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Obama Threatens to Pull Funding from Schools that Disallow Boys Use of Girl’s Bathrooms*

Obama Threatens to Pull Funding from Schools that Disallow Boys Use of Girl’s Bathrooms*

By Dustin Siggins

The Obama administration is continuing its push for transgender teenagers to use facilities of the opposite sex – this time by explicitly threatening to pull federal funding from an Illinois school district and backing a transgender girl’s appeal to use boys’ facilities in Virginia.

In a letter sent to school officials in an Illinois school district, the Office for Civil Rights of the Department of Education declared that it found “by the preponderance of the evidence that the District is in violation of Title IX for excluding Student A from participation in and denying her the benefits of its education program, providing services to her in a different manner, subjecting her to different rules of behaviour, and subjecting her to different treatment on the basis of sex.”

Title IX is a 1972 law designed to prevent discrimination on the basis of sex – which an Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) attorney says has nothing to do with gender identity.

“A federal court in Pennsylvania recently rejected a similar lawsuit filed by a transgender student seeking access to restrooms at a college,” Jeremy Tedesco told LifeSiteNews in June, “ruling that ‘separating students by sex based on biological considerations … for restroom and locker room use simply does not violate the Equal Protection Clause.'”

“The court rejected the Title IX claim for the same reason. It also highlighted that Title IX’s implementing regulations state that schools do not violate Title IX when they ‘provide separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex.'”

The ADF attorney said that the change to Title IX “is not legally binding” and was “politically motivated.”

“In fact, federal regulations expressly state that ‘significant guidance documents’ have no binding legal authority,” he explained.

“Further, the document does not mention access to restrooms and it does not change binding Title IX regulations authorizing schools to create ‘separate toilet, locker room, and shower facilities on the basis of sex.'”

“It would take an act of Congress to include ‘gender identity’ as a protected status under Title IX. The school can defend itself against this lawsuit without losing its federal funding. And it should. Allowing students access to the opposite sex’s restrooms would violate the privacy rights of the vast majority of students and trample the rights of parents as well.”

The Illinois district had attempted to compromise with a teenage boy who identifies as female by saying the student could use a private changing area. “At some point, we have to balance the privacy rights of 12,000 students with other particular, individual needs of another group of students,” said District 211 Superintendent Daniel Cates earlier this year. “We believe this infringes on the privacy of all the students that we serve.”

In a statement issued on Monday, Cates called the federal government’s decision “a serious overreach with precedent-setting implications.” He also told The New York Times that part of the district’s compromise included a privacy curtain in the girls’ locker room.

The Obama administration has also taken up the case for Gavin Grimm, a girl who identifies as a boy, filing a brief with the 4th Circuit Court of Appeals in support of Grimm’s appeal to use boys’ facilities. Grimm sued her school district after the school board voted 6-1 to install gender-neutral bathrooms instead of allowing transgender students to use bathrooms of the opposite sex.

After a public hearing in December 2014, where most people opposed letting females use male restrooms, the board voted to state:

“It shall be the practice of the GCPS to provide male and female restroom and locker room facilities in its schools, and the use of said facilities shall be limited to the corresponding biological genders and students with gender identity issues shall be provided an alternative appropriate private facility.”

Three unisex bathrooms were subsequently installed, but Grimm and the ACLU said this wasn’t good enough, and “subject[ed] [Grimm to discrimination.”

Grimm lost her case, which led to the appeal.


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Cuba Achieved Food Security without Destroying Its Environment*

Cuba Achieved Food Security without Destroying Its Environment*

Cuba achieved food security without destroying its environment, and the rest of the world has taken notice.

Cuba is presenting several of its original biotechnologies at an international business fair this week, drawing further attention to a sector of the Cuban economy that’s been generating substantial interest abroad.

The Cuban Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology presented various biotechnological innovations at the fair: all eco-friendly and bio-degradable alternatives to conventional technologies, which could help the transition toward a more sustainable model of agriculture.

