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Obama Administration is Cutting Aid to the Palestinians by $80mn*

Obama Administration is Cutting Aid to the Palestinians by $80mn*

President Barack Obama meets with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas in the Oval Office in 2009. Between them is an interpreter. (BrokenSphere)

The State Department has notified Congress of its intention to reduce economic aid for the West Bank and Gaza Strip from $370 million to $290 million in the fiscal year that ended Sept. 30, according to Al-Monitor. As violence in the region escalates, congressional sources describe the move as a “message” to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

From Al-Monitor:

The news of the 22% cut from the department’s initial request follows mounting criticism from Congress about Palestinian “incitement” in the rash of stabbing attacks that have left at least 10 Israeli civilians dead over the past three weeks.

“We need to dial up pressure on Palestinian officials to repudiate this violence,” said Rep. Eliot Engel, D-N.Y., the top Democrat on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

The committee voted unanimously Oct. 22 on a resolution taking Abbas and other Palestinian leaders to task for “incitement” of violence against Jewish Israelis, both for recent statements that Israel wants to change the status quo on the Temple Mount and for longtime hate-mongering in Palestinian schools and media. While some Israeli right-wingers such as Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel have advocated for more Jewish access to the controversial site, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has largely maintained the status quo.

The aid cut is a “good first step,” House foreign aid panel chairwoman Kay Granger, R-Texas, told Al-Monitor. She wrote a letter to Abbas along with ranking member Nita Lowey, D-N.Y., on Tuesday warning him that US aid would be “severely jeopardized” if Abbas refuses direct negotiations.

Granger has a hold on the aid request, congressional aides told Al-Monitor, along with House Foreign Affairs Chairman Ed Royce, R-Calif., as they seek more information from the State Department.

The State Department did not respond to requests for comment.

“Given that about one-third of the Palestinian Authority’s budget is financed through foreign aid, international donors have leverage,” Royce said at a hearing Oct. 22 prior to the vote on the resolution.

“They could follow the lead of the U.S. Congress — and make direct funding of the PA off limits until the incitement stops.”

Witnesses at the hearing said previous US denunciations of hateful Palestinian rhetoric have had no effect. They said Abbas, who faces intense pressure from his own people to stand up to Israel’s occupation of the Palestinian territories and its expanding settlements, needs to pay a political price for such statements.

Elliott Abrams, a former deputy national security advisor under President George W. Bush who’s now with the Council on Foreign Relations, recommended such steps as closing the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) office in Washington, sanctioning PA officials and others with visa bans and earmarking US aid for specific programs untainted by corruption. David Makovsky, the director of the Middle East Peace Process at the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, agreed and urged Congress to press Europeans and other Palestinian donors to denounce anti-Israeli incitement.

“These are four different things that are not being done now,” Makovsky said.

Middle East subpanel chairwoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, R-Fla., the initial author of the resolution, for her part called on not just the Palestinians but also Jordan to help defuse tensions. Netanyahu on Oct. 22 urged Secretary of State John Kerry and European Union foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini to press Abbas and Jordan’s King Abdullah to issue a statement that the status quo at the Temple Mount hasn’t been violated.

“Instead of inciting violence and promoting hatred, Abu Mazen [Abbas] needs to call for calm and work with the Israelis to restore the peace,” Ros-Lehtinen said.

“The king of Jordan also has an important role to play as the guardian of Jerusalem’s Islamic holy sites.”

Others urged the United States to replace America’s “transactional” relationship with Abbas — as well as with nondemocratic leaders in the region — with a more “transformational” policy aimed at changing their behavior.

“When he drops dead,” said Jonathan Schanzer of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, “we’re going to have problems.”

The resolution for its part also calls on the PA to work with Israel to reconstitute the Trilateral Commission on Incitement, which was created in 1998 following the Wye River Memorandum. The commission was disbanded after both sides used it for tit-for-tat finger-pointing.

“It became a way to polemicize things by different means,” Makovksy told Al-Monitor.

“I would try to fine-tune how is it done so you minimize the chance of grandstanding and polemics and focus it on, how do you improve at least the official messaging. [Otherwise] the committee can make things worse.”

Royce told Al-Monitor he agreed with Makovksy’s calls for closer cooperation with Europe and said he would put a congressional delegation together.

“It’s good to have a dialogue with the Europeans on this issue at this time to see what we can jointly do,” Royce said. “We should look at other ways to curtail incitement, because now it’s on social media, radio, it’s on television, it’s being taught in the classrooms by the teachers as well.”

“It’s a dialogue that we need to have with the Europeans — and we will have an opportunity.”


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More Banksters Sentenced in Iceland*

More Banksters Sentenced in Iceland*

Iceland has sentenced its 26th banker to prison for the official’s role in the 2008 financial collapse.

The move is representative of Iceland’s post-2008 decision to diverge from the orthodox neoliberal economic thinking of other Western countries, particularly the United States, which bailed out failed banks with $700 billion of taxpayer money.

