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Turning the Tide — Our Time is Now*

Turning the Tide — Our Time is Now*

America has failed as Global Leader, and the Third World, like Columbus, has set sail for a new Promised Land of Adventure, Cabal and Zionist free. Name it, Shame it, Nail it.

Evolution applies as much to conscious change, as to evolution of the physical species. In this remarkable new century, ethereal awareness and power has become ever more real. Suddenly, all we thought we knew, is surreal.

Deeds and threats of the mighty have been replaced by impotence, and ever more Made Men as Untouchables have fallen. Certainly, none were Angels.

Visibly incoming is a time to Judge the calibre of eulogised Peers. Is any deserving of accolades? Removing the Veils has exposed the ugly Shams of mediocrities exposed each as fumbling Naked Emperors each in fact, inepter that the other. How the Mighty are falling.

Nations are challenging credibility of command, as each realise we actually have been failed by Political Hierarchies and Banking, and that the life blood of nations and Rights, have been usurped by talentless deviants possessing neither moral nor intellectual standards or values of merit. In short, we need collectively to determine better alternatives. Starting by raising the bar, and disbarring those coming up short.

No one should be allowed to debate or implement perceived Standards for others, when found to be short of such qualities themselves. It’s time to determine Whose Who in this Human Zoo. What gives them the right, to meddle with or restrain yours? Which, if any, are proven fit to cast the first stone? In the Political arena, you will soon determine, almost none.

Nations are now finding new identities and Voice. Independence has released a State of Being – Free!

Become a Global people observer, monitor events, personalities, human traits and consequences. Karma has the living, unstoppable life force of a bitch when unleashed.

But comparable is the truly consummate reality, that most people in nations anywhere, can surprise you with their compassion, sense of humanity and Soul. All the basic ingredients of a good species. Mankind, is kind, when not entrapped in pursuit of false Gods and louche Leadership.

The failure primarily is Leadership. The more highly elevated the societies, the greater the visible penetration of corrupt, Machiavellian and often psychotic deviants free-riding, often power crazed, effecting their versions of tyranny on either domestic, or poor defenceless Third World victim nations.

From the millions murdered by the truly vile Bush family, Benghazi and the so many other crimes of the Clintons, the never ending wars of the Washington Military and Agency Cabal, the current horrors of ISIS and deviant Islamic fundamentalists, to the atrocities of two German World Wars, the tens of millions lost in the Russian gulags, other heinousness crimes against humanity by Stalin, the Chinese purges, Vietnam, Pol Pot in Cambodia, and the millions who die through never ending horrors in Africa, we are a disturbed species. What can go wrong, does. The Vatican has been the worst perpetrator for centuries and still goes unchecked.

But just as much, concurrent to that is a world where true Angels of Mercy also proliferate. The untold stories of the vast millions who go that extra mile each day to help others. The caring nursing professions, the extensive Humanitarian Agencies deployed all over the planet striving daily to contain or handle a vast array of needing causes. Silent heroes. Charities starved of essential operating capital watching needless suffering and avoidable deaths. While 100 times more capital is wasted in Global conflicts, all so much either Agency fed to maintain lucrative Defence contracts, or the greed of Drugs or people trafficking.

Look in the eyes of a crying, desperate, distraught child and ask – Why? Walk through a Palestinian Refugee camp, or the displaced millions across the Middle East or Asia. Why? Why? Why do we, as an intelligent species, condone this? Why, why, why?

We all share the same ancestral DNA (apart from frankly brain dead, lunatic creationists!) so why, as creations of one family, are we killing our own in the name of false religions or racial nonsense. There are NO RACES beyond Human! God does not have a Religion! As all too many started following the insane ramblings of a certifiably deranged Abraham (a Paranoid Delusional Schizophrenic), intelligent Beings need go back to and correct the basics, and start to think for yourselves. This is your journey, and your path of life, so please, do chose with care who, if any, you chose to follow. Beware of false Gods and crank Religious diatribe. We only take with us, our actions of valour or humanity, or worse actions in our Book of Life, for which judgment by the elevated Higher Souls, will be clear, concise, and if truly merited, Unforgiving. We each chose to make this journey as new Carbon Life Forms, to experience physical matter and material existence. We all die. Few ask why?

All around you is beautiful, open your eyes and don’t live a shallow lie.

We are all part of, and belong to, so much more.

Yes, we do all have a choice, but also now, your own Chance. That one small step back for Mankind – to be kind. Be conscious of what you can each do every day. Nothing you make can go with you, so instead, Make a Difference?

