pits, because no government worker would lift his finger and operate heavy equipment without being “greased”.

Oh Indonesia, you are a true daughter of turbo-capitalism, of the lowest religious aspirations, of senseless obedience, notorious lack of education and knowledge, and unimaginable brutality and lack of compassion!

I saw so much shit during the 20 years that I tried to document your downfall!

I saw deranged Christian preachers, their sadistic and fanatic eyes popping in ISIL-style zeal, locking up, for years, their adult daughters, simply because they wanted to marry non-Christian men.

I witnessed Christian religious services in Surabaya malls, where totally moulded idiots preachers were declaring with absolute conviction: “God loves the rich, and that is why they are rich!” I observed some English-language church services performed by U.S. and Australian intelligence apparatchiks… complete with bizarre and repulsive pop gospels, accompanied by ass wiggling of thrilled matrons and young girls. I saw racist, bigoted extremist Sunni Muslims, paid and conditioned by the Saudi Wahhabis, destroying Shi’a villages in the middle of backward and desperate island of Madura.

I saw a little girl running away from a burning mosque in Ambon, and a Christian boy trying to escape from a gang of Wahhabi youth. They cut him to pieces, at the end, with their machetes…

I saw so many fires and ashes, and so much intolerance, stupidity and hate! I saw what replaced a once great and proud nation governed by a progressive Muslim President who trusted and relied upon the great and democratic Communist Party of Indonesia (PKI).

I saw clearly what capitalism, what imperialism, ignorance and fascist indoctrination can do!


And deep inside I swore: “I will re-edit Terlena! I will re-edit that film of mine, damn it!”

I swore, and it made me feel much better.

Indonesia is the greatest untold story that I know – the story about what imperialism is capable of doing!

Entire islands deforested, robbed: enormous Borneo and Sumatra… Tortured elephants and great apes… Corruption and theft… Filth everywhere, on the surface of the earth, and inside people’s brains.

The collapse of humanism… the collapse of humanity. The persistent ruin of intellectualism, creativity, compassion and tenderness…

I ran, but as I did, I felt those millions and millions of hands trying to hold me, trying to slow me down. “We are alone, we are forgotten” I heard voices. “Stay little bit longer… Write a few more books, write a few more essays, and make films… Do not abandon us!”

I knew I would do what they were asking. I would leave and come back again. For those slaughtered and defenceless creatures, for the ruined rainforest, for the millions of interrupted lives…

I would come back out of spite for those who ruined Indonesia.

I would come back to warn the world.

I would come back, so I could call murderers by their real names, and give collaborators the titles that they deserve.

As I was leaving, I knew I would soon return and expose the full horrors of the Indonesian experiment that has been conducted on the local people by the sadistic Western regime, by its religions and its capitalist dogmas.

I knew that I would expose local collaborators. That is how revolutions begin!

I would give back, years and decades after they passed away, at least some dignity to those Indonesians who lived and fought and were killed. To those Indonesians who knew how to love passionately and desperately, fully and selfishly, each other and their Nation, and who were therefore eternally alive!

I knew one day soon I would return and re-make my film. For “them”! And my film would be, with some luck, damn good!

But as I was leaving, it was all smoke, stench and rubbish.

Indonesia died. Silently.

No more lies! Right now, the Indonesian people have no country. It was taken away from them by Western imperialists, by their own corrupt and treasonous “elites” and by the military. Only after they realize what has been done, they will be able to struggle and build their new motherland.


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NYPD a Law unto Themselves Forces Photographer Shaun Thomas into a Psych Ward Again*

NYPD a Law unto Themselves Forces Photographer Shaun Thomas into a Psych Ward Again*

By Carlos Miller

For the maybe the 12th time in recent years, he has long lost count, Shawn Randall Thomas ended up in jail again for questioning the authority of New York’s finest.

This time, he was thrown in jail for three days and dragged on a jailhouse floor while handcuffed and leg-shackled, then placed in a psych ward after he was accused by two NYPD cops of entering a subway station in Brooklyn without paying the fare.

He did pay the fare. Even had the receipt to prove it. But he has long stop trying to prove his innocence to the New York City Police Department.

“It’s pointless to do that,” he said in a telephone interview with Photography is Not a Crime. 

“To do that is to assume they give a shit whether you did the crime or not. And even if I showed them the receipt, they could still arrest me and destroy the receipt.”

And he does have a point. Look how many times cops have stolen or destroyed cameras that would have proven a person’s innocence. Look how many times they have lied on police reports to justify their arrests.

In fact, earlier today, Gothamist reported that NYPD officers destroyed birth certificates, identifications and medical prescriptions during an early morning raid on a homeless encampment.

And last month, a group of NYPD cops sued the police department, claiming they were required to maintain an “illegal quota system” by making unlawful arrests on minorities

Thomas, who has been written about on PINAC numerous times, is black, but tends not to claim racial discrimination when arrested because many times, the arrests come from black or Hispanic officers (who incidentally, are the ones suing the NYPD).

But he did note that the only reason he was harassed last Friday was because he opened a service entry gate at the Nevins Street subway station to allow a white man with a bicycle to enter.

The service entry gate that Shawn Randall Thomas was accused of entering without paying the fare. Photo by Shawn Randall Thomas.

The service entry gates are next to the turnstiles and are used as entrance gates by people with luggage, wheelchairs or bicycles to enter after paying because they are much wider than the turnstiles.

But to open the gate, you need to hold the lever from the inside a certain way rather than just push it open, he said. Many people have difficulty opening the gate, so he was just being courteous to the man with the bike, who was not stopped by the cops.

Meanwhile, the two cops were downstairs in full uniform, which Thomas said, means that they had to hide behind a wall in order to spot potential fare evaders without exposing themselves.

