Pope Francis Faces a Backlash from Cardinals*

Pope Francis Faces a Backlash from Cardinals*

By Leo Lyon Zagami

A Conservative backlash has been building for quite some time in the Vatican.  On October12, 2015, at 7pm, all hell broke loose at the Vatican. The mild Bergoglio went ballistic and had a mild stroke. This occurred after the website l’Espresso  posted an open letter addressed to the Pope in which 13 conservative cardinals voiced their objections.

At this point Roberto D’Agostino reports from his website Dagospia, the usually mild and peaceful Bergoglio lost it completely, and thundered against the purple conservatives prelates stating:

“If this is the case, they can leave. The Church does not need them. I will throw them all out!”

And then full of rage, he had a mild stroke. The pope has been under stress for months, one more reason I expect him to retire in 2016.

There  has been a massive cover up of the Pope’s violent outburst, especially  by the international press who don’t want to tarnish the Masonic Pope’s well crafted image.

The instigator of the letter was Australian Cardinal George Pell, who the Pope had originally wanted to guide the Vatican finances, before changing his mind. Despite formally covering the post of prefect of the Secretariat for the Economy, Pell has long been “policed” by the Secretary of State, Pietro Parolin for his conservative stand against the Jesuits and the Gay Lobby.

The  puppet master of the rebellion against Pope Francis, and the abomination he has made of the Church is the Cardinal of Milan, Cardinal Angelo Scola.

Cardinal Scola had originally placed himself amongst the authors of the letter, but apparently decided to remove his signature at the last minute, to avoid suspicion on the fact that he is behind this conservative reaction going on in the Synod.

The staged “coming out” of Monsignor Charamsa has come back to haunt the Rainbow faction of the Church, as the reaction has increased discontent among the Cardinals.

Roberto D’Agostino also reports there has been a sudden shift towards the conservative side, and Bergoglio, seems suddenly worried.

Because of all the conspiracy theories and revelations made in the last few weeks,  my inside sources told me today he now seems more cautious in his pro gay pronouncements.

The coming out stunt of Monsignor “Charisma” seems to have been a public relations miscalculation.  Now that the ‘gay lobby’ is at the helm of media and public relations, ‘group think‘ has kicked in.  They’ve skewed demographics and polls  in their favour so much that they’ve lost touch with the demographic reality:  98% of the public aren’t gay.

The odd resurgence of new membership in the Church from 2005-2012 has definitely gone into reverse with Pope Francis. His media driven popularity is a mirage, for his ‘fans’ don’t join churches.  According to Pew in May 2015, “Percentage of U.S. Catholics drops and Catholicism is losing members faster than any denomination“.  As a member myself, I can tell you the plan at top is filling the breech with Mexican and South American economic refugees (aka, immigrants).  This is the sort of treachery against the host country by the Roman Church that earned Catholics and especially Jesuits a bad reputation in the past.   Currently any diocese with an increasing immigrant population is installing foreign priests and forming welcome committees to literally hand over churches and facilities built by American citizens and their ancestors, to immigrants.

The Father Charamsa scandal has forced the Pope to put aside his impetuosity in promoting the New World Order Church, and prudently pursue a dialogue to reconcile the different positions.  However it may be too late and the synod could end up as a complete failure, say the Vatican experts in Rome.


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