Among them was, “Gavac,” an immunogen that provides for better control over ticks and tick-related infections in cattle, according to Doctor Hector Machado of Cuba’s Heber Biotec company.

Gavac’s formula reduces the use of chemical insecticides, noted Machado, while diminishing the risk of diseases being transmitted by ticks, improving an animal’s natural capacity to respond to an infection without increasing their resistance to treatment.

Gavac has already been commercialized in Venezuela, Mexico, Colombia and Brazil. Its awaiting approval for use in Nicaragua, Panama and Costa Rica.

Other biotechnological products included Acuabio’s range of nutritional complements used in aquaculture in order to boost the growth of larva and enhance their immune systems until they become adults, providing them better defences against infections.

The HeberNem eco-friendly insecticide against roundworms, or nematodes, is also increasingly popular within Cuba, and will be presented in the fair this year.

The fair – one of the largest business events in the Caribbean – aims to attract investment in Cuba. This year, a few dozen U.S. firms are attending the fair, the first time U.S. companies have attended since the fair was launched 33 years ago.

Cuba has been attracting attention in recent years for its model of agriculture, as it has been able to develop cheap and eco-friendly technologies that have helped the country to reach a certain level of food security without damaging the environment. With the environmental and financial challenges the world is now facing, the Cuban model – built in a time of crisis, after the USSR collapsed – is seen as offering potential solutions to many countries in the world.


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Police Accountability App Launches in U.K.*

Police Accountability App Launches in U.K.*

By Michaela Whitton

An app recently launched in the U.K. enables people stopped and searched by police to capture incriminating footage and report the experience instantly.

Designed to hold police officers to account, the new Y-Stop app was developed by two U.K. groups: Release, which advocates for evidence-based drug policies, and StopWatch, a coalition that promotes police accountability. Lawyers will be employed to assess footage.

Stop and search powers in the U.K. allow officers to search a person if they have ‘reasonable grounds’ to believe the individual is in possession of drugs, weapons, stolen property, or anything that could be used to commit a crime.

Figures released by Stopwatch reveal that in London, black people are stopped and searched at just under 3 times the rate of white people. Officers are also allowed to stop and search a person without suspicion through Section 60, and under that provision, black people are searched at nine times the rate of whites. Those of mixed race are searched at four times the rate of white people while Asians are stopped at just under twice that rate.

Created as a response to police misuse of stop and search powers, the app helps the public instantly capture footage of discriminatory, unprofessional, or unlawful actions. Since it launched six months ago, the U.S. version  of the app has been downloaded 170,000 times in California, alone.

A tutorial explains that the app works in two ways: by recording and reporting. After filling in the date and time of the stop, users use a GPS map to pinpoint where the search took place.

After those stopped briefly describe the details of their incident, such as what the officer was looking for, they have two choices: They can send the report just to Y-Stop (which can be done anonymously), or to the police — in which case Y-Stop will get a copy and decide if a lawyer is needed.

Developers have taken into account the possibility that police may take the phone and attempt to delete footage, and as such, designed the app so recorded video and audio information is sent to a server in seconds.


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Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for A321 Bombing Killing *

Russian Source: Saudi Intelligence Responsible for A321 Bombing Killing *

By Gordon Duff

A source with Russian intelligence just confirmed that the Russian government will not announce its preliminary findings on the A321 crash in Sinai.

However, their intelligence solidly names Saudi Arabia as responsible for the bombing which killed 244.  Egyptian intelligence was fully complicit in the terror attack.  The sources stated:  “Half the Egyptians work for Israel, the other half for Saudi Arabia anyway, Egypt has no security services, only paid foreign spies.”

Sources in Moscow say there no doubts whatsoever.

Would the Saudis attempt something like this in Israel’s backyard without involving them somehow? What do you think? Would they do it without the U.S. knowing, when we have guaranteed to protect their security? Inquiring minds would like do know.