There is an awakening. Key, core Elders families, have had millennia to search for compatible like minds, those able to pass Elders scrutiny in a search of Souls. Elders have a deep Ethereal awareness.

Outside of public view, exists a private group deeply integrated with the Elders whose funds are slowly starting to achieve selective releases. More important, whose truly colossal Gold and Capital Holdings, are the subject of deep aspirational Geo Political planning outside of the normal political spectrums. Their Gold alone can back emergent currencies and change the balance of Fiscal power across the planet. It needs to. But not in the hands of the Political or Zionist Banking deviants or it will all be lost with their usual Bonfire of Vanities. Wealth needs to be used for a reason. Not for a Vanity Season!

Key Elders tend ever more to be deeply religious Dynasty family members, many either Buddhist of Christian. But each recognising these funds carry their own attendant responsibilities. They need to be working for more than just profits, for a cause, and a Noble one.

People not profit? People before Politics? Capitalism consciousness?

But Elders have also understood that there is a dual attendant responsibility to both protect, and allocate sensible balances in phased steps towards alleviating our so many Humanitarian needs. But where to start? Especially looking around at the visible Global economic chaos and Political or Banking corruption. Looking on, looking in, is not a pleasant experience, when each microcosm of what can go wrong, does.

But Karma comes in many forms. They realise, and understand, this is a collective Human responsibility needing Enlightened minds applied to help address such a plethora of needs and crisis priorities. Who starts, where, and how do we protect the Base Capital, the Golden Goose? Many have tried before and all failed, to access Elders platforms, and to gain essential trust. The spirituality of the Elders, their own Cosmic attainments and elevations, has prided them with differing Audit monitoring mechanisms. Always before, they have seen Western or Asian greed, lead. So many times they have been victims of Imperialism, and Zionist chicanery.

So, one day as advance party delegates, attending what was to be just a 3 days exploratory visit to the House of Lords in London, to witness a Senior Group Head hold back a party of delegates on a busy street, while he reached out to, gave money to and acknowledged the Soul of a homeless, distressed and shattered Spirit, threw everything into a quandary. That he would risk offending Grandees of the Lords while he addressed the humblest? That he, of all, should even see and feel need of the Street People? To be as one with the Homeless. It started there. When the 3 days became 3 weeks as stays were extended to explore further, the initial attendees were then sidestepped and replaced with Temple Masters, each seeking to meet with and assess these “New” Lords? Doors opened, dialog commenced. Ethereal assessments became new priorities. Assessing Souls. Are they, deserving? Are they “Enlightened?” How?

As the Political spectrum has visible failed, and parties are ever more conscious of the fact that what we have, is not working. It all needs review. But with new money, needs to be, new thinking. Not repeating the same old failed mantras. To focus on serving Need, not Greed!

London is the world’s foremost Capital city. It is also the world’s foremost Cultural city and the first choice of a second home for most world wealthy achievers, and Leaders. London addresses issues with freedom and cultural awareness often lacking elsewhere. As is evident now. The world is seeking ever more to access, block or sequestrate Elders assets. The Takers and the Fakers. Ever more aware as victims of decades of Cabal and Zionist transgressions, these Weevils will be stopped. They are yesterday’s news.

These funds owe no one. Nor is anyone “Entitled”. It merits only a conscious decision, as the sole remit of the Elders, with such advice as they feel appropriate, to determine how to protect, invest and utilise such funds to collaboratively address endless issues, and prioritising them accordingly. But the first step needs to be Political avoidance, and to resource direct such support platforms as are needed to address and help selected needs. Anything going via Political sources is inviting misappropriation and failure. Look even now at more U.N. arrests for corruption and Bribe taking. Infrastructure support is being designed accordingly. Parasite free. People will make it happen. Good people. Good heart, integrity and an awakened Soul, have no price.

The happiness in the eyes of a child, relief in the eyes of the suffering and destitute when help arrives, the awareness in the eyes of the homeless and dispossessed that the helping hand which came from nowhere, means they are no longer alone, and that forces of a greater good are aligning with them. Just to know, they belong, they have worth, is the only currency we seek, values we can take with us.

Richness is ethereal feeling, and knowing, this was a good day for our Book of Life. We didn’t need to make a Buck. We made a difference. Know the purpose and point of your journey. Know – right!

As the New York Jews will fund Clinton’s Political run for Office, irrespective of the gross established criminality and deviance of the person, Americans have need of another way. Ever growing need. America needs to be represented by true Patriots who care. Not more carnivores from the Jackals lair.

