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Armed French National Caused Lockdown at Gatwick Airport*

Armed French National Caused Lockdown at Gatwick Airport*

A French national carrying firearms was arrested at London’s Gatwick airport, police said Saturday. According to the Metro newspaper, the man approached a check-in desk carrying two guns. Police and airport staff pursued the man and he was found to have another gun strapped to his body when arrested a short time after.

BREAKING: Passengers evacuated from Gatwick’s north terminal —

— Brighton Argus (@brightonargus) 14 ноября 2015

Earlier in the day Sussex Police said the terminal was being evacuated “for the protection at the public.”

LIVE Bomb squad arrive to deal with suspicious package at Gatwick (@brightonargus)

— (@airlivenet) 14 ноября 2015

Due to an incident — the North Terminal has been evacuated as a precautionary measure. Extra staff on-site looking after passenger welfare

— Gatwick Airport LGW (@Gatwick_Airport) 14 ноября 2015

At 6:10 PM London time the Gatwick airport said on Twitter the North Terminal was re-opened.

1/4: Following advice from the Police, we can now confirm that the North Terminal has re-opened. Thank you so much for your patience today.

— Gatwick Airport LGW (@Gatwick_Airport) 14 ноября 2015

The evacuation came hours after terrorist attacks in Paris which claimed the lives of at least 129 people.


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Haitians Are Rising Up Against the Stolen Elections*

Haitians Are Rising Up Against the Stolen Elections*

The country is dominated more than ever by MREs—Morally Repugnant Elites—and post-earthquake aid from Washington, guided by the Clintons, has mostly benefited American subcontractors.

By James North

The unrest sweeping across Haiti in response to the rigged October 25 presidential election is a decisive repudiation of U.S. foreign policy, and a particularly stinging rebuke to Bill and Hillary Clinton. The Clintons must be secretly relieved that the Republican Congress wasted time investigating Benghazi, since the crisis in Haiti shows how the twosome terribly mismanaged their signature foreign initiative, leaving behind a nation sinking into corruption and violence.

Anyone who has been in Haiti recently will not be surprised by the general strike, the angry highway roadblocks, and the police brutality against the demonstrators. The mainstream U.S. press is getting to the story late, and mistakenly portraying the upheaval as an outburst of rage after a “disputed” election. This is a serious misrepresentation. What is actually happening is that the unpopular outgoing president, Michel Martelly, has spent months trying to impose his successor, using violence and vote fraud, and the Haitian people are resisting in the only way they can. Haitians bitterly accuse America of whitewashing Martelly’s various crimes, and some even charge that the stolen election amounts to a coup d’état.

Washington spent $30 million to help pay for these elections, but the embassy in Port-au-Prince refuses to question the just-released vote results, which show Martelly’s candidate, Jovenel Moise, finishing in first place and moving on to the second and final round on December 27. Widespread fraud was documented on election day itself by four Haitian human rights groups, including the respected National Human Rights Defense Network, and further evidence is that although the government claimed that Moise got 511,992 votes, practically no one came out on the streets to celebrate. The other seven leading candidates all refuse to accept the results and are demanding an inquiry.

These days, Bill and Hillary Clinton are nowhere to be seen in Haiti, but it was not always so. The couple claimed to have a special attraction to the country after spending their honeymoon there, and even before the 2010 earthquake, Bill Clinton had already been appointed the United Nations special envoy. After the earthquake struck, his role increased, and he was a regular visitor, making speeches, cutting ribbons, and palling around with President Martelly, including attending his inauguration. Clinton became so powerful that people even started calling him “le Governeur.” The writer and veteran Haiti-watcher Jonathan Katz also points out that Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveled to Haiti four times, the same number of visits she made to Russia or Afghanistan.

Hillary, as Secretary of State, included a warning in her remarks at the conference. “If the effort to rebuild is slow or inefficient,” she said, “if it is marked by conflict, lack of coordination, or lack of transparency, then the challenges that have plagued Haiti for years could erupt with regional and global consequences.”