Below is our second story on the Russian plane crash, complied soon after the possible bomb on board reports started coming in, and the early Egyptian reports were putting out false information, which is never done casually in an event like this. ..JD

A developing story:   The morning news brought a growing consensus for a bomb having caused the plane to break up in the air. This was not based on  potential evidence at the crash scene, but by elimination of the other possibilities.

Was the downing of the Russian passenger plane done to push Putin into making a mistake, perhaps scuttling the Vienna deal and the Minsk accords and, perhaps even the Iran nuclear deal as well?

If Putin reacts to this outrage, seemingly perpetrated by U.S allies operating under protection of NATO, what can Obama do if Putin decides to push back hard?

The choices are simple, Russia turns the other cheek, Russia hits back openly or surreptitiously or this takes the world to DEFCON 1 in a flash.


The only real evidence involves impossible errors, the initial story of radio calls never made, emergency landings planned for in an imaginary world, confirmed by Al Jazeera with Egyptian officials that never existed.

Then there is the video of the “ISIS shoot down,” easily debunked as a “shoot down” video but an extremely telling piece of evidence.

Team  leader Jim Dean was quick to point out that the video of a plane flying up to 500 miles per hour is hard enough without timing the plane being overhead at the exact moment of a catastrophic mishap.  This is where issues of “structural failure” are quickly dismissed.

Additionally, larger missiles like the BUK, which we are told that Kiev is furnishing to ISIS, leave a contrail that can be seen for hours from a hundred miles away in the clear skies of Sinai or Ukraine.  There was no such contrail, no visible signs of a missile attack.

Wreckage evidence under cursory examination has to be set aside as there is a long history of this kind of evidence being photo-shopped as with 9/11 or doctored as with the Dutch investigation of MH17.

This leaves a bomb planted at Sharm el Sheikh airport, one that could be accurately predicted, not just based on time and altitude but both and perhaps speed as well or even remotely activated through penetration of one of the planes communications systems. This requires a high degree of sophistication, setting off a bomb directly over a video crew.

The key to our investigation was location of the video crew’s position. It required backtracking from the crash site, following the suggested descent time tied to the radar data supplied, based on speed, altitude and deceleration algorithms.

This is an example of how wide open the territory is at the video site, with no one around

This backtracked us approximately 24 miles to the only reachable location, an abandoned Wadi with direct highway ties to well used infiltration routes to Jordan, routes routinely used by Israeli and Saudi special operations units working with terrorists in Sinai.

Then again, we return to the issue of the extreme sophistication of the bomb, it we are talking about a bomb, which is more and more likely.  Familiarity with advanced avionics are key, and this cuts the list of potential players down to few, perhaps even one only.

From here, we look at the issue of “team egress,” how those who planted the bomb, again we note “if it was a bomb,” at the Sharm el Sheikh airport and the additional team responsible for the video.

Both groups would have to get out of Egypt quickly, which can only be done by water. The reason for this is simple.

ISIS receives half of its supplies through Turkey.  The rest are brought through Israel to Jordan, primarily through Aqaba, where barges take them on the very short run, only a few miles, to the rail head inside Jordan which runs them quickly to the Syrian and Iraqi borders and directly to ISIS units in the field.

Thus, the boats needed, the crews, the paid off customs officials, Jordan, Egypt, plus the special operations teams, Israel or Saudi for instance, if those are who can be considered, if a bomb is the real culprit here, make this all more than possible but probable, highly probable.

Then we look to the story that Al Jazeera planted, which held up Egypt closing her border crossings and ports looking for agents of foreign security services who would have been otherwise sought.  Al Jazeera is controlled by the government of Qatar, very much a party to the funding of ISIS and operations inside Syria against that nation and now Russia as well.

Why? There were two big reasons. First is that to video the plane blowing up required knowing when the bomb was going to trigger and approximately where, to be in a position to get the video shot. Gordon and I can tell you that is not something that a rump group of jihadis could do, only a major intelligence agency (or several).