We are currently rethinking Banking. As non-Fed dependent, and determined to be Zionist free, supported by vast AU core assets, as well as platforms of Dividend cheques, opportunities are arising for a new fork in the road of Ethical Banking. Fiscal, ecological, ethical and community conscious involved Leadership. To nurture and build essential values, cultural and domestic with sound roots. To encompass being a living part of the community process from the new births, Heathcare and Welfare, to mentor the new educational processes, planned sustainable food and ecology, renewable energy and living facilities through to coordinated infrastructure needs. Job creation and Healthcare for all. A big ask, a big task. But getting the Foundations right is a start.

Money needs to serve a purpose and have a reason to be more. People need to feel inclusive. Planned communities can vibrate from the care within. People need to make it happen. Each need to matter. Those who chose not to fit, need to go. Ethical, sustainable investment, needs to go direct to the source in need, delivered by a Global Task Force of caring, free thinking individuals each recognising the need – to make a difference. We need to fund a caring collective of those committed to reach out and change lives. Putting back, not filling pockets.

As with almost all key project failures, almost everything which goes wrong traces back to inadequate planning at the beginning. Core, deep and meaningful planning is key. Experience and competence. Almost all lacking in Governments. It all needs to be addressed a careful step at a time. Build on successes. Build team delivery competence. From a solid base foundation, the networks will grow. Networking need. Multi taking needs multi discipline understanding, but with humility and diplomacy. To understand not grand stand. Giving back and serving need. We need to do a reverse Einstein and to challenge the fundamental values and priorities of Everything! To define what, and even who, matters. No more false Gods, egos or Fiscal weevils loose with the core assets. Our role will be to become Soul servants of those in true need.

New money still brings with it attendant responsibility. The remit to do good things and make right the so many wrongs where possible. But altruism can be fraught with dangers, and posing chameleons. With major funds come sophisticated deceptions. As Elders have found, historically to their costs. Failed and reneged on redemption dates, and vast pallets of cash prohibited from use. The Cabal and Treacherous Fed have short-changed them on every turn. But now, is payback time.

Now, having wasted and abused vast Trillions earned in a one sided relationship, the scurrilous Cabal seek yet again to entice them back into loaning Gold to underpin the hemorrhaging US economy. A few years ago they used the Wilfredo Saurin link to entice out a fictitious $15 Trillion by a sleight of hand against a false Yohannes Riyardi series of cross fired bogus interbank SWIFTS to create an illusion of capital balancing. Banks who should know better compromised their corporations, and gave more oxygen to this rapacious Cabal. All that did was buy time. Cross firing always escalates the Debt. No amount will now resolve the true insolvency of the Fed Hydra. Yet no one dares face them down, or the Naked Zionist Emperors behind it. So, their lies cost lives.

The Elders have been guided to step aside and allow no interaction. Instead to work with others conceiving Global initiatives which are Zionist free, and will both protect their core assets, as well as to remodel strategically designed long term Bank Investment Platforms bypassing U.S. interaction and creating a whole new Dynamic of Global autocracy, with total control and freedom of selective bank access. Taking self-control. Money fit for purpose and Ethical trading imposed. People fit for Office and inclusion.

We look at our shared planet. What can go wrong has. Millions of years of ecological development of nature created this wonderful planet we are privileged to live on. You will only make this journey one time. A century of pollution poisoning for profit has derailed nature. Where does the cleanup need to start? With our Human ability to act is an appropriate suggestion. Again, it comes back to Leadership and qualification to serve. Empowering those with an agenda fit for purpose. Those with a Cosmic vision of true enlightenment. Soul servants who live in humility but with empowered awareness.

One World of Nations, has opened up a channel of Global communications of so many aware and awakening Souls, who each realise we are ultimately only one nation, of all. Who will plan for all nations as one? In every nation, is an ever growing army of enlightened and conscious Souls, each awakening to a need to serve, to do more, and to give value for the privilege of this life.

Why? Because we can.

This is simply a world of “We The People”, and it can only move forwards if and when we all step up and offer to put back something to enrich this wonderful planet we have had the privilege to visit as part of our own Cosmic journey which we each elected to make. This planet is in our own Custodial Care, and we really need to do an awful lot better – because we can. Who is fit to lead? Why follow those visibly not fit for office? Why stand idly by when the low life forms like the Bushes, the Clintons and so many deeply odious Kazakh Bankers transgress so badly, in pursuit of feckless greed or the mindless mantras of such misguided Abrahamian nonsense without a mass public outcry of fury?