Hillary Clinton’s warning turned out to be an accurate forecast of how the Haiti reconstruction efforts have failed dismally and been plagued by corruption and mismanagement. Here is just one example:

The U.S. Agency for International Development said it would build 15,000 new houses. Excellent detective work by, among others, Jake Johnston of the Center for Economic and Policy Research shows how USAID completely bungled the job. After nearly six years, only 900 houses have actually been built, and many of them were so shoddily constructed that USAID had to spend more to fix them.

Visitors to Port-au-Prince today will see almost no evidence of the billions that were supposed to be spent on “building back better.” Most of the rubble is gone, but the national hospital is still decrepit, and even main streets have potholes and piles of garbage. There is also failure of the less visible sort, as my friend of 20 years, Milfort Bruno, explained to me recently. His house was damaged severely in the earthquake. “Martelly’s government said it was going to send around experts to tell us if it was safe to rebuild in the same place,” he said. “No one ever came. Martelly promised he would also send engineers, to show us how to construct our houses safely. We never saw them.”

A few months after the earthquake, both Clintons were stars at a big Donors’ Conference Towards a New Future for Haiti, held at the U.N., at which $2.5 billion was pledged—intended, in Bill Clinton’s words, to “build back better.” Some $1.15 billion was supposed to come from the United States.

Some people did make a lot of money off the recovery, including the U.S. and other foreign businessmen and contractors who showed up in Port-au-Prince’s few high-end hotels after the disaster. Hillary Clinton’s brother, Tony Rodham, also got involved in a Haiti-related venture: In 2013 he joined the advisory board of VCS Mining, a Delaware-based company that has attempted to dig gold in Haiti. The venture is on hold (partly because of concerns about potential environmental damage), and no wrongdoing has been shown, but Rodham was probably not picked for the board based on his technical experience.

Of course, the Clintons are far from alone in being responsible for the failure to rebuild Haiti. Foreign aid from Washington has degenerated into a privatized, no-bid process designed to enrich American subcontractors, and most of the money allocated never even leaves the United States. Haiti is more dominated than ever by a small upper class, practiced at diverting outside aid to themselves. (Some Haitian critics call this group MREs—Morally Repugnant Elites—a name inspired by the Meals Ready to Eat that were part of the U.S. military emergency relief effort right after the earthquake.)

At some point, though, the Clintons should have recognized that Haiti’s reconstruction was failing and that President Martelly was growing steadily more corrupt and repressive. Bill Clinton could have used his explaining ability to point out publicly what went wrong, and Hillary Clinton could have taken advantage of her prominence as a presidential candidate to tell some important truths. Instead, the Clintons just skulked away from Haiti, and their silence today makes them complicit in the violent, undemocratic, and fraudulent regime they left behind.


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Congress Seeks to Privatize Space with ‘Off-Planet’ Mining Bill *

Congress Seeks to Privatize Space with ‘Off-Planet’ Mining Bill *

By Deirdre Fulton

In a bipartisan bid to encourage commercial exploitation of outer space, the U.S. Senate this week unanimously passed the Space Act of 2015, which grants U.S. citizens or corporations the right to legally claim non-living natural resources—including water and minerals—mined in the final frontier.

The legislation—described by IGN‘s Jenna Pitcher as “a celestial ‘Finders Keepers’ law”—could be a direct affront to an international treaty that bars nations from owning property in space. The bill will now be sent back to the House of Representatives, which is expected to approve the changes, and then on to President Barack Obama for his anticipated signature.

Pitcher continued:

The new Space Act allows ventures to keep and sell any natural resources mined on planets, asteroids and other celestial bodies. Commercial operations could reap trillions of dollars from mining precious metals like platinum, common metallic elements such as iron, and water, the “oil of space.”

The vote was celebrated by the Google-backed “asteroid mining company” Planetary Resources, which lobbied hard for the legislation and says “the market in space is ripe to bloom.”

