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U.K. Economy Ranked Below Zimbabwe by World Economic Forum*

U.K. Economy Ranked Below Zimbabwe by World Economic Forum*

While U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron and his chancellor George Osborne claim their austerity policies are making the U.K. economy stronger, a devastating report by the World Economic Forum argues otherwise. In fact, parts of the U.K. economy are now performing worse than Haiti and Zimbabwe.

The World Economic Forum releases it’s Global Competitiveness Survey every year, a major report that is read and referenced by decision makers in politics and business the world over. This year, the U.K. slipped from 9th to 10th overall, out of the 140 countries studied. But if Cameron and Osborne are saying the U.K. economy is not only in recovery, but the fastest growing economy in the developed world, how can we be slipping down the league tables?

The answer is debt. In the area of the assessment entitled ‘macroeconomic environment’, the U.K. came 108th, behind Haiti, Senegal, Zimbabwe and even Liberia.

Why does this matter? What does ‘macroeconomic environment’ even mean?

In short, macroeconomic means the big picture. You know the difference between immediate weather versus weather systems? Well think of the macro-economy as the latter.

If we stick with our weather analogy, micro weather would be, you look outside the window and it’s sunny. But if you wanted to understand the macro weather, you’d go sit in the Met Office and see what’s happening with the gulf stream, and hot/cold fronts, and the wider weather systems. That will tell you not only what the immediate weather is where you are, but what’s happening elsewhere and how that will impact your local weather in the future. Then you’d be able to see that while it is sunny now, there happens to be a Hurricane coming.

When examining the macroeconomic environments of the 140 countries in the study, the World Economic Forum assessed five factors to build that ‘big picture’. While the U.K.’s overall rank was a dismal 108, we actually ranked significantly lower than that in several key areas.

  • Inflation: 1st of 140
  • Country credit rating: 14th of 140
  • Government budget balance: 118th of 140
  • Gross national savings: 118th of 140
  • General government debt: 123rd of 140

Cameron and Osborne claim to have balanced the U.K.’s books, yet one of the most respected global studies ranks the U.K.’s budget 118th in the world. Something is wrong with this picture.

If any other element would have come out this poorly, but macroeconomic environment would have been high, Cameron and Osborne could have argued: ‘look, while individual elements of the economy are still struggling to recover, we have the big picture in place, the other elements will fall into line.’ But they don’t have that defence. What this study suggests, as have notable economists throughout the last five years, is that Cameron and Osborne are making short term cosmetic economic lifts by decimating the national economy. By creating more public debt in their first three years than New Labour did in 13 (and they bailed out the banks!), they are crippling the U.K. economy in the longer term.

Think of it like two neighbours living in wooden houses which both need a new heating system. House 1 goes out and buys a new, safe central heating system. House 2 tears bits of wood from the structure of the house to make a fire. At first, House 2’s ‘budget’ looks better because it isn’t carrying the cost of the new heater or the ongoing heating costs – and as they’re only using floorboards from the attic, no one seems to notice a problem. But over time, the floorboards run out, so do the ones in the spare room, and eventually guests start noticing panels are missing from the walls. It becomes harder and harder to live in the house as bits are missing and unsafe, rain is coming through the roof and rotting away the internal structures, the inhabitants are getting sick, and things become so bad the house is uninhabitable. Eventually, it collapses. While House 1 have been getting on with their lives in safety and warmth, House 2 has fallen apart. In order to make House 2 liveable again, the new owners not only have to buy the central heating system the house needed all along, but they have to spend large sums to repair the house.

This is what future governments will have to do once Cameron and Osborne vacate their roles, the next government and us taxpayers will be footing the bill for their devastating short-termism. The conservative government are not balancing the books, they are cooking the books.

Multiple studies have shown that this has been the slowest economic recovery in history, and that the Chancellor has used cuts to, and sales of, public services to create positive looking figures in the short term, while killing off the potential for future growth (investment and assets) in the future.

This was the same mentality that New Labour had during the first decade of the 21st century when they failed to regulate the Financial Services sector. They felt the good times would never end, there ‘would be no return to boom and bust’. But bust came, and instead of learning from the disaster and taking a wholly new approach, the Tories have doubled down on this morally and literally bankrupt strategy.

The Tory party (and neoliberals everywhere) will tell you we can’t afford to end ‘austerity’, but the truth is, we can’t afford not to.