Most of the time, the NYPD uses plainclothes cops to monitor the turnstiles to ensure people are paying, which they have used in the past to harass him.

But he believes because these cops were in uniform, they purposely were standing downstairs, obstructed from view, and never had a full view of him, so they never saw him pay the fare, only saw him opening the gate for the man with the bike.

And because of that, they only assumed he did not pay.

“Did you pay to enter the subway system?” asked the cop.

“You do know I’m under no lawful obligation to answer any of your questions or to provide you with anything, do you understand that?,” he responded.

“You are wrong,” she said.

“Cite the law then,” he said.

“I stopped you because you walked into the subway without paying,” she insisted.

“That’s what you’re assuming,” he said.

He then asked for her name and badge number, which she gave him. Then she asked for his identification, which he refused to provide.

And then he asked if he was being detained or if he was free to go and was told no, he was not being detained, but no, he was not free to go, which means, yes, he was being detained.

Eventually, two plainclothes male cops arrive, including one who battered him by pushing him against a bench, then swiping his camera.

“When they tell you to fucking do something, you do it,” the new cop said while attacking him.

By the end of the night, he was sitting in a Brooklyn jail cell where he refused to allow himself to be photographed or his fingerprints taken.

He was wearing a Copwatch shirt, which seemed to irritate them even more, so they kept them in a cell for 15 hours without water, despite repeated requests for water. The plumbing in the cell was not working either.

As a way to further punish him for his contempt-of-cop attitude, one cop decided he needed to be transported to a psychiatric hospital for a mental evaluation, which, he says, is standard NYPD protocol when they want to further detain somebody.

They did that to a black woman last year because they did not believe she owned the BMW she was driving, keeping her in the hospital for eight days where she was injected with sedatives against her will. Earlier this year, Kamilah Brock filed a lawsuit.

And last month, an NYPD cop named Adrian Schoolcraft settled a lawsuit for $600,000 after he was hospitalized in a psychiatric ward against his will when he began blowing the whistle against corrupt cops.

So they handcuffed and leg-shackled him, ordering him to walk with them to go to the hospital, but he asked them to remove the leg-shackles because they were cutting into his ankles.

That prompted one cop to grab him by his shoulders and start dragging him to the ambulance, his head bouncing against metal garbage cans and brick walls.

“He dragged me about 150 feet,” Thomas said.

“The paramedics were standing there watching it all. They told the hospital staff what happened.”

As a result, the medical staff at Woodhull Medical and Mental Health Center were more concerned about his physical injuries instead of any possible mental issues.

“The attending doctor dismissed the psychiatric issue outright upon learning of what happened to me,” he said.

“He didn’t even have anyone speak to me to determine my mental state, which was the original reason they took me to the hospital.”

Five hours later, he was released with a prescription of codeine and a recommendation he return to the hospital if he continued to experience headaches, transported back to jail for another night in a cell.

He was released Sunday after facing a judge who offered him adjournment in contemplation of dismissal, which means his charge would be dismissed if he can spend six months without getting arrested.

So now he is set to go to trial for the charges of trespassing and theft of services, even though the NYPD has no proof that he did enter the subway without paying.

The proof, in fact, was in his wallet all along, which they had, but they were only concerned about his identification.

“Normally they take the metrocard which they can scan to see every ride, time, and location,” he said.

“They simply didn’t care if the fare was paid or not. They make an arrest and fuck the rest.”

The video and the arrest report are below. Be sure to read the last line in the arrest report about false statements being punishable by a misdemeanour.


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215 Forced Disappearances in Egypt within the Past Two Months*

215 Forced Disappearances in Egypt within the Past Two Months*

A new report by an advocacy group say anti-terror laws lead to the forced disappearances and provide security forces impunity.

There were at least 215 cases of forced disappearance in Egypt in the months of August and September alone, according to a report published in Arabic Tuesday by the Stop Forced Disappearances campaign.

The report said only 63 cases have been resolved in which the missing had been found in police stations and detention centers across the country. Those found were identified by their families through viewing official videos at the interior ministry.

Those found were arrested by the security forces and were not granted a way to communicate with their families, according to the report. Some of them are defendants in cases related to protesting or belonging to a terrorist organization.

The report said that President Abdul Fattah el-Sissi, who staged a coup July 2013 and ousted the first democratically-elected President Mohamed Morsi, has issued several laws, including a recent anti-terrorism law, which lead to forced disappearance.

As the county has not had any parliament since the 2013 coup, Sisi is the only authority in the country that can issue and enact laws. He was ‘elected’ in 2014.

“It is therefore no surprise that security forces is systematically involved in forced disappearances in Egypt, making it one of the most committed violations practiced on a daily basis against innocent citizens,” the report said.

The report included a list with the names of those disappeared in each month and another list of those who were found along with information on where they were found and their current status with the authorities.

Those listed are from different backgrounds, and were arrested on suspicion of belonging to a terrorist group or being involved in acts of violence. “Perhaps the reason behind their arrest and torture is security forces’ belief that they have information on certain people or organizations or claimed terrorist activity,” the report said.

Back in August, the Stop Forced Disappearances campaign posted an application on its Facebook page asking families of the disappeared to come forward so the group could provide them with legal assistance. The group’s findings are based on interviews with the families conducted over the past few months as well as information from social media networks and news reports.

In addition the report said that the group traced eight cases that disappeared from their cells after the prosecution ordered their release, a similar practice to “a pattern used by former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly under [former President Hosni] Mubarak.”

The group concluded with the report with several recommendations calling on the government to reveal the locations of those missing and send them initiate prosecution if there were legal cases against them, holding those responsible for the illegal disappearances accountable, join the International Criminal Court, sign the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance.


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