Parents Continue to Resist Ontario Child Sex Grooming*

Parents Continue to Resist Ontario Child Sex Grooming*

The moral bankruptcy of Western society is illustrated by the fact that the Ontario government is imposing a “sex ed” program designed by a man paedophilia.  But as Thomas Carter reports, parents continue the fight against a program that amounts to child sexual abuse. 

By Thomas Carter

Although things seemed quiet since the spring protests, Parents as First Educators (PAFE) have been leading the battle on several fronts.

In June the Sex Ed issue was brought to Catholic school boards across the province. After a motion to delay the curriculum was narrowly defeated  at the Halton Hills Catholic Board, police were called after an unhappy group of parents expressed their ire at the Board Chair, Jane Michael.

A few weeks later, the York District Catholic Board informed parents that the curriculum would be delayed until at least February 2016.  Blogger Lou Iacobelli  revealed that the French Catholic Board which represents 8 schools would also be delaying the curriculum.

In response to the protests Wynne’s government released a (very repulsive) online video advertisement promoting the curriculum. PAFE responded with an online campaign to ‘dislike’ the video which forced Wynne and company remove it and reload it. The video is up again and has several thousand ‘dislikes’ and less than 30 ‘likes.’

The largest protest took place in Thorncliffe Park where 50% of the students were absent during the protest. And not all of those children came back which has led to three teachers being let go as a result of declining enrolment. With an oversupply of teachers and declining enrolment if children continue be removed, it will hit schools hard. I know that many parents have children in schools on a week to week basis in search of an alternative.

PAFE has just finished running a very successful ad campaign with ads in Chinese, Polish, Urdu, Punjabi and English. The campaign led to several papers offering to publish the ads for free. One  has 40,000 paid subscribers. The next phase of the protest will comprise an online campaign.

Perverts Paradise

According to this CBC article, child psychologist, Jillian Roberts has written a sex-ed book for the youngest children that she hopes to see become part of the school curriculum. The book has already been purchased by every library in Ontario. The book covers in vitro fertilization, “same sex families,” and the mechanics of sex.  Whatever happened to Anne of Green Gables?

In the UK, a female teacher was recently charged with sexual relations with 2 teenage girls.  The judge remarked, “It involves a gross breach of trust. These are often matters of complex relationships which develop over a period of time and become confused. But it is a very serious matter, as she has no doubt been told.”

Almost sounds like the judge is defending the teacher, hardly a warning to other teacher-predators.  In fact it calls to mind Wynne’s disturbing photo-op with two teenage girls earlier this year. Why do I see lesbian recruitment program behind Wynne’s sex-ed agenda?

It is a small minority of deviants who are pushing this, most people are clueless and incapable of resisting. Please become part of opposition by helping the PAFE or one of the other organizations that are fighting this either financially or by getting your boots on the ground. Wynne and Co.  appear to be winning now but forces are still mobilizing. The battle is not over!

Thom Carter Adds- The biggest impediment to homeschooling in most families is that both parents are not on the same page. Usually one parent wants to homeschool but the other one doesn’t, the one who doesn’t wins out because homeschooling requires so much time and effort. It’s simple impossible if both parents aren’t dedicated to it.

Psychiatrist Mariam Grossman came to Toronto to speak with protesting parents. Her speech is here


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