Planetary Conquest by a Global AI Warfare System for Global Conquest

Planetary Conquest by a Global AI Warfare System for Global Conquest

From Alexandra Bruce

This show is conditioning the audience to accept the unacceptable: Our fearless leaders
have decided to let a giant Artificial Intelligence (AI) program to make life and death decisions, on a battlefield that is essentially omnipresent.
JD is the first individual, to my knowledge to have broken the story, that this past summer’s JADE HELM II exercises were a test of a vast, quantum-computing network, which is connected to the Global Information Grid (GIG), which is connected to the infamous
dragnet surveillance program revealed by Ed Snowden
, which was mainly being
conducted by the NSA but which has now had its mobile phone surveillance and any other data-rich sources pertaining to satellites handed over to GeoINT. In other words, that Congressional “success” about not having our phones tapped anymore was pure BS.

The GIG is hungry, it needs it ALL, in order to work properly. High Frequency Trading machines on Wall Street are jacked into this network, making stock trades, based on who bought what, where; who crashed their car; who got cancer; aggregating all of this information to make instantaneous stock-trading decisions, based on the actions and activities that will move markets, in real time and then, calculating what we’ll buy next. Your life is an Internet cookie on the GIG.

JD admonishes us, “While viewing this report replace the term ‘Robot’ and think ‘System’ in the context of the JADE II network-centric command and control warfare program.”

She goes on to state,

“The explanations (subtitles) provided in this report are not meant to demonize technology. Technology in the right hands can feed the hungry, cure diseases, efficiently utilize resources and benefit humanity. However, history has shown us that the Military Industrial Machine has never used technological innovation to the betterment of humanity.”

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