Planetary Resources president and chief engineer Chris Lewicki added:

“Throughout history, governments have spurred growth in new frontiers by instituting sensible legislation. Long ago, The Homestead Act of 1862 advocated for the search for gold and timber, and today, H.R. 2262 fuels a new economy that will open many avenues for the continual growth and prosperity of humanity.”

“This off-planet economy,” he said, “will forever change our lives for the better here on Earth.”

But there could be a snag. Along with Britain, France, and Russia, the U.S. is a signatory to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, which reads in part:

“Outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, is not subject to national appropriation by claim of sovereignty, by means of use or occupation, or by any other means.”

As Wired noted on Thursday,

“[h]anding out the right to exploit chunks of space to your citizens sounds very much like a claim of sovereignty, despite the Space Act’s direct statement that ‘the United States does not thereby assert sovereignty or sovereign or exclusive rights or jurisdiction over, or the ownership of, any celestial body’.”

“[O]n the one hand Congress is saying to these companies, ‘Go get these rights and we’ll defend you,’ and at the same time saying,

‘We’re making no sovereign claim of ownership’,” space lawyer Michael Listner told the Guardian.

“They’re trying to dance around the issue,” he said of U.S. lawmakers.

“I tend to think it doesn’t create any rights because it conflicts with international law. The bottom line is before you can give somebody the right to harvest a resource you have to have ownership.”


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U.S. Refuses to Recognize Israel’s Annexation Of Syria’s Golan Heights*

U.S. Refuses to Recognize Israel’s Annexation Of Syria’s Golan Heights*

By Jason Ditz

An old Israeli tank sits in a position in the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights near the border with Syria,Tuesday, Jan. 27, 2015.

Reacting to Monday’s comments by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, the White House ruled out calls to formally recognize the Israeli occupation and subsequent annexation of the Golan Heights away from Syria, saying they weren’t sure if Netanyahu was even serious but that the U.S. had no intention of changing its position on the occupation.

Israel captured the Golan Heights militarily in 1967, and annexed it in 1981, though that annexation is not internationally recognized, Israel has been reported to have talked with Syria in the past about returning the territory in return for a peace deal, though Netanyahu suggested Monday that the ongoing Syrian Civil War means Israel should just get to keep the heights forever.

White House officials also warned that the move “complicates” the their involvement in the Syrian War, putting the U.S.-backed rebels in an “awkward position” and opening them up to charges they are part of a plot to abandon the recovery of Golan by Syria.

Israel’s policy has shifted in recent years to suggest they are ditching all pretense of ever returning the Golan Heights, opening up the territory to oil drilling by Israeli companies, a sort of long-term investment which would be unthinkable if the territory is still potentially to be returned to Syria.


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How Israel Treats its Own: Jewish Mother flees Israel to give birth in Palestinian-run Bethlehem

How Israel Treats its Own: Jewish Mother flees Israel to give birth in Palestinian-run Bethlehem*

By Marianne Azizi

The infamous Israeli welfare services – the Revaha – have struck again, but this time with tragic consequences.

Brigitte is Hungarian. Her family immigrated to Israel when she was just 15 years old.

She has worked with children for most of her adult life. But as many Israelis know, if you have been a target of the Revaha at any point, it is unlikely you will ever be forgiven.

False complaint

Brigitte’s story started when she had her second child. Her eldest son was four years old. Brigitte was very sick, and had just broken up with her partner.

Knowing that in Israel hearsay is enough to prompt the social workers to remove children from their parents, her former partner made a complaint against her.

This is common practice in Israel, and no proof is required by the Rehava to take children away.

Brigitte agreed for her former partner to have her daughter as she was ill, but immediately her son was also taken from her as well.

Seven years later, Brigitte was pregnant with twins. Her life had moved on, but she had no idea that the Rehava had issued a warning to all hospitals that if she ever again had more children, the hospitals would inform them so they could immediately take her babies.

At 31 weeks pregnant, she went to the hospital for a check up. She was told she needed a caesarian section because, they claimed, she was 37 weeks pregnant and it was not safe to continue the pregnancy.