The video also eliminated a possible missile strike as there was no plume. There would have to have been one as the missiles that go that high have to carry a good bit of fuel to deliver 30 pounds of steel shrapnel for a proximity fuse one like the BUK, large and impossible to sneak around in the desert, even with a large sheet over it.

That left only a bomb. So next was a quick update on security at the resort town, which gets a log grade due to the huge number of foreign workers going in and out on all the resort construction projects and the history of bribes to circumvent any regulation imaginable. This included infiltrating a team in to do something nasty, but where getting the out is still a trick.

So that had us concentrating at looking how we would have gotten in to shoot the video, if it is real. First up was the location which thanks to our un-volunteered partner Google Earth we were able to find the approximate position required to match up to the camera angles and the radar recordings of where then plane was struck. Then came doing the math on the debris coming down where it did.

We have that spot marked above as the probable location, and just above it to the right the approximate position of the plane to fit the radar reports and camera angle. There is still an anomaly on the cell phone camera being faked as even at full zoom we do not see how an I- phone could hold a plane at 31,000 feet in frame, being hand held. From my camera experience with my $500 fluid head it would have taken some professional equipment to record this, and then dumbed down to look like a cell phone camera.

More analysis will confirm, or not, hence we are not claiming “who done it”, just a “most probable at” this point. If we were working for a government it would be asking for an early assessment on the most likely suspect. We are sharing some of the analysis behind what would typically be done, the logistics analysis.

Next came looking for how a video team would have gotten and, and then even harder, getting out. We first focused on the two Israel border crossings to the East as they were closest and Israel is always a top suspect in operations like this, especially where children are killed as they have a lot track record for going it.

But the low traffic between the two countries at these crossings is riskier for being noticed, going in, and more so, going out. So although we did find roads from the east that allowed access from Israel, we backed up and looked for alternates. We then spotted the main east-west road from Aqaba, Jordan, with lots of traffic where it is easy to blend in.

That road was a good bit south of the crash so we next had to zoom quite a bit to find a viable road going north…and found one, a lightly use one, straight as an arrow through what appeared to be a few abandoned facilities, the perfect set up to have put a team in the day before to be ready in the morning. We are showing one of those below.

Aqaba is the city version of Rick’s Cafe from the movie Casablanca, one of the most active espionage transit censers in the Mideast. You have the huge CIA facility in Jordan, and the Saudi one, too. And then Israel’s border ends their, also.

The ferry from Jordan was the most attractive route as it connects to the main east-west highway with lots of traffic to blend into and where any customs issues can be quickly resolved with a few hundred dollars. The major Intel orgs have fast lanes to get through these places when needed.

Wadi Geryed, Sinia, pre-staging overnight position for a video team – one we would have picked with some “view blocking” facilities

That completed our finding a very good way for a team to have gotten in, but where getting out was still tricky as after an event like this you can face road blocks and dragnets. So you have to have multiple exit routes, and more importantly, some time to exit the area before a major security alert goes out. The Aqaba exit would have been the quickest and the best, to be out of the country ASAP.

The map below shows that route in more detail so you can see how closely all three countries are at that point, Jordan to the right, Israel’s Elat north, and Egypt on the left where the main highway is from their port.

Aqaba, Jordan crossing point by ferry

The last big clue we had was the confusion with the early report of the pilot reporting “technical difficulties” and requesting to land in Cairo, not a big deal initially in terms of what was to come.. That communication was widely published and ran all day while the focus was on getting to the plane wreckage.  When the video alleged to have been from ISIL popped up it was generally thought to be bogus because we knew they have nothing to shoot down a plane at that altitude. We ran it anyway with qualifiers on it.

But by late afternoon, the Egyptian officials “confirmed” that there had been NO pilot communication or emergency signal sent. That meant the earlier report was the screw-up of all times, a firing squad offense…inconceivable to see how such a mistake could be made.

But now we are viewing that as a cover story to give an infiltration team the time needed to get out before a terrorism strike report locked at the nearby borders, which would have included Aqaba. So next the focus went over to tracking down who had planted the early bogus story of the pilot communication .

