Cover-up of Major Meltdown at CERN*

Cover-up of Major Meltdown at CERN*

By Sgt Daniel Brad MacBolen

In this Tek Chat, Patty Brassard gives a basic run down of the temporary shutdown of the Collider, and the detailed images obtained to show the beams go off focus, and the damage starts. Preceded by a brief chat with Karen MacDonald, who introduced us to Sgt Daniel for the first time. A major whistle blower with an long list of agencies to his name.

(USAF number and data is on file)

As with Bases we listen to what people have to say, and then draw conclusions as best we can. A further 2nd interview with Sgt Daniel is planned.

Basically no public word has emerged from CERN, as to what has been reported in these interviews.


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