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Ottomans saved Hungarian PM’s Ancestors; but Denies Islam was Part of Europe*

Ottomans saved Hungarian PM’s Ancestors; but Denies Islam was Part of Europe*

By Juan Cole

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban not only continued to defend his anti-immigrant bigotry but went on to say that Islam has never been part of Europe.

“Ibrahim Muteferrika, a Hungarian priest who converted to Islam was the first to bring the printing press to the Ottoman Empire as well Ibrahim Tiflisi providing detailed descriptions of a solar eclipse.

Mr. Orban not only is increasing the misery of largely Muslim refugees, but now he has erased 1300 years of European culture and politics, committing a sort of cliocide or mass killing of history.

The European “continent” is a little bit of an invented construct, but in any case it has been powerfully shaped by peoples who “came to us,” as Orban said of the Muslims. The Indo-European speaking peoples appear to have begun coming in from Syria and Turkey around 9,000 years ago. Hungarian as a language is probably Siberian from beyond the Urals, and its older forms show heavy Persian and Turkic influences. People in what is now Hungary did not speak Hungarian until well after people in southern Spain were speaking Arabic. Orban is clinging to a European nativism that has less historical grounding than that of European Arabs.

There isn’t a good way to exclude Spain or the Balkans from Europe. No history of either region could omit a heavy Muslim heritage. While it is true that Islam “came into” these areas from elsewhere, how is that different from everything else in Europe?

So too did the (Indo-European) Spanish language and the Slavic languages come into Europe from elsewhere. So too did Christianity, which invaded from the Middle East and was rejected until Constantine (and by many long after that). The indigenous European language in Spain was Basque. The indigenous religion was the worship of earth deities like Mari and Sugaar. The Celts perhaps brought a form of Druidism. Later on, many Spanish coastal cities such as Barcelona were founded by Phoenicians from Lebanon and they worshiped Baal. Christianity was a minor affair until after 313 AD / CE, and it is by no means clear that a majority of Spaniards were Christian in 711 when the Muslims began taking over the Iberian Peninsula. Only from 1492 was Islam largely liquidated in Spain, though large numbers of secret Muslims continued to live in Andalusia for perhaps centuries thereafter.

So Christianity had maybe a 400-year lead on Islam in western Europe, and Europeans belonged to neither of them in the heyday of the Roman Empire, the supposed crucible of classical Europe.

Sicily was an Arab Muslim Emirate 831–1072, with profound impacts on southern Italy. They remained a majority on the island until the mid-1200s.

The Ottoman Empire and Islam were central to the history of the Balkans and eastern Europe from the 1200s forward. While it is often thought that the Ottomans only had the Balkans, at some points their sway was much wider than that.

What is now Hungary was Ottoman Hungary 1541 to 1699.

The Ottomans did not simply preside over much of eastern Europe. People converted to Islam, largely voluntarily, or immigrated from Anatolia. European communities such as the Bosnians and Albanians have been Muslim for centuries. Maybe their Islam is a few centuries younger than the Christianity of Hungarians, but both religions came to that region from the Middle East long after the fall of the Roman Empire.

Muslim technology and culture had an impact. In the medieval period, Avicenna (Ibn Sina) and Averroes (Ibn Rushd) had an enormous influence on the Catholic scholastic thinkers. Avicenna’s medical work, the Qanun or Canon, was still taught at Leipzig in the early 1700s. The Muslim observatory at Maragheh in Iran produced astronomical observations that influenced Copernicus.

Ottoman policy deeply influenced the history and culture of eastern Europe, including that of Orban himself. The Ottomans favoured Protestantism and especially Calvinism, playing an important role in protecting them in Hungary and Transylvania. That’s right. The 11.6% of Hungarians who today say they are Calvinists, including Orban himself, are there in some important part because Sultans like Suleyman the Magnificent and Selim II gave their ancestors a refuge in their dominions. Had Hungary been ruled by Catholics then, Protestantism would have likely been virtually wiped out, as it was in Catholic Spain, or, indeed, in the thin strip of Catholic Austrian-ruled western Hungary itself.

That’s right, Viktor Orban’s religious heritage was shaped and made possible by the relatively tolerant Muslim policy in Ottoman Hungary.