Gordon’s quick search, about one minute, turned up that Al Jazeera story first broke the story, from an unnamed Egyptian official (totally pulled out of thin air) or, as is more than likely, was manufactured on the need to create a temporary window allowing terrorist cells or special operations squads to “get out of Dodge” undetected.

This story was never meant to last and Al Jazeera obviously didn’t care that they would be found either utterly incompetent or complicit.  Those “in the know” have long been aware that Al Jazeera is an intelligence agency front.

There was, as we now know, no Egyptian source. This was part of the cover up.

The teams involved were tracked from Jordan by boat to Egypt and across land as shown in the graphic above.


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Captured Israeli Officer Details Israeli-ISIS Plan to Wipe-out all Islamic and Muslim Culture and Prevent Religions Coming Together*

Captured Israeli Officer Details Israeli-ISIS Plan to Wipe-out all Islamic and Muslim Culture and Prevent Religions Coming Together*

By Nahed Al-Husaini

Editorial note:  When Elon Shahak was captured on October 18, 2015 by an Iraqi militia special operations unit, he identified himself as a “Brigadier General.”  Two days later, well after Veterans Today broke the story, the Iranian news agency, FARS reported he was only a Colonel while the Jerusalem Post asserted “he is not Benny Gantz,” in their “non-denial-denial” intended to calm General or Colonel Shahak’s captors…JD

Captured Israeli Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak from the Golani Brigade exposed Israel’s conspiratorial role in the Middle East Region by citing that ISIS and other terror organizations are enslaved to its orders. Israel was behind the abolishment of the precious historic monuments and the theft of masterpieces in Iraq and Syria.

Golani Brigade detaining children on the occupied West Bank, known as Israel’s most cowardly and brutal

Moreover, it runs sleeper cells with the cooperation of the treachery coalition to bring to ground what is left from the Middle East. The final goal is total destruction for the emergence of the Satan from the black hole that will rule the world.

Obama-Putin Road map 

In the same context, the Vienna accord draws a new Sikis-Pico map as the main players entered the game directly. All countries will have to make painful concessions, and division of Syria and/or Iraq is the worst scenario that will be awaiting the victim and the victimizer.

Further notes from the Shahak interrogation:           

Information Office of Foreign Affairs Commissioner in the USA Parliament (international) and European Department for Security and information Secretary General Ambassador Dr. Haitham Abu Said confirmed  that the Israeli prisoner captured by the popular army in Iraq on Oct. 19, 2015 Colonel Yossi Elon Shahak, whose military  NO is (AZ 231434)  with sequence (RE34356578765) from the Golani Brigade.

Shahak has been removed from his detention few days ago and moved sequestered.  U.S. International Parliament private sources say that a regional power which is coordinating with the Iraqi popular army in Iraq stood in on the details of Shahak ‘s case before being transferred and has listened to the statements that he made.

[ Editor’s note:  We are assuming that Iranian military intelligence handled the interrogation of Shahak.]

In his statements, Shahak pointed out that Israeli security agents monitored and developed plans for ISIS field operations in order to ensure that the organization would stick to the larger plan designed for the Middle East

He added that part of the plan was the bombing of all monuments and religious sites, and if the plan was botched, then it could be resorted to ruins theft, in order to eliminate all Arab and Islamic cultural inheritance.

Shahak further noted that Israel directed ISIS to commit crimes under the slogans of Islam in order to eliminate calls for peaceful dialogue between the religions. According to Shahak, ISIS’ acts of theatrical terror were intended to panic the European Union, already deeply stressed by Islamic expansion in the West.

The contrived refugee crisis was, as Shahak continued, simply another step in the planned “clash of civilizations” with Israel as “last man standing.”

The detainee said that there was a plan for instigating a sectarian sedition in some areas in order to stoke Sunni-Shiite civil strife.  This is done to facilitate the Region Division Plan that falls within the three stages, starting from Syria, but it was derailed in Iraq by the popular army during the presence of the U.S. military in Baghdad.

