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White Supremacists Behind Mass Shootings at Black Churches and Synagogues*

White Supremacists Behind Mass Shootings at Black Churches and Synagogues*

By Aviva Shen

Three white supremacists plotting to bomb and shoot up black churches and synagogues were charged Monday with a felony after allegedly attempting to buy guns and explosives from an undercover FBI agent. The two men, based in Virginia, were preparing for a “race war,” according to the FBI, by buying up land and weapons.

The FBI claims that Robert Doyle and Ronald Beasley Chaney were holding a meeting “to discuss acting out in furtherance of their extremist beliefs by shooting or bombing the occupants of black churches and Jewish synagogues, conducting acts of violence against persons of the Jewish faith, and doing harm to a gun store owner.” The two were charged with conspiracy to buy firearms as convicted felons. Another man, Charles Halderman, was charged with conspiracy to commit robbery.

The group subscribes to a “a white supremacy extremist version of the Asatru faith,” a neo-pagan Icelandic religion akin to the Nordic version practiced by the white supremacist who shot up a synagogue in Kansas last year.

Terrorist acts by white supremacists and right-wing extremists is on the rise. Though anti-Muslim racial profiling, surveillance and discrimination has characterized the post-9/11 response to terrorism, right-wing extremists have claimed more lives than jihadists since the 2001 attacks. According to the Southern Poverty Law Center, attacks by white supremacists and anti-government extremists are becoming nearly a monthly occurrence.

Yet most Americans don’t believe Dylann Roof’s attack on Emanuel A.M.E. Church, which killed nine African Americans, should count as “terrorism.”

Since the massacre in Charleston, many other churches have suffered arson attacks in South Carolina and elsewhere. Last month, seven churches in St. Louis were set on fire. Though no one has yet connected the events or discovered racist motives, the attacks are reminiscent of the fires set by white supremacists groups like the Ku Klux Klan a century ago to terrorize black churches across the South.


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Congress Block Guantánamo Closure*

Congress Block Guantánamo Closure*

By Jenna McLaughlin

The Senate, by a veto-proof 91-3 margin, passed a revamped defence spending bill on Tuesday that still contains provisions intended to prevent President Obama from closing Guantánamo Bay prison.

The bill already passed the House 370-58, also more than enough votes to override a veto, should it come to that.

Obama vetoed the bill last month, citing both funding disagreements and language intended to ban all transfers of Guantánamo prisoners to the United States, heighten the barrier to shift them overseas, and prohibit moves to specific countries.

Since then, lawmakers essentially acceded to his budget demands, cutting funding for sweetheart programs and authorizing $715 million to help Iraqi forces fight Islamic State rebels, among other changes.

But the Guantánamo provisions remain.

Obama cited the bill’s Guantánamo problems as some of the most important in a rare veto-signing ceremony on October 23.

“This legislation specifically impeded our ability to close Guantánamo in a way that I have repeatedly argued is counterproductive to our efforts to defeat terrorism around the world,” he said.

“Guantánamo is one of the premiere mechanisms for jihadists to recruit. It’s time for us to close it. It is outdated; it’s expensive; it’s been there for years. And we can do better in terms of keeping our people safe while making sure that we are consistent with our values.”

What Obama does now is not clear. Even when not faced with veto-proof majorities, he has caved to Congressional demands about Guantánamo before, first threatening vetoes then signing the bills anyway.

Closing the controversial Cuban military lock-up has been a goal for Obama since his first full day in office in 2009. He vowed by executive order to close it within a year, but Republicans in Congress began chipping away immediately.

Obama might get more committed with only a few months left to go in his presidency, however. The White House has hinted at a last ditch effort to close the prison and send detainees to a new facility in the United States; representatives have been shopping around in Colorado, Kansas, and South Carolina for a new prison site. Obama could go out on his own and try to close the prison with a new executive order.

As former Obama administration lawyers Gregory Craig and Cliff Sloan argued in a Washington Post opinion piece on Saturday, Obama doesn’t need Congress’s permission.

“Under Article II of the Constitution, the president has exclusive authority to determine the facilities in which military detainees are held. Obama has the authority to move forward. He should use it,” they wrote.


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Welsh Town Tax Rebellion Uses Big Corporations ‘offshore’ to Avoid Tax on Local Business*

Welsh Town Tax Rebellion Uses Big Corporations ‘offshore’ to Avoid Tax on Local Business*

By Adam Sherwin

When independent traders in a small Welsh town discovered the loopholes used by multinational giants to avoid paying U.K. tax, they didn’t just get mad.

Now local businesses in Crickhowell are turning the tables on the likes of Google and Starbucks by employing the same accountancy practices used by the world’s biggest companies, to move their entire town “offshore”.