This is your planet and your right to be. You are part of the very Soul of the universe. You are an eternal being on a journey of discovery and dimensional exploration. Your right, is to be Free! You are each Star Matter and you do matter. No one has an ethereal right to transgress against you. You have the wonderful gift of this life, use it well. Enrich all around you, that is all you can take with you. Soul value. Nothing lasts, so live for the moments, and the beauty you can create.

Earth is awesome and so is each life form. Look inside and absorb the very wonder of life, that is you. Each a heart beating, wonderful creation of nature. You are each living proof of the creation of so very much more. Each Soul has its place in this living, pulsating truly massive universe teaming with life as new Galaxies are only being born even today. Life is perpetual, and so is yours. One day you will each understand so much more. You are each and all part of the total universal life force, engaged in its own never ending cosmic evolution. You each – are beings of the universe, and made only of the Star Matter within you all. Every atom in you came from the stars. You are a part of all. So respect and value all.


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Israeli Media Fabricating Palestinian Attacks Of Jews*

Israeli Media Fabricating Palestinian Attacks Of Jews*

By Ariyana Love

Whistleblower, Eran Efrati’s latest live leak stated that the Israeli Government has now given the Zionist Occupation Forces (IDF) a “Green Light” to shoot any Palestinian that “looks suspicious” and in the case of Zionist settler mob attacks against Palestinians, senior officers in the Israeli army are briefing soldiers to assassinate Palestinians first, before the settlers do, because they know it will look bad in the media if settlers carry out terrorist attacks. It’s also a way to satisfy the Zionist settlers whose votes are extremely important to Netanyahu’s Right Wing ruling party.

There have been dozens of cold-blooded executions of Palestinians (mostly youth and children) by Zionist Operation Forces since October 1st. All that a mob of terrorist settlers need to do is scream, “he’s a terrorist, shoot him,” or, “he stabbed someone” and Israeli soldiers and police will shoot the Palestinian dead. This is what’s happening. We’re also getting reports that Zionist Occupation Forces are now carrying knives around to plant on their victims.

Here is  the Jerusalem’s Post article published today, that caused my jaw drop to the floor.

Ahmed Manasra, age 13, was brutally attacked by a group of illegal Zionist settlers, with Israeli police and Zionist Occupation Forces yesterday. I reported this in an article yesterday, titled: “Video: Israeli Soldiers & Settlers Brutal Murder Of child.”

The video within is so shocking, it should be in every media outlet across the globe, but it isn’t.

Ahmed and his 15-year-old cousin Hassan, were chased by terrorist settlers through the illegal Besgat Za’if settlement (spelled Pisgat Ze’ev by JPost). Hassan’s execution was caught on camera. Israeli police shot him in the head at point blank range. There was no weapon in his hand. Israeli media claims the two boys stabbed two Israeli’s, but there is no verifiable evidence.

The video shows the Zionist settlers screaming at Ahmed to die, while he lay terrified, bleeding and crying for help. The contempt for his life is inhuman.

Jerusalem Post not only fabricated a news story about this incident, they also reported that the video footage of Ahmed’s attack was instead of a Jewish child the same age. JPost edited the video of Ahmed’s brutal assault to show a few second clip of medics administering aid to the supposed Jewish child, using Ahmed’s footage as their evidence, while providing no names of the victims. This was a filthy attempt to cover-up the Israel’s Zionist crimes.

Jerusalem Post’s article said this:

13-year-old Jewish boy from Pisgat Ze’ev is in critical condition Monday after being stabbed nearly a dozen times by two teenage Palestinian terrorists in Jerusalem’s Pisgat Ze’ev neighborhood, marking the third terrorist attack in the capital in six hours.

Police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said the attack took place at approximately 3 p.m., when a 13-year-old Palestinian and a 17-year-old Palestinian armed with knives attacked the Jewish boy while he was riding his bicycle.

“Both terrorists stabbed the boy many times all over his body before a driver neutralized the 13-year-old terrorist by ramming his car into him,” said Rosenfeld. “The other assailant then stabbed a 24-year-old Jewish man nearby before being shot dead by police.”

The 17-year-old Palestinian JPost refers to, is Ahmed’s cousin, Hasan. He was 15-years-old, not 17. He was also chased by the death mob of settlers and shot dead. There was no immediate attempt made to administer even basic 1st Aid to the bleeding Ahmed.

With 96% of the global media owned by 6 Jewish Zionist corporations, maybe this should not surprise us.


