U.S. Sending Special Forces to Aid ISIS in Syria*

U.S. Sending Special Forces to Aid ISIS in Syria*

By Stephen Lendman

Washington is desperate to find ways of countering Russia’s effective Middle East agenda – combining formidable military might against terrorism with trustworthy diplomacy, proving Moscow is a valued partner, polar opposite Washington, a rogue bully.

40a92-iuObama’s pledge about no “American combat troops fighting on foreign soil” proved another of his many Big Lies. Thousands of U.S. combat troops already operate in Iraq, along with Special Forces and CIA operatives.

On October 27, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced greater numbers being sent to join them for “direct action on the ground,” he said.

“We won’t hold back” – what’s already ongoing, now heading for Syria. U.S. Special Forces will be deployed to northern areas – illegally without Damascus or Security Council authorization.

Unannounced greater numbers may join them. Their mission: aiding ISIS and other takfiri terrorists, putting them in harm’s way.

What if some are killed by Russian air strikes? How many more U.S. forces are in Syria covertly? Maybe large unannounced numbers, likely operating in unmarked uniforms to conceal their identity.

Their presence won’t change Putin’s mission – over 1,600 terrorist targets already struck with devastating effectiveness, many more to come.

Washington seeks new provocations. Thousands more NATO troops are being deployed near Russia’s borders. Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said these development(s) (aren’t new) as we’ve been talking about how undesirable and dangerous this move is for a long time” – undermining regional and global security, threatening world peace.

Upping the anti in Iraq and Syria raises great cause for concern. It suggests U.S. talks in Vienna to resolve Syria’s conflict aren’t serious. Washington deplores peace and stability, waging endless wars of aggression for unchallenged dominance.

Putin’s intervention changed things. He’s not about to lose the initiative he gained. Expect U.S. efforts to aid ISIS to fail the way its regional agenda is faltering, a major turn of events for the better.


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