Advised by experts and followed by a BBC crew, family-run shops in the Brecon Beacons town have submitted their own DIY tax plan to HMRC, copying the offshore arrangements used by global brands which pay little or no corporation tax.

The Powys tax rebellion, led by traders including the town’s salmon smokery, local coffee shop, book shop, optician and bakery, could spread nationwide.

Crickhowell residents want to share their tax avoidance plan with other towns, in a bid to force the Treasury into legislation to crack down on loopholes which allowed the likes of Amazon to pay just £11.9m of tax last year on £5.3bn of U.K. internet sales.

A town dominated by independent businesses, some of which have been passed down three generations, Crickhowell traders recently fought off a high street planning application from a large supermarket chain.

In the BBC2 documentary, The Town that Went Offshore, the residents express their anger at companies including Caffé Nero, which has not paid corporation tax in the U.K. since 2008, despite recording sales worth £1.2 billion.

The film, presented by Heydon Prowse, co-creator of the BBC Three series The Revolution Will Be Televised, follows the Crickhowell shopkeepers as they travel to the Isle of Man, where Caffé Nero’s parent company is based for tax purposes.

Jo Carthew, who runs Crickhowell’s Black Mountain Smokery, which sells local artisan produce, with her family, said:

“We were shocked to discover that the revenue generated by hard-working employees in these British high street chains isn’t declared. We do want to pay our taxes because we all use local schools and hospitals but we want a change of law so everyone pays their fair share.”

“Until now, these complicated offshore tricks have only been open to big companies who can afford the lawyers’ fees. But we’ve put our heads together, and worked out a way to mimic them. It’s jolly clever.”

Mrs Carthew said the traders had a “very good meeting” with HMRC when they submitted their offshore tax plan for approval.

“It’s a threat to the Government because if they don’t act this could be rolled out to every town. Everything we have proposed is legal.”

George Osborne has pledged to introduce a “Google tax”, hitting large technology companies which divert their profits overseas. But Heydon Prowse said:

“As soon as one loophole is closed, another one opens. The Crickhowell traders are sick and tired of shouldering the burden for the entire system. They don’t get invited to cosy chats with HMRC top brass like the major corporations but they are the backbone of the British economy.”

The Welsh traders also visit Amsterdam, where a sweet heart tax deal struck between Starbucks, which pays no corporation in the U.K., and Dutch officials, has now been ruled unlawful state aid by the European Commission.

Steve, a Crickhowell coffee shop owner Steve said:

“I have always paid every penny of tax I owe, and I don’t object to that. What I object to is paying my full tax when my big name competitors are doing the damnedest to dodge theirs.”

One of the town’s traders discovered that he paid seven times more in corporation tax than Facebook, which paid less than £5,000 in the U.K. last year.

Made by Renegade Pictures, the documentary will be screened in 2016 as part of BBC Two’s Britain’s Black Economy season, which explores how different levels of society are finding loopholes in the system.


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U.K. Bans Gaza Medical Experts from Joining Kingston University Conference*

U.K. Bans Gaza Medical Experts from Joining Kingston University Conference*

File: Medical teams treat a man and small boy in Gaza after his pregnant wife and daughter were killed in the illegal Israeli strike on his home.

By Jonathan Owen

A decision by Britain to refuse a group of Palestinian medical experts from Gaza permission to participate in an international conference at Kingston University on trauma in war zones has been condemned by campaigners.

Three doctors and a nurse who work for the Ministry of Health in Gaza, and were due to give presentations at the conference taking place this weekend, have had their visa requests refused by British authorities.

In addition to the four mental health specialists refused entry, Dr Nahida Al-Arja, a psychologist from Bethlehem University, has had her visa application rejected.

A letter by the U.K. Palestine Mental Health Network, co-organisers of the conference, published in the Independent, says:

It is beyond our comprehension how such an interference with intellectual and clinical discussion on such an important topic could be justified. This is a measure that further isolates clinicians from Gaza, already struggling under the impact of military assaults and siege,”

It adds:

“We urge the U.K. authorities to reverse this decision immediately, and to resolve to nurture, rather than undermine, urgently needed psycho-social support services for the people of Gaza.”

And Dr Mohamed Altawil, director, Palestine Trauma Centre (PTC), and one of the conference’s co-organisers, said:

This refusal is completely unjustified and a direct abuse of basic human rights. Neither will it help peace and conflict resolution in the area.”

He added:

“The people from Gaza were being sponsored by the World Health Organization to come to the UK. The British consulate in Amman refused them because they thought if they arrived in London, they might not go back to Gaza. Another reason, they said that they do not have sufficient finances. They mentioned in the refusal that they do not have right to appeal.”

In the case of Dr Al-Arja, it is understood that the forms were incomplete.