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Ex-Drone Pilot ‘They don’t care who gets killed’*

Ex-Drone Pilot ‘They don’t care who gets killed’*

Guilt-ridden American drone pilots continue to quit in unprecedented numbers. One former secret mission operator, Brandon Bryant, who’s received a whistleblower award, spoke to RT of the horrors of indiscriminate killing from a safe distance.

“The people that are giving the order to kill – they don’t care who gets killed as long as their target gets attacked… they’ll take out however many people they can in order to get their results,” Bryant says.

The former pilot received the German Whistleblower Award for revealing details of operations taking place at the Ramstein base, specifically, its role in transferring information between the U.S. and its CIA missions in North Africa, Afghanistan and the Middle East. He was among the first to bring into question the role the base was playing.

Earlier this year, Bryant spoke to RT and discussed the details of his former job. He explained that it is not about the idea of drones, but about who controls them, to what ends, and how transparent the operation is. He also mentioned about the physiological aspect of being in a virtual cockpit.

“We killed people who we really didn’t know who they were, and there was no oversight. And I just know that the inside of the entire program was diseased,” he said.

“I actually talked to a lady whose husband and brother were killed in a drone strike. I talked to her face to face, and she asked me why her husband and brother had to die… they weren’t bad guys. And I just looked at her and said – ‘I don’t know’”, he confessed.

“And that’s not really the best thing that I can tell someone who’s asking questions about why someone that they cared about was killed, and they need to know the answers.

“The really true, hard answer is to say that I’m sorry – a mistake happened, and I’m doing everything that I can to prevent further mistakes from happening,” he added.

Bryant’s revelations about Ramstein ended up highlighting the existing debate and criticism in Germany and elsewhere about the human collateral damage and legality of U.S. drone warfare. There are also questions if it is legal under the German constitution to host drones at the air base in the south west of Germany, given Bryant’s revelations.

The prestigious Whistleblower Award is given out biannually. Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, who is now hiding in Russia from prosecution by the U.S., was a recipient of the award. Another is Chelsea Manning, who was commended for leaking documents relating to the American campaign in Iraq – something that earned her a 35-year prison sentence.

Prosecutions of people brave enough to answer for such defiant acts have drastically increased during the Obama presidency. The current U.S. President has pardoned fewer prisoners than any other head of state since the 19th century.

As Bryant is set to receive the award, another unknown person has recently leaked information concerning the U.S. drone program – the so-called ‘drone papers.’ The person who leaked the documents is now being hailed as ‘the new Snowden.’ Details are on The Intercept website.

One shocking fact to emerge was that a staggering 90% of all drone killings are not planned. Also if no evidence is found, the dead are labelled ‘enemy killed in action.’

The Former MI5 agent Annie Machon expressed her disbelief at the aggressive crackdown. The drone strikes, she says,

“are killing thousands of people. It always takes a few brave souls to speak out and take a huge risk of years of imprisonment to actually confirm what has already been known for many years and has concerned certain people, but has not caused outrage across the West. This new whistleblower knows what the risks are and still thinks that to follow their conscience is much more important.”


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U.S. and Israel is Managing Combat Operations for ISIS and al Nusra in Iraq, Syria*

U.S. and Israel is Managing Combat Operations for ISIS and al Nusra in Iraq, Syria*

CIA trained Chechens

Foreword by Gordon Duff

The report below was received from Syria and Lebanon 16 October.  I will bullet point what I believe are the salient points.

  • ISIS chief, al Baghdadi, was removed from his position 4 months ago because the CIA is putting command of ISIS in the hands of Chechen and Russian jihadists who are both trusted and better trained.
  • This move was resisted and the Chechen forces, numbering 15,000, withdrew to Mosul.
  • This is being done to resist Iranian and Russian involvement both directly and through the new Baghdad intelligence coordination centre which is threatening to end the war, something the CIA and Mossad cannot allow.
  • US Special Forces, on the ground in both Syria and Iraq, working out of Deir Ezzur, al Mayaden and Ramadi and receiving logistic support from America’s 3000 man contingent inside Iraq, is managing combat operations for ISIS and al Nusra in combination with Israeli forces.
  • The American assault on Deir Ezzur to “capture” an imaginary “oil official” of ISIS was staged to exfiltrate an American field commander who had been identified by Syria and was about to be captured by Syrian Speznatz.
  • All CIA and Mossad operations with al Nusra (the real Free Syrian Army) and ISIS are directly tied at every level to operations, both military and political, in Ukraine.


المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات تعمل مع حكومات الاتحاد الأوروبي على تطبيع العلاقات الدبلوماسية مع سوريا

سيناريو البغدادي الأمريكي بات مفضوحا   

ناهد الحسيني – دمشق

أكد السفير الدكتور هيثم بو سعيد أمين عام المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات انّ الاتحاد الاوروبي بات امام معضلة صعبة في القضية السورية ولا حلّ الا من خلال انتهاج نمط التهدئة في الخطاب السياسي الذي قد يوحي الى رغبة في اعادة الأمور الى طبيعتها تدريجياً مع الحكومة السورية، وهذا ما عَمِلت عليه وتعمل المنظمة الأوروبية للأمن والمعلومات منذ فترة مع الحكومات الاوروبية، نظراً لخطورة الوضع، مشيرا الى أن الغرب بدء بإرسال إشارات في عدّة اتجاهات، خصوصاً بعد دخول اسرائيل على المسرح السوري جراء قصفها لمواقع للجيش بعد بدء العمليات الجوية الروسية ضد تنظيم الإرهابي داعش. والتدخل الاسرائيلي يُعتبر بمثابة رسالة دعم للجماعات التكفيريةً  وخاصة جبهة النصرة ومتفرعاتها التي تلقى دعم علني من اسرائيل وغضب الأخيرة جراء قصف الطيران الروسي لمواقع داعش.

كما أعلن السفير بو سعيد انّ محاولة قصف موكب ابو بكر البغدادي في منطقة بيجي هو ادعاء صحيح، الاّ انّ البغدادي لم يكن من ضمن الأشخاص الذين أصيبوا جراء القصف الجوي للتحالف الدولي. والغرض من هذا السيناريو هو التحضير لإشاعة مقتله بعد ان تمّ الكشف عن إزاحته منذ اكثر من أربعة أشهر بعد ان كانت هناك مجموعة من الموساد الإسرائيلية ومجموعة أمنية تقوم بحمايته على رأسهم مسؤول اللجنة الأمنية للتنظيم أبي سعد الكربولي قبل حوالي خمسة أشهر، حيث مصيره منذ ذلك الحين بات لغزاً عجزه او وفاته لاحقاً.

وأوضح السفير ابو سعيد الى انّ الخلاف الذي أدّى الى إقصاء البغدادي عن منصبه جاء بعد خلاف بينه وبين القيادة الاستخباراتية الاميركية المحلية من اجل دفع الشيشانيين الى واجهة التنظيم الإرهابي الاَّ انه بقيت السيطرة العراقية على رأس هذا التنظيم مما أوجب صدع كبير في منطقة بيجي في حينها أدى الى خروج حوالي خمسة عشرة الف (١٥،٠٠٠) من الشيشانيين الى الموصل. مشيرا الى ان المعلومات المتوفرة تشير الى ان الهدف من تسلم واجهة القيادة لهذا التنظيم المحظور دوليا هو لاستعماله ورقة ضغط أميركية على روسيا في الاحداث الجارية في أوكرانيا.

وهناك معلومات  تفيد بانه يتم تحضير مجموعات من الأصول الاسلامية التكفيرية للقيام بأعمال أمنية وعسكرية ضد الجيش الروسي وحلفائهم بغية تحجيم الامتداد الروسي وهذه المجموعات موجودة حاليا في الموصل.


U.S.- Baghdadi Scenario is scandalous 

By Nahed al Husaini in Damascus

Dr. Haissam Bou Said

Secretary General of the European Department for Security and Information Haissam Bou Said stated that the European Union is facing a difficult dilemma visa-a-vie the Syrian issue, noting that there is no solution except through the adoption of a truce in the political discourse pattern which may suggest a desire to restore things to gradual normality with the Syrian government.

“This is what the Department has worked and is working on for a while with the European governments because of the seriousness of the situation,”  Bou Said commented.

He noted that the West begins to send off signals in several directions, especially after Israel entered the Syrian theatre by bombing army positions in the wake of Russian air operations against the terrorist organizations, namely ISIS, Al- Nusra and subsidiaries , which are now overtly backed by Israel.

A reliable source told VT that the Israeli element in the Syrian scene was present from the outburst of the Syrian crisis, via aiding the insurgents with logistics to topple the regime of Bashar al Assad.

The Russians are coordinating now with the Israelis to avoid any collusion incidents in Syrian spaces, and the Syrian army moved now from defensive to offensive strategies, benefitting tremendously from the Russian air cover which is protecting the movements of Syrian military.

The European position is still confused on Syria, because of the Israeli lobby leverage exercised on Top-notch European politicians and governments.