Also, in order to bring the project into activation, The Yemeni front was opened, taking advantage of the various religious doctrines there, where there are sleeper cells working for Israel, in coordination with an Arab country, to facilitate the movement of entry and exit of those cells and the supply of fighters with all the necessary devices and military equipment.

In a separate context , MFA Bou-Said pointed out that the “YINON” plan is still workable for the Middle East and the Vienna agreement has not brought anything new in this regard, but there are very dangerous points that serve as the project foundation stone, such as the rights of the ethnic and religious sects are reserved without addressing their political freedom.

In addition, the plan will leave ISIS as the only source of “official” terrorism while inviting other parties, all covertly controlled, to start a political dialogue with the Syrian government, for the future of Syria and the region, noting that many of these parties belong to internationally banned groups and their programs are religious extremist.


أكّد المكتب الاعلامي للمفوّض الأعلى لشؤون الخارجية في البرلمان الاميركي (الدولي) وامين عام المنظمة الاوروبية للامن والمعلومات السفير الدكتور هيثم ابوسعيد ان المعتقل الاسرائيلي في العراق على يد الحشد الشعبي بتاريخ ١٩ تشرين الاول ٢٠١٥ العقيد يوسي ايلون شاحاك والذي يحمل الرقم العسكري (a z 231434)وتسلسل(re34356578765)  في لواء جولاني قد تمّ إخراجه من مكان حجزه منذ ايام الى جهة اكثر أماناً حيث لا يمكن ان يقوم احد بمغامرة من اجل إنقاذه. وأشارت المصادر الخاصة بالبرلمان الاميركي الدولي انه قامت جهة أمنية إقليمية بالتنسيق مع جهات قيادية في لجان شعبية محليّة في العراق خلال زيارة سرية من اجل الوقوف على تفاصيل القضية قبل نقله وبعد ان استمعت الى الأقوال الذي أدلى بها. والبيان عن شاحاك كان قد أشار الى وجود عناصر أمنية منذ فترة طويلة تقوم بمراقبة وتضع الخطط للعمليات الميدانية لتنظيم داعش من اجل ضمان سير التنظيم ضمن الخطة المرسومة له على مستوى الشرق الاوسط. ومن ابرز العمليات التي أشار اليها خطة استكمال تفجير كل المعالم الاثرية والدينية، وان تعذّر ذلك أوجب سرقتها من اجل القضاء على كل الإرث الحضاري العربي والإسلامي، بالاضافة الى ارتكاب جرائم تحت شعارات إسلامية من اجل القضاء على الدين الاسلامي الداعي للحوارات والسلم والتآخي والذي بات امتداده في الغرب قوي وهذا ما ازعج الكثيرين من المتابعين والخبراء في الشأن المذكور. واشار المعتقل بحسب المعلومات الدقيقة الواردة انه كان هناك فتنة مذهبية يُعدّ لها من خلال قيام عمليات قتل في مناطق ذات طابع طاءفي معيّن من اجل تأجيج اكثر الرأي العام السني بغية تسهيل وتقبّل قضية تقسيم المنطقة لاحقاً والتي تدخل ضمن مراحل ثلاث يبدأ طلاءعه من سوريا بعد عرقلته في العراق من قبل اللجان الشعبية إبان وجود الجيش الاميركي في بغداد. ومن اجل تفعيل المشروع توسّع نطاق الاعمال العسكرية لتفتح على مصراعيها في اليمن مستفيدين من وجود مذاهب مختلفة فيها، واِعتُبرت ارضية خصبة لذلك المشروع حيث هناك خلايا لهم تعمل بالتنسيق مع جهات ذات طابع إسلامي شكلاً بالاضافة الى حصول تسهيلات من احدى الدول العربية لتسهيل حركة دخول وخروج هذه الخلايا وإمداد المقاتلين بكل ما يلزم من اجهزة وعتاد عسكري.