In 2001, Iceland followed U.S. president Bill Clinton’s lead and deregulated its financial sector. Now the country exercises its proper authority over the activity of banks.

James Woods reports at U.S. Uncut:

“In two separate Icelandic Supreme Court and Reykjavik District Court rulings, five top bankers from Landsbankinn and Kaupping — the two largest banks in the country — were found guilty of market manipulation, embezzlement, and breach of fiduciary duties. Most of those convicted have been sentenced to prison for two to five years. The maximum penalty for financial crimes in Iceland is six years, although their Supreme Court is currently hearing arguments to consider expanding sentences beyond the six year maximum. …

When Iceland’s President, Olafur Ragnar Grimmson, was asked how the country managed to recover from the global financial disaster, he famously replied,

“We were wise enough not to follow the traditional prevailing orthodoxies of the Western financial world in the last 30 years. We introduced currency controls, we let the banks fail, we provided support for the poor, and we didn’t introduce austerity measures like you’re seeing in Europe.

Meanwhile, in America, not one single banking executive has been charged with a crime related to the 2008 crash and U.S. banks are raking in more than $160 billion in annual profits with little to no regulation in place to avoid another financial catastrophe.


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Quartet Meeting agreed on External Support Formula for Political Process in Syria*

Quartet Meeting agreed on External Support Formula for Political Process in Syria*

By Manar al-Frieh, Manal, Hazem Sabbagh

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov affirmed that the participants in the quartet meeting agreed on a formula for external support related to the political process in Syria.

A meeting which brought together foreign ministers of Russia, U.S., Saudi Arabia and Turkey kicked off in Vienna on Friday to discuss the crisis in Syria.

Following the talks which lasted for about two hours in Vienna, Lavrov pointed out that the formula which was agreed on is not final, stressing the need to bring Iran and Egypt on board in the next round of consultations.

Lavrov noted that Russia presented during the meeting certain ideas about the settlement in Syria and informed the other participants about the results of the visit of President Bashar al-Assad to Moscow last Tuesday.

The ministers agreed on the need to preserve Syria as a unified secular sovereign state, Lavrov said.

He noted that there were rumours about agreement at the meeting President al-Assad will leave after a certain time period, but these rumours are baseless, and Russia’s position in this regard was reaffirmed and clarified by Russian President Vladimir Putin in a very recent speech.

Lavrov said that Russia knows how the situation evolves following a “regime replacement” scenario like what happened in Libya and Iraq, and therefore the Russian position can be summed up by saying that the fate of President al-Assad is decided by the Syrian people alone, and not by fighting or political coupes.

He also addressed rumours claiming that Russia is trying to convince President al-Assad to hold early parliamentary elections, saying that such decisions are to be made by the Syrians themselves and therefore they must engage in dialogue, adding that the meeting discussed how to bring the Syrian government and a joint opposition delegation to the dialogue table.

The Minister said that the Americans, Saudis, and Turks have affirmed their commitment to the first Geneva communiqué, adding that this four sides that attended this meeting aren’t enough to resolve the crisis in Syria and more sides must take part, including Security Council members and other states like Egypt, Iran, Qatar, the UAE, and Jordan, stating that 12 influential states should be a sufficient number in this regard.

Lavrov also said that that Russia and Jordan agreed to coordinate between their defence ministries on daily basis regarding counter-terrorism operations in Syria, adding that he offered the Americans, Saudis, and Turks to benefit from this mechanism to facilitate the fighting of terrorism, but so far they haven’t accepted this idea.

Earlier on Friday, Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov held bilateral meetings with U.S. counterpart John Kerry and Jordanian counterpart Nasser Judeh, affirming that It is necessary to hold extensive negotiations between representatives of the Syrian government and a whole spectrum of the opposition.

Lavrov had announced then that the Russian and Jordanian military agreed to create a coordination centre in Amman, which will be used by the two countries to share information on the counter- terrorism operations, calling on other countries to join.

In implementation of the agreement between Syria and Russia to combat international terrorism and eliminate ISIS, Russian aircrafts, in cooperation with the Syrian army’s Air Force has launched since Sep 30th airstrikes against positions of terrorist organizations,  inflicting heavy losses on terrorists.


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‘New World Order’ in School Book*

New World Order’ in School Book*

This is to document the term “New World Order” has appeared in at least one high school textbook. We have ordered both the student and teacher edition of this book in order to analyze and present in a future article.

The book is entitled “Todd & Curti’s the American Nation” written by Paul Boyer and published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston in 1995.

We find the book using chapter 33 for the New World Order chapter very interesting as the number 33 has great occult significance.

Here is the World Catalog information on the “Juvenile Audience” book.

We just received the Teacher Edition of the book and took a couple of photos. We will be going through both the Teacher and Student editions for our own analysis. Just a quick summary from just scanning through it, it looks like it’s promoting a New World Order but we need to go through the entire chapter of both editions for a more accurate assessment.