Bou Said also said that the bombing attempt of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi procession in “Baiji” is true , but al-Baghdadi was not among the people who were injured during the aerial bombardment of the international coalition. The purpose of this scenario is to prepare for the rumour of his death after the revelation that he was removed from his position four months ago. A  group of MOSSAD, together with the security committee head of the organization Abu Saad al-Karbouli were guarding Al Baghdadi, whose fate since then has become a mystery.

Ambassador Bou Saeed explained that al-Baghdadi was excluded after the dispute which erupted between him and the local U.S. intelligence command regarding pushing the Chechens to the forefront of the terrorist organization, but the Iraqi top control remained, leading to a crack in the organization in “Baiji.” About fifteen thousand ( 15,000 ) of Chechens left as a result and headed for Mosul .

Bou Said indicated that that the reason behind giving the Chechens the upper hand in the organization is to use them as a bargain chip against Russia in the ongoing events in Ukraine.  The intelligence available to the DESI clearly indicates that groups of extremists are being prepared now to take military actions against the Russian army and their allies in order to curtail the Russian sprawl. The groups are positioned in Mosul now, waiting for a signal to move ahead.


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Russian Jets Destroy 11 ISIL Command Centres*

Russian Jets Destroy 11 ISIL Command Centres*

The Russian Aerospace Force has conducted 36 sorties over the past 24 hours, hitting 49 ISIL targets in the Syrian provinces of Hama, Idlib, Latakia, Damascus, Aleppo, the Russian Defence Ministry said on Saturday. As a result, 11 ISIL command and operation centres have been destroyed.

Syrian civilians helping Russian airstrikes target ISIS – Defense Ministry

Russian Su-25 attack aircraft take off from the Khmeimim airbase in Syria. © Dmitriy Vinogradov / RIA Novosti

Russian warplanes have bombed a training camp in Syria where foreign instructors trained potential suicide bombers, the Russian defence ministry said. It was one of 49 terrorist targets hit by the Russian Air Forces over the day.

“Not far from Salma in Latakia province, a Su-24M bomber delivered a strike at a building, which was used as a terrorist training ground. According to intelligence, there were ISIL foreign instructors, who were training people, including suicide bombers, for guerrilla warfare in areas liberated by the Syrian army,” ministry spokesman Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

He added that the facility had its own explosives workshop, which was also destroyed by an airstrike.

Russian warplanes conducted 36 combat sorties on Saturday and attacked 49 militant targets in Syria, including command points, weapons workshops, firing positions, depots and fortified bunkers, Konashenkov added.

The general said that the terrorist group Islamic State (IS, formerly known as ISIS/ISIL), which suffered serious damage from Russian bombings, is working to rebuild its infrastructure.

“The militants’ new tactics is to spread their supply and command facilities, but it does not work. All their new infrastructure objects are being identified and destroyed,” he said.

Konashenkov said the civilian population in the areas under terrorist group’s control are aiding the Russian airstrikes by providing intelligence about IS to the Syrian government.

“This information is double-checked by our aviation group with various technical means of reconnaissance. Following this, a decision is made on which objects we should target,” he said.

Russia is providing air support to Syrian government troops, which are currently undertaking an offensive to retake villages and cities captured by terrorist groups. Moscow says its goal is to stabilize the situation in the country enough to allow political dialogue between Damascus and moderate opposition to start.

According to the Russian Defence Ministry’s spokesman, on October 16 the Russian aviation launched strikes on underground hideouts, operation centres, home-made weapon production plants, firing positions, artillery, munition warehouses, ammunition and material supplies of the Islamic State jihadist group.

A factory for explosives, 3 firing positions, 15 field camps and terrorist bases, two military equipment bases, nine munition warehouses and eight fortified regions and defence positions have been destroyed.

“All Russian planes returned to the Hmeimim aerodrome after performing combat missions. Also, I want to emphasize that Russian drones over Syria continue to monitor the situation,” Maj. Gen. Igor Konashenkov said.

The Russian Aerospace Force has destroyed a terrorist camp where foreign instructors had trained suicide bombers in the Latakia province. The facility also housed a workshop for manufacturing improvised explosive devices.

“Near Salma in the Latakia province Su-24M bomber hit a separate building, which housed a base for training terrorists. According to intelligence data, foreign instructors trained ISIL militants there to conduct diversionary war in areas liberated by the Syrian army, as well as [trained] suicide-bombers.”

He added that the terrorists were also taught to be legalized among civilian population and refugees.

Russian combat aircraft have hit and destroyed a command centre responsible for terrorist attacks in the Syria’s provinces of Homs and Damascus, according to the Syrian intelligence, the Russian general said.