وفي سياقٍ منفصل لفت السفير ابو سعيد الى انّ خطة “ينون” ما زالت قائمة بكل مفاعيلها على مستوى منطقة الشرق الاوسط واتفاق فيينا لم يأتِ بجديد في هذا الصدد بل هناك نقاط خطيرة هي بمثابة الحجر الأساس في المشروع. ومن اخطر ما جاء لجهة حقوق الشعب السوري العرقية والدينية محفوطةٌ دون التطرق إلى الحريات السياسية بالإضافة إلى حصر الإرهاب فقط بتنظيم الدولة الإسلامية “داعش” ودعوة باقي الأفرقاء إلى حوار مع الحكومة السورية بغية إشراكهم في العملية السياسية لمستقبل سوريا والمنطقة، علماً أن الكثير من هذه التنظيمات محظورة دوليا وبرنامجها غير علماني وإنما ديني متطرّف.  


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Europe Drops Charges Against Edward Snowden, Offers Asylum And Protection*

Europe Drops Charges Against Edward Snowden, Offers Asylum And Protection*

Do you trust this move?

This week, the European Parliament voted to offer Edward Snowden asylum and protection and drop all criminal charges against him.

When at one time most of the world was bullied by the U.S. government into pressing charges against Snowden and forcing him into exile, the entire European continent has now officially given him a pass.

Thursday’s 285 – 281 vote officially recognized Snowden as an “international human rights defender” and ensured that he would be free from arrest within European borders.

The final resolution mentioned that “too little has been done to safeguard citizens’ fundamental rights following revelations of electronic mass surveillance.”

Snowden is currently living in asylum in Russia and is wanted in the United States for charges under the federal Espionage Act, but Russia has declined to extradite him. He has been unable to leave due to the fear of being kidnapped by the U.S. military when he left the country, but now it may be possible for him to travel to Europe. Snowden posted on his Twitter page that this could be a good sign of a shift in attitude towards his cause. Earlier this year, it was reported that a federal appeals court ruled that the controversial NSA spy program which collects phone records is actually illegal.

Snowden recently joined Twitter, making himself more visible and approachable to the general population than ever before.

Within a day of opening his first social media account since leaking information about the NSA spy program, Snowden gained over one million subscribers. However, there was only one account that he decided to follow, the NSA. The whistleblower’s first tweet read, “Can you hear me now?


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Why the West is Terrified of Muslims Reading History…*

Why the West is Terrified of Muslims Reading History…*

This is not just about Muslims, but the ‘polishing’ of practices that is being applied now to global social engineering to eradicate personal and geographical sovereignties so that we would all accept the slavery of the New World Order…

Who are the Muslims?

It is this fundamental question which cuts to the very heart of a global Muslim awakening. It is this question which explains why Western powers are currently murdering their way across the Muslim world. In our history lies the answers, not only to who we are, but also the reason behind the need to eradicate our history and supplant it with one made in the dark corridors of European powers.

In 1915 a small cabal of Western notables such as Churchill, Kitchener and the then Prime Minister Lloyd George met. Driven by their Christian beliefs, financial gain and a hatred of Islam, they plotted the re-structuring of the Muslim world and most importantly the restructuring of Muslim identity.

They realised that by breaking African slaves’ link to their pasts and distorting their self image, they were able to create a pacified, compliant people. Black leaders such as Fredrick Douglass and Malcolm X illustrated how vital this deliberate distortion was in the continued subjugation of their people. In their autobiographies they highlighted the destructive effect this had on the minds of black people to the extent it made them hate the very skin they were born in — and taught them to hate each other.

By the First World War, Western leaders had perfected their psychological cudgel and they used it to full effect, whilst carving up the Ottoman Empire. Naomi Klein, in her excellent book The Shock Doctrine, explains when Western Governments wanted to change the way people thought, it was best to do so after a significant trauma. For in that moment, people would lose their sense of orientation in the world; how they understood themselves and in this confused state — a new narrative could be implanted.