David Harrold, chair of the PTC’s board of trustees, commented:

“This is an international conference that has speakers from the U.K., the US, Italy, Finland – and from Israel. The British authorities, by making this decision to exclude Palestinian psychologists from attending, are showing a prejudice and discrimination that the conference organisers have clearly avoided. They should reverse this shameful refusal of visas immediately.”

The concerns were echoed by Tony Laurance, chief executive of Medical Aid for Palestinians, who said:

“It is vital that Britain supports Palestinian clinicians in accessing this kind of training in view of their isolation and lack of training opportunities.”

Reasons why visas may be refused range from cases where individuals have a criminal record to instances where people are suspected of wanting to stay illegally, but they also include cases where allowing entry to Britain could have a negative effect on foreign policy.

Richard Burden MP, chair of the Britain-Palestine All-Party Parliamentary Group, demanded answers last night.

“Palestinians’ freedom of movement is regularly disrupted for no good reason by Israel’s walls and checkpoints in the West Bank and its blockade on Gaza…I am making urgent enquiries of the government to find out why they are trying to stop the Palestinian doctors going to the Conference.”


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Parents Stop Unethical Forced HPV Vaccine*

Parents Stop Unethical Forced HPV Vaccine*

It took exactly one month to the day for an activated Indiana population to turn back efforts by their state’s health department to coerce and pressure parents, outside of law, into having their children receive the potentially dangerous human papillomavirus vaccine (HPV).

Kids Flee Deadly Vaccine by David DeesIndependent health journalist Jefferey Jaxen was contacted by two separate families telling of letters they received by their state’s health departments regarding their child’s HPV vaccine status. An article chronicling the incidents was immediately published to raise awareness on October 5th, 2015.

Investigation revealed that the official health department letters received did not state whether or not the HPV vaccine was mandatory. This grey area created confusion and anger as many states are currently moving to pass mandatory vaccination laws with potentially severe penalties. What was more striking was the fact that the children, who were named in the official state letters, were found because of their inclusion into a vaccine tracking list. The problem was that the parents never knowingly consented to their child’s participation and inclusion onto this list. Investigations revealed that every state has a vaccine tracking list, or immunization information system, for children. With each step to coerce parents, omit vital information, and unethically push vaccines on children, states are losing major integrity.

Activated Parents Are Unstoppable
Indiana parents, along with the American Family Association of Indiana, send letters, emails, and made phone calls protesting the intrusion by the State’s government into private affairs along with other vaccine related concerns prompted by the HPV letter. After one month, obtuse officials caved and were forced to comply with the will of its citizens. The (Fort Wayne) Journal Gazette reported on November 6th, 2015 that the Indiana State Department of Health has revised a letter sent to about 305,000 parents of Indiana children with no record of having started the three-dose vaccine for human papillomavirus, or HPV.

The revised letter now truthfully states that the HPV vaccine is not required by the State of Indiana, information that was previously omitted. The new letter also prominently points out that the Indiana State Department of Health regularly reviews immunization records reported to the state’s Children and Hoosier Immunization Registry Program, or CHIRP, and includes a link to have a child’s information permanently removed from the registry. Commenting on state intrusion into a parent’s medical choice, Indiana Governor Mike Pence commented, “I think it is a decision that’s best left to parents in consultation with their doctors.”

The Greater Good for Who?

It should always be remembered that the HPV vaccines, Gardasil and Cervarix, are private products of a corporation. Glaxo Smith Kline, the makers of Gardasil, have paid out more that $9.1 billion in a variety of lawsuits and major convictions since 2003. Worldwide, the damage and efficacy of Gardasil and Cervarix is being reviewed by many regulatory health agencies and oversight bodies. In addition, the vaccine has been the centre of countless lawsuits and legal actions worldwide.

The European Union’s European Medicines Agency (EMA) who convened a Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) in response to mounting HPV vaccine damage among European Union teenagers. The SAC is looking at 13,915 cases of HPV related damage. In 2013, the Japanese Health Ministry rescinded its recommendation for the use of HPV vaccines Gardasil and Cervarix. The removal of these shots was prompted after mounting evidence of serious adverse side effects and incongruent science. Japan has refused to add the shot back to the schedule to date. A report in 2014 by the U.S. Government Accountability Office looking at the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program, which has paid out well over $3 billion in vaccine damages, stated:

11 percent of claims filed since fiscal year 1999 were still in process (pending) as of March 31, 2014…”

In some instances, however, a vaccine can have severe side effects, including death or an injury requiring lifetime medical care.

For those unaware of the current battle to turn back mandatory vaccination and secure medical choice in the United States, this move by the Indiana State Department of Health is a major victory. It represents a previously rare acknowledgement from a governmental body to the demands and concerns around vaccines raised by parents. In addition, this is a win for independent journalists and the alternative media who represents the true voice of the people and the free expression of ideas.


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