All reconstructed ISIL positions are quickly detected and destroyed, Konashenkov said.

“The new tactic of the militants to spread out munition warehouses and command centres of the group is not bringing effective results. All reconstructed objects of the ISIL terrorist infrastructure are efficiently identified and destroyed,” Konashenkov said.


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Since 30 Sept. Russia has Carried Out 600 Sorties While U.S. Coalition Bomb Public Facilities*

Since 30 Sept. Russia has Carried Out 600 Sorties While U.S. Coalition Bomb Public Facilities*

By Manar al-Frieh/Manal

Gen. Andrei Kartapolov, chief of operations of the Russian Army General Staff affirmed that Russian airstrikes in Syria aim at eliminating the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

In a statement published by Russia Today website on Friday, Kartapolov said that Russia had conducted more than 600 sorties and bombed more than 380 ISIS targets since the start of the campaign in Syria on September 30.

He added that the air forces of Syria, Iraq and Iran are carrying out their own tasks in combating ISIS according to their plans and in coordination with Russia.
Russia can strike positions of Islamic State militants in Syria from its ships based in the Mediterranean Sea anytime should the command decide to do so, he noted.

“Our naval group in the Mediterranean is mostly used for supplying goals. We have a group of warships there too and this group provides antiaircraft protection for our base,” Kartapolov said.

Kartapolov said that in the long run Russia may end up having one massive military base in Syria, which would be shared by the Navy, the Air Forces and the Ground Forces.
He pointed out that Moscow had invited Washington to take part in the centre’s work, but ignored it.

Kartapolov said that ISIS terrorists number around 40 to 50 thousand, noting that ISIS is looting and fighting for turf.

“When they need foreign money, they declare that they are fighting against the Syrian state. But once they get the money they use it as they please,” he added.

He stated that the U.S.-led Coalition is targeting bridges, power stations, water pumps and other public utilities which made life harder for Syrians, adding that those strikes have decreased the military capabilities of the Syrian Army and pushed them to retreat while ISIS was buying supplies in neighbouring countries and receiving deliveries from certain organizations and nations.


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Japan to Lift Duties Vegetables, Most Fishery Products under TPP*

Japan to Lift Duties Vegetables, Most Fishery Products under TPP*

By Kyodo, Jiji

The government said Friday it will lift tariffs on all vegetables and most fishery products under the recently inked Trans-Pacific Partnership trade pact.

Duties on some of the 100 vegetable items will be removed several years after the free trade pact takes effect, Hiroshi Moriyama, minister of agriculture, forestry and fisheries, said at a news conference after a Cabinet meeting.

The Fisheries Agency said separately that tariffs on 350 seafood items, apart from around 10 algae products, will be eliminated under the free trade accord.

The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific countries reached a broad agreement earlier in the month on establishing a free trade bloc covering 40% of the global economy.

Tokyo had sought to keep tariffs on politically sensitive agricultural products such as rice during years of negotiations with the 11 other nations, including Canada, Australia, New Zealand.

Moriyama dismissed concern over the potential negative impact on farmers from the new trade deal, saying vegetables such as carrots and onions are imported mainly from China, which is not a TPP member, and potatoes cannot be imported in practice due to quarantine requirements.

“We would like to take all possible measures” to support farmers who could face competition from cheaper imports, he said.

In the wake of the new trade deal, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe earlier this month pledged to carry out steps to bolster the competitive edge of the country’s agricultural sector, which has been heavily protected until now.

The farm ministry has said Japan will eliminate tariffs on about half of the 834 agricultural products subject to duties after the TPP takes effect.

Duties on bonito and frozen sockeye salmon will be abolished immediately, while those on mackerel will be removed in 16 years’ time, according to the Fisheries Agency.

On Thursday, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry set up a task force to promote measures to help small and midsize companies capitalize on the TPP.

At the first meeting of the team, headed by METI minister Motoo Hayashi, members agreed to have such companies well informed about the TPP deal, on which a broad accord was reached just recently, and start holding briefings for them as early as this month.

The briefings will be held in all 47 prefectures as well as in the other 11 countries participating in the TPP, including the United States. The government has started briefing local government officials in charge of agriculture and fisheries products as well.

The task force also plans to promote alliances between the farming, commerce and industrial sectors to create new businesses in cooperation with the Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Ministry.

As a measure to encourage overseas expansion by small firms that are unfamiliar with export procedures, the team will tell them how to draw up on their own nontariff or tariff-reduction certificates for their goods required under the TPP pact.

At the day’s meeting, Hayashi said pushing exports is “the biggest job” of his ministry.


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