Despite insisting that she was not 37 weeks pregnant, she acquiesced to the doctor’s demands, fearing there may indeed be something wrong.

After the first baby was removed by caesarian section, the doctor told her that she had in fact been correct after all and that the pregnancy was indeed only 31 weeks.

The baby, a girl, had cerebral palsy, but Brigitte was not told. The second baby, a boy, also had medical problems. For two months Brigitte sat by the incubator, expressing milk for her children.

She was then moved to a mother-and-baby unit in Shabtay Levi in Haifa. There she stayed for another two months nursing her children, but still had no medical records on her twins.

Snatched Children

Brigitte was asked to undergo psychiatric assessments before taking the babies, which is not unusual in Israel. All was well. But her children were taken away from her while she was visiting the courts.

Brigitte was heartbroken. She knew from that moment that the chance of her ever keeping a child was very slim.

Years later, Brigitte became pregnant again and was desperate to keep her baby, so she decided to give birth unaided. She bought all the necessary equipment and went into labour alone. She was not to know the baby weighed 5 kilograms.

Having previously had a couple of caesarian sections, she also knew a natural birth would be dangerous. She got into major difficulties, her stomach ripped and she was in peril.

In great pain, she called an ambulance and was taken to hospital. Her baby, Amy, was born and taken away from her. This time she was allowed to visit the her, supervised of course. Brigitte was settled with her new partner, and told the social workers of her impending marriage plans. But the visits to Amy were stopped when she informed them she was expecting another baby.

Escape to Bethlehem

Brigitte, a children’s worker with an unblemished record, wanted to save this unborn child. She already had a No Exit Order on her Israeli identity card (as do over 1.5 million Israelis and foreign nationals), and so she turned to the Palestinian territory to give birth. Her daughter was born in Bethlehem. She could not register the baby as Jewish because that would mean the child would be turned over to the Israeli authorities. Therefore, she registered herself and the child as Christian.

Brigitte is now trapped. Her Hungarian passport would allow her to leave, but the baby is not registered on her passport. Her only way out is through the Israeli border and she cannot enter Israel under these circumstances because she would face arrest for her desperate act.

Brigitte is terrified. She and her husband are Israeli Jews; her daughter is nominally Palestinian but in reality is a Jewish child. But the escape to Bethlehem was a life saving decision for mother and daughter.

Brigitte turned to the Hungarian consulate, which informed her that it would take at least six months for her to get an individual passport for her daughter. She is not sure she can continue living in such precarious circumstances for this long.

In limboland

Fleeing from the grasp of the Rehava, which doesn’t allow a parent to start again, she finds herself in an impossible situation.

There are many cases of young mothers who cannot start afresh, and have child after child removed from them at the point of birth.

Fathers also fall prey to the system – and are declared unfit or dangerous, typically following a false claim to the police.

Testimonies are piling up from fathers who have endured arrest and prison for such claims.

Stories continually come in from mothers who have been urged by social workers to make such false claims.

Parents (mainly fathers) have to see their children in contact centres, 64 of which are spread across the country and where a generation of children are forced into small, sterile rooms or playgrounds to spend time with a parent. Five per cent of children in Israel are not living with their parents, compared to an average of 0.48 per cent in the developed countries.

Israel has not yet fully met the requirements of the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC). There are many concerns about human rights abuse, children’s rights abuse and the rubber stamping by judges who take the reports of social workers as a given.

Social workers have assumed the right to remove children from their parents without checking the parents, the home circumstances or carrying out any assessments. When done, assessments tend to be fabricated or ignored if conducted independently. The Welfare and Social Services Ministry operates without independent checks and balances, despite over 15 years of urging by the UN for independent oversight.

Perhaps the payment to private institutions of USD 5,000 per child per month is a sufficient carrot to fill empty beds.

Who can Brigitte turn to?

The civil society group, Coalition for Children and Families in Israel (CCF Israel), continues to protest and to raise world awareness of the problem of child trafficking by the authorities, and to fight for the human rights of families who have been devastated by the ruthless system.