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U.K. to Take Children Away from Parents if They ‘Might’ Become Radicalized*

U.K. to Take Children Away from Parents if They ‘Might’ Become Radicalized*

Under the Secret Family Court, the U.K. keeps on inventing ways in which to undermine parents, and make the children wards of the state… This is just the latest

If there are two edicts I try to follow whenever I’m writing, they are, first, write what is true and, second, avoid cliche at all costs. I bring that up only as a preface before saying the following: the U.K. is walking down an Orwellian path. It’s nearly the cliche of cliches to say something like this, and yet it happens that the cliche is true. While there is most certainly a real thing known as a threat from Islamic terrorism, there is also such a thing as overreaction. What started as the British government’s attempt to ban extremist thought from social media and television (under the notion that some thoughts are too dangerous to enjoy the freedom that other thoughts deserve) then devolved into the conscripting of teachers that were to be on the lookout for children that might become radicalized. To assist them with this, the government helpfully provided spy-software to use against students. Spy-software which itself was found to be exploitable in the most laughably easy of ways. This employed two of the most horrifying aspects of Orwell’s Oceania: the concept of thought-crime and the employ of citizens to fearfully surveil one another.

And now it seems the U.K. is going even further, adopting Oceania’s reputation for the swallowing up of citizens should they be found suspect of thought-crime by those watchful citizens. Specifically, the Family Division of the Judiciary has put out a memo declaring exactly how it will remove children from the homes of anyone it suspects might radicalize those children. Here’s a snippet.

Recent months have seen increasing numbers of children cases coming before the Family Division and the Family Court where there are allegations or suspicions: that children, with their parents or on their own, are planning or attempting or being groomed with a view to travel to parts of Syria controlled by the so-called Islamic State; that children have been or are at risk of being radicalised; or that children have been or at are at risk of being involved in terrorist activities either in this country or abroad.

Only a local authority can start care proceedings (see section 31(1) of the Children Act 1989 – the police powers are set out in section 46). However, any person with a proper interest in the welfare of a child can start proceedings under the inherent jurisdiction or apply to make a child a ward of court.2 Usually, in cases falling within the description in paragraph 1 above, it will be the local authority which starts proceedings under the inherent jurisdiction or applies to make a child a ward of court, and the court would not expect the police (who have other priorities and responsibilities) to do so. There is, however, no reason why in a case where it seems to the police to be necessary to do so, the police should not start such proceedings for the purposes, for example, of making a child a ward of court, obtaining an injunction to prevent the child travelling abroad, obtaining a passport order, or obtaining a Tipstaff location or collection order. Given the complexities of these cases, I have decided that, for the time being at least, all cases falling within the description in paragraph 1 above are to be heard by High Court Judges of the Family Division.

In other words, the High Court Judges within the Family Division are now tasked with determining whether children will be made wards of the state based solely on suspicions of possible radicalization. Children torn from mothers and fathers in Muslim homes will be subject to the whims and inherently flawed watch of the larger citizenry. A citizenry, mind you, that has had its vigilance unduly ramped up by the government’s past actions and requests. It’s hard to imagine a better recipe for the unfair targeting of Muslim families than this. Unfortunately for all concerned, this same memo imagined just such a recipe, making things even worse.

Judges hearing cases falling within the description in paragraph 1 above will wish to be alert to: (a) the need to protect the Article 6 rights of all the parties;4 (b) the fact that much of the information gathered by the police and other agencies will not be relevant to the issues before the court; (c) the fact that some of the information gathered by the police and other agencies is highly sensitive and such that its disclosure may damage the public interest or even put lives at risk; (d) the need to avoid inappropriately wide or inadequately defined requests for disclosure of information or documents by the police or other agencies; (e) the need to avoid seeking disclosure from the police or other agencies of information or material which may be subject to PII, or the disclosure of which might compromise ongoing investigations, damage the public interest or put lives at risk, unless the judge is satisfied that such disclosure is “necessary to enable the court to resolve the proceedings justly” within the meaning given to those words when used in, for example, sections 32(5) and 38(7A) of the Children Act 1989 and section 13(6) of the Children and Families Act 2014; (f) the need to safeguard the custody of, and in appropriate cases limit access to, any sensitive materials provided to the court5 by the police or other agencies;6…”

It goes on from there, essentially giving courts and law enforcement an absolute free pass to deny the court open access and review of the very intelligence that landed the case before it in the first place. This is a memo designed to create a court system by which Muslim parents will lose their children and won’t even be told why, or have the opportunity to rebut evidence against them, as no evidence need be presented. This isn’t just overreaction, it’s terrifyingly provocative action designed with one target in mind and built on the back of a process designed to be flawed in favour of a government that apparently can’t get its head on straight.

Nobody means to suggest that there is no threat that the U.K. might face from Islamic terrorists and/or extremists. But you simply don’t adopt the tactics of Orwell to combat that threat. Not if you want to claim your own people remain free, that is.


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