French jurist and thinker Jean Bodin (1530–1596) wrote of rulers like Suleyman the Magnificent:

“The great emperor of the Turks does with as great devotion as any prince in the world honour and observe the religion by him received from his ancestors, and yet detests he not the strange religions of others; but on the contrary permits every man to live according to his conscience: yes, and that more is, near unto his palace at Pera, suffers four diverse religions viz. that of the Jews, that of the Christians, that of the Grecians, and that of the Mahometans”

In other words, Bodin’s characterization of the Muslim Ottoman rulers who then were Hungary’s monarchs shows them to have been far superior to today’s Orban, who does not even seem to know that his ancestors benefited from living under their sceptre.


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U.S. Coalition Attack Power Plant in Aleppo*

U.S. Coalition Attack Power Plant in Aleppo*

By Hazem Sabbagh

In blatant violation of international law, warplanes of the U.S.-led alliance violated Syrian airspace and attacked a power plant that feeds Aleppo city, causing a blackout in the city.

A military source told SANA that warplanes of the Washington alliance violated Syrian airspace and attacked civilian infrastructure in Mare’a, Tal Sha’er, and al-Bab in Aleppo countryside on Sunday.

The source added that the warplanes attacked the biggest electric power plant that feeds Aleppo city, which resulted in cutting off power from most neighbourhoods in Aleppo city.

This transgression comes only 8 days after two F-16 warplanes belonging to the alliance targeted two power plants in al-Radwaniye area east of Aleppo city, cutting off power from the area.


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U.K. Scientists Use Brain Stimulation to ‘Make You Stop Believing In God’*

U.K. Scientists Use Brain Stimulation to ‘Make You Stop Believing In God’*

This is proof that the gay agenda and recent mass migration flood into Europe was socially engineered…

The Daily Express is reporting today that scientists are using electromagnets to literally alter (and thus control) people’s thoughts and beliefs.

Before we start talking about how this technology isn’t new, here’s the gist:

A bizarre experiment claims to be able to make Christians no longer believe in God and make Britons open their arms to migrants in experiments some may find a threat to their values…

Using a technique called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS), researchers safely shut down certain groups of neurones in the brains of volunteers.

TMS, which is used to treat depression, involves placing a large electromagnetic coil against the scalp which creates electric currents that stimulate nerve cells in the region of the brain involved in mood control.

Researchers found the technique radically altered religious perceptions and prejudice… Belief in God was reduced almost by a third, while participants became 28.5% less bothered by immigration numbers.

And that little glimpse is just the tip of the modern mind control technology iceberg.

One of the social engineers heading up this study is University of York’s Dr. Keise Izuma, a lecturer in the Psychology Department. His bio on the college’s website says, “My research interests lie in the area of social cognitive neuroscience and include social decision-making, pro-social behaviour, social influence, attitude change, and cognitive consistency (e.g., cognitive dissonance theory, balance theory).”

Just consider that for a moment… “social cognitive neuroscience” to include “pro-social behaviour”. The good doctor co-authored a paper in 2013 titled, “Social manipulation of preference in the human brain.”

Now he’s using brain stimulation to change people’s beliefs in God or the immigrant crisis upsetting so many over in Europe… how very pro-Government of him.

The study was done in collaboration with UCLA’s Dr. Colin Holbrook, whose interests include “Threat-detection, Morality, Aggression, Group prejudice, Evolutionary psychology, Social neuroscience.”

Dr. Holbrook, by the way, just received a $360,000 grant from the U.S. Air Force Research Laboratory for work on “Group Bias and the Attribution of Mental Properties to Allies, Antagonists, and Automata.” Great.

Compare their experiment to a video from four years ago showing BBC reporter Michael Mosley having parts of his brain literally shut off with the same technology. Listen to the extensive list of things scientists can alter or inhibit using electromagnets.

With this technology, a person’s visual cortex can be switched off so he can’t see. The interference can be even more specific, rendering us unable to distinguish faces. They can stop someone from performing basic actions, such as moving limbs or digits. They can stop us from being able to compute numbers, from being able to count, or even from being able to speak.

“You think of something you can do and we’ve basically interfered with it with this machine,” the scientist in the video above says with a smile.

So, by extension, it isn’t surprising certain pro-social behavior neuroscientists with military grants are claiming they can also use this technology to influence or control a person’s thoughts or feelings about something like, say, God. Or making them feel better about a manufactured immigrant crisis. Or vaccines. Or baseball. Or whatever.

And some people still think MKUltra stopped in the 70s.

Surely this technology would come in handy to, I dunno, give the economy that urgently needed boost or influence political beliefs or pacify the masses. Why not.

Well, for one thing, these particular examples require a machine being placed against the skull.

The real question is, do they have technology that allows them to do this without physically placing a machine directly against your head?

You just watched a video in which brain stimulation was used to turn off a man’s ability to speak at will like flipping off a light switch.

A few years ago, all of a sudden there was a rash of journalists having a similar problem. They would be right in the middle of a broadcast, when suddenly, they were rendered unable to speak. All the words coming out of their mouths degraded within seconds into complete gibberish.

Watch this compilation, uploaded 2012.

Later we were told all of these people were reportedly suffering from a complex migraine, the symptoms of which mimic a stroke.

While that may be true, how long have there been TV reporters on air? Since 1952? And how many times, in all those decades, have you witnessed this strange speech impediment in not just one reporter, but five? All of a sudden, there’s a breakout of this occurring multiple times live on air in the same short timespan?

Back in 2010, the same year Mosley was having parts of his brain shut off for a BBC special, the Department of Defense released a news bulletin entitled, “Remote Control of Brain Activity Using Ultrasound,” detailing new research by Dr. William J. Tyler, assistant professor in the School of Life Sciences at Arizona State University, which was funded by a Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) grant.

The concept is very similar to TMS, only its done remotely.

Here are a few excerpts:

Deep-brain stimulating (DBS) electrodes used to treat movement disorders such as Parkinson’s disease require neurosurgery in order to implant electrodes and batteries into patients. Transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) used to treat drug-resistant depression and other disorders do not require surgery, but have a low spatial resolution of approximately one centimeter and cannot stimulate deep brain circuits where many diseased circuits reside.

To overcome the above limitations, my laboratory has engineered a novel technology which implements transcranial pulsed ultrasound to remotely and directly stimulate brain circuits without requiring surgery. Further, we have shown this ultrasonic neuromodulation approach confers a spatial resolution approximately five times greater than TMS and can exert its effects upon subcortical brain circuits deep within the brain.

In 2010, they admitted this could be done remotely.

The next step would reportedly use transducer phased arrays to influence brain circuitry and brainwave activity patterns, in addition to capacitive micromachined ultrasonic transducers (CMUTs) to stimulate the brain.

Technology is almost always presented to the public in the most benevolent light possible. We’re always reassured it is being created under the guise of, say, helping people who have Parkinson’s Disease or for soldiers who suffered traumatic brain injuries on the battlefield, but let’s just cut the crap and be honest with ourselves.

These examples are not the only people these technologies can be used on, and just look at who is funding the majority of it: the military-industrial complex.

Now they’re playing around with altering people’s beliefs and emotions about things like religion and politics.

This is, by far, not the only technology that can alter a person’s brain waves/function. This examples are drops in the barrel.

Consider the socially engineered, ever politically correct world we find ourselves in today. We are standing on the techno-feudalistic precipice where big data will meet Minority Report-style pre-crime. Thought crimes are already being punished. While all technology is of itself inherently neutral, it is who develops and wields that technology and what their true motivations are that should be fully considered here.

Are we set to live in John Carpenter’s 1988 cult classic They Live? In many ways it feels like we’re already there. The question is not can they do it, it’s would they.

Our government has an extensive, well-documented history of researching mind and behavior control for both individuals and the masses. Back in December 1965, as the top secret CIA mind control initiative MKUltra was underway, The New York Times ran an article “Mind Control on Way, Scientist Warns” detailing a chilling takeaway from an annual American Academy of Sciences meeting held in Berkeley, California.

Let’s just leave it here with one more quote.

“This grand new enterprise, this brave new science of the mind, has already made some major advances, and is on the verge of even more significant achievements,” said Dr. Krech [professor of psychology at University of California].

“Perhaps even in some of today’s papers are the beginnings of genuine breakthroughs into the understanding of the mind. If not today, then tomorrow — or the day thereafter, or the year thereafter. I need not spell out for you what such understanding of the mind may mean in terms of the control of the mind.”

“I don’t believe that I am being melodramatic,” Dr. Krech said,

“In suggesting that what our research may discover may carry with it even more serious implications than the awful, in both senses of the word, achievements of the atomic physicists. Let us not find ourselves in their position of being caught foolishly surprised, naively perplexed, and touching full of publicly displayed guilt at what they had wrought.”


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