Countless stories continue to pour in with one major theme: the Revaha is feared and cannot be challenged; it works in conjunction with the police and the judges accept its word unquestioningly.

Parents and children cannot speak out, nor question the social workers. All family courts are held behind closed doors. Appeals can last years, while children grow up fed with psychotropic drugs they don’t need and face a huge risk of institutional abuse.

It is an offence to criticise a public official in the Rehava – it can result in court appearances and financial penalties.

Who can Brigitte turn to for her own safety and the safety of her daughter? She already knows she cannot be with her husband and live a normal life. Thanks to the almighty Revaha, she will never have the chance to live peacefully and raise her children.

Brigitte hopes the Hungarian president will intervene and rescue her and her daughter from Israel.

She is risking her life by tell her story.

You can see a video of Brigitte’s interview with Marianne Azizi here.


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Israel Vents Fury with France after Vote to Recognise Palestine*

Israel Vents Fury with France after Vote to Recognise Palestine*

By Amanda Williams

Israel has furiously warned that the French parliament’s vote in favour of recognising Palestine as a state will ‘harm the peace process’.

France’s lower house of Parliament voted today 339 votes to 151 to urge the government to recognise a Palestinian state.

The vote is non-binding. Instead it is seen as a symbol of hope for the Palestinians, as support grows in Europe for two states.

But in a statement today the Israeli embassy in Paris said:

‘Israel believes that the vote in the National Assembly… will reduce the possibility of achieving a deal between Israel and the Palestinians.’

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the French vote a ‘grave mistake’. It comes after Sweden became the biggest Western European country to recognise Palestine, and parliaments in Spain, Britain and Ireland also backed non-binding recognition resolutions.

French Members of the Parliament today voted in favour of recognising Palestine as a state
The vote, approved with 339 votes to 151, is non-binding. Instead it is seen as a symbolic boost for the Palestinians, as support grows in Europe for two states

And Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has called the French vote a ‘grave mistake’.

It comes after Sweden became the biggest Western European country to recognise Palestine, and parliaments in Spain, Britain and Ireland also backed non-binding recognition resolutions.

While most developing countries recognise Palestine as a state, most Western European countries do not.

The French government supports a Palestinian state but has said it’s too early for recognition.

France, a veto-wielding member of the U.N. Security Council, wants peace talks to restart first.

Israel is committed to the establishment of a Palestinian state under a peace agreement, but says such resolutions encourage the Palestinians to avoid negotiations.

In October Sweden’s government became the first western European nation in the EU to recognise Palestinian statehood.

Since then, Britain, Spain and Ireland have approved non-binding motions urging recognition.

Last week members of the European Parliament began debating whether they can agree on a common approach for the European Union’s 28 member states.

France – which has western Europe’s largest Muslim and Jewish populations, and has seen tensions erupt between them – has sought to keep good ties with Israeli and Palestinian authorities in recent years.

Israel’s ambassador to France spoke out against the proposed resolution last week, saying it was destructive for the peace effort.


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Paris Attack a Perfect Pretext for NATO to Invade Syria and Iraq*

Paris Attack a Perfect Pretext for NATO to Invade Syria and Iraq*

To anyone who is really paying attention, the real agenda behind this ‘terror’ event in Paris – is a NATO-sponsored intervention in Syria and northern Iraq.

Also, for the time being, the following will now be buried: any talk of preserving privacy rights in the west, any debate on mass surveillance and bulk data collection, any vocal opposition against mandatory biometric ID’s in Europe, any criticism of Israel’s continued squeeze on the West Bank and East Jerusalem, the overdue Iraq War Inquiry in Britain, and of course – any political opposition to an increased western military presence in Syria, Iraq (and anywhere else).

RT America reports:

Numerous reports are linking the devastating terrorist attacks in Paris, which left over 150 civilians dead in the French capital, to the Islamic State. But what would such a connection mean for France and, potentially, for NATO? Journalist and international analyst Patrick Henningsen (21st Century Wire) talks with Sean Thomas about the global impact of the Paris attacks…


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