As the colonisers brutalized those they now occupied, the shocked populace were given a new narrative, deliberately intended to break their spirit. The social engineering was interwoven into the very apparatus of the newly created ‘Muslim States. Prior to the restructuring, the Muslim world saw themselves as Muslim. In the new world the Muslims saw themselves in a myriad of ways — as Arabs, Kurds, Turks etc, who were further fragmented into the newly manufactured identities of Syrians, Iraqis, Lebanese or Jordanians etc.

Much like many Hindus or Buddhists see themselves today. Islam itself would not be eradicated — simply changed — by muting its political voice. Those who accepted their new identities would still be allowed to follow the rituals of Islam as long as they did not speak of the ethical demands of their Prophet’s message. This original understanding of Islam — to uphold justice on Earth — was the priority, with the ritual simply upholding this mission. Now this has been reversed.

The colonizers promoted a passive, apolitical version of the original revolutionary message of Muhammad (pbuh) the same way Christianity’s ethical message was undermined by the political powers at the time, by inserting the Biblical words “Give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and give unto God what is God’s.” In short pray to God — but leave the world to us.

The map drawn up by the Sykes-Picot Agreement that would manufacture new nations for the Muslims.

Equally, if the colonial masters could convince Muslims that they were spiritually Muslims but politically Palestinians, Pakistanis, Bangladeshis — and so on — then their national vision would always be limited to the needs of that individual nation. There could be no global Muslim cause. No united Muslim freedom struggle, only a localised nationalistic one. A people could never rise in unity, if they no longer saw themselves as a single unified oppressed people. This is the genius of changing the identity of those you rule.

While this benefited Western powers, it has destroyed the Muslim world. As a result, violence, chaos and senseless death has become the order of the day in the Muslim world. The Prophet (pbuh) long ago predicted the continuing chaos near the end of time saying,

“I see pain falling on your houses like rain.” His prediction has proven correct.

Over the following century the Muslim world would go through continuous trauma. Extreme ideologies would take root due to internal and external players. The West continued its plan of backing secularist dictators and at the same time supporting the puppet Kingdoms of Uber conservative clergy. Both would ruthlessly do whatever it took to keep power. The desperate oppression the populations now lived under was the incubator for a violent and extreme reaction.

A relatively safe and stable Muslim world had previously produced liberal-minded philosophers; poets and men of science; created marvels like the Taj-Mahal; and brought enlightenment to Europe through Muslim Spain. Now that same Muslim world produced broken, angry men, who had lost all hope in a world of poverty, repression and endless brutal wars. Men who had no direction. A lost people.

For this reason the Muslim world has become an increasingly intolerant place. Religious groups too became increasingly intolerant, especially of other religious groups. Without an Islam that gave them an ethical purpose for the world, their minor ritual and theological differences became bitter differences. They looked for internal enemies in theology to fight and ignored the giant global war the external enemies were waging.

Despite this a new phenomenon was occurring, one that was a real threat to the neo-colonial order. Pragmatic Muslim political thinkers started to emerge. And it was these thinkers who started to decode their place in the world. They started to rediscover their history and, through it, the slow process of unravelling what their colonial masters and nationalist dictators had long sought to erase from their consciousness — a free, pre-colonial identity.

These Muslims now started to see themselves as believers in ONE struggle to free their people — and this idea started to spread. A Muslim identity started to re-emerge out of the ashes.

To Global Powers this meant a challenge to the order they had imposed upon the Muslims. To protect that order and destroy the Muslim awakening at its embryonic stage, the Western powers went to war: thus the subsequent invasions, dictators, droning of villages across the Muslim world; the kidnapping of tens of thousands of Muslims from their homes in the dark of night, to be transported across the world to even darker prisons to be tortured to death were all done to stop a new identity becoming a political force.

It is the re-emergence of the Muslim identity; the reawakening of the central premise of Islam; that is re-shaping the whole Muslim world—and in the process — bringing down a world order.

I leave you with the words